Top 5 Best Employee Monitoring Software 2021

Top 5 Best Employee Monitoring Software

Employee recruitment is the practice of employers evaluating the work of employees in a variety of ways. Organizations engage in employee monitoring for various reasons, such as tracking performance, avoiding legal debt, protecting trade secrets, and dealing with other security issues. This practice can affect employee satisfaction because of its impact on employee privacy. Between organizations, the size and methods of hiring staff vary.

Employment and employee monitoring data collected in this way can be analyzed to find trends, patterns, and interactions across all groups, groups, and departments to understand business processes and how they can be improved. This activity data includes application usage, time spent on non-essential activities, and what time of day each employee is most productive. Employee employment provides companies with a complete picture of how work is done both inside and outside the office, setting employee performance data in context and providing insight for employers and employees alike to maximize personal, team, and corporate productivity.

Employee recruitment software does a lot as it monitors and records almost all of your employees’ conduct on business matters and over working hours. Also, this software can take screenshots, videos, or both of your employees’ screens to update and scan data for any possible issues. Also, it will automatically notify you of any suspicious activity of your organization.

However, the industry of employee monitoring software is a crowded field and makes it difficult for you to choose the most suitable software. So, to make your decision-making process easier, here in this article, we present one of the best and most advanced staff monitoring software.

Time DoctorWith Time Doctor staff tracking software, you can get an X-ray view of your team's workflow and productivity.


This software helps you monitor your employees' activities, third-party providers, contractors, and remote clients.

Spapp Monitoring

Spapp Monitoring is a great cell phone tracking software that parental controls can use to keep your child safe. is a free staff tracking software that tracks and monitors your employees' workflow and projects to grow productivity.
MonitaskMonitasks tracking system has a time tracking function. Time Tracker allows you to control the working hours of employees and departments.

Best Employee Monitoring Software 2021

Time Doctor


With Time Doctor staff tracking software, you can get an X-ray view of your team’s workflow and productivity. AIt also helps you see all the websites and apps where your employees are visited throughout the day. 


This software has an optional feature where you can take screenshots of your work computer screen and see what they are doing in real-time.

You can monitor the freelancers’ jobs you have provided and make sure they work according to your given company’s guidelines.

Automatically displays reminders for you and your employees if they do not focus on their long-term tasks.

Doctor’s Time gives you the power to integrate project management tools for foreign companies such as Trello, Basecamp, JIRA, and many more.

Track and analyze time spent on each project, client, or project

Follow the time accurately until the second to charge customers and pay employees accordingly

Why with programs you already use like Paypal, Payoneer, and more

Change the timesheets and add them to pay the batch and pay in bulk

Set salaries or hourly wages

Manually authorize timesheets or set them for automatic approval


Time Doctor gives you a free 14-day trial and a paid plan that costs $ 9.99 per month.

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This software helps you monitor your employees’ activities, third-party providers, contractors, and remote clients. It can also measure employee productivity, analyze risk, prevent unauthorized access to information and monitor how third-party employees and vendors access company resources.


Teramind manages all employee activity that includes more than 12 system objects, such as web/applications, emails, keypad, network, etc.

With this software, you can automatically detect and be notified of dangerous employee activities and internal threats.

This software allows you to block any harmful activity, lock the user out or remotely control their computer before data theft.

Besides, you can create your own rules or policies for your company and edit them at any time with the help of an accurate viewing rules editor.

Real-Time Staff Tracking

Teramind monitors all employee activities, including 12+ system items such as web/apps, email, keystrokes, network, etc. Even on-screen content with OCR. Create profiles to monitor employees, groups, or departments according to your monitoring needs.

User Behavior Statistics (UBA / UBEA)

Intelligent behavioral analysis can detect risky activity and abnormalities that indicate deviations from the initial average behavior trend. Vital scoring goals and dangerous scans point to an internal task before it poses a real threat.

Identification of Internal Threats

He was immediately notified of dangerous employee activity and internal threats. Automatically prevent any malicious activity, lock the user out, or take their computer remote before any data theft, vandalism, or fraud attempts.

Engine Policy and Rules

Get started right away with hundreds of pre-built rule templates, job classification lists, and data categories. Create your policies and rules with an intuitive, intuitive rules editor. Use natural English, common expressions, and sample conditions to easily define your needs.

Built-in Product Uses Describe which apps and websites you think are productive and get in-depth reports on how your employees use them. Identify laggards or top players for idle time analysis. Establish a continuous feedback loop to refine and streamline the organization’s workflow by following the schedules, projects, and staff engagement level to produce the entire product.

Audit and Forensics

Video recordings of all staff work, audio recordings, session recordings, non-rotating logs, alerts, and optional OCR searches are just a few examples of Teramind’s research and forensic skills. Together, they provided an extensive collection of investigative data to identify the internal threat source precisely.

