Automizy Review : Best Tool For Email Marketing Automation

Automizy review

Suppose you are also new to the world of email marketing and want to find the best email marketing tool which can allow you to stand out in the crowded inbox. I will introduce you to “Automizy,” some of you might have aware of this software, so some might have new. Although It doesn’t matter if you are a small scale business owner or medium or large size business owner, Automizy offers you an equal opportunity to grow your business and make your website boost.

Today, I will share my experience with you about this dominant email marketing software in this Automizy Review. So be with me and Grab a cup of coffee because these few minutes are going to be more valuable for you. So let’s find out what it is, why it’s so important, and how it is an effective tool for your business.

Most small and medium-sized business and marketing consultants who belong to this category mostly focus on adding momentum to their marketing industries by leveraging Automizy automatic, insightful, and imaginative email marketing automation platforms to develop and renovate sales directly. Unlike competitors’ legacy platforms, Automizy’s smart design and user-friendly interface bring control to numerous campaigns a breeze. Although with a strong analytics factor, the Automizy platform administers marketers and consultants to optimal outcomes. 

Being into the business of email marketing, you might have sent many of the cold emails. But do you know for the email, you need strong copywriting skills and a strong, catchy headline because your first impression will create a huge impact in your consumer’s mind? According to the research, almost one-third of the subscribers open the automated messages than the 17% who click on the manually sent emails. What if I tell you that you can have a chance of creating your first impression twice?

 I have done so much research in the past few years and uses so many email marketing tools. And I have an amazing experience that email marketing has got the incredible potential to produce and multiple amounts of money. I came across this incredible email marketing tool Automizy, which has provided me with an opportunity to grab such loyal customers who can bring my business onto the top. Let’s find out my experience in this Automizy review and how it works, its features, and how you will get help from Automizy.

Let me give you a quick introduction to Automizy.


Automizy Saas email automation software was founded in the year of 2014 by Gabor Koncz. However, this software company is situated in Budapest, Hungary. However, it’s an advanced email software that argues for increasing your open rates by 34%, as posted on their sales page.

This Automizy email software company has argued that you can send your email twice if your emails first go and open.

Eventually, they also mentioned that you don’t have to worry about creating an email template. They have already included this feature that you will be provided pre-build email templates. 

No doubt that Automizy has provided you with an excellent opportunity to grab such loyal customers who can bring your business onto the top. And I have got a fantastic experience that email marketing has got the incredible potential to produce and multiple amounts of money.

So, let’s get to know more about its amazing Dashboard and UI of the Automizy email automation tool without wasting any time.

Dashboard & UI

Automizy has a decent and eye-catching dashboard, which is quite simple for any user to use. Although, just right after the sign-up process is completed, the main dashboard welcomes you with a simple to navigate and intuitive user interface. 

The first step is to name a list and add contacts to it. Contacts can be even added manually or received through a CSV file. While receiving a CSV, it is essential to make sure the CSV file’s right columns are mapped to the contact list’s custom areas.

All-around, the dashboard is extremely reflexive and straightforward to navigate with all the elements mapped out. Some email marketing tools get this so wrong and make it difficult to do anything with a single click, making it very inappropriate and time-consuming.

Thankfully, Automizely has fixed that part and made the comprehensive user interface very smooth and juicy to get things done. Now, it’s time to look into the lucrative autonomy feature, which made me impressed.

Features Of Automizy 

Do you know what the features of an ineffective email marketing tool are? 

The must emphasize for email marketing tools are as follows. 

  • Message Automation
  • HTML Friendly
  • Advanced Automation List Maintenance.
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance Built-in
  • Easy Integration
  • Responsive Templates

Although Automizy has a lengthy list of features for your email marketing campaigns, let’s find out.

Drag and Drop Email Editor

Automizy has come up with a drag and drop editor tool to drop any element in the email body. Buy this feature; you can easily engage newsletters and design your email within a few minutes, which will save you valuable time. That’s the reason why this feature is my personal favorite.

Visual Automation Builder

Apparently, Automizy has a powerful automation email builder. It has involved so many easy features that you can create a single email campaign without losing your focus and quickly. This visual automation builder has had the ability to use a filter to take action based on subscriber interests. However, you can quickly send an email, wait, and create tags, although you can use filters to send an email again with a unique title.

A/B Testing

To increase the email open rate by 34% and convert your customer into your business, this Automizy uses the A. I based prediction tool. However, you can use A/B testing features by using different subject lines for your email. 

The best key thing about this feature is that an AI-based feature will send the verification with the highest opening rates and potentially bring the conversation. By this, you can easily convert your customer into your business just by knowing their interest.

Automatic Resend

The Automizy software tool’s crucial feature is the Automatic Resend tool, which gives you access to send email again within a few seconds if the first email got remains unopened. But for sending the same email for the second time, you can use a different subject line and test for your active campaigns. 

Perhaps when you have created the subject line, you can easily track your A/B testing campaign and select the outstanding winner. However, it is a fantastic tool for mapping out the stats for sign up, subscriptions, and opening rates.

