Top 5 Best Email Validation Software 2021

Top 5 Best Email Validation Software 2021

Email is still one of the most popular and effective communication channels, with most people checking their emails every day. Worryingly, only 10% of collected email addresses are accurate; this data is terrible due to human error. Real customers start with real emails – and the use of email verification is still the most effective way to ensure quality data collection. When you verify email addresses, your email marketing works well, fraud prevention is improved, and the ability to protect the sender’s reputation increases.

Business marketing campaigns have changed over time. They are no longer restricted to offline marketing such as posters and pamphlets. Promotions are now made through various media channels, including the Internet. One of these methods is email marketing. However, there are some things to keep in mind when conducting email marketing activities.

Email marketing services help you reduce delivery and bounce rate during your email marketing campaign. These campaigns are effective in business. Also, these services provide a place to import email lists from your current email services.

In this article, you will encounter the top 5 email verification services. These services check your email address list to exclude invalid ones. As a result, your submission score is improving, and campaign performance is improving. The tasks are as follows:

Best Email Validation Software 2021

IPQS Email Verification Software


IPQS email verification is built on more than 10 years of experience with a team that has worked for major mail providers such as Gmail and Yahoo. Our technology continues to improve to ensure that our clients stay on edge when email verification.

Please get started by uploading an email marketing list or integrating our API with a global infrastructure for faster response rates. Compliance with the GDPR makes our service friendly to all regions as we adhere to the strictest privacy requirements.

In addition to standard verification, IPQS also provides more accurate detection of disposable and temporary email addresses and abusive emails that are always fraudulent. Prevent fraudulent users from subscribing to your platform or making purchases.

Also, make sure that spam traps and other types of honeypots are removed from your list to ensure the inbox’s best prices. This contributes to effective marketing campaigns without the risk of blacklisting.

IPQS provides ambient coverage to provide a high level of service at the best possible price.


99.9% Accurate Email Verification With API Access

Call personal and business emails with confidence to prevent emails from popping up to invalid or inactive email accounts.

Identify spam traps, honeypots, and common complaints that can cause delivery issues.

Harassment of abusive email address that helps prevent fraud by identifying newly used email addresses for malicious behavior.

Prices are very much available in the industry without sacrificing quality.

Get more information such as free emails, first names, account-based accounts, temporary addresses, delivery rate, and more.


Free accounts can receive 5,000 free emails every month. Premium plans start at $ 50 / month up to 50K verification. Add points to emails as low as $ 0.0004 per confirmation.

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Quick Email Verification


This email verification service is accepted as one of the least expensive in the industry. It uses its REST API to provide real-time verification and cleaning of email lists. Additionally, you do not need to download or install any software on your devices to use the service. QuickEmail Verification accepts a variety of file formats including .ls, .xlsv, .ods and .csv.


It can verify up to 100,000 email addresses in 60 minutes.

The reports it generates classify emails as valid, disposable, unconfirmed, and so on. 

Importantly, it does not charge you for unverified emails.

You can verify 100 free emails every day if you sign up for this service.

Free tools such as DKIM analyzer, SPF analyzer, and DMARC analyzer are available at Webmasters.

You get in touch with their 24/7 support team if you have problems with this service. It offers its support service via live chat, email, and phone.

A guaranteed list gives your sales teams the confidence to move forward. Help your sales teams improve their conversion rates by providing them with accurate emails.

Make your marketing and marketing efforts more effective. Email verification helps you to stop wasting time on email bounces and be more effective in promoting.

Email verification gives you freedom from fraudulent, unofficial email loads. You are no longer reserved for bad emails that will never produce results.

Requires real-time email verification API.

Prevent fake emails from entering your listing with the power of our real email verification API.

A guaranteed list gives your sales teams the confidence to move forward. Help your sales teams improve their conversion rates by providing them with accurate emails.

Make your marketing and marketing efforts more effective. Email verification helps you to stop wasting time on email bounces and be more effective in promoting.

Email verification gives you freedom from fraudulent, unofficial email loads. You are no longer reserved for bad emails that will never produce results.

Collect real emails using real-time email verification API in your POS, mobile app, or online store.

Use the email list cleaner service to ensure that your email campaigns drive your customers’ ROI.

Integrate an email verification API to change your workflow and collect real emails on your service platform.

Before sharing important email transaction details, it makes sure your email data is clean and accurate.


One Time: In this pricing option, you pay for the service once and get a certain amount of credits (the number of email addresses can be verified). For example, you pay $ 4 for 500 emails, $ 20 for 2,500 emails, and more. These credits do not expire.

