5 Best A/B Testing Softwares 2021

Are you searching for authentic A/B testing tools? 

You’ve landed upon the right page as we’re going to tell you about the top 5 of A/B testing software that you can grab in 2021. 

The market is full of alternatives, so you can choose the right one to make the right decisions, and that is why we have created this post after hours of research and examining the best A/B testing software.

If you’re quite ambitious regarding the optimization of transformation, the A/B testing is a crucial part of it. You’ll always need to have a perfect A/B testing platform that’ll get your job done. For differentiating between the sites and phase, these A/B testing are used. 

Apart from this, if you have a time issue, you’re free to have a paid virtual assistant who’ll get your job done to find and analyze the advantages & disadvantages of the A/B testing software. Learning from others is the best way to enhance the capability of the decision. 

Well, the list we’ve compiled consists of precious and authentic A/B software that one should grab. But before that, let me briefly introduce you to what precisely the A/B testing is. 

What is A/B Testing? 

The A/B testing is specifically defined as the way of component related to the statistical method used for comparing the two different versions associated with the specific thing; through this, whichever version satisfies the user, that is being selected. 

One of the best examples is creating a landing page where visitors put their email addresses to grab as much audience for newsletter subscriptions. If you create various landing pages for your website, you have been planning differently for each landing page to achieve a newsletter subscription. 

For maximizing the conversion rate, you must plan accordingly, using A/B testing, so be sure about that. The A/B testing is not just for the sake of newsletter purposes, as you’re free to use this strategy in any of the cases you need. 

Once you get to know the proper usage and how you can manage more often, it’ll be easier for you to grab this strategy to maximize the number of sales you’re making.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get deep into the A/B testing software. 

Best A/B Testing Softwares In 2021

Choosing the right A/B software might be overwhelming for a few beginners, so that’s why we’ve compiled the list of the top 5 most convenient and beneficial A/B testing software. So here are they. 

1. Freshmarketers


Here comes the first in our list, Freshmarketer; it is an All-in-One conversion rate Optimisation platform widely used worldwide to better benefit a company. To maximize your company’s conversion rates by processing several marketing functions, you can avail it. 

Using the Freshmarketer A/B testing platform, you can access all of the tools and services that we understand the customer even if it and optimizes the page in a specific manner with more efficiency of campaigns that you don’t cross. Even if you are just a beginner and willing to maximize the overall sales and convert your subscriber into a customer, you should get this tool. 


We have shortlisted some of the critical features of Freshmarketers that you need to know if you want to get started with it, so here are they:

  • It helps you get the maximum conversion rate and make your product stand out from the crowd. 
  • You get several testing elements like managing texts, websites, pictures, etc. 
  • You’re free to create the variations and test them using the chrome plugin. 
  • For maximizing the overall user experience, its visualization has session playback choices. 


To grab the Freshmarketer feature, you can choose among the following plan; along with that, you also get access to 21 days of free trial: 

  • The growth plan is available at just $29/month. 
  • The Pro plan is available at just $69/month. 
  • The enterprise plan is available at just $125/month. 

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2. Inspectlet 


Inspectlet is one of the best A/B testing software that offers you the best advanced features available in the market. The software mainly focuses on user behavior and gives you a better choice to evaluate customer choice. 

Understanding a person’s behavior is a necessary process, and that’s what Inspectlet does for you. Using heatmaps, it can record all user activity in a significant way that’ll help you enhance your product’s capabilities. 

Inspectlet also offers you several elements through which one can analyze the software to know more about it. And monitor each of the terms at a more remarkable instance. Browsing a site is the easiest, but Inspectlet helps you understand how to monitor it safely. Along with that, it can also detect bugs as well. 


Following are some of the key features that are served to you by Inspectlet:

  • Allows you to freely change the elements such as text, HTML, CSS, etc., quickly. 
  • It offers the best A/B testing features that’ll enhance your growth rate for maximizing conversion rates. 
  • You can even set up the monitoring URL options that will help you to personalize the data. 
  • There are several segmentation choices, as well. 


Along with the free plan, the Inspectlet also offer the paid plans too, which are mentioned below:

  • The micro plan is available at just $39/month. 
  • The startup plan is available at just $79/month. 
  • The growth plan is available at just $149/month. 
  • The accelerated plan is available at just $299/month. 
  • The enterprise plan is available at just $499/month. 

