Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software 2021

Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software 2021

In computer use, data retrieval retrieves inaccessible, lost, damaged, corrupted, or formatted from second storage, removable media, or files, where the data stored is not readily available. Data is often saved on storage media such as internal or external hard drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), USB flash drives, magnetic tapes, CDs, DVDs, systems -RAID, and other electronic devices. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to storage devices or serious file system damage that prevents it from being installed on the Host (POS) system.

Data loss can occur due to many reasons such as virus or malware attack, damaged/damaged files, unexpected program closure, unknown format, natural disasters, theft, and much more. Human error is one of the most important and common causes of data loss.

The causes of data loss can be broadly classified into physical and logical damage.

Losing your important information can be a daunting task for anyone. However, it can happen to anyone and at any time. So, when you lose any important data, what do you do?

If so, you can use data recovery software that will help you to recover deleted, damaged or inaccessible data from a stored device. IT professionals widely use this software to obtain data from storage and cloud storage devices by targeting and accessing file formats. The data recovery process depends on the type of device on which the data is stored.

Additionally, you can recover your lost, deleted, or corrupted files when an acceptable backup solution was not available.

This article has provided a list of advanced data recovery software that helps you manage and recover lost data.

Best Data Recovery Softwares

This is the list of best data recovery software.

DatabaseFileRecovery SQL Database Recovery Tool


File Recovery and Repair SQL DatabaseFilerecovery is a recently launched SQL Database Repair Tool. This tool works perfectly with all types of SQL, including SQL version 2019. The tool supports all types of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.SQL Recovery Wizard by DatabaseFileRecovery provides recovery and recovery of files tables, views, database process, layout, old, default, and functions SQL database. This software can easily repair and restore corrupt MDF and PDF file extensions without altering the original data. The software interface is simple, and a novice user can use it without any technical guidance.

The data file becomes inaccessible during corruption. DBF Recovery software is something you should be looking for. It is designed to handle corruption in DBF files created on Microsoft Visual FoxPro, dBase (III, IV & V), Clipper, dBXL, dBFast, CodeBase, MultiBase, Arago, etc. saves it to new DBF files and MDB formats.SysInfotools provides a tool to recover a rich SQL database, which repairs MDF and NDF severely damaged files. This tool provides a high recovery solution for SQL data objects such as tables, views, store processes, causes, etc.


SQL Recovery Wizard with DatabaseFileRecovery provides file retrieval, including tables, views, archives, program settings, causes, default, and functions in the SQL Database.

There are two modes in this application that enable MDF file recovery in Standard Mode and Advanced Mode.

It also stores the acquired data either in a SQL Server data format or in a compatible SQL Server script format.

The app provides the repair of corrupted MDF and NDF files in the SQL Server database.

There is support provided for SQL Server ROW-compression and PAGE-compression.

Users can send any part of the damaged MDF file schema or data and the damaged MDF file schema to the SQL Database.

Provides preview of obtained data before saving it

This wizard also supports BLOB, image, XML, and large page details.

The tool is fully compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.

Above all, this tool supports all SQL Server versions: 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019.


One user license – it will cost you only $ 129 for one machine installation and 24/7 support. 

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People store any data on their phones, which makes data loss a good headache for most people when they don’t have the right backup.

My fone D-back is an iPhone Data Recovery tool to help you easily recover deleted files on devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, or less common mode, from iTunes and iCloud backup. It is widespread to find yourself accidentally deleting important data from your iPhone when you want to clean your device, such as contacts, photos, messages, WhatsApp history, etc. In cases like these, Myfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery will save you trouble and money to help you get back data, which is more expensive than software. This tool is very straightforward. With a few clicks, you can retrieve your important data.

MyFone D-Back is a powerful data recovery software that helps people who are not tech-savvy. With D-Back, you will be able to control your data completely. It helps you to recover lost data in a variety of cases, easily and without hassle. It doesn’t matter if you deleted your data by mistake, your iPhone is damaged or brick, perform a factory reset on your phone, or you have lost your phone, etc. Don’t panic; D-Back will help you get it back! It only takes a lot of clicks to get your data.

MyFone also provides users with professional customer support and one-on-one assistance if they experience problems while in use.


Various Recovery Mode: Retrieve data from the iOS device; Restore to iTunes Backup; Restore to iCloud Backup; Intelligent recovery mode.

Select Data Recovery: You can choose to receive WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Kik, Line, photos, videos, messages, contacts, notes, and 18+ other data types.

