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BacklinkSEO review

Welcome to the Review of BacklinkSEO, well if you are running a website and looking to improve the ranking of your post then backline play an important role in that. But in the competitive world of backlink business, there are plenty of tools are available in the market who can offer you their services. 

As you know that power of Search Engine Optimization comes down to two crucial factors. However, the combination of the above that two provides you with the most useful results when it all about SEO. 

  • High-quality and relevant content
  • High authority backlinks from websites with a good domain ranking. 

Writing good quality content sounds upright, but that is not the just case with link building. It requires quite a bit of strategic actions and outreach campaigns to reach out to other website holders in your niche to link back to your content. 

There are multiple tools that can be utilized to have a trace of all your current backlinks, analysis the backlink profile of your opponents, and manually outreach for link building. 

So to fulfil the need of the customer we have found the exact too which can help you in getting an exact backlink for your content I.e.  BacklinkSEO. It is a tool that guarantees to satisfy all your requirements. Well, let’s see how good is it and will it help your link building? Let us find out in this quick review.

What is BacklinkSEO?


BacklinkSEO assists you to automate your backlink outreach and regulate your backlink profile so that you can earn more backlinks and raise your traffic. Eventually, these automated outreach campaigns enable you to specify prospects, build outreach campaigns, and send emails all within our platform. Receive backlinks from link campaigns, bind with Google search console and receive a thorough view on your backlink profile. 

Monitor for modifications in dofollow status, live links, directories, traffic changes, keywords and more. Identify fads and gear up your SEO actions towards greater conversion and optimization techniques.  Easily detect a change and rectify it although know exactly what to fix. 

Mostly it saves extra time by automating all your backlink outreach. Regardless of all has a birds-eye view on your backlink profile with an obsession on the most vital links. Wider insights on your backlinks, which ones generate more number of customers and which can be modified.

UI & Dashboard

The sign-up process is relatively easy and the first thing to do after signing up is to add the domain you need the backlink data for. After that simply connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to grab in all the website traffic and crawl data. 

Although the user interface is decent and simple to navigate, some of the aspects look very jumbled and some fine-tuning of it would be good to see.

Link Building Outreach

The campaigns feature lets you engage with and deliver outreach emails to possible sources that can link back to your content. There are many helpful templates right inside the tool that can be admitted and the campaign can be arranged within a few minutes. 

The following campaign categories are available to select from,

  • Building relationships,
  • Resources lists,
  • Tools pages lists,
  • Get reviewed,
  • Skyscraper method,
  • Round up,
  • Expert opinions & posts.

It is a very decent range of campaign types that will insulate the necessities of the majority of link building techniques. It is also reasonable to go entirely custom as well. 

Once the campaign type is chosen, hardly paste the URL of the post you need to get links for. The post gets analysed for all the outbound links and provides a list of changes and contact details to outreach for backlinks.

There is built-in integration with email finders like and to effortlessly reveal the email address of the listed contacts. There are multiple templates free for each campaign type to possess a simple head start. 

Aside from one-off campaigns, you can also create exact email sequences with a certain duration between each email to maximize the reply rates. 

Templates are convenient for these email sequences as well which is awesomely helpful. You can confront with an SMTP like Sendgrid and there are no barriers on the digit of emails that can be sent. 

Backlink Monitoring

Once the domains are entered, the tool provides you with plenty of data on the overall backlink profile and domain agreement score.

Although the data on the digit of backlinks is not as broad as conventional tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc., it is relatively good for a new tool and could be boosted up your consistently. 

Team collaboration

It is incredibly simple to set up extra user accounts if you are a medium to a large-sized agency with plenty of team members. You can moreover set up extra access permissions for each team member. 

How to Build & Monitor Backlinks?

BacklinkSEO assists you to automate your backlink outreach and control your backlink profile so that you can achieve more backlinks and thrive your traffic.


Automated Outreach campaigns enable you to identify possibilities, build outreach campaigns, and send emails all within our platform.


Receive backlinks from link campaigns, bind with Google search console and get a thorough view on your backlink profile


Monitor for shifts in dofollow status, live links, directories, traffic changes, keywords and more


Determine the trends and gear your SEO actions towards greater conversion and optimization techniques.

Optimize Your Backlink Workflow

BacklinkSEO possesses a team’s who are well skilled with their as they can assist you in tracking the key backlinks from paid, exchange, outreach and other campaign sources. Observe a change. Know actually what to fix. Save extra time by automating all your backlink outreach.

The Simplest Way to Gain & Monitor Backlinks

The conventional way is to collect backlinks, but do you ever trace them afterwards to detect if those backlinks are still live, as helpful and working for your SEO efforts.

Auto Find Backlinks

It constantly crawls the web and builds our backlink profile more effective to entice your client. When you add your domain for the initial time, you will that the team of BacklinkSEO cross-checks our database for backlinks.

However, their existing database is over 250Billion links and counting.  This likens to acceptable data being found for former domains

Analytics & Trends

Monitor movements, keywords and roles as well as anchors to see how well you correlate with opponents.