Third Vendor Management

Teramind monitoring features cover third-party vendors and remote users who have access to your sensitive systems. This enables you to control vendor management and third-party SLAs and reduces the chances of cyber threats.

Compliance Management

Teramind UAM can be used to create jobs and set rules based on supporting several standard compliance requirements such as the use of audit systems (GDPR), restricting unauthorized login (ISO 27001), preventing unwritten file transfers (PCI DSS), reporting, and more.


This software comes with various pricing programs where the basic plan costs $ 60 per month and includes features such as screen recording and live viewing, website tracking, and apps.

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Spapp Monitoring


Spapp Monitoring is a great cell phone tracking software that parental controls can use to keep your child safe. It can be used to access SMS, calls, call recordings, photos, social media messaging messages, or many other functions on the phone. We support the most widely used messaging apps.

Spapp monitoring can be used to track your phone if it is stolen; for example, you can erase your data remotely, you can take pictures remotely, you can start an alarm remotely, or you can record a remote location.

The phone must be connected to the Internet to communicate with our server.

Spapp monitoring has guaranteed customer satisfaction as the app will get you everything you need in a mobile tracking app.

Install the app on the phone you want to monitor, open the app to register your account – the installation process is straightforward; enter your email address and password.


Monitoring SMS, Track incoming and outgoing messages.

Phone Tracker: Track all incoming and outgoing cell phone calls.

Track phone location as the app is a great GPS tracker software.

Social tracker apps: We support Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Line, Hangouts, Viber, Kik, and others. We may follow these messages even without ROOT access.

Browser tracker: You can track every accessed website. Monitor all browser activity on mobile or incognito mode.

Photo Tracker: Monitor all photos taken with your mobile phone. We also support Video.


One month’s subscription for phone recordings is $ 20. Excluding call, recording is $ 10.

A one-year subscription for phone calls is $ 80. Excluding ring, recordings are $ 40.

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desklog_1587616134 is a free staff tracking software that tracks and monitors your employees’ workflow and projects to grow productivity. It analyzes daily activities and monitors the time spent with the report. This personnel management software helps the team complete all customer needs and manage time, budget, and measurement issues. Remote employee tracking software works for local and small groups on both desktops and mobile phones.

Desklog manages this project effectively with the efficient time spent on each project. This job tracking software analyzes team members planning a project and achieves achievements over a set period.

Free desktop downloads available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Provides Project Time Automatic Tracking

This software has URL and App Tracking

Allows screen monitoring with default screenshots

With this software, you can easily manage the task.

You can view reports

Troubleshooter tracking


Agile and Scrum etc.


Provides a price plan for their customers monthly and annually.

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The Monitasks tracking system has a time tracking function. Time Tracker allows you to control the working hours of employees and departments. Overtime, delays, early departures, absenteeism, snacks, commute, and other distractions at work are automatically recorded in the reports and timesheets. Details in words are displayed as charts and graphs. Time management analysis will show how long a working time has worked and how much time he has had in his business or just not working. Social networks, messengers, online games, snacks, and other time-consuming things – there is no escape from Montauk.

Job performance analysis will show the strength of the workload of employees behind the PC. It will help identify patterns in employee behavior and improve work processes. You can analyze what your employees are doing by timing, day of the week, season, and pointing out the decline and increase in employee motivation.


Time and presence: Total working hours, recording delays, and leaving early or late. Statistics in quantity and time, system performance. Comparison of staff and departments.

Attendance management: In the absence of an employee, the system will notify you of this and invite the employee to explain the absence’s reasons.

Time Sheet: An automated timetable is very easy to identify and calculate earnings.

Staff productivity: To diversify the use of programs, site visits to productivity and non-productivity. Setting up individual users, groups, and departments. Comparison of indicators.

Screenshots: Dividing application usage, site visits into productive and non-productive. Setting up individual users, groups, and departments. Comparison of indicators.

Employee desktop online views: Wherever you and your employee are, view their online screen with your browser if necessary.


It offers a three-priced program next.

Free version: It is a free application for personal use and tracking activity.

Type of technology: The fee for this software is 4.99 USD / month per user. Provides online tracking features and many more.

Hosted type: It is a custom strategy, you should contact the sales team for pricing.

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When you have your eyes and ears on the staff all day, you have the opportunity to look at any mistakes or mistakes that may occur in the workplace during the day. Whenever you see an employee making a mistake, you have the opportunity to immediately contact him and tell him that they are doing it, forcing him to fix it right away. Alternatively, you can add it to your work notes and bring it up the next time you have a performance review and task meeting.

A monitoring system can also be a powerful tool for gathering evidence if appropriately used. It can help an employee to recognize in real-time the mistakes he or she has made so that they can begin to work on correcting those mistakes and improve their performance in the future. You can help them with this task by telling them how they can improve their performance.

That is why you should establish an employee monitoring system using the tools that are mentioned above.

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