Top 5 Best Data Collection Software 2021

Top 5 Best Data Collection Software 2021

Data collection is a process of collecting and measuring information on various variables based on an established system, which gives one the ability to answer relevant questions and evaluate results. Data collection is part of research across all fields of study, including physical and social sciences, humanities, and business. While methods vary with discipline, the emphasis on ensuring accurate and reliable collection remains the same. The purpose of all data collection is to include quality evidence that allows analysis to lead to convincing and reliable answers to the questions asked.

Data collection or rating method gives your company so many benefits. Allows you to answer important questions, make predictions, make decisions, analyze, and more. Because of this, you can use data collection software to collect and analyze your company’s data in various ways.

Data collection software is a computer program for collecting and storing high quality and quality data in an electronic form. The advantages of using data collection systems are that they eliminate survey papers and allow data to be sent immediately to analyze data and report.

Data collection software was first introduced in the early 1980s (Hyde, 1998) to deal with many paper-based errors, such as increased writing errors and late detection of inaccuracies. Microsoft Access and MySQL widely accept the first of these programs. Toward the end of the century came the cloud, which expanded any web browser into a platform for viewing and filling out forms. This innovation was a big bang for the paperless movement.

Despite advances in web-based data capture systems, field researchers and mobile teams working on the field still face the burden of paper-based data collection. This is for a simple reason: web-based data recording tools are useless when offline. Although global smartphone adoption has skyrocketed over the past five years, internet access has not increased at the same pace, and much of the world today remains offline.

Also, this software can collect data from mobile applications or solutions, website visits, online surveys, and many other ways to conduct comprehensive research for your customers and competitors.

There are various online data collection tools and software to help you get top-notch research, but this also makes it harder for you to choose the best one for your company. So, in this article, we are introducing 3 of the best and most well-known software that will fully assist you in the process of data collection for your business.



With Confirmit data verification software, you can get rich information from your markets, customers, and employees by tagging various data sources together.


Idsurvey lets you design face-to-face surveys and an integrated model so that you can increase the number and quality of responses on your site.


This software helps you collect data and view business information to know your target market, target audience, and customers better.


Magpi offers a unique start-up voice experience that is easy to set up as a digital form.

Forms on Fire

There may be no better job software than Forms On Fire when it comes to simple and effective data collection methods. Forms in Fire are completely cloud-based and slow down your process of processing and data collection.

5 Best Data Collection Software

With the ever-increasing volume of portable survey solutions, we have researched the best so far. We aimed to investigate their scope of use – both short and long-distance studies -, their suitability for offline research and the additional services that distinguish them.

1. Confirmit


Ensure the data collection software allows you to be where your clients are so that your response levels can be enhanced and provide a better survey experience. Each survey you do can be provided with various channels, and your respondents can switch between in-between research channels according to their needs.

Confirmit Horizons is a network-based data collection tool capable of delivering personalized, comprehensive, and well-structured research to all types of responses and market research programs.

Whether you are inviting to participate via email, such as embedded in a web page or via a mobile link, you can submit web-based interviews, ensure they are timely, and target further engagement.


This software allows you to communicate with your customers through an app, mobile browser, SMS, etc., to ensure they can easily share information with you at any time.

You can successfully modify all data entry processes and manage the workflow of all your paper surveys.

The Confirmit software comes compatible with 42 different languages ​​and can work with Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.

It organizes your processes such as call management, live monitoring, and detailed reporting, so you can easily manage distributed telephone interviews.


Contact the sales team for this software for full pricing information. They will tell you the exact price according to your needs.

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2. Idsurvey


Idsurvey lets you design face-to-face surveys and an integrated model so that you can increase the number and quality of responses on your site. Additionally, you can design your research for a few minutes and manage it in just a few clicks.


To quickly reach a wider audience with a smaller investment, you can use data collection forms. You can customize your quiz look with the use of compatible templates for smartphones and tablets.

The IdSurvey CAPI mobile data collection app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows PCs and does not require an internet connection to enter data.

With Click to Dial, Auto-Dial, and Predictive Dialing, you can track phone agents’ production processes and increase their performance.

With its image features and GPS location, you can use IdSurvey for mysterious purchases.

You can quickly build your survey with a simple and intuitive IdSurvey interface. Create your survey in a few minutes and control it through various channels with a few clicks. Also, you can easily schedule even the most complex research thanks to the powerful IdSurvey engine.

