Top 5 Best Antivirus Software 2021

Top 5 Best Antivirus Software 2021-compressed

Today we have become totally dependent on computers. We must use a mobile phone, laptop, and computer. To get maximum productivity out of our work, we must function properly; if they don’t function properly, it reduces our productivity and causes mental retardation.

To work our devices properly and fulfill our requirements we have to use antivirus software. Before deciding on the best antivirus software, let us understand what antivirus software really is and its works. This will make it much easier to select the right antivirus for us according to our needs.

What Is An Antivirus And How Does It Work?

As the name suggests that the software Eliminates viruses it detects viruses and removes them from our computer system. Companies that are creating antivirus software have an extensive database that already has all the known viruses, so it becomes much more comfortable for antivirus software to detect an existing virus.

An antivirus scans all the incoming files that are being passed through a network. When the program and files are coming in and out, it keeps track of all of them, and as soon as it detects any file that is similar to a virus that already exists, and warns you to remove it.

You can easily adjust antivirus software to automatically scan your computer to check for any suspicious or malicious files. You can also choose to scan your computer manually, so it will only scan your PC when you tell it to watch.

All of the antivirus software ask before removing a file from your PC, which is suspicious and malicious. You will be aware that this file was malware, and the antivirus software has removed it before it has done damage to your system.

Now that you have understood the working of antivirus software, it’s time to get through the actual list of antivirus software that is best for your online security:

Top 5 Best Antivirus Software

Here is the list of Antivirus Softwares with all of their features and prices:



Bitdefender antivirus tool is award-winning antivirus software. It protects against ransomware and malware. It takes a keen look at the computer behavior, and it also protects the website that are spreading malicious files. The software works best with the operating systems of windows 10 and windows 7.

It works best with windows 7 and windows 10, but it also supports another operating system as Android, Mac Os, and iOS devices. It provides you the ability to manage all of your devices online. It also provides you with some other great features such as a VPN(Virtual Private Network). It has an anti-theft feature for operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS.

 There is a little problem with that; it has minimal support for iOS devices and devices that work on the Android operating system. It only provides you entry-level features as it is entry-level antivirus software. It is an entry-level antivirus that comes at a great price and provides good value for money with its decent features.

Features of Bitdefender

Here are some of the great features of Bitdefender that you will get when using Bitdefender:

  • The Bitdefender software provides security to your files from ransomware. It quickly secures all of your files from it as soon as it gets to know about files that are behaving like ransomware.
  • The software allows you to do new scans. You can choose a file that you are looking to scan or give the software to check it automatically.
  • Bitdefender also provides a password managing service that keeps your login info and password of different networks, credit card details, and much other sensitive information. This tries to make sure that all of your sensitive information is kept safe from any malicious files.
  • It also provides a secure browser by the name of Safepay; it keeps your online transaction safe from Malware. This makes sure that all of your transaction histories are kept safe.
  • Bitdefender also keeps your online password and username secure that protects you from identity theft.
  • Bitdefender has an outstanding file remover that helps you remove files sensitive from your device and ensure that they can’t be restored.

Pricing of Bitdefender

Bitdefender provides you with three packages to choose from according to your needs and budget.

  • Antivirus plus: It comes for 40$ to 80$; it provides you password manager, file shredder, etc.
  • Bitdefender internet security: The cost of this package is 60$ to 90$; it provides you with parental controls and webcam protection.
  • Bitdefender Total Security: It is a full-fletched package that comes at $90 to $100. It provides you all of the features that come with this antivirus.

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Reason Core Security


The Reasons Antivirus Softwares works with an operating system like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. It has a relatively simple interface and is known for protecting users’ privacy and keeping their data safe. This antivirus software runs on a minimum amount of hardware resources and still managed to give you a significant security level and protect your data and files from hackers. It provides you security against adware, unwanted programs, browser extensions, and much other malware. The blocks all of these applications to get rid of malware, adware, and other PUPs. This helps you eliminate unwanted advertisement and pop up that uses your resources and makes your PC slow.

Features of Reason Core Security:

Here are the following features that reasons core security provides you :

  • The software gives you 24/7 protection against viruses to be detected as soon as they enter your system.
  • If you are using multiple devices on a single network, Core Security software is really necessary. It removes harmful files and programs present on the web to infect your machine and breach your security.
  • Have you ever noticed when installing something from the internet some time additional files are attached to it? These files are called bundleware; they get an install by themselves into your system and make it slow or can even steal your information? With the help of Reason Core Security, you can quickly get rid of this bundleware.
  • This antivirus software keeps your browser protected from browser security breaches. It keeps your sensitive data safe and keeps your vital information safe and sound.
  • It also detects activities in your computer’s background and is a threat to your computer security.