Daily: It is a monthly program that provides a certain number of credits per day. Accordingly, you receive 100 free emails free each day. It offers 500 credits per day for $ 20 per month, 2,000 credits per day for $ 80 per month, and more. This is a cost-effective option and is ideal for businesses that need frequent services for multiple emails.

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DeBounce is a straightforward, fast, easy email verification and verification platform that lets you easily verify your email address and remove invalid, discarded, and spam traps from your email list. DeBounce has more than 500 customer reviews on various third-party review platforms and received a total of 5-star ratings. DeBounce offers a unique integration of more than 50 different applications with ESPs. Once verification is complete, there is no need to update your email list in your ESP manually. DeBounce easily updates your list to an email sender with a few simple clicks.


Minimize Bumping: Remove invalid and difficult email addresses from your database using an SMTP check.

Dump Email Checker: Checks to see if an email address from a disposable email provider, such as Mailinator, exists.

Catch-All Domain Checker: DeBounce’s large email verifier can identify all hosted domains, which return valid for all emails.

Syntax Eliminator: Using multiple email checkers, email addresses with invalid syntax are immediately removed from your mailing list.

Anti-greylisting Technology: Imitate a well-designed email engine to reduce the number of unknown objects.

Email Fraud: When enabled, all duplicate email addresses are automatically deleted.

Email Verification API: DeBounce API lets you verify email addresses instantly on your platform.

Selected Download Options: DeBounce App allows you to download only the results you want.

Spam Trash Removal: All spam records are deleted due to our smart spam indicators.

Domain Verification: Email addresses containing inactive, invalid, or parked domains are deleted.

MTA Verification: Checks the Email Transfer Agent to determine if it has an active MX record or not.

Team Account: Add all your team members to one DeBounce account and use the same credit source.


5K validation: 10 USD

50K: 50 USD Verification

100K: 90 USD Verification

500K Warranty: 300 USD

Verification of 1M: 500 USD

5M Warranty: 1,500 USD

Also, you get 100 free email verifications within the free trial.

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Clearout advance email verification and 98% + accuracy verification service, fast conversion, and easy-to-use features. Announced as a leader by G2, more than 300+ emails have already been verified.

The email cleaner service provides a real-time email address checker that allows you to make an immediate decision about user activity. The clearout meets a host of ESPs, customer relationship management, and marketing forums. It receives and processes files in CSV and Excel format, and results are easily accessible format.


The highest accuracy was obtained at relatively low prices.

Ability to manage more than 1 million emails per job.

It can be used anywhere, on any device.

Provides email delivery points with its AI program.

Built-in lead receiver.

24 * 7 Customer Satisfaction Specialist

Five hundred free credits for your satisfaction.


Pay as you go: Here, you will pay according to your needs. Just enter the number of credits you need, the amount will be calculated, and you have to pay accordingly.

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Bulk Email Verifier


BulkEmailVerifier has a straightforward interface. All you have to do is sign in and upload your email list, and the verification process will start automatically. The service verifies the mail servers for the domain of email addresses. Additionally, it checks whether the user’s mailbox exists or not. You can upload your email list in .csv or TXT format. The service uses Microsoft Trustworthy Computing guidelines, which means your data is secure in the system.BulkEmailVerifier – Services Verification Services


Its tools perform email verification, mail server verification, and syntax testing.

The service provides an API to its users, which includes WPI implementation.

The service user interface is straightforward to use, making it accessible to people with little IT knowledge.

BulkEmailVerifier checks if the email addresses provided comply with RFC standards.


Ad Hoc Services: This includes a one-time payment for a specific email number. Prices start at $ 25, allowing up to 3,000 confirmation emails. Prices go up to $ 300 for up to 100,000 emails. You get instant access to the service after payment.

Monthly Subscription Price: This program allows you to verify a certain number of emails each day. You should know that you must sign up for the service for at least two months. Price range from $ 79, where 4,000 emails are allowed daily, to $ 999, where 100,000 emails are allowed each day.

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Marketing Week means that 60% of consumers deliberately provide incorrect information when they enter their information online. In comparison, another 10% of email addresses that go into checkouts, registration forms, and internal systems are not allowed.

10% of email addresses included checkouts, registration forms, and internal programs, are invalid when email addresses are entered into mobile phones; that number increases significantly.

Strong bounces appear more frequently because the email address no longer exists. Was it a fake email address, or was it closed by a user?

Good practice states that for every 5,000 email messages sent, you should receive at least five spam complaints.

Getting a blacklist stops your messages (including important transaction emails) from being accepted by the server.

It is a must for your business to use email verification to keep your email data clear and accurate. You can easily select an email verification tool according to your budget and needs from this list.

Top 5 Best Email Validation Software 2021

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