5 Best Email Signature Software 2021

5 Best Email Signature Software 2021

An email signature is a powerful way to pass on your readers’ expertise and give them the information they need to contact you. An email signature is placed at the bottom of each post, leaving a good image and making you stand out from your peers.

An email signature plays an essential role for all businesses. Therefore, if you use a poorly designed email signature, it will affect your work. An email signature allows you to interact with the high level of professionalism and professionalism you receive and provides instant product recognition for your company. Therefore, you should use email signature software to manage various tasks such as communicating with social media, compliance with legal rules, etc.

Email signatures are significant to use communication to benefit marketing and strengthen that connection with commercial communications. With the help of email signature software, you can manage make-up smoothly and cheaply by keeping it consistent across all emails. This tool makes your email signature a less expensive and high-volume marketing channel. Pass on the three best signature software below.

Best Email Signature Software 2021



Most organizations consider Exclaimer to be the best email signature software on the market that works perfectly and makes managing signatures straightforward and easy. Most importantly, this software fully controls the email signatures of their business. The best part about this tool is that it has many exciting features that you would like to know and can find below.


Exclaimer equips award-winning features that will make your business email signature easier and faster.

Using Exclaimer, you can create beautiful email signature templates with text and HTML images. Additionally, you can get identical signatures with integrated data from Google Directory or Active Directory.

Also, you can get high-quality signatures on all emails using this software, even if they send from Macs and mobile devices. Additionally, it allows you to manage everyone’s signature from the central console.

Besides, it helps you to design different signatures in different departments. The marketing team can showcase the event while customer services receive a signature during its opening hours.

Exclaimer lets you update all signatures in your company with a single click. Signatures can create compelling content, including promotional banners, social media icons, award logos, and much more.

Lastly, with the help of this software, you can turn a company email into a low-cost low-cost marketing tool that will reach thousands of people every day. It also allows you to capture data by clicking on a signature and storing it in automated advertising or statistical software.

Get signatures on all devices when sending from Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), including mobiles and Macs.

Manage your Exclaimer Cloud experience with an easy-to-use web portal.

Select a design from the template library OR let the Applicant create a custom signature for you.

All user contact information is taken from your Microsoft 365 Guide (formerly Office 365).

Use different signature templates for individual users or various groups/departments.

Update any signature item and apply the changes immediately.

No unauthorized user can modify or rearrange his signature.

Easily add promotional banners, social media, and more.


If you want to know Exclaimer’s email signature software’s cost, you can contact the company to disclose their software price packs to their customers.

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Newoldstamp is a powerful email signature manufacturer and platform that caters to many email clients. This email signature generator does not require any coding or design skills, or additional software installation, making it easy for everyone to use. It is an excellent tool and free for personal use. You can choose from over 30 templates, organize everything, add social icons, logos, photos, banners, and more. Newoldstamp offers email signature campaigns, signature link tracking, and other valuable features to drive traffic and growth.

More than 3,000,000 users benefit from using and managing email signatures, banner campaigns, and following signature links.


Advanced email signature editor and generator

Central signature management

Signature banner management

Signature stats

Integration of G Suite, Exchange, Microsoft 365

Compatible with major email clients

An easy-to-use tool


It offers four programs for its users

Start at $ 6 a month. Includes five signatures.

They are signing $ 8 per month. It starts from 5 to 200 signatures.

Marketing $ 11 per month. It starts from 5 to 200 signatures.

The custom price is available from 200 signatures and starts from $ 1 per month, per user.

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SignNow is a very reliable and efficient software for a comprehensive and easy-to-use e-signature. It allows you to sign documents effortlessly using electronic signatures and has them officially bound in a few seconds. Most importantly, it has a customized and secure web-based platform that organizes many accurate and fast text editing features. See its features below to get acquainted with the software.SignNow – Signature Software


SignNow features are unique in every way. Some of its best features include solid integration, customization, compatibility, application payment, creating free invitations, bulk invitations, and so on. If you want to know these details in more detail, you can look down for a better understanding.

When sending an agreement or contract to receive a token, you can ask the recipient to file the documents. It has an excellent application attachment feature to add fields to your paper and specify what attachments you need.

After editing and saving a document, you can now transfer the form to another person for completion. Its button signing signature helps make your recipient a signature.

Additionally, its advanced form feature allows the sender to authorize the first person to sign your document to send it in another signature process.

The bulk invitation to the SignNow software feature is unbelievable as it allows you to send templates to multiple recipients at once. Therefore, everyone will receive their copy and sign the document.

Best of all, this tool allows you to create a link to a template that you can distribute to others. The person accessing the signature link can sign his or her new copy of the document.

Sign and collect e-signatures, create templates that are fulfilled online, automatically send documents to multiple recipients, and much more.

Create a safe and accurate e-signature movement on any device, track text status directly in your account, create forms that can be completed online – all within one solution.

With SignNow, you get more than just a request to sign PDFs. Through our exclusive partnership with USLegal, you gain access to the most extensive online library of hundreds of thousands of legal forms and packages used by more than 3M customers.

