5 Best Ad Server Softwares 2021


When it comes to digital marketing, the ad server plays a crucial role and has equal importance to each monetization process you are about to take over. When we talk about ad servers, most people might think of AdSense, one of the most popular ad networks from Google.

Way back in the early days, there was no importance of the ad networks, but as long as the online growth and internet required as much audience, Ad networks like AdSense have equal importance. Joining an ad network subsequently grows the company.

To grow your company sales and advertise the product, you have the best and authentic requirements as networks that’ll get your job done.

I’ll share the top 5 Ad networks you can grab to market your products or services through this detailed post. So if that sounds great, make sure to stick with the post till the end.

But before that, let me quickly introduce you to the Ad networks server software and why it’s important to use it for business growth.

What is Ad Server Software?

The present scenario is all about online marketing and has ruined all marketing guides more authentically. To build an effective audience and make your brand known by people, you’ll always need to access the Ad servers that’ll authentically market your brand.

After processing with some research, we’ve compiled the list of the top 5 best ad servers that you can grab to maintain the brand’s sustainability and the product you’ve. So make sure to stick with the post till the end, and with that being said, let’s dive deep into it.

Top 5 Best Ad Server Software

There might be tons of ad server software available in the market but choosing the right one is an important process, so we’ve picked up the top ones, making sense.

1) AdGlare

Here comes the first in our list, i.e., AdGlare; it is an authentic and legitimate ad server software that helps you monitor and create the ads according to the requirement. You can even monitor the on-site as well as off-site, which gives you a better knowledge.

For each of the beginners out there who is about to set up their personal brand on the social platforms and are willing to learn the ads, you should definitely go with the AdGlare. It has several different ad options that you can place, like banners, text, or even the media.

Apart from this, you can also get a facility of customizing the logo to enhance brand value capability, which is a good thing. So make sure to check it out once by visiting their official website.


AdGlare is one of the most legitimate ads service software that used to serve the following features:

  • The software allows you to organize all of the campaigns adjust a single location to upload anything you want in where different files like JPG, MP3, or even in the zip file.
  • You can also prioritize valuable advertisements by several different methods such as weights, Geo-targeting, tiering, etc.
  • You also get an option of tags that can be changed rapidly according to the better commitment.
  • Report data can be shared with any of the team members and optimize its performance as well.


If you are supposed to grab AdGlare features, you will have to choose amongst the following paid plans:

  • the start a plan is available at just $15/ month.
  • The premium plan is available at just $40 a month.
  • The enterprise plan begins from $4000/ month depending upon the traffic rate you want.

Get More Details Here

2) Ad Serving Tool

Here comes the next in our list, which is known as an ad-serving tool provided by Income taxes, and it is the best tool that you could ever use to track your performance report. Once you place the ad for your brand, you can know and monitor the report more sophisticatedly.

Creating a targeted marketing strategy is one of the most important processes to take advantage of the campaign you have placed by putting ads on various platforms to show you the complete details. For each one of the starters, this is the best ad server platform.

It has some advanced features like digital marketing management, campaign targeting, etc.


The features which are being served by ad serving tool are quite concerned, so we have shortlisted the key features, so here are they:

  • The ad-serving tool can advertise your landing page using various strategies that include media Strategies and A / B testing that works better. The customers can also be targeted using their time, device, and location.
  • Several application programs are available based upon the language and the browser settings that can be operated through the mobile tracking link.
  • Get an option of modifying the images, landing page, and text, and the campaign can also be replaced with banners.
  • Comparing the purchase with other online, offline campaigns is one of the better choices to track all in one place.
  • You will set up the ads according to the requirement to get the maximum amount of clicks over that specific ad.


As the pricing is concerned, the winner of this software hasn’t yet declared the pricing but if you are supposed to acquire their services, make sure to contact them through email. Also, they used to offer free trial as well,  due to which we will get to know what exactly they are offering and whether it is sufficient for you or not.

3) AdPlayer.pro

You might be well familiar with the video advertisement method, one of the authentic ways to enhance your tool’s capability. The all-new AdPlayer.pro  is considered one of the most legitimate software that allows you to outstream the video advertisement using the HTML5 video player method to get to know how your ad performs in the market.