The Reason Core Security also comes in two packages:

  • Reason Essential programs this is a totally free program, but it also contains much fewer features than the paid ones.
  • Reason premium programs: It cost around $60. It provides your system protection against ransomware, unwanted software, and online trackers. It also provides security to your webcam and computer’s microphone.

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Reve Antivirus


Reve Antivirus Software protects your device against malware, spyware, and other kinds of threats. It let you know whether your system is infected or not. It is also capable of disabling the programs trying to infect your device and making it slow. This antivirus software works completely fine with an operating system of Windows from XP to Windows 10.

Features of Reve

Reve Antivirus Softwares provides you with the following features:

  • It tells you as soon as your security is threatened. As it runs in the background 24/7.
  • It also provides you with an anti-theft feature that keeps track of your location if it is lost.
  • It is also available for mobile phones and tablets. It provides an anti-theft to your mobile device and allows you to add password protection to the apps.
  • It also protects Rootkit. A rootkit is a form of a virus that gains remote access to your device. Reve protects your device from Rootkit.
  • It also keeps your email safe from cyber attackers. 

Pricing of Reve:

The price of antivirus software depends upon the time period of the subscription and the device’s number on which you will use it.

If you need it for a PC and a Smartphone, it will charge you 10$ a year.

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Kaspersky Antivirus


Antivirus Softwares is a great Antivirus and has a perfect score on independent lab testing. It is a great Antivirus Softwares for full fletched protection and provides high-level security compared to its competitors.

It provides its users 24/7 protection, keeps track of any harmful file, and lets them know about it as soon as it enters their system. 

It is a great Antivirus software, but it is a little bit expensive. It provides great security to your files and information but also charges a bit higher.

Features of Kaspersky Antivirus

Here are some of the features that Kaspersky Antivirus Software provides you:

  • It has everything that is required for the data of a computer or LAN.
  • It provides a complete backup to your data, so you never lose it in any case.
  • It provides you a password manager who manages your online password security and keeps them protected from hackers.
  • It provides great data encryption, which adds a layer of security to your data.
  • It helps to protect all kinds of your transaction with the help of an ultra-secure browser.

Price of Kaspersky:

This Antivirus Softwares will cost you around 27 $ to 80 $ based on the package and feature you selects.

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Norton Antivirus


It is a great Antivirus software that works great on operating systems like Windows, Android, and Mac OS. It is the latest version of Norton 360 that provides great security to your device.

It is much more than Antivirus Software and is becoming a total package that provides you excellent protection and adds security. It also has some pretty cool additional features.

Features of Norton Antivirus:

Here are some of the features that Norton Antivirus software provide :

  • Norton has a great score in the protection of data on Windows, Mac, and Android.
  • It also provides you a full VPN service, which is great for accessing block content. This is an unlimited VPN service.
  • It provides 100% protection from viruses and keeps your device safe.
  • It is called an entry-level antivirus software, but it provides all the premium Antivirus Softwares features.
  • Norton antivirus software provides full protection from online identity theft.

Pricing of Norton:

Norton antivirus software has different plans that are targeted to users according to their needs and budget:

The starter packages of this Antivirus, which is called Norton Antivirus Plus, will cost you 59.99. While the most premium, which is called Norton 360 with Life Lock select, costs you 150$.

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Today antivirus has become the most necessary software due to the increase in online attacks. It is a necessity for 21st-century computer users, which provides complete online security. 

In this list, all of the Antivirus mentioned in this list are great for your online protection and help you make your everyday usage of computers and other devices much more comfortable and fast. This also increases your productivity as your digital device works perfectly fine and makes your daily use of the internet and other work much more comfortable.

Suppose you need a full fletched protection and can afford to pay a little more than you should go with Kaspersky. If you can’t pay as much as Kaspersky but afford a little less than buy Norton antivirus.

If you are on a really tight budget, Reve, Reason Core Security, and Bitfinder are the best budget antivirus software in 2021 and provide you the best value for your money.

Top 5 Best Antivirus Software 2021-compressed

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