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One of the essential factors of a profitable business, but a difficult one to fulfill is a helpful method of documentation.

With the substantial improvement in the culture of private working in many business types, adequate documentation is of utmost meaning in the onboarding method, customer support, helpful team collaboration, etc. 

When you see firms, the volume of Zapier and Close CRM building and scaling up with a 100% remote workforce, it indicates the tremendous change in how productivity in work is performed. 

Now, most of you might be things, that Google docs can even do this work, Right?

Although Google docs can be utilized, and several firms use it. Still, it is not the core functionality of Google docs, and it possesses its boundaries.

For many companies, the specialized tool built for documentation across the entire team will be of great benefit, and the likings of Notion, Coda, etc., are incredible for these reasons. 

Therefore, let’s begin now with your first “Archbee” document. Archbee is a modern tool that pledges identical or better functionality.  

Furthermore, it is a workspace to administer all the documents and content in one spot. These can be utilized as know-how, product docs, brainstorms, playbooks, onboarding, promising practices, discussion minutes, documentation, etc.

What is Archbee

Archbee software is a platform utilized to build and share information for your team and clients. Formulate a real-time business wiki to benefit and organize the software documentation on your domain. 

However, it assists with native diagrams, API docs, tables, changelogs, graphs, and many more. Eventually, it integrates with Slack, Airtable, Trello, Miro, and more. Stock Managers, small and medium firms make usage of the software. 

The prominent use cases for Archbee include

Team Wiki: Use documents to function, collaborate, and discuss with the team members within an association.

Knowledgebase: Use it to build a support section for your product and service so your clients can learn how to utilize your product or service.

Project Documentation: Use it to record and monitor all the project improvement with your company.

Self Management: If you are a freelancer or one-person business, then you can utilise this to develop and organize all the documents you require to make yourself better.

All Essential Features Of Archbee

  • Your Team Wiki
  • Knowledgebase
  • Project Documentation
  • Notes
  • Collaborative editor
  • External Docs
  • Chat on docs
  • Native diagrams
  • Real code editor
  • Import Swagger/OpenAPI spec
  • GraphiQL for modern API workflows
  • Templates
  • Semantic searching

 Let See How does it work and function?

Archbee Alternatives and Similar Software -

1. UI & Dashboard

The sign-up procedure is painless and manageable with the team’s name and a limited other data asked for. It is feasible to invite team fellows right when you are enrolling for the Archbee account.

Once you signed in, the dashboard is neat and minimalistic. There is a bunch of similarity to Slack on the left sidebar, and it is a truly decent thing. 

There is some templates, to begin with like industry projects, inventories, opponent watch, conference notes, tech specifications, project plans, etc. to disembark the surface quickly. 

The folder management of the documents is moreover remarkably elegant with the proficiency to govern all the new documents under various document spaces.

Each document in the document area can keep sub or child documents for actually different content organization. Both the fundamental and the subdocuments can be cloned to prepare copies of the occurring documents. 

Workspaces can be brought about publicly and shared with a distinct URL. This can be password safeguarded, and the entrance levels can be prohibited as well. 

This is an extremely beneficial feature to share information bases across teams skillfully. The public area can be on your sub-domain with only the extension of a Came. The sub-domain will similarly include an SSL installed automatically.

Aside, from these documents in the workspaces, you can possess a free space of notes and blueprints which can be later changed positions to your selected workspace once completed.

2. Document Editor

You will be going to undoubtedly like the neat and perfect interface of the editor with least distraction.

As you write and infiltrate to shift on to each line of the document, a menu bar shows on the right end to choose whichever thing you like to add.

Few of the menu items contain a bulleted or numbered list, inventory, tables, multitasker which functions as a mini kanban with columns, picture, video, code snippet, graph, API endpoint, swagger UI, changelog, diagram, separator, etc. 

The multitasker is truly neat with the columns section to easily add and edit.

The diagrams are exquisite, simple to utilize as well with all essential elements to create flowcharts and cycle charts. 

There is a lot of keyboard shortcuts accessible to improve the speed of workflow. 

It is possible to talk with other team members within the app to work together in the editing process. 

Yet, another extraordinary feature of the editor is the Code embed tool that includes nearly all of the mainstream programming languages. If you are a development squad and looking for adequate documentation, this is of enormous help.

There is an absolute focus mode, which as the name indicates reduces all the distractions in the editor and neatens the canvas to keep a comprehensive and uninstructive look on the document. 

Overall the editor is perfect, spontaneous, and very simple to adapt appearing from any text editor.

3. Integrations

For a reasonably new tool, I was impressed with the number of integrations Archbee has with third-party tools for creators, board management and marketing. 

Few of the essential integrations are given below;

  • Slack 
  • Airtable
  •  Trello
  • Lucidchard
  • Typeform
  •  Midwestern
  •  GraphQL
  • Swagger
  • Github Gist
  • Codepen
  •  Invision
  •  Figma
  • Marvel

Also, the public regions can be combined with Google Analytics to sight the action metrics and with Intercom to maintain a live chat entrenched right in the available space. 

