Top 5 Best Appointment Scheduling Software 2021

Best Appointment Scheduling Software 2021

Managing the appointment and scheduling is one of the crucial tasks of each company out there, and most of the time, it might be hectic for some reasons. If the appointments, scheduling, etc, are not done in the right way, it might also affect your business growth too. 

So if you’re the one who’s supposed to maximize the brand authenticity by managing the stuff, then you should definitely grab the appointment software and tools that will get your job done just within a while. Today I will be sharing the top five list of appointment scheduling software that you can use in 2021 to leverage your business; if that would be great to make sure to stick with the post till the end to get the most out of it. 

But before that, let me quickly introduce you to appointment software and why it is useful in each of the businesses. 

Why Should You Use Appointment Scheduling Software?

Managing and arranging the organization’s appointments is one of the crucial tasks that should not be ignored to boost the company’s productivity level. Arranging manually is one of the old-school methods that takes as much effort, and the consumption of time is way more, which is not efficient in 2021.

Due to the consistent growth of technology, it’s boomed up and is considered one of the modern ways of handling appointments and scheduling. Nowadays, most of the emerging startups and organizations are heading off to the digital medium. The appointment scheduling software is getting as much popular that it minimizes human efforts.

Apart from this, the list we will share through this post is being personally verified by our team and found to be the best ones you can proceed with. 

Top 5 Best Appointment Scheduling Software In 2021

What is the list of appointment scheduling software that you can use in 2021?



Here comes the first in our list, i.e., Setmore, the most efficient and innovative appointment scheduling software and having your team set the specific appointment with the customers. Customers can book appointments according to the time they need.

The specific alert is being sent to you so that you will never miss the appointment even if you forget it at the moment. Setmore allows the user to schedule the appointments why are various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Because your customer gets an authentic experience to work with your organization, alternately, the brand value also increases due to such easiness factor.

This scheduling software is integrated with tons of different applications, including wordpress and MailChimp, the most important blogging software in the present scenario, managing users to set up their profile. Using set more, you will manage all of the stuff In a single place, so no room image for complaints regarding the usage. 


All the features are concerned, so we have listed some of the key features which are being served to you by set more; here are they:

  • The booking portals can be added to your website so that the customers can easily book the online appointment and receive online payments and debit and credit cards.
  • The set more allows you to store all of the data in cloud storage so that you can enable it anytime you need.
  • You also get an option of rescheduling the appointments just with the help of the drag and drop method; apart from this, it also alerts the customer at the same time to ensure it.
  • You can also download their application on your Android or iOS device, from where you can manage and reschedule the appointments.
  • It is well integrated with Google calendar, using which you can export data and manage according to the commencement.


Set more used to serve following a couple of packages amongst which you can opt the one that fits your need:

  • The free package is best suitable for startup businesses and small businesses to manage the stuff. 
  • The premium package is available at just $25/month, where you can access all of the premium features and enhance the workflow’s capabilities. 

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Appointy is the best and most convenient appointment scheduling software that allows you to save all of your data in cloud storage for nothing to worry much about this stuff as the data remains and does not consume your device storage.

With the services you provide, you can customize the software specifically to be integrated with the website you own to reach out to you so easily. If you are supposed to maximize your brand’s authenticity, you should definitely get this one just because it has pretty dope features using which you will receive reminders through text and emails. 

Using Appointy can do the payment using several online methods that support both credits and debit cards that you own. The software’s support system is excellent as you can get in touch with their executive anytime you need to focus upon the company’s education and Wellness.


Following are some of the key features that Appointy is serving:

  • While rescheduling the appointments, the customers will receive email or text reminders to cancel or reschedule them.
  • The software allows you to insert your website to insert the appointments on your website; also, one can pay the bill through an online payment method.
  • The software allows you to track the number of students or employees present to reschedule the classes for better commitment.
  • The Appointy is when integrated with Google Calendar using which you will be able to schedule it accordingly.
  • It has an application that you can download right on your Android or iOS device.


Along with the free package, the Appointy also used to serve the following paid plans amongst which you can opt the one:

  • The growth package is available at just $19.99/month.
  • The professional package is available at just $49.99/month.
  • The enterprise package is available at just $79.99/month.

