5 Best Absence Management Software 2021

5 Best Absence Management Software 2021

What if you are running a team of 100 members and willing to have a look at them? 

It’s one of the important processes for entrepreneurs because you might have been created a startup where you have employed some of the people included in your team. But most of the time, it happens that while working remotely, you can’t always look upon them 24/7. 

Will, if one of the employees wants to leave, but only you can affect the whole organization. To look upon them, you will always need the absence management platform’s attendance management to get your job done. 

2020 has changed the way we work, and the new era has begun in 2021, which means the old school method has been one of the most headache methods that are going to end. Amongst the traditional methods, spreadsheets, poor data visibility, leave applications, email info, etc. It is very widely used worldwide, but due to change in the decade, several smart applications and tools have taken place to get your job done. 

So from now, you can easily say goodbye to spreadsheets and the traditional email method, all you need to do is grab an absence management platform that will help you track your team and deploy the real-time data. 


Why Company Needs The Attebdance Data. 

It’s essential for most companies and organizations to precisely record the better commencement that you can easily avoid work conflicts and prevent unscheduled absences between the employees by improving productivity. 

One of the major things is that there are so many platforms and tools available in the market that provide you with absence management services and the real-time tracking feature. But choosing the right option amongst these could be a breathtaking activity. 

So how will you find the best out of them?

It’s well nothing to worry much about it because we have done some research and compile the list of the top 5 best and most reliable absence management platforms that will serve you better results and features. 

This software will assist you with the real-time progress that your team makes to manage it accordingly. 

Being digital entrepreneurs, we are well fascinated with such kinds of tools and services just because it helps us look upon our employees and team so that productivity never gets lacks. That’s all great to you; make sure to stick with the postal and as we are going to share the list with you amount which you can opt the one according to the choice as each one of them works finely. 

With that being said, let’s get deep into it. 

Top 5 Absence Management Platforms

There might be terms of options available in the market, but we have not listed among them. So here are they:

1) Absence.io

Here comes the first in our list known for absence.io, and it is a web-based platform that is being widely used on across the globe for managing digital absence, time, and employee management. For small business owners, this is one of the best tool kits that one can opt to keep track of the employees that Where are they usually spend their week offs, sick days, and vacations as well. 

Along with that, the absence.io is also a real-time tracking feature using which you can completely have a look upon organization solution that will let you know that your digital staff and major deployed staff are managing the stuff. So if you are supposed to minimize the traditional complicated and time-consuming work, you should definitely acquire absence.io services. 

You can allow your employees and teammates to collaborate and get connected to this so that you can have a complete Look at their work and leave they are taking. The absence.io also gives you an option to give your teammate approval for leave, so they don’t have to send a specific email or message to you.


The features that are being served to you by absence.io are quite subjective, so we have shortlisted amongst them to let you know more about the tool; here are they:- 

– The most reliable holiday tracker is served to you that will let you know that if any of the employees automate is taking leave so you can have a complete Look upon them in 360 degrees even during vacations. 

– The absence.io allows you to customize the absences, including sickness, business trip, home offices, etc. 

– The intuitive dashboard of absence.io service the complete team calendar that lets you know about the upcoming birthdays and lives. 

– The drag and drop method is being served to you by absence.io that allows your team to meet and employees to post a request or leave so you can directly approve it right there. 

– The absence.io automatically the report that helps you to know more about the absence.io features. 


Along with the 30 days of free trial the absence.io used to serve the following paid plans amongst which you can select the one that fulfills your need:- 

– The basic plan is available at just 1.50€. 

– To add on the services of digital personnel files, you will have to pay additional 1.50€.

– To add on the services of time tracking, you will have to pay the additional 1.50€. 

Get More Details Here

2) Breathe

Breathe is another HR management platform that allows you to set up detailed information about the growing companies available in the market. So if you are the one who is a bit conscious about the company benefit, then you should definitely acquire their services just because it helps you to have a look at your employees and teammates. 

The features of Breathe are quite efficient for the users who are quite serious about the company benefits. If your employees are walking with you remotely, you can have a complete look at their workflow. You’ll never go under the issues of the productivity that is maintained at a higher instance.

