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AdTargeting is a popular free Facebook interest targeting tool. It supports five languages to help you better target your audience in multiple countries. AdTargeting has strong data analysis capabilities without just a simple interest search and expansion tool, it is more to help users analyze audiences by interest, and target accurate audiences by interest.

1. Who Can Use AdTargeting?

Audience targeting is very important to the advertisers. Accurately finding the advertising audience means that you can save cost and improve ROI.

The correct use of audience targeting tools can be of great help to advertisers. AdTargeting is such a tool. Just like Maryam said, “I found more different Facebook interests and Goole Keywords. Most of the system recommended words can be analyzed in detail. I expect this tool to do better.”

If you are Facebook or Google advertisers, what are you still hesitant to use AdTargeting?

2. Main focus points of AdTargeting

1.1 Interest search

One of the core functions of AdTargeting is interest search. AdTargeting provides Facebook interest searches in five languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Russian. Choose the appropriate language type, enter your interest keywords, and click the search box to get thousands of Facebook interest lists.

AdTargeting can quickly get a list of interests, and help advertisers filter suitable interests. AdTargeting’s search results are divided into 5 columns, they are: interest name, audience size, Facebook Ads Manager interest path, Category, Topic. In addition, advertisers can also sort by keyword relevance and audience numbers.

1.2 Interest list

Facebook’s interest vocabulary is beyond imagination, here hidden interest keywords you can not imagine. The interest list is also complicated, it can have multiple categories, and now AdTargeting provides the most popular interest lists in multiple industry categories.

Through the most common interest lists of advertisers on AdTargeting, we can find that in fact, most advertisers are still using some of the more extensive ad interest words, which is not accurate enough when targeting audiences. In advertising marketing, advertising mainly avoids choosing these high-frequency interest words. 

AdTargeting helps you avoid choosing these keywords that seem popular but are actually inconsistent with your target audience.

1.3 Audience analysis

After clicking on any interest word on AdTargeting, we can get an audience analysis of the interest word. The second core function of AdTargeting is interest audience analysis. If you are not sure whether the interest you choose matches the audience, then interest audience analysis plays a big role.

AdTargeting’s audience analysis is completely based on the audience screening method of Facebook Audience Insights. AdTargeting analyzes the number of audiences for each interest, demographics, gender and age distribution, Job Title, Device, Location, and Top Country, and Facebook Page.

Even AdTargeting lists Facebook pages that are most relevant to interest words, which is a good way to monitor competitors ’interests.

1.4 Interest comparison

When using AdTargeting, we will find that when analyzing the audience of any interest, it has an interest audience comparison function. Advertisers only need to enter another interest keyword, and they will see an audience comparison of the two keywords. AdTargeting visually shows the difference between the two audiences in the form of a chart.

3. Features and Strengths of AdTargeting

AdTargeting provides precise targeting which is more powerful than other tools. AdTargeting can help advertisers to classify keywords based on keywords and target product audiences in detail through interest classification strategies.

The different audience options from AdTargeting give advertisers more choices and improve ROI. Most advertisers choose the same interest keywords, which leads to a higher degree of overlap between the audiences in the same location. When choosing audience interests, don’t use the interests recommended by Facebook directly. After using AdTargeting, you can target a larger audience with a small amount of money.

It’s very important to Target competitors’ audiences, AdTargeting can do it! There are 2 methods for competitors through interest behaviors:

  • Find more competitor brand keywords through keyword search
  • By analyzing each keyword interest, find the Facebook Page that best matches the keyword.

4. Examples of Facebook Ads Targeting        

Online doctors are an attractive business model, but they are troubled by how to connect their target audience. In Facebook management account, a lot of audience interest words related to online doctors are recommended, and it seems that they are frequently used by advertisers. But when you really use these words in your advertising campaign, you will find that these words are not really helpful to your business. That’s it, Facebook is good at hiding really useful audience interest words.

Through AdTargeting, perhaps you can have some inspiration. AdTargeting’s suggestions function can recommend words that are really relevant to your business. And these audience keywords, you absolutely can not find in the Facebook management account.

Precisely audience targeting can help you better communicate with your audience, really find business, and increase your advertising ROI.

5. Pricing Plans

Now AdTargeting is totally Free for Basic Plan.

And You can get PRO Plan for free with inviting friends. 

  • Unlimited queries
  • Facebook Interests research
  • Google keywords research
  • UnLimited search results
  • Detailed Interest Insight
  • Detailed Keyword Insight
  • Explore by multiple languages
  • Compare targeting

6. Final AdTargeting

AdTargeting gets a list of 1000 related interest or keywords by searching for words of any keywords. AdTargeting is the best interest ad targeting tool to discover hidden or niche interests of massive Facebook audiences. It can help you max the ROI of Facebook marketing targeting. Just try it!

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