Slack and Trello are incredible integrations to keep the whole team in sync with the documentation. 

The Main Use Cases for Include

  • Team Wiki: Use documents to work, collaborate, and discuss with the team members within a group or organization.
  • Knowledgebase: Use it to develop a support section for your product and service, so your customers can learn how to utilize your product or service.
  • Project Documentation: Use it to record and monitor all the project progress with your team.

Self Management: If you’re a freelancer or one-person business, then you can use this to create and manage all the documents you need to make yourself better.

Pros & Cons of Archbee


  • Incredible collaborative and feature-rich editor.
  • Easy straightforward (Non-technical) interface.
  • Conversing to assist you in communicating with your team.
  • Diagram designer to visually map and productive workflow.
  • Progress assistance to Swagger, OpenAPI spec & GraphiQL.
  • Endless storage area and documents.
  • Fluid and rapid user interface & experience
  • Multiple helpful integrations
  • Live chat support


  • Powerless to upload video quickly.
  • Incapable of developing a structure between document spaces.
  • No native mobile or desktop apps usable
  • Can’t send out directly to WordPress

Pricing & Plan

There are two plans indifferent from the free plan, I.e. the mid-level growing plan price up to $3 per user per month and the highest level scaling plan price up to $5 per user per month.

Assessing the Plan features that Archbee offers, these are exceptionally full prices when related to similar tools in the market.


Archbee has come up with the Free STARTING Plan with Zero cost. However, the buyer can earlier take the free trial of their few features which are given in the STARTING plan.

  • Free
  • Use as the last trial
  • limitless members
  • Maximum integrations
  • Limited to 20 documents
  • Support when available


Archbee has come up with the mid-level  GROWING Plan with the cost of $15 per month. Although they even give access to 5 members per month at the price of $15. Likewise, for the additional member, you need to pay an extra $3 per month. Also, it gives you the 60-Day money-back guarantee policy.

  • Use as an unlimited trial
  • Unlimited members
  • Most integrations
  • Limited to 20 documents
  • Support when available
  • Complete docs (last three revisions)
  • Endless private dock spaces
  • Vast public dock spaces (Archbee link)
  • One public dock space on your domain+SSL
  • 5 GB file uploads (unlimited images)
  • Passwords for available dock spaces
  • Access control for individual users
  • Priority support


Archbee has come up with the mid-level  SCALING Plan with the cost of $50 per month. Although they even give access to 10 members per month at the price of $50. Likewise, for the additional member, you need to pay an extra $10 per month. Also, it gives you a 60-Day money-back guarantee policy.

  • Use as an unlimited trial
  • Unlimited members
  • Most integrations
  • Limited to 20 documents
  • Support when available
  • Complete docs (unlimited revisions)
  • Vast private docspaces
  • Endless public docspaces (Archbee link)
  • Two public docspace on your domain+SSL
  • 10 GB file uploads (total images)
  • Passwords for public docspaces
  • Entrance control for individual users
  • Priority support 
  • Whitelabel public docspaces
  • 10 GB file uploads (unlimited photos)
  • Guest accounts for public docspaces
  • Sole Sign-On with Slack & Google

  Lifetime Deal Benefits

  • 10 Members
  • Custom Domain with CNAME support
  • 1 Workspace
  • White label capability
  • Endless doc revision history
  • Vast public spaces and spaces revisions
  • Guest accounts (free) for public spaces
  • 1+1 public spaces with a custom domain (1 out of 2 public spaces is available as a bonus until 25th March midnight)
  • Single Sign-On with Slack & Google
  • User groups based on access control
  • All integrations
  • 60 days guarantee Refund Policy 


Don't let micro problems become macro problems: Rethink IT support services - IT Biz Advisor

Live chat is accessible to both on the main website and within the app. 

The assistance and support documentation is extremely good covering all the characteristics. It would be decent to have some In-depth video tutorials as well. 

Archbee knowledge base

If you are switching over from numerous tools, the team will empower the migration of all the documents and data to create the procedure seamlessly. Archbee also proposes custom improvement for your organization’s demands based on your particular use case. 

There is a public roadmap as useful to test on the proceedings on new features planned and acquitted. The extension of databases and zapier integration on the roadmap are underlined that are relatively sensational to look forward to.


All-around, I was influenced by how powerful, and fluid Archbee was right from the user interface to the editor to integrating with other apps. 

If you haven’t already carried out a comprehensive documentation system for your business or planning to carry out one soon, Archbee is a tremendous tool to keep in your productivity package.

I hope I have tried to provide you with every tiny detail that you are looking for in this Archbee review. However, if you still have any queries or difficulty associated with this article you can ask us in the comment section below, we will be happy to help you out with the answers.

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