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3. Mixpanel 


To maximize the A/B testing functionalities, Mixpixel helps you a lot from the very beginning to optimize the software’s overall sales and marketing processes. 

One of the significant advantages of using Mixpanel is that it is integrated with tons of other applications that will help you to grow exponentially and can be managed substantially. The features which are being served to you are quite decent in terms of A/B testing like funnel analysis, split testing, test scheduling, audience tracking, etc. 

It also has the heatmaps and survey options to help know what the audience thinks of your tool kit and whether it satisfies one’s requirement. 


Following are some of the critical features that Mixpanel offers; it’ll give you an idea that it’s compatible with your requirement. So here are they:

  • It’s integrated with other applications that’ll get your job done just within a while.
  • The push notification option is available that you can access. 
  • The A/B testing campaigns can be set up so easily. 
  • Excellent customer support that initializes the usage. 


Along with the free plan, the Mixpanel also used to serve a couple of paid plans too amongst which you can choose the one that fits your need, which is mentioned below:

  • The growth plan is available at just $17/month.
  • In the enterprise plan of the Mixpanel, you’ll need to select the specific features and individually pay for them. 

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4. NotifyVisitors


NotifyVisitors is the cloud-based A/B testing platform widely used worldwide to commence better and combination of client involvement. It helps you maximize your software’s conversion rate through which you can scale your business. 

The automated notification solution will help you to know more about the toolkit that they are offering you. NotifyVisitors is the best software that you can acquire to improve conversion rates through the website analytics program for most beginners out there. 

For the complete evolution, you can head off to their analytics to know what they are offering you and how you can evolve your sales. 


The features of NotifyVisitors are entirely subjective and lucrative, so we’ve shortlisted a few of them that’ll give you an idea:

  • The drag and drop functionality is a mix that will give you an idea and helps you at each step to set up the software. 
  • The native wizard has a better visual builder that can be easily viewed on mobile, tablet, or desktop. 
  • It provides you a detailed analytical report that you can even maximize the number of toolkit sales. 
  • A/B testing also consists of integration support terms using the heat map to help you understand several analyses like visitors, scrolling behavior, and browsing practices. 


To acquire the features of Notifyvisitors, you will always need to acquire their paid plans, which are mentioned below: 

  • The basic plan is available at just $59/month. 
  • The standard plan is available at just $149/month.
  • The standard+ plan is available at just $249/month. 
  • The premium plan is available at just $449/month. 
  • For acquiring their enterprise plan, you will always need to select the specific feature that you need and individually pay for it. 

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5. Convertize


Here comes the last but not the least A/B testing platform known to be the Convertize. As per the priority, each SaaS business needs to evolve into the testing to determine whether the tool is efficient. If you want to maximize the number of conversions you are currently making, you should run over the Convertize software with pretty dope features. 

It not only increases the ROI but along with that, it has several tactics, i.e., more than 150, which you can avail for. The smart notification feature is being served to you for a better commencement that will give you an idea of whether it will fulfill your requirement or not. 


As the features of Convertize, we have shortlisted a few of the features that will give you an idea, so here are they: 

  • Get access to the dynamic text and geolocation feature that will help you to locate the visitor. 
  • You can also set up the headlines using geographics. 
  • It has the support of autopilot that will manage all of the traffic. 
  • Hybrid statistics are necessary to maintain the accuracy level.
  • Their plans for quite affordable compared to the competitors. 


Along with the 14 days of the free trial, you also get access to the following paid plans that you can acquire as per the choice:- 

  • The solo plan is available at just $49/ month. 
  • The team plan is available at just $199/ month.

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Final verdict 

2021 is here, and there are many tools and services available in the market that you can acquire to test your newly launched SaaS product. Most of the time, you will need to take over the tool and services by involving in the A/B testing services. It will give you an idea of how you will perform in the market, and if there are any bugs, you can get it sorted just within a while. If you are a bit conscious about your product authenticity, you should acquire the A/B testing software. We’ve compiled the five best A/B testing software lists that you can use according to your need. So definitely check them out.


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