Top 5 Best Event Ticketing Software 2021

Top 5 Best Event Ticketing Software 2021

When planning an event, you work hard to make it amazing. But selling tickets for your event – making those present feel real – can be a big challenge, especially when you’re in the middle of decorating and arranging chefs.

That’s why we’ve put together the best software apps that should be explored by everyone who organizes an event. All of the apps we’ve selected will save you a lot of time and help you increase your event ticket sales.

You work hard to create a high-quality event. But it won’t be easy to sell event tickets with food handlers, decorations, and other items.

To address this difficulty, ticketing software has been developed. And ticket software has advanced in our digital age and times.

Event ticket software allows the event organizer to promote show activities and sell tickets very quickly. You can sell tickets at most channels depending on the software offer, including:

  • Online
  • Mobile application
  • box office
  • Kiosk
  • Public

Based on personalized requirements, we have created this guide to make informed decisions and buy their company a solution.

Best Event Ticketing Software 2021

Python Event


Here at Python Events, you are in full control of your event recording and booking process.

Python Events offers you a free bespoke and white event ticket service. We allow complete control of your data, booking fees, and customer insights. We’ve created a terrific ticketing platform that can handle millions of transactions at once.

Our powerful event ticketing platform is designed to empower stadiums and concert halls anywhere in the world. It is designed with user information in mind while using a business model, which means you can make money with your events and get instant payments.

Increase your booking fees today with our software. We allow you to share your booking with your customers, and you keep 100% of it.

We only use SSL Secure & 3d Payments. This seamlessly integrates with your reseller provider through the most secure web application and exit software.

We offer state-of-the-art, well-executed mobile mapping and layout. Your users can choose where they would like to stay using our interactive system, which we can design directly to your needs.

Ticket software is ready to use; our platform is all you need to re-manage your ticket system and start generating more money for each ticket.


Interactive Seat Mapping & Booking

Support Multiple Ticket Types

“Most Valuable” Work

Full and Mobile Response Done

Highly Tested UX

Customer Account Creation & Public Login

Full E-Ticketing Solution

Voucher Codes and Promotions

Ticket / QR scanning

Printed Ticket Solution

Custom booking fees for each event

Different product specifications

Advanced Reporting Dashboard

Ticket Order Management

Custom Facilitator Account

Very Scalable and flexible

SSL 3D payments with Stripe Integration

Closure time management

Secure Information

High-Performance Servers

Cloud-Based Software

Speaker Transmission Service

Customer support and support

Full Service and Control


Save 100% of your booking money. Our prices depend on customer needs, the number of events, and website traffic. We charge one setup fee and a monthly maintenance fee.

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Event Bookings


EventBookings is a low-cost and affordable event ticketing platform, which allows you to build real-time ticket booths, share seats, and collect the required guest information as per your specifications.

This state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art software give event planners and managers complete control over the ticketing process. By going back to their event page, the process of building, promoting, and managing events has never been more straightforward. A little technical knowledge is needed to manage the event from start to finish.

Organizers can customize the event page to think about their organization’s product. Guests at the event page provided important details and were provided with a tour of the area and accommodation. They will have the option to opt-out as a guest or user when purchasing their ticket through our secure payment system.

The program itself has no setup fees or running costs! Organizers should only pay a lower service fee, which is charged after the start of tickets. With the EventBookings mobile app, event planners can quickly scan guests at the venue.


Creation of Free Events and Ticket Sales

Customize Event Page


Price Calculator

Sitting chart

Event Promotion Tools

Event Dashboard

Attendance List

Ticket Scanner

SecurePay integration

Line integration

Smart Reporting

Dedicated Support Team

Choose your event type – an online or local event, fill in the details, set your ticket options, and publish! It’s effortless, but there are many ways to customize it.

Share your event pages on social media or email them to your participants. Please sit back and let our simple online booking process do the rest.

Fully manage your event and manage everything easily. The event dashboard gives you detailed information on event revenue, page visits, ticket numbers, and more in one place.


30 cents + 2.95% (Each ticket sold)

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TicketSpice gives you many tools for selling and managing tickets from start to finish. Do it yourself with zero technology. Includes all features of guaranteed event planning, emails, and bank statements.

TicketSpice is for those who want to make smooth and profitable events. See for a minute why tens of thousands of event organizers love TicketSpice.


Never wait for your event salary again for weeks or months. Enjoy instant daily payments with real-time payments.