Fix iOS system: Before iPhone data recovery, D-Back will help you fix iOS system problems or iOS update errors.

Free Pre-Purchase Test: Before purchasing a license, you will be given a free trial to see if it works for your needs or not.

Accurate and fast: iOS data will be restored instantly in just 3 steps.

30 Day Return Guarantee: You can start a 30-day refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Lifetime updates after you purchase the software.


Contact the sales team for pricing information as prices vary depending on the operating system you are using.

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MobiKin Doctor for Android


MobiKin Doctor for Android can perform in-depth scanning of the device and compile a list of deleted and existing files in the windows program. The user can therefore preview it in its original format and select what is needed for recovery. Enables Android users to recover all deleted data from Android devices to computers. It can find more than 10 types of files, including contacts, SMS messages, call logs, videos, photos, music, etc.

There is one great need to get Mobikin Doctor for Android to work properly, root permission. Okay, for android lovers, the root is required for this to work. Accessing call logs and text messages may require access to some basic code in the Android app.


Recover data from Android device without backup

Support more than 10 file types.

Support 6000+ Android devices.


The software’s price is only $ 49.95 for a one-year license used on 3 and 1 PC devices.

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Stellar Data Recovery


Meet Stellar Data Recovery, the best software to recover lost files or valuable data. Whether you are a person or a business, we have all experienced some form of panic when it comes to losing important files.

Stellar Data Recovery is designed for personal or business needs. Available for Mac and Windows, Stellar Data Recovery

Just take a quick gander at their easy-to-use interface and all the ways Stellar offers to access your files from various sources.

Stellar Data Recovery is an amazing data recovery software. It is close but not quite the same as the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

However, the FREE version of Stellar Data Recovery allows users to repair up to 1GB without paying. That’s a lot of data or some PDF documents that you can get for free.

Prepare video or image files with Stellar Data Recovery, or use the BitRaser File feature to delete unwanted data from browsing the Internet or folders on your hard drive.


Email Correction: including Exchange Toolkit and Auditor and Journalist

Email Converter: converts Windows Live Emails (EML) files and sends mailbox information to other formats.

File Fixing: Fix QuickBooks, PowerPoints, and backup files while retrieving complete data.

Data Recovery and Erase: use Virtual Recovery to retrieve data from any visible device or permanently delete a file and call data from your device.


The software has two versions; one is free that offers 1 Gb of data recovery. The paid offers unlimited data recovery; however, you need to contact the developer to get the paid version’s exact price.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


EaseUS provides you with scanning drives, guides you through a visual display, and gives you the option to preview all the files you can find from a window like Explorer. Data acquisition with this program is as smooth as the experiment.

It is a dedicated and robust data processing service.


Recover data from internal and external HDD, SSD, SD card, USB flash drive, Camera, video player, etc.

Equip with two scanning methods to recover lost data after deletion, format, device damage, system error, virus attack, etc.

Recover lost data, including documents, multimedia files, photos and images, emails, data and program files, etc.

Support for scanning one partition or all hard drives where data is lost.

Its brand new 13.0 feature includes a file editing feature to fix corrupted and corrupt images and video files of Canon, Go Pro, and DJI devices.


Free version

This FREE version supports all data recovery types from any data loss situation with limited data recovery. You only get 500MB recovery automatically (To get another 1.5 GB, you need to share SNS within the system). The free version is suitable for document recovery.

Pro version

The PRO version provides full functionality, allowing the user to recover files without restrictions. If the data size is more than 2GB, the PRO version is your best choice.

The only downside is that we can’t see the ability to retrieve a file without first checking it. For the average person, this is quite normal. It’s fast; it’s clean, it’s easy, it’s accurate.

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Data loss can occur due to many reasons such as virus or malware attack, damaged/damaged files, unexpected program closure, unknown format, natural disasters, theft, and much more. Human error is one of the most important and common causes of data loss.

The Digital Era has made paper and text files no longer needed.

It has benefited everyone as the paper is often easily damaged and has limited health. However, there are times when technology can lose us in very unexpected ways. That is why the value of data acquisition services is growing.

Every desktop or laptop has at least one hard disk drive in it. So, the most common digital media is the last. Besides, external media such as SSDs, SD cards, USB drives are also widely used as backups or secondary data storage devices.

These devices are also prone to data loss, which can further lead to loss of useful business information, so it is a must for businesses and normal user to have data recovery software. This helps you to recover data in any emergency case. You can easily select a data recovery software according to your needs and usage from this list.

Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software 2021

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