5 Best Anti-Spam Software of 2021

5 Best Anti-Spam Software of 2021-compressed

Spamming is the use of uninvited messages that are most commonly used for advertising purposes. These kinds of messages affect your employees by degrading their productivity.

Nowadays, spam is more than just advertising messages, and now they can even threaten your security. Hackers use email as the malware entry point. These spammers and hackers make security breaches and access business information.

What Is Anti-Spam

Anti-spam uses any method that can be one the software level or even at the hardware level that restricts the spam’s entry to a system. This protects against spamming and phishing attacks.

Benefits of Using Anti-spam Software

  • The blocking of spam.
  • Quarantine a spam
  • Automatic update filters
  • Monitors different account
  • Reports spam

Here are how all the features of anti-spam software works and provide you security:

Blocking Spam

Most Antispam software directly blocks specific email addresses. You can easily use Antispam software to block incoming emails from specific centers and even if the sending email address is not in the recipient field.

Quarantining Spam

The Antispam software automatically detects the spam emails and put them in the quarantine that makes your inbox spam-free. These quarantine emails are held for a specific number of details between 20 to 30 days, and then these emails are deleted permanently. You can check the emails, find any legitimate email, and recover from there in this period.

Automatic Filter Updates 

Most of the software provides you virus detection and provides you with an automatic filter update option to detect new types of malware quickly. This catches the malware automatically and eliminates it before even entering the system.

Monitoring Multiple Accounts

With the help of the monitoring multi-accounts feature, you can quickly check and filter spam that are from different accounts. You can also separate their personal emails from business email and vice versa. These features help to block spam from other stores.

Your Personal Whitelist

Most of the Antispam tools provide you the feature of creating a friendly list in which you can add the people whose emails are trusted. All of the included emails in a close list will never consider spam as against the blacklist spammers. You can also add a new person to this list in the future. This is a great thing that allows the users to create a list of persons they trust and block spammers.

Spam Reporting 

Most of the Antispam software allows you to report spam to the company that provides you the Antispam software. It helps the Antispam company create new types of filters based on the spammers you registered.

Top 5 Best Anti-Spam Software

Now that you have understood what is anti-skating software and how do they work. It is time for you to get to know about the best anti-skating software.



Mimecast is software that provides you to spam proofing. Mimecast spam resistance software is to act as a cloud-based subscription service. It works with advanced threat intelligence and a spam detection engine to find and delete spam or threats sent using emails before they enter your system. This Antispam software that is provided by mime cast can be executed quickly across your email system. Mimecast reduces the cost of business email management and spam without maintaining any hardware.

Mimecast protects an enterprise email system from virus malware and other threats. It does this by providing a delayer of cyber resilience solution that reduces email-borne viruses and reduces data loss by quarantining the emails. The mime cast Antispam also allows you to recover quarantine and affected emails for future use automatically. 

The mime cast can also protect the email system, detecting an attack to handle real-time attacks. It also provides the feature that helps you fight against data loss from Ransome ware attacks; this feature eliminates the need to use ransom demand. Mimecast can also be used to combat those disturbing spamming messages that keep your inbox filled.

Features of Mimecast

Here are some of the key features that are provided by mime cast:

  • It eliminates the demand for technology support by giving you the tools for managing your own blocking and whitelists.
  • It targets the threat, which helps block advanced threats by not allowing the users to click on the malicious link, open up different viruses, etc.
  • Content control and DLP tools help to reduce needs and improve compliance with cooperate and regulatory frameworks.
  • Secure messaging and large file sending tools provide users the excess to send an email and large-scale files easily. 
  • It also has simple graymail filing tools such as newsletters and mailing lists etc.


The pricing of Mimecast is not transparent. To get an accurate price and detail, you have to contact the mime cast customer care center. They will tell you the accurate price according to your needs and usage.

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Mail Cleaner 


Mail cleaner is an Antispam tool that sets a business gateway between your mail and the rest of the internet. Professional security is provided against viruses, and up to 90 percent of threats are eliminated. It can also detect the malware even before it reaches the inbox and deletes it. Its spam filter services ensure that all of the spam messages are analyzed so that no important note gets blocked.

It provides you professional security against viruses and threats and doesn’t allow viruses to enter your email system and eliminate it before entering the email system. It is professional security against spammers that helps you to get rid of spam emails. It is one of the best anti-spam software of 2020 and provides professional protection against spammers.

Key Features of Mail Cleaner

Here are Some of the key features that are provided by Mail cleaner.

