5 Best Email Tracking Software 2021

5 Best Email Tracking Software 2021

How many times have you sent an email and waited … waited … wondered what happened to it? We all have.

In the past, it was common not to know what was going on after sending an email. Did our recipient find it? Lost in their inbox? Is it in their spam folder? Did they click on my links or open my attachments?

No one knows … until now. Now, we have software that lets us know when someone opens your emails, clicks on any links, and looks at any email attachments. This process is called email tracking.

Email tracking is a way to monitor the delivery of email messages to the intended recipient. Many tracking technologies use a digital record stamp to indicate the exact time and date when the email was received or opened and the recipient’s IP address.

Email tracking helps the sender know if the recipient received the email or clicks on the links. However, due to the technology’s nature, email tracking cannot be considered a completely accurate indication that the recipient has opened or read the message.

Most email marketing software provides tracking features, sometimes integrated (e.g., click-through rate), and sometimes individual.

Email tracking is a method used to monitor the delivery of email messages to a selected recipient. Email tracking software is one of the best solutions for entrepreneurs to run their business smoothly. In particular, it is ready for the workflow that accompanies your account so that you can get all the information you need to make trading decisions easily and quickly. Using the email tracking tool, one can access all of their templates in their inbox. It is one of the best features you can find in this tool.

Also, email tracking services play a major role in increasing sales among businesses. Therefore, email tracking software is in great demand worldwide. Various types of email tracking tools are now available in the market for affordable pricing programs that you can easily use. Email tracking software is one of the best solutions for entrepreneurs to run their business smoothly.

Besides, to know more about this software and its excellent functions, you can check below for the most effective and reliable tracking software for 2021.

Best Email Tracking Software 2021



Mailtrack is one of the most amazing email tracking software to know who has access to your emails. This software also shows how often your emails get access to other people. The great thing about Mailtrack software is that it was 100% compliant as it has never shared information with third parties. Moreover, it is straightforward to integrate with Gmail because it is simple, easy, and fast to use. This email tracking software also provides email activity, daily reports, hot notifications, CRM integration, click tracking, real-time notifications, activity dashboard, and more.


Mailtrack can give you a daily report on the status of the messages you sent yesterday. The information you can find in this software contains the percentage of reading messages, the number of emails sent, and the percentage of links.

This software allows you to automatically place your CRM in the same copy of emails you send with this tool.

It also provides a task dashboard to view statistics for your follow-up emails. This comes with four clips, including recently opened emails, all emails followed, emails that can be opened, and then clicking a report where you can select any of them according to your need.

Using the Mailtrack email tracking software’s monitoring response feature, you will know why you did not receive feedback in your emails to provide better email communications.

Also, this software provides you with the best input email tracking system to let you know when you have received emails from other people. Therefore, you can follow all these activities easily.


Monthly Plan Pro – The monthly project cost is $ 499 / month that you can use to achieve your business goals.

Quarterly plan – The quarterly plan’s price is $ 399 / month, including all of the same features mentioned above.

Annual Pro Plan – When it comes to the annual pro, the average is $ 249 / month for the same features involved above.

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Mail Alert


Mail alert email tracking software is also a popular software used to track and manage emails with full ease. However, it does provide you with simple email tracking procedures that include branding or financing for this plugin. It is a Gmail plugin that will help you monitor your emails accessed in terms of time, location, and frequency. It keeps you informed whenever someone reads your emails.


Mail alert offers unlimited tracking services, which means you can feel free to have unlimited email tracking during Gmail without the Mailalert signature.

While using this software, you will receive complete privacy as this software does not access your Gmail account or read your emails. Therefore, you can always have absolutely no problems with your email privacy.

Additionally, it is seamlessly integrated with Gmail and the G Suite. However, all you need is a chrome browser with three clicks, and everything will be easy for you without registration.

Allows you to send updates to your open emails directly to your Gmail account.

Additionally, Mailalert includes push notifications, link tracking, advanced email analytics, support for Android and iOS, editing and templates, etc. These things allow you to save a lot of money and time.


The company offers free access to their Mailalert email tracking software with outstanding features like unlimited tracking, no token marking, free trial, G suite compatibility, privacy, real-time notifications, road traffic, and more. Also, you can contact the Mailalert team for more information.

