Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms 2021


Blogging is one of the most useful digital marketing topics and has changed many lives throughout the decade. So it’s the highly demanded streamline most people use to search for the best blogging platforms that allow users to create the best quality blog posts and share them with the audience. 

We’ll share the top 5 best and legitimate blogging platforms that’ll help you post the article authentically without any hassle through this detailed post. Even if you’re just a newbie, it’ll get your job done just because they’re as simple to use. So make sure to stick with the post till the end to get the most out of it. 

But before that, let me conclude a few essential stuff related to blogging that each of the newbies and intermediate learners needs to know. 

Why Do You Need To Opt For The Blogging Platforms? 

Due to the constant growth in the digital marketers’ internet posts heading off to the blogging software just because they usually allow people to share their expertise in the written format—the one who loves writing an article on a blog post, this best software could opt. 

Even most bloggers monetize their blog in a subsequent minor by using Ads for affiliate marketing and earning a decent amount of revenue out of it. I would definitely say if you work hard in a smart way, then you can convert your part-time income into a full-time income source, and that’s the strength of blogging. 

You will come across various types of blocking software available on the internet, but choosing the right and legitimate one is a big deal. 

Top 5 Blogging Platforms in 2021

It’s 2021, and many options available in the market, amongst which we’ve listed the top 5 picks amongst which you can select any one that first your need. 



First, in the post, wordpress is one of the best solutions for belonging just because it is the #1 blogging software that is being widely used all across the globe. The only reason behind its popularity is that its open-source PHP and MySQL best blogging solution helps you manage the stuff more prominently. 

You will notice that most professional bloggers use it to be reliable just because it has a photo of tons of different buttons that you can download, which will maximize the overall usage of blogging. Also, customizing the website provides you free templates that you can customize according to the requirement. 

WordPress usually consists of the best and top-notch web content that’ll enhance the services’ capability. However, if you are supposed to Grab this software, you will need to pay the subscription fees to avail of all of the required features. For beginners and pro bloggers, this is the perfect toolkit that one should definitely look upon. 


There are tons of different features that WordPress provides, but we are shortlisted a few of the key elements that you need to know:

  • They provide the consistent learning materials used to maximize the knowledge of information and maintain the sustainability of your wordpress website that you’ve created. 
  • For the blog’s modification, you can never use the themes that I will provide to you; most of the themes are free, whereas I will also find the Paid theme option. 
  • This blogging software helps you connect with various social media pages to follow you right there.
  •  You can even see the traffic that is growing in your way to make the content in that specific way on which you are getting the maximum amount of traction.
  • There is an option of backup in case accidentally if any of the files get deleted; you can directly collect them from various resources.
  • There is a support of SSL certification that will provide Shield to your website.


What is used to serve free plan along with the paid plans so following are some of the paid plans amongst which you can opt if you are serious about blogging and willing to create the most valuable blog:

  • The personal plan is available at $4/month, but you will need to pay just $48/ year if you are supposed to pay it annually. 
  • The premium plan is available at $8/month, but you will have to pay just $96/ year if you are supposed to pay it annually. 
  • The business plan is available at $25/month, and if you purchase it manually, you’ll have to pay $300/ year. 

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The next up in our list is Svbtl, which is considered the best in class and most relevant software for most of the bloggers who are supposed to create find today at their sites in a based way to get the maximum amount of traction. When it is not that popular, I completed the WordPress, but it has some of the decent blogging solutions best suited for beginners and newbies who are supposed to start their first-ever blog. 

You can read it according to the better commencement to be easier for you to collect the data and rate the ideas. It will be easier for you to schedule the post that you were created to select when you want to publish it once it gets ready. 

It follows some of the insane ways to enhance your writing experience’s capability and take it to the next level as it has a built-in customizable dashboard. It has everything you need as a blogger, so you can definitely Look upon it. 


 Following are some of the key features that Svbtle is serving: 

  •  it helps you to schedule posts when you want them to publish by the readers. 
  •  It helps you create the customizable blog post that you think of, and you can even separate by using the draft, and even you can finalize the project. 
  •  It provides the most sophisticated comment section using which readers can put their comments if they have any doubt or suggestion. 
  • You can easily connect Svbtle software with Google Analytics that will help you to analyze the traffic. 