Access all types of audiences using any channel: phone, web, offline or mixed mode. With IdSurvey, you can view all fields of study. Also, you can use many market research methods to collect more data and increase the quality of your results.

Create different access levels on the same management platform to allow your entire team to work on IdSurvey. Also, share real-time statistics with your customers to check results. Everyone can be updated simply by getting statistics on research progress or looking at reports online.


For pricing information, you need to contact the IdSurvey sales team. This is general practice for software sellers and software developers to tell you the price according to your needs and preferences.

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3. SurveySparrow


This software helps you collect data and view business information to know your target market, target audience, and customers better. Therefore, you can improve your decision-making to grow your business faster.


Create amazing surveys that download high response rates.

Increase the reach and visibility of polls far and wide.

Draw important conclusions from the data collected.

Set the app according to the data details.

Share your research through various channels such as email surveys, web links, social media, SMS options, and more.

Audience management helps you classify your responders according to different categories.

SurveySparrow data collection software has a robust dashboard that gives you a complete overview of accurate reports.

Enables you to send automatic circulation surveys using the recurring survey feature.

It has a dual UI which is the world’s first multi-UI software.


SurveySparrow offers four plans starting from $ 19 / month. The free trial is available for 14 days. The trial will help you to try it out.

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4. Magpi


Digital forms do the job in almost every situation. But what if you need to collect data from young digital people? Or for people with visual impairments? Magpi offers a unique start-up voice experience that is easy to set up as a digital form. The feature is called IVR, or voice answer, and allows you to use your forms as interactive voice calls, answering responders by pressing the phone’s keypad.


Magpi IVR Forms uses a form factor similar to digital form, with one important difference: You need to remember writing a script for artificial intelligence to read aloud. For example, in the form designer, you can add information for each query type or add a label, only the information field that does not require an answer.

With standard digital form, the information or label can be as simple as a query. With IVR, however, they need to mimic the conversation, so your first label will need to respond with an introduction and a description of the research. And your last label will need to thank the participant and end the conversation.

You will also need to pay attention to the types of questions you are using. For example, GPS and picture queries did not apply to voice answers. On the other hand, labels, radio buttons, and numerical questions work well with the voice. Skip logic applies to all types of queries.

When you’re ready to use your IVR form, navigate to the Share tab on the built form, and then click the Voice Answers tab below. Enter the recipient’s phone number, select a language from the list of 26 options, specify the time, and then click the Start IVR button. Calls will be made automatically within 60 seconds of the set time.

When the respondent has finished responding, form data will appear in the Magpi Data tab, just like any other Magpi Form.

You can also extend Magpi’s capabilities with Magpi’s Zapier integration, allowing you to easily link form data to other applications, such as Google Spreadsheet or Excel.


It is free for up to 15 data collectors; $ 500 / month for a Pro plan, which includes SMS and IVR data collection; $ 1,500/month per business plan to access Zuler’s Fulcrum integration.

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5. Forms on Fire


There may be no better job software than Forms On Fire when it comes to simple and effective data collection methods. Forms in Fire are completely cloud-based and slow down your process of processing and data collection.


Empower everyone to do work from anywhere, online or offline, by easily learning native apps on any device.

Prepare the field by scanning the barcode, signature recording, GPS locations, and complete integration with your plans.

Build apps instantly, traditionally, for iOS, Android and Windows without writing a single line of code or hiring a developer team.

Use the form templates that come out of the box and customize your organization’s information.

Work online or offline, on desktop, or in a downloadable app.

Easy to use drag and drop features

Stunning form design.

Easily capture statistics and create reports.

More than 750 advanced connections can send or receive data across applications such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and more.

Real notification.

User-defined workflow.


Like most of the software in this list, you have to get its price from the developers.

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Data transforms the world into all one data. No matter where the industry is in the industry or the interests they have in focus, data is inevitable, hitting the right thread in the market. It can be disease treatment, educational study, market research using market research, and data building blocks for anything and everything. So an enterprise needs software to collect data and manage data to help it grow.

Therefore, you need a tool specifically designed for data collection, so your team members can move photos, GPS location, and signatures on the go and any device. You also want an app that can help you work with that information, whether it’s sending information to messages you can share with others or syncing with your other software.

That is why the business must use a data collection tool. That will help them to manage their business easily. With this article’s help, you can easily select a data collection tool according to your needs.

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