Connect with Google

Connecting your domain and sourcing info from google analytics and google search console helps you to get extra in-depth looks at your project. The system will fetch in google data such as analytics and page impressions as well as other search data.

Add Additional Links

You can ever add extra links that you lately acquired or links that didn’t automatically pull up from the cross-check. Adding links is easy, you can copy-paste a chart of URLs or upload a sole column CSV with URLs as well.

Domain Metrics

A sole crawl finds domain metrics to provide you thorough insights on each backlink, its price and belief score.

Features Of BacklinkSEO

Backlink Overview

Get a thorough view of your websites backlink profile. Effortlessly identify quality backlinks through our domain enrichment which gives DA, PA, TF, CF, Moz Rank and more

Automate Campaign

Save hours of manual work in getting the chances, emails, building lists, email sequences, follow-ups and additional by utilizing our automated backlink outreach system. Begin your campaign, monitor analytics and respond to backlink leads.

Competitor Insights

Ever wished to gain in-depth knowledge on your opponents link profiles, domain rankings and other metric data? Our forthcoming insights tool will assist you to detect where your competitors are bringing their backlinks.

Detect Changes

Although their system even detects the heartbeat of your links while you concentrate on your business. Get an alert when a link shifts from dofollow to nofollow or gets declined.


Understand your link allotment in order to specify the pages that are in demand of more backlinks. We give you an in-depth inspection on each of your top pages and the links indicating to them.

Monitor Changes

If your links drop, modification overnight or a nofollow tag gets reinforced to them, BacklinkSEO tool will notify you. With the help of their remarks, you can effortlessly specify who you got those links from, who to reach out to and how to decipher the backlink problem.

Auto Backlink Import

Engage with your google analytics and Google search console account to automatically receive any traffic running backlinks.

Manage Projects

If you looking to help many clients and your teams, then BacklinkSEO will you covered that too, you can get each domain for its own project, with its own dashboard and analysis. 

Detailed Reporting

Wanted to provide customers with branded reports on their backlink profile, although their forthcoming reporting feature helps you to provide customers monthly snapshots.

Pricing Plan For BacklinkSEO


There are four different plans to select from ranging from $10 to $99 per month relying on the number of backlinks regulated, no. of outreach campaigns, no. of domains attached, no. of client or user accounts, etc. White label reporting and white label SEO audits are usable barely in the Business and Agency plans.


Your Guidebook looking to fix your SEO actions and help you to drive the most value. All the essentials you want to outperform your competition. Although this Solo Plan cost you up to $10/ mon.

  • 1,000 Monitored Backlinks Per Month
  • 3 Domains
  • 1k Domain Enrichment Credits Per Month
  • 1 Outreach Campaign
  • All Integrations
  • 7 Day Crawl Check
  • Backlink Database Access
  • API Access


This plan is perfectly suited for the blogger and the small eCommerce website owner who is striving to get space in their business and to and still in the competition. Although this plan will cost you $25/ mon

  • 2,500 Monitored Backlinks Per Month
  • 9 Domains
  • 2.5k Domain Enrichment Credits Per Month
  • All Integrations
  • 10 Team/Client Members
  • 9 Outreach Campaigns
  • 7 Day Crawl Check
  • Backlink Database Access
  • API Access


However, this plane enables you to Find critical business data from keyword trends to exact fixes to improve your page ranking in Google SERPs. Although this plan will cost you $49/ mon

  • 6000 Monitored Backlinks Per Month
  • 20 Domains
  • 6k Domain Enrichment Credits Per Month
  • All Integrations
  • 25 Team/Client Members
  • 20 Outreach Campaigns
  • 5 Day Crawl Check
  • Backlink Database Access
  • API Access
  • White label Backlink Reporting


Agency plans special come to track guest posts, links trades and more for each customer with thorough analytics and branded reporting features. Although this plan will cost you $99/ mon.

  • 15,000 Monitored Backlinks Per Month
  • 50 Domains
  • 15k Domain Enrichment Credits Per Month
  • All Integrations
  • 60 Team/Client Members
  • 50 Outreach Campaigns
  • 3 Day Crawl Check
  • Backlink Database Access
  • API Access
  • White label Backlink Reporting*
  • Lead Generation*
  • Whitelabel Audit Reports*


Live chat assistance is available on the website as nicely as within the app dashboard.  The comeback time was outstanding with the team reacting to all my queries within a very short period of time, mainly within a few minutes. 

There is a public roadmap as well to have a peek at the features being worked on and designed currently. The help documentation is good but requires some modification in the overall number of support articles, and moreover, some extra video tutorials would be fine to see. 

  • Simple to set up link building outreach campaigns
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Plenty of templates to utilise for link building outreach emails
  • Native integration with & to easily get the contact details of the prospects
  • The UI and the format of elements could be modified
  • The data on the number of backlinks should be increased to match the business leaders like Ahrefs & SEMRush

Final Verdict 

To wrap up, although the span & number of backlink data has to be increased, the outreach and backlink monitoring features are surprisingly somewhat impressive with plenty of built-in templates.

If you are an SEO or a content marketing agency or an individual SEO consultant, the tool absolutely assists you in link building and modifying your all-around SEO technique with excellence in backlinks.

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