The SignNow API allows you to create e-signature applications and build complex e-signature transactions without encoding. Features of the Test sign now API in the development area before they go live.

Create groups to get more work done in less time. Share document groups and templates with your group groups, send bulk invitations and follow your team’s work in one place.


SignNow software has three pricing plans such as business, business premium, and business. You can get a free trial for a while without the need for a credit card.

Business – Business plan price is $ 8 / month/user for unlimited features with unlimited templates, single group, freelance, and email support, multiple signers, test and history record, document expiration dates, password-protected signature, Kiosk mode, and More.

Business Premium – Premium business plan rate is $ 15 / month/user with features that include bulk shipping, custom marking, conditional fields, signature links, unlimited groups, link protection, document groups, dependent route, advanced forms, and intelligent area.

Business – When it comes to business package prices, you will need to request a call to know its worth. However, it includes various features such as phone support, HIPAA, advanced threat protection, payment solutions, API integration, organization dashboard, digital certificates, etc.

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HelloSign is one of the most popular email signature software that facilitates workflow at lightning speed. This software’s most common features are secure, easy, quick to integrate, the best developer feeling, flexible, send in seconds, etc. See below for various parts of HelloSign to know more about it.


When it comes to HelloSign features, it is beneficial to meet most businesses’ signature requirements worldwide. You can now check out its key features just below this section.

With HelloWorks, document workflow is faster and more accurate than any e-signature solution. This process is more immediate because it automatically executes PDF in the background.

Its e-Signature API is the only one on the market that enables customers to embed freely and apply an utterly white-label to their signing experience. This provides a superior user experience for your customers while maintaining complete control of your most important assets.

The HelloSign email software complies with all the essential signature rules that make up UETA, ESIGN, and European eIDAS. It has world-class infrastructure, SSL encryption, and test routes that ensure your files are safe and secure.

This tool brings comprehensive integration like CRM, Box, Gmail, Oracle Documents Cloud, Evernote, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, and more. It’s just perfect for today’s staff as it provides excellent flexibility to do the job.

The above features allow you to customize emails and signature requests by marking your company to make your product brighter when working with your customers.


You can use this software for free for 30 days, or you can go with any of the three price plans, including pro, business, and business.

Pro – The cost of a pro program is $ 13 per month. You can purchase this tool with features such as unlimited documents per month, one sender, one template, integrated Google drive, router, status notifications, and data verification.

Business – If you want to buy a business plan, you will have to pay $ 40 a month to get features that include unlimited text per month, five senders, five templates, branding, people log in, sign-in code, sign up for all team transaction features.

Business – Contact the company to know the cost of this program. It includes other features such as vendor integration, advanced features, user reporting, HIPAA & SOC 2, SSO, advanced management features, and Oracle content and cloud integration.

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Terminus is a fully-based account-based marketing platform that serves as your end-to-end command center for identifying relevant accounts with dynamic data, engaging them in multi-channel integrated campaigns, enabling signal-and-sell marketing, and reporting on significant financial results.

Combine your first and third details using Terminus Data Studio to give you a 360-degree view of all your accounts and contacts. Create a list of targeted accounts to use, identify engagement spaces, and prioritize your ABM efforts as a single group. Quickly launch digital advertising campaigns to target accounts and measure the impact of those engagement efforts, pipeline, and revenue.

Integrate your paid accounts into the open web, social, email, chat, and your website using email experiences, web experiences, chat experiences, LinkedIn ads, and our advanced marketing skills to tell your end-to-end digital story.

Terminus also places your most important account data in the hands of your sales team by compiling aggregated, account-specific data directly with Salesforce. Enable your sales team to prioritize hot accounts and start good discussions before the form is completed.

Account-based Analytics has everything you need to measure your account-based marketing plan, from high-level revenue reporting to in-depth channel analysis and campaigning. The report, compare, and tailor your efforts to different account segments using our trendy ABM Scorecard and prove how your ABM system affects revenue.


Provides tools that help identify critical top topics and content that customers may be engaging with. This feature is mentioned in 29 updates of the Terminus ABM platform.

It helps determine the association between ad exposure and site visits, downloaded goods, content, generating leads, etc. This feature is mentioned in 42 updates of the Terminus ABM platform.

It prioritizes earning by scoring goals, market details, account-level information, etc. This feature is mentioned in 26 updates of the Terminus ABM platform.

Provides tools that help identify critical top topics and content that customers may be engaging with.


The pricing for this software isn’t available. So you have to contact the company to get it.

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Having an email signature is like giving someone a business card every time you send an email. You want it to look competent and reflect the personality of your company. You wouldn’t just give the one you wish to the client a piece of blank paper with your contact details written on it, right? Impossible! Email signatures can be an essential tool and very easy to implement.

That is why you should use an email signature tool. You can easily select an email signature tool according to your needs from this list.

5 Best Email Signature Software 2021

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