Top 5 Best Email Archiving Software 2021

Top 5 Best Email Archiving Software 2021

Email archiving is a last resort and makes it possible for all emails to/from individuals. Email storage solutions capture email content directly from the email application itself or during transit. Messages are usually stored on magnetic disk storage and identified for easy future searches. In addition to simply collecting email messages, these apps identify and provide instant access to archived messages independent of system users using a few different technologies. Reasons a company may choose to use an email archive solution include protecting sensitive electronic data, meeting the storage requirements and monitoring applicable regulations, and e-mail purposes. It is predicted that the email storage market will grow from about $ 2.1 billion in 2009 to more than $ 5.1 billion in 2013. 

You probably send and receive many emails every day, whether you work in the corporate world or not. It is a quick, easy and easy way to connect with peers, colleagues, customers, friends, and family. These days email storage software helps you store emails of several businesses without a problem.

Additionally, email is a viral communication tool. According to a recent study, 75% of the organization’s intellectual property is contained in the email and messaging systems. That means it’s more important to protect this data, not just send it to the trash. Also, storing this data can overload your company’s storage servers.

So, what is the best solution for that? Yes, email storage is an excellent solution for moving old emails from overloaded servers to a secure location where data can be handled properly.

Email storage software is specially designed for the business domain—archive emails to an off-site server, disk settings, or cloud storage. Also, email app references so users can quickly find and retrieve them, if necessary. Additionally, archived email details take up less space, which speeds up retrieval and retrieval. Besides, it can also increase productivity by demanding simpler emails than those left on the live server.

In this article, we also share the best software packages of the latest archive email to help you find the most suitable to accomplish what you need.

Best Email Archiving Software 2021

Exclaimer Mail Archiver


Exclaimer Mail Archiver is fully integrated into Microsoft’s email exchange archives that are easy to set up and maintain. You can identify and store important emails without inclusion, setup, or expert information. Also, it allows the administrator to obtain a long-term, law-abiding history that includes a thorough examination and a feature of legal support. Also, end-users with AD-controlled access receive faster and more accurate searches from Outlook, browser, smartphone, or tablet.

Exclaimer Mail Archiver is a powerful email archive solution for Microsoft Exchange. It gives you all the business benefits and compliance with email archiving without the usual high setup costs and performance. This archive solution is easy to install and configure, does not require portable IT management skills, works on all hardware specifications, and does not require related and expensive data packages to operate.


Archive emails in any store can hold files, e.g., DAS, SAN, NAS, cloud-based storage, etc.

Emails that meet a different process can be stored differently from other rules engines.

Many other email messages require you to install third-party web-based products. As Mail Archiver does not require the use of SQL, it does not require equipment and licenses that are dedicated to the specific requirements of Microsoft SQL Server.

Measure email storage easily while maintaining search performance and expansion.

If the exchange is unavailable or unavailable at any time, the software can continue the archiving process from its stand to keep the email lost.

You can batch-import all of your organization’s PST files into one central store, making your email archive secure and easy to retrieve.

Allows you to retrieve any email from a separate mailbox folder without professional help.

You can easily integrate this software with popular Microsoft programs. Also, it uses Windows file system resources to identify and enable you to write all archiving activity to your Windows Server event log.

Additionally, it allows you to compress emails to be finalized so that large attachments and emails sent across the distribution group will not cause any inconvenience.


Exclaimer Mail Archiver offers a user-licensed program, as well as free trials for those interested. You can contact the Exclaimer software team for more information.

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MailStore Server


No matter if you want to satisfy compliance, protect yourself from data loss or fix technical issues, the MailStore server provides you with an accurate and efficient solution that you can easily install and test in a few minutes. Additionally, this email archiving software provides a user-friendly interface that easily allows users to back up their emails. MailStore offers the most comprehensive market solutions for efficiency, stability, performance, and simplicity to meet specific email storage needs.

ArcMail Defender integrates all the latest platforms and technologies so that all content – including email attachments – is indexed, archived, and accessible temporarily.

Whether your company uses multiple email domains, messaging, or affiliate platforms, we have included that. Defender stores all the important business information of a company and integrates and enables them to work together under a single archive.


Allows you to retrieve any emails from archives in standard formats at any time. This ensures the long-term independence of companies, even in the MailStore Server itself.

Users can perform a full-text search including all file attachments or use a standard folder structure when they find the archive. Additionally, the user can retrieve emails with a single click or turn on the email reply.

Software is easily accessible from anywhere or from your mobile phone. It comes with a viewing, easy-to-read, and responsive plugin for saved emails.

Using this software, you can create 1: 1 copies of all emails stored for years. Additionally, it allows you to configure the mail server recovery process and backup process.

Also, this email archiving software provides the latest advanced technology that does not require any external data management system.


You can buy this software from their customers or online. The launch kit is available for $ 229.00 for up to 5 users, and you can also purchase licenses for a larger user group.