As the pricing is concerned, the monthly plan is available at just $6/ month. Apart from this, if you are supposed to buy it daily, you’ll have to pay only $70. 

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Ghost is considered one of the most renowned stimulation formulas for managing your blog post. It consists of so many features that will enhance your blogging experience’s capability. When it comes to log in, you will notice that most of the hosting companies used to put their hands on the wordpress solution, but most of them did not provide much value to the users. 

But true Ghost, you will be able to redesign your wordpress website so that it will be easier for you to enhance the capability of your blog and take it to the top level.  although the Ghost specifically focuses upon the designing and stuff, so if you are the one for whom the design matters the most then you should definitely grab their services. 


Following are some of the key features that are being served by a Ghost:

  • The Ghost has its own Search Engine Optimisation that will help you take your blog to the top of the search engine and, thanks to it, higher.
  •  It provides a simple way to design your blog and make it more attractive than people like the most.
  •  Due to all of the major regional languages’ support, you can even customize your home page.
  •  The ghost helps you to create a website that may be mobile-friendly as well.
  •  It provides you the complete SSL certification that will keep your website away from spammers.


Along with the 14 days of the free trial, Ghost used to serve the following paid plans:

  •  the Basic plan is available at just $29/ month
  • The standard plan is available at just $79/ month. 
  • The business plan is available at just $199/ month. 
  • The enterprise plan begins from $1000/ month, depending upon the feature you need. 

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If your website is HTML-based, then you should definitely adopt the services of Jekyllrb. It may help eliminate some of your blog’s complexity to get a clean and easy interface that we attacked towards the blog. So if you are quite serious about blocking, you should definitely go with software to enhance your workflow capability. 

There is no specific hosting required, so using GitHub, you can grab it for free and even add some of the links, text, social media, names and customize it according to the requirement. 


Following are some of the key features that Jekyllrb is providing:

  • There is no CMS, so draw contests will be posted that can be customized using several available templates.
  • Regardless of Ne, just like the word, which does not have databases, all of the pages are converted statically into HTML.
  • It has quite minimal functionality, so even the beginner can handle it just like a pro. 
  • Security is one of the major reasons why most professional bloggers have to acquire their services. 
  • Without any charge, you can host your blog to GitHub. 


It’s a free tool to grab it at no cost, which is a great service for bloggers. 

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Here comes last in our list, which is the best solution for bloggers, and it’s the open-source blogging solution for each of the minimal users supposed to share the ideas in a great format. The one who’s supposed to maximize their ideas and way of thinking the medium could be the best solution that does not even require any domain or hosting.  

All you need to do is join the platform and start customizing the thorough process that you’ve. In most cases, you’ll see that the medium articles rank higher on the search engine, and this just because they’re written in a good format, so no room remains for complaint as the SEO has also been done over there. 

Its user interface is quite minimal and intuitive, as anyone can start it from scratch to leverage the blogging experience. The medium in itself a domain that helps the users out their stores inside and allows them to monetize it using various services. 


Following are some of the key features that are being served by the medium:

  • It has a world-class editor using which one can enhance the capability of their blogging. It’s also quite easier to use with the latest content; even you’re free to integrate it with videos, images, etc. 
  • There’s an option of the draft that’ll automatically save your content even if you haven’t saved it manually. 
  • The analytics will showcase to you detailed information about your content and how it is performing. 


A medium is a free software that helps you to write authentic content using their resources. 

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Final Verdict

Blogging is consistently evolving day by day, and due to major updates provided by several platforms, most bloggers are creating their blogs in a sophisticated manner. The chances to succeed via blogging are higher, so you can leverage it by involving yourself in the blogging industry. 

There might be tons of blogging software available in the market, but I’ve shared the top 5 best options that you can grab to maximize the blogging experience through this detailed post. Moreover, they’re budget-friendly, too, so you can grab them substantially.


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