Meanwhile, for testing out both the A/B testing and automatic resend, you can create an email campaign and use the feature of A/B using your headline for knowing the clear winner. 

Although, in the settings of A/B, you can try out different subject lines A and B. Eventually, this feature can easily predict its winner headline and each headlines’ email opening rate in just a quick few minutes.

Active Tracking and Quick Results

You get easily understood by the name of its feature that it can track the active emails, and you can get its quick results. In this feature, you can follow the email you send, each form you create, for every next subscriber you get in your email campaign.

However, Automizy can predict and give you comprehensive statistics of the sending distribution and opening rates. You will be easily able to develop quick emails based on your website visitors’ engagement.

Although it is too simple to track down your customers and see what most of the customers has to offer about their pages, by that, you can get an idea of creating a catchy email title, and even you can do A/B testing and build the variation and find out the clear winner of the email title.


In this integration feature, Automizy has the capability to integrate with some of the industry-leading automation tools such as Zapier. However, integrates have recently got connected with Leadpages, Salesforce, and Slack. 

Eventually, Automizy can also be integrated with an API that runs on a public. The only decoy for Automizy is that it proposes limited tools in a native integration. Rather, you will require Zapier for integration with third-party apps. 

Automizy WordPress Plugins

Automizy has come up with the free WordPress plugin that allows you to install it into your site and correctly use it as a subject liner generator for yours. However, once you install the WordPress plugin, you can easily use the subject line you want to add to it. 

If you want to know the subject line score all, you need to have to click on the “Score Subject Line” button, and you can quickly get access to know about your score for your email subject line.

Why Do You Need Automizy?

As I mention to you already, I have tried out several different email marketing tools, and the majority of this tool had A/B testing tools and workflow Optimisation. However, the problem that comes up with the A/B testing is that it usually takes too much time for its results.

Although there is no assurance that one or both campaign workouts effectively, it requires much of your vigilance to test out; perhaps, this same problem arises with workflow Optimisation. In the initial time when I started to work with Automizy, though, I haven’t understood its AI-based projections. 

Then I began by creating three different email arrangements, which implies that I utilized three other subject lines. And then, I set out the objective, and ultimately, I searched my email titles after a month. 

Meanwhile, using this Automizy’s AI feature has effectively lessened my time for A/B testing and improved workflow optimization efficiency. 

Eventually, With Automizy email templates, you can easily create sign up forms and use variants of templates. One of the most remarkable features of Automizy is that it gives you a quick CSV sense for the email list.

Automizy Pricing


Before we start seeing the price of Automizy, here they have the two most notable things about their pricing. So let’s give a quick look at its significance for their pricing.

First of all, Automizy offers a 14 day free trial for their new sign-in customer. You can have the authority to cancel this offer anytime, and you required no credit card for it. And secondly, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee on your subscription pack.

The good thing about Automizy software that it doesn’t count bounced email and subscriber and duplicate contact, though due to such reasons, Automizy apart from its competitor and becomes the most favorite for every customer. 

However, the subscribers are only counted as per the active contact list. Additionally, when you reached out to 500 subscribers, we have to pay $18 per month, and as the number of subscriber entries, the cost of subscription also increases. 

If you have a big subscriber list, if you have more than 10k subscribers per month, you can contact the sales team for attractive price selling plans by Automizy.

However we will get the same feature with each plan, but the only difference is the number of the subscriber with it, and you will get,

  • Visual Automation Builder
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Sub Accounts
  • Web Behaviour Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Integrations & API
  • Free Migration Service

Automizy Lifetime Deal

If you hear the deal I have enrolled for; you might be shocked by knowing this, as I have got this tool for just $49.00 for a lifetime. Told you got a shock, Automizy offers a special lifetime deal for just $49.00; this means this lifetime deal is only available for a limited time period.

Generally, you have to pay for the email automation tool as per the number of your subscribers. With this Automizy special lifetime deal, though, you need to pay $49.00. 

Meanwhile, if we compared with other automation software companies, no other email automation software provides lifetime access. Perhaps if you purchase this Automizy like time deal, you will get an extra more than 40k active contact in your list.

And I am sure that 4000 subscribers for just $49.00 for a lifetime are not a bad deal to do, no matter if you are a small middle for large business owners. This Automizy is Worth trying for everyone who uses Automizy software.

Pros and Cons of Automizy

In my Automizy review, here’s what I found a few Pros and Cons about Automizy. 


  • Best campaign and automation builder, 
  • Easily Import Contacts
  • Good email delivery to the inbox,
  •  Easy to use interface, 
  • Amazing Lifetime deal,
  • No duplicate subscriber count if the same email present in multiple lists
  • Reliable Tags 
  • Various Visuals are present
  • Attractive Email Templates
  • Modern and Attractive Sign Up forms
  • Lower pricing as compared to the competitors
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • No Credit Card required for Sign Up


  • A/B testing is only limited to the subject line
  • No landing page templates available.

My 5 Best Alternatives To Automizy 

If you still think that autonomy is not a cup of your tea, then I have brought you 5 best alternative automation software in 2021. Let’s see it out one by one.