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Arc Mail

ArcMail is an award-winning archive solution, which provides 1-32 TB of data storage that can easily meet the growing business information needs. This software archives all the important business information of an organization and integrates and enables it to work together under a single archive.

Additionally, this email storage software has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to search and retrieve emails without any problem easily.


The cloud or hybrid gateway base gives customers the ability to search faster, store emails smarter, and better protect themselves while using their existing infrastructure investment.

With a single click to restore ArcMail functionality, authorized users can retrieve messages in their inbox seconds.

This software provides a fully encrypted backup service before being sent to their hosted cloud for added security.

Also, it is a machine archive solution that enables archiving and secure search of certain data sources in addition to emails, including Google applications, Google Docs, MS SharePoint, etc.


For pricing information, you need to contact the retailer’s sales team.

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Solar Winds


SolarWinds Mail Assure cloud-based email security helps you and your customers manage and protect incoming and outgoing email through integrated threat intelligence, 24/7 email processing, and long-term email storage.

Identity filtering technology includes inputs to process large amounts of email data into our security and filtering engine. This, combined with real-time pattern recognition and machine learning technology, helps protect users from spam, viruses, phishing scams, malware, malware, and other email threats – with 99.999% accuracy and more than 2 billion spam messages a month.


Advanced threat protection for incoming and outgoing email

24/7 built-in email continuity keeps business productivity

A residential web browser designed for your professionals and end-users

Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 with a simple Microsoft 365 installation add-in

Easy access for Microsoft 365 users with Microsoft 365 Sync

Quarantine reports give users visibility through email flow.

Option to add encrypted, long-term email encryption

Press and save the email files for identification or test later.

Protect archived emails with secure encryption.

Generate reports related to archiving, content search, and more.

Move email details between servers as needed.

Prevents unwanted emails, including multiple, multiple, or other junk emails, from accessing mailboxes to recipients.

Prevents emails with malicious links or links embedded with malware, such as ransomware, spyware, and other viruses, from accessing email recipients.

Provides filters such as: authorized, white senders, greylists as many potentially harmless emails, blocked senders, blacklist, IP reputation, content (such as profanity, credit card numbers, password-protected files, and other sensitive information), virus detection, redirect, and malicious URLs, newsletters, attachment size, and invalid recipients.


SolarWinds Mail Assure has not provided any pricing information for this product or service.

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Arc Titan


ArcTitan provides full compliance with industry standards, including the GDPR. Emails can be easily searched and retrieved, and they do not change completely when they are stored in the email archive. Prices are flexible and are based on the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, and ArcTitan promises to help organizations save up to 75% on email storage, reducing costs and storage on mail servers. ArcTitan is easy to deploy and manage. Managers can configure the system from within an Outlook client and easily set up storage policies and mailbox rates. The archive search itself is also straightforward, with a search console that makes it easy to find the right emails on desktop and mobile.

ArcTitan offers many benefits of traditional archives within Office 365, including improved email search and archiving, reduced complexity, and reduced time spent on continuous use and management. Customers praise ArcTitan for its speed, durability, and the fact that the service has no storage limits, saving on archival costs. This also means that ArcTitan is a powerful solution for organizations that want to maintain a large amount of email, such as schools and universities. ArcTitan is an easy archive management solution, which we recommend to SMBs, businesses, and MSPs that require full storage available both in-house and in the cloud.


Significantly improves the email performance of Office 365 and Storage. Great cost and time-saving.

Powerful search tool. Upload more than 200 emails per second from your email server – your emails are archived and are instantly available. Slashes time and cost.

ArcTitan is designed to increase your ability to find important things when you need them. Receive emails instantly on desktop or mobile.

All emails are encrypted on the fly when stored. Giving your business complete protection from data loss. 11,070,826,210 emails have been archived so far


The developer does not provide the pricing of the software. You have to contact customer service to get a quote.

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Whether you are a small one-person business or a large business, an efficient email service is essential for daily operations efficient operation. You probably understand how important email is, but did you know that email storage is equally important?

Saving emails is about storing email communications in a central location. Aside from the obvious benefits of quick recall, easy access to previous emails, and overall email efficiency, the most important reason why businesses can ignore you is a legitimate requirement for email retention. If you do not use any email storage solutions within your business, you may not meet your legal or regulatory requirements.

There are too many email repositories.

With easy data management, employees can retrieve information when they need it with simple archive searches, improve employee communication, transparency and accessibility.

Additional benefits may vary between platforms.

For example, Threads provides emotional analysis services that check email and call data. This analysis is beneficial for customers who wish to monitor their product or develop and provide customers with data-driven tools.

Choosing the right solution for your company will require a thorough comparison of email storage solutions. Decide what the needs of your business are, and compare email storage solutions that fit those needs.

By using this list, you can easily select an Email Archiver that matches your business needs.

Top 5 Best Email Archiving Software 2021

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