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Here comes the next in our list, i.e., Genbook; it is the most efficient appointment scheduling tool kit for businesses to maximize the brand’s authenticity. You can even customize the schedule that you are created in the last-minute bookings feature, which is considered to be the efficient and most useful feature of all time provided by Genbook. 

This tool automatically feels the empty appointments and allows the other users to fulfill them so that you are time doesn’t get wasted at any instance. You can even manage all of the stuff related to the calendar so that you will be able to view all of the statuses just within a few clicks.

The waitlist is available so that your customers will never lack the appointment facilities and increase brand authenticity.  one of the most efficient features is scheduling the appointments as per the requirement using Google calendar.


 Following are some of the key feature that Genbook is providing:

  • It is well integrated with Google Calendar, using which you can schedule the appointment as per customers’ needs.
  • There is an option of rescheduling the appointments to get in touch as per the spare time.
  • It also supports the block Calendar, which is being used for rescheduling the appointments.


As the pricing is concerned following are the plans which Genbook is selling:

  • The Solo plan is available at just $29/month.
  • The team plan is available at just $59/month.
  • The company plan is available at just $99/month.

With all of the above-mentioned plans, you will also get access to the free trial.

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Sangenda Scheduling 

Sangenda Scheduling the best in class and most efficient appointment scheduling software can also be integrated with your website for better commencement. Using this tool, you can easily generate as many amounts of leads in terms of appointment.

This is a complete online booking system that allows you to set up your customers’ appointments in real-time, so no room remains for complaint as the whole process is being taken place under Google calendar. It is well integrated with some of the CMS plugin and API as well that will help you to maximize The authenticity of your brand by serving the best possible service to the customers.

There is no option of a PayPal payment gateway to serve users to pay it directly via credit or debit cards as they support all kinds of cards.


Following are some of the key features that Sangenda Scheduling is serving: 

  •  there is a support of SMS notifications and reminders so that none of your customers miss the appointment.
  •  No ads and spans available, so you get completely minimal and clean user interface support.
  •  It supports all of the native plugins that also include wordpress, drupal, Joomla, etc. 
  • Their customer support is truly authentic. 
  • API is available for better commencement. 
  • You will get notifications through email and direct messages.
  • It supports all of the cards that are linked with it.


Along with the free plan, the Sangenda scheduling also used to serve some of the Other services as well amongst which you can opt:

  • The Paypal module services are available at just $14.99/month. 
  • The SMS module is available at $9.5/month. 
  • For acquiring the advanced email customization, you will need to pay $9.99/month.


So here comes the last in our list, which is It is considered one of the easiest solutions for setting up appointments and scheduling them in a specific way to get attracted to them. It is also integrated with social media platforms and the website to add buttons over platforms you want directly.

It allows both parties to avail of this scheduling without missing out on the scheduled appointments—the Simplybook. It helps you to message customers that will enhance the capability of your brand. The customers can get in touch with your organization once you add the specific schedule for the appointments.

The software also used to conduct the live sessions along with the webinars that will help you are a lot to learn more about the features they used to serve so that you can sort out your customers’ issues just been a while. 


Following are some of the key features that is serving:

  • You will customize this schedule according to the requirement and integrate it with your website portal and Facebook page.
  • It helps you maximize your brand value and allows the customers to schedule the appointment online through any devices they use.
  • If the appointments are canceled, it will send the booking reminders to all clients to reschedule them.
  • It is integrated with Google calendar that will enhance your workflow’s capability in terms of appointment schedule.


Following are the four plans that are being served to you by

  • The free plan is available with some limitations, but it is the best choice for small-cap businesses.
  • The basic package is available at just $9.90/month.
  • The standard package is available at just $29.90/month.
  • The premium package is available at just $59.90/month.

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Final Verdict

The technology is constantly evolving day by day, and due to that, most people are heading off to the easiness factor, and that’s where the appointment scheduling software flows in a way. The appointment scheduling software does not only minimize the overall authenticity but along with that, it will help you to maximize the brand value.

We have shared the top 5 best appointment scheduling software that you can grab in 2021 to increase your brand value as a fit for all kinds of businesses through this detailed post.  So make sure to check them out by visiting their official website.

Best Appointment Scheduling Software 2021

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