Automizy vs. Convertkit Email Marketing:

Convertkit is a wonderful email automation software for new bloggers who have just begun and the medium-sized business. Although, but Automizy is wide of functions and provides Convertkit with a run for the money. I was a little stunned by the two.

Let’s see what .the pros and cons of Convertkit are 


  • You can Create quick sign up forms and landing pages with 80+ Convertkit Email Templates.
  • The automation tool helps with the tag-based system. This means you can use tag-based subscribers and integrate emails with similar tags. 
  • Convertkit Landing page correspondent lets you build a landing page rightful if you don’t have a website. 
  • It has a visual automation builder just like Automizy email editor. 


  • Hard for the beginners
  • The reports lack some crucial metrics, such as the jump rates.
  • Costly pay-per subscription
  • Small Customization for Email templates

Convertkit Pricing

Convertkit gives a free trial but with restricted features. You can’t make detailed use of this email automation tool if you haven’t paid for the subscription. The pricing for the Convertkit is huge when correlated to opponents. The lowest package starts with $29/month up to 1,000 subscribers. 

In Fact, if you are using Convertkit, Automizy is a decent alternative to Convertkit in 2021 with its inexpensive pricing and remarkable features. 

Automizy vs. ActiveCampaign

However, this ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based email marketing tool. Though, this Automizy is a SaaS-based email automation and editor software with an abundance of features such as CRM, sales, and automation.

I found ActiveCampaign adequately at some point, and at some point, Automizy seemed important too. 


  • Extremely Important Automation
  • Tremendous Integration with Zapier and 150+ tools
  • Not simply the email marketing tool but an effective CRM, SMS, and social media marketing
  • Timely and beneficial email segmentation
  • Discontinue Anytime


  • No API
  • No Native Integration
  • No Options for Customizing CTAs
  • Just Costly than Auomizy

ActiveCampaign pricing:

ActiveCampaign onsets with $15/month, but it will cost you an arm and a leg with improving details and more subscribers. I will advise you on ActiveCampaign only if you have a large business and a big list. But in the end, Nobody comes against the Automizy Special Lifetime Deal. 

Automizy vs. SendinBlue

SendinBlue argues to be one of the promising Digital marketing tools which will automate your business effectively. 

Sendinblue Pros:

  • Manageable to Set Up
  • Drag and Drop Designer
  • The free plan allows unlimited contacts and 300 emails per day. 
  • Mobile-Friendly templates


  • Relatively Rare Templates
  • Account set up borrows time.
  • Not suitable for small business

SendinBlue Pricing:

SendinBlue will be in my chart of the best options for Convertkit. When it appears about the pricing, it proposes a free plan with endless contacts and 300 emails per day, but you will get no additional details for SendinBlue with it. This the Free and Lite scheme of Sendinblue will have a Sendinblue watermark in the emails you will send. 

Automizy has no such restrictions. You can buy this tool for $49 for a lifetime with a surfeit of features. 

Automizy vs. Aweber

Aweber is an email marketing and automation software for little businesses. It is, however, expensive when correlated to Automizy.  Well, I have experienced both the tools, and there were a ton of characteristics omitting in Aweber, and luckily, I got to know about the Automizy.  

What does Aweber lack?

  • Contact Segmentation
  • No endless users
  • No Mobile responsive configurations
  • Absences of AI-Based Automation
  • You will be spending on the copy as well as bounced emails here. 
  • No visual automation
  • No, resend alternatives
  • Dearths Website Reporting and Tracking

Although you have to pay for a yearly or monthly amount, which was an important affair, that’s the reason why I shifted quickly from Aweber to Automizy, which gave me lifetime entrance for just $49. 

Automizy vs Mailerlite

Mailerlite is a decent alternative to Automizy when it arises to monthly subscriptions. But, it still requires many aspects to be considerable email automation software.

Let’s see how Automizy and Mailerlite alter from each other; where does Mailerlite lack?

  • Automizy has incredible analytics and website tracking summary, which Mailerlite lacks. 
  • It has restricted Integration capabilities
  • Absences of the AI-based automation 
  • No, Resend choices
  • Automizy has a large webinar and how-to guide for email marketing. Mailerlite possesses no serious knowledge base. 


Automizy allows its customer to live chat accessible within the app dashboard but not on the main website. There is a reasonable span of support and help documentation attainable, enclosing many features and video tutorials on the official YouTube channel.  Meanwhile, A public roadmap and changelog page are used to maintain all the scheduled and released features. Users can similarly accept and ordain feature recommendations precisely within the app dashboard. 


So as you have seen the various features of Automizy and its pros and cons. However, we have also witnessed the best five alternatives for the Automizy and how it is better than everyone. 

Well, I was impressed by the automation builder and how neat the canvas worked. It’s almost super easy to use and build robust automation sequences. 

Add to that a very decent support team, subject line testing, simple to use in the UI, and setting up of A/B tests. It is worth considering you get a free migration service committed by the team irrespective of the contacts.

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