  • Mail cleaner provides you the most reliable and trustworthy services that are unmatched.
  • Infected messages or that are spammed using viruses are blacklisted and quarantine.
  •  It also provides server protection such as ISP, SME, SMI against spam, and educational institutes.
  • It also allows the users to configure their own preferences such as report frequency, spam actions, language, alias address building.
  • It is also compatible with MS office 365 and G suit.

Pricing of Mail Cleaner

To get all of the mail cleaner features and get its price, you need to contact the service provider. Because more prominent companies don’t provide a clear-cut price tag and charge according to their users’ needs, which provides a great value to their users as they don’t have to pay a significant amount of price for features they don’t want.

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Hexamail Guard


Hexamail guard is an Antispam software that provides complete protection against spamming, phishing, and other viral infections for any software based on a server. It removed the email threats 100 percent effectively before they are even able to cross your security and allows you to select the best technique of anti-spamming for you. 

However, Hexamail requires more power to content inspections that read a current email, prevent spam from the new IP addresses, or even completely block unknown programs and unique nature.

It is a powerful tool against spammers and provides full proof security against spammers and infectious files and doesn’t allow these files to enter your system, and make it much easier for you to get rid of spam and increase your productivity, which saves you and your team time and allows you to get more productive and achieve much more in a small amount of time.

Key features of Hexamail Guard

Hexamail guard Antispam software provides you following features:

  • Its anti-phishing feature detects spoofed emails, web site links, and account details.
  • It also supports the SPF sender policy framework that confirms that emails are only received when a full server domain is sanding them.
  • It also has a built-in antivirus option that protects its customers from viral threats. 
  • It also uses the Bayesian pattern matching option that allows Hexamaill to send incomparable accuracy when Hexamail detects spam.
  • Hexamail can easily download all the accounts, POP 3 for its users, remove spam, and reconfigure the email to the company main box or other email addresses.

Pricing of Hexamail Guard 

Hexamail is a great value for money as you can easily enjoy all of its features that the company provides just at a rate of 174 $.

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Mail Cleaner


Mail cleaner is another professional anti-Spam tool that protects against threats and spam. It protects against viruses and malware up to 99%. Mail Cleaner Is best for any organization from a private company to gov I institution.

Mail Cleaner Is a great anti-spam tool that provides full-time protection against spammers and virus attacks and keeps you and your employees from malware and other security threats. It provides 24/7 threat protection and protects you against spamming and hacking attacks.

It is also a great value-for-money product as it gives its user much more features at really affordable pricing.

Key Features of Mail Cleaner:

Here are some of the key features that are provided by mail cleaner:

  1. It provides a block list and a white list.
  2. It archives email which are threats to your security.
  3. It uses the process of email routing for additional security.
  4. It also provides encryption to stay in case of any breach.
  5. It detects spam quickly and easily, which provides its users with fast protection against spamming.
  6. It filters spam quickly and quarantines them.

Pricing of Mail Cleaner

It comes in a very budget price tag of only 100$ a year that provides a great value for your money.

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It is an Antispam tool targeted towards a group of people and provides security to their team. It protects a team of up to 20 people. It blocks spam files and hacking attacks which are intended to break your online security.

Malwarebytes is a great tool for teams facing threats by spammers and hackers, provides full proof security to its users, and doesn’t allow hackers to steal their data.

Malwarebytes is targeted towards teams looking for protection against spamming and virus attacks and doesn’t allow hackers to enter the system and breach their security. It provides an excellent level of security to its users. It is a great security option for teams a d businesses against spammers and hackers.

Key features of Malwarebytes:

Here are some of the key features that are provided by malware bytes:

  • It cleans all of the infected devices.
  • Protects vulnerable system
  • It has warning tools that warn you.
  • It stops attacks by ransomware.
  • It has centralized management.
  • It prevents attacks with the help of prevention tools.

Pricing of Malwarebytes

A mail cleaner is an Antispam tool that provides protection to teams and comes in a price tag of 40$ for personal uses and 58$ for business uses; it also provides a free trial.

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Final Verdict

In the end, the business must use an Antispam tool as the spammers’ attack is increasing daily and makes a security breach and retards the productivity of the users.

The spam tool that is mentioned above are all the best and target different kinds of audiences. For example, if you are a team and looking for a budget option, then Malwarebytes is a great option for you and provides great value.

If you wanted a premium option that provides all the latest and greatest features, then you Hexameral guard, mime cast, and mail cleaner, they are the best premium option that provides best security features but at a little bit of higher cost.

5 Best Anti-Spam Software of 2021-compressed

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