It’s the perfect tool that you need to grab for each of the beginners out there. The breath manages all of the issues regarding the absence of your employees in a great way, so definitely check it out once. 


Following are the features that we have shortlisted and provided by Breathe:- 

Each one of the features is orange in a good forward, which makes it the most authentic absence management software. There is an allowance provided to have a complete look upon your remotely managed employees. 

– Some of the features like annual leave and sickness policies will add consistency to your overflow by throwing accessibility to all of your staff members. 

– The real-time tracking features allow you to track the details deeply. 

– Need a few clicks, you will be able to reject or accept that specific request. 


Along with the 14 days of the free trial, the breathe used to serve following laud plans amongst which you can opt the one that fits your need, so here are they:- 

– The micro plan is available at just $12.68/ month. 

– The starter plan is available at just $26.63/ month. 

– The regular plan is available at just $68.47/ month. 

– The pro plan is available at just $136.94/ month. 

– The premium plan is available at just $277.68/ month. 

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3) E-days

E-days is another great software that allows you to manage your teammate or employees’ absence. So if you are a bit conscious about the term, make sure to grab their Toolkit; even if you are just a beginner level marketer or entrepreneur, it will be essential for you to grab such kind of tool that will maximize your workflow and improves the productivity level of your team as well. 

Apart from this, some big brands like Sony, Monster Energy, Barclays, AXA, etc. They are consistently acquiring their features just because it offers pretty cool and convenient features to the users. The E breath is integrated with some top applications like email applications, payroll systems, HRIS, ERP, etc.


We have shortlisted some of the key features of E-days that you need to know, so here are they:- 

– Get access to the Staff holiday planner. 

– The shared calendar allows you to get in touch with your teammates.

– The absence of reporting features. 

– HR document storage capacity. 

– The sickness tracking feature. 


As the pricing is concerned, you’ll need to select the specific feature. It doesn’t matter whether your company consists of 20 or 20,000 employees; the E-days is valid for all types of businesses. So definitely check it out. 

Get More Details Here

4) Workforce Absence Compliance Tracker

If you are searching for the most versatile cloud-based absence management platform, you should definitely acquire the evolving workforce absence tracker that allows you to set up the complete organization set up in a great way. 

Along with that, it has completely configurable real-time views that I will help you to access to all of the the the features like sick, holiday, time off, etc. If you’re the one who’s supposed to maximize the productivity of the employees, managers, and HR, you’ll always need to have a loom upon their work. So Definitely check it out once. 


Following are some of the features that are being served by the workforce absence tracker, so here are they:- 

– It supports an automated leave and absence management strategy that will help you take off time for the holidays. 

– The graphical representation is being served to you that has instant access to bank managers as well. 

– The tool allows you to set up the complete capability is to manage the leave request and check work schedules using a web browser.


They’ve not served the pricing details, so if you are supposed to acquire their features, you should definitely contact the vendor about it. 

Get More Details Here

5) Zira

Here comes the last but not the list, i.e., Zira, which is the most convenient and reliable toolkit for the business to manage the teammates and the employees’ workflow. It was designed specifically to improve the performance of the industry. 

It’s the most convenient cloud-based platform that deployed all of the necessary features for the major punishing schedules so that you can have a complete look upon your teammates for better convenience. 


Following are the features that are being soft to you by Zira:- 

– The user interface of the tool is quite intuitive. 

– It is a completely cloud-based platform; you don’t have to focus on external storage. – The admin panel is provided through which you can have complete control over your teammates and employees. 


The vendor’s pricing is not revealed, so if you’re quite serious, you’re free to acquire the services offered by the tool by visiting their official website and hands on to the vendor details to know more about the price.

Get More Details Here

Final Verdict 

Choosing the absence management platform is one of the best processes that you should definitely proceed with because it helps you manage your workflow in a great way that you will never miss out on the productivity level of your company or organization. 

While processing with the tools and services research, you will come across several tools provided in the market amount; you can opt for the one that fulfills your need. The list we’ve shared with you serves you better features, so definitely check them out once.

5 Best Absence Management Software 2021

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