Currently, most SaaS businesses are doing well in the market. Hence, if you are supposed to maximize your company’s authenticity, make sure to grab this software for better commencement.  you can do several activities using the AdPlayer.Pro, which means the video player will help you to manage the platform details more often.

Although it was established two way back in 2016, and since then, they offer the best possible ad campaign that you can place anywhere you want.


As the features are concerned, AdPlayer.io offers you the following plans:

  • Some of the advanced functionality, like outstream mobile SDK, is provided to you.
  • It supports broad video ad formats.
  • It has API enabled that can be placed substantially.
  • It is integrated with tons of third-party ad servers.
  • It’s a fully customizable add solution for your organization to according; you can place it anywhere you want.
  • Supports the Google IMA complaint, IAB VAST/VPAID, that gives you complete authority over it.
  • It is supported on both desktops as well as mobile applications, which is a good thing.


As the pricing is concerned, the vendor of the AdPlayer.pro hasn’t yet served the plan details, but if you want, you can contact them via email so you will get to know about it.

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4) AdCumulus

If you research the most appropriate platform that allows you to set up the ads according to the better commitment, you should definitely acquire AdCumulus. It includes some of the advanced features you can have complete control over the entire ad campaign and AD inventory.

It allows the user to use different platforms, so there is no room for complaints, which is a good thing. Apart from this, it has looked at setup profile to set up the ads at a very reasonable cost.  Most of the concerned user was supposed to maximize their brand value; it is a convenient tool kit that you should definitely grab.

The custom Optimisation algorithm facility is also available based upon the prediction analysis, which is the greatest conversion opportunity.


As the features are concerned, the AdCumulus used to serve the following key features amongst which you can opt for the one that fits your need:

  • It has enabled if some of the well Optimized features allow each customer to meet the specific business requirement.
  • Your audience will get engaged because of interactive HTML5 ads being highly integrated with motion detection, GPS camera, etc. Apart from this also allows you to use some of the ad formats like VAST and chrome too.
  • The fraud clicks can be detected just within a while, and the emails will also be received.
  • It has quite an interactive and intuitive dashboard that helps you track the performance, campaigns, etc.


The vendor of AdCumulus hasn’t yet shared the pricing, so I’ll recommend you to visit them via email so you’ll get to know more about the features and pricing details accordingly.

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5) AdButtler

Here comes the last in our list, i.e., AdButtler; it is the most convenient ad server platform that allows you to set up the ads according to the better commencement. It is linked with several digital advertising potential customers, so you will get high value and deployed features that will enhance the number of links you are getting.

Self-serve Marketplace is the software you will get to know why there is the importance of putting your hand into the market to maximize your authenticity and get the maximum amount of clicks on it. Along with that, you will be able to generate as much amount of leaves as well that can be converted into customers.

This AdButtler is a bar of the authentic programmatic solution that you should definitely grab in the micro-budget. And it has the support of server-side Open RTB, S2S dedicated connectors that’ll maximize the sales. You can even customize the ads according to the requirement.


As the features are concerned, the AdButtler used to serve the following features, so here are they:

  • It has global CDN support with over 30 points, which is a good thing; this will surely increase the company’s speed.
  • It has a customized workflow along with an interface that you can manage according to the better punishment.
  • There are several different features like smart Mirrors, taxi cabs, elevators, etc. So if you’re quite serious, you’re free to check it out.
  • Email ad server facilities are provided to you using the email campaigns.


The all-new AdButtler hasn’t displayed the pricing yet, so to acquire their features, make sure to contact the vendor, which is a good thing. So definitely check it out.

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Final Verdict

It’s 2021, and most of the companies are heading off to digital advertisement. Hence, it has a huge scope to advertise your own company with as many different ad server networks that will maximize your product authenticity and get as many sales.

There was supposed to get the maximum amount of sales for each of the beginners and generate more leads you need to know about the stuff.

The least we have shared in this post is considered the most convenient and feasible as servers that one can use to maximize the product’s amount of marketing.


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