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Snovio software gives you unique functions to take care of the needs of your email tracking business. It also works as an unlimited email tracker to know when tracks open your emails and links. There are 150,000+ users of Snovio email tracking tools, and about 1000 new users have this software every month. Therefore, this software is in high demand worldwide.

Also, this software allows you to set email reminders, and in this way, you will always remember to follow at the right time with something that reminds me. Of course, it will make your email manage and track easily for you.


Snovio has a unique way to track emails as it enables you to switch between your Gmail accounts. You can add this feature to your chrome extension to turn off Gmail tracking whenever you want.

This software gives you a complete record of your Gmail account activity from the time your email is accessed by leading to open emails. You can also find out which emails you can modify or ignore altogether.

With Snovio’s email tracker, you will receive live desktop notifications when the recipient clicks a link or leads to reading your email message.

Above all, It allows you to edit email and send all scheduled emails at a set time, whether day or night. You will be able to use all of these features anywhere.


With Snovio software, you can sign up for free without the need for a credit card. Alternatively, you can go with the paid versions of this software provided below.

S-Plan – S-plan costs $ 29 / month per 1000 credits with 1,000 different recipients features, 500 domain searches, single domain searches, 1,000 verified emails from social networks, and 2,000 email addresses verification.

M Program – M Program is available for $ 49 / month for 5,000 credits with features of 3,000 different recipients, 2,500 domain searches, 5,000 single domain searches, 5,000 verified emails from networks public, and 10,000 email address verification.

Plan L – The L plan’s price is $ 79 / month for 25,000 credits with 10,000 different recipient features, 12,500 domain searches, 25,000 single domain searches, 25,000 verified emails from social networks, and 50,000 email addresses verification.

XL Program – Finally, the XL program is available for $ 139 with 50,000 credits with unlimited recipient features, 25,000 bulk domain searches, 50,000 single domain searches, 50,000 verified emails from social networks, and 1,00,000 email addresses verification.

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Charge your sales process with Sales Hub, a powerful and easy-to-use sales CRM that incorporates marketing engagement tools, price adjustment (CPQ), and powerful sales statistics for growing groups.

Sales Hub is built on the HubSpot CRM platform, where customer data, tools, and teams come together to create a single true source of unprecedented sales efficiency. When using a complete CRM platform, reps can find rich information, warm leads, and compatible synchronization tools to help them work more efficiently. Also, tap on our expandable life partner app and solutions to create a unique end-to-end customer experience.

Whether it’s strategies, services, or software – HubSpot lets you rate your company, not complexity. HubSpot has everything you need to grow better.


It creates a process that requires a series of steps that require the intervention of various users. Administrators can write rules to determine when and when a user needs to complete a step. It also includes a notification for users when they need to take action.

Allows controllers to customize it so they can implement their unique processes. Includes the ability to customize objects, fields, rules, calculations, and views.

Provide access to selective data, features, materials, etc. Based on users, user role, groups, etc.

It enables users to view and do business with the same content in multiple languages ​​and finances.

It allows administrators to develop and evaluate changes in CRM submissions easily. After the changes have been made, the controllers can easily move the “live” or “production” environment. This feature is mentioned in 641 updates of the HubSpot Sales Hub.


The price of the software isn’t available. So you have to contact the customer support team to get the actual price of the software.

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Sales Loft


SalesLoft is a critical component of any successful marketing strategy; it creates an incoming team to communicate with customers, navigate the sales process, and replicate success.

The SalesLoft Guides also automates powerful marketing games, facilitates training, and provides the dashboards and insights needed to achieve different outcomes. It’s not a CRM or an automated marketing tool; it’s a Sales Engagement – well done. Organize all email, call, meeting, and communication from anywhere. Automatically track and include your tasks, activities, and engagement data in your CRM.

SalesLoft allows Revenue teams to focus on sales, management training, performance, and strategic leaders.


Based on 374 SalesLoft reviews and verified by the G2 Product R&D team. Provides content and training for new hiring within the tool.

Based on SalesLoft’s 308 reviews and certified by the G2 Product R&D team.

According to SalesLoft’s 302 reviews and certified by the G2 Product R&D team.


To get the actual price, you have to contact the company.

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Tracking Email is the most effective of all communication channels and is probably the most abused as well. Every day you receive spammy emails, and why not – it’s so easy to make a shopping list and blow up a campaign. That is why you must use email tracking software.

5 Best Email Tracking Software 2021

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