You always advertise your event page with your logo and colors to produce a seamless feel for your product.

Event sales are a big factor for each event organizer. For that reason, this ticketing software incorporates robust tools that allow you to embed goods, merchandise, and products directly into the ticket form.

With just a few clicks, the effective sales program is made into your ticket page. To set sizes, prices, and stock, you do not need to be a web designer.

Never wait for weeks or months to receive your event money again. Enjoy instant support with daily payments.

You decide that you want easy money on your page. You decide you set; you keep 100% of it.

Your event page is always marked with your logo and colors to create a seamless product feeling.

Your details are your own. Your customers will never be asked, sold, or sold in any of our offers.


Please contact the website administrator for full details.

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Event Grid


Event grid is an easy way to book online tickets to meetings, conferences, concerts, visits, and festivals. Similarly, this multi-tool suite gives event managers and advertisers the ability to manage from a single platform in all aspects of their operations.


You can easily create web-based web registration pages and a great ticketing experience that perfectly fits your product.

Also, stay organized and work on all your activities, accessing and participating in online tickets.

To improve marketing and increase engagement for event attendees, use strong social media support and marketing tools.

Similarly, runtime reports show you how your operations are performing more exports than CSV reports. Modify your report to reflect the data you need accurately.


Request a rating to know the details of Eventgrid pricing.

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Always a white label is built with a usable certificate that can handle multiple transactions simultaneously while keeping control tight in your hands. When we sit down, we have the idea that you should completely control your booking fees and data.

Created with the idea of ​​making the user experience a priority, there is always a business model that allows you to make money with your ticket and earn money very quickly. Regardless of the number of events you perform, everyone can have their booking fee.


Complete White Label Service, Cloud-based Software, and QR Scanning

Interactive Seat Mapping & Booking

Speaker Transmission Service

Custom domain and DNS

Public sign-in

Integration of Social Media Feed

Printed Ticket Solution

Custom promoter account and custom booking fees for each event

High performance and fully responsive servers with fully optimized mobile platforms

The in-depth reporting dashboard is also very scalable and flexible 

Let your customers quickly find the best seats in the house using our accurate location map seat integrated with the seat picker tool. Our smooth system is designed to allow customers to zoom in on selected blocks or locations in your area and choose their seats directly from the comfort of their home.

By providing locations with the ability to enter different prices at each seat, customers can now purchase a range of tickets without difficulty. Whether you want to sell one-day, multi-day, VIP, or group tickets, it can be done through our platform. Also, combining two tickets for one day and VIP passes into one one-day VIP ticket can be easily done.

Customers can quickly and easily choose the best seats at the click of a button. The option to do this encourages people to increase their spending when they see where the lesser pay can get them. It is one of the most powerful features of our seat map and is not available on other ticket platforms.

The world is busy with people’s phones these days, so any platform must be fully prepared for the mobile era. More Google searches are now being performed on mobile devices than desktop computers or laptops. Being able to benefit from this is very important, so we are very focused on ensuring that our platform is fully responsive.

You may already have your local site but still need a ticket solution. This is where our iFrame software comes in. You can now use Seatedly’s accurate Iframe to sell tickets from your existing platform.


Important – It’s a free program with all the basic features.

Growth – This program’s cost is $ 57.57 / month, a popular program for this software.

Pro – You can get this program for $ 128.20 / month for all the advanced features.

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We live in an evolving state of technological advancement, which means that everything is life online. Only ticket sales at the event gate can ease the entry process, even if your guest list is small.

Guests do not want to attend the event in advance or in advance to secure their tickets. Ticket software allows you to sell your tickets and other merchandise online, ahead of time, not only to prepare your guests but also you. By selling online, visitors can be prepared to be welcomed with their pre-paid tickets already in hand, making quick lines and a smooth entry process.

Every promoter knows the importance of having the ability to avoid printing tickets for your guests; it may look good, but it can add up quickly. However, most attendees can still request body tickets, and that’s fine.

Usually, more than half – often more than this – rather than waiting for tickets to arrive by mail or at the gate. Instead, providing your guests with the ability to print their home event tickets ensures that there is at least one small step your sales team will manage.

Proper ticketing software will provide you with a host of delivery options that work with your guests and their interests.

The shorter the time you need to manage people arriving at an event, the more expensive your event will be, and the sooner you start. If you have to have customers stop by to buy and pick up tickets at your event office box, you will need to give them more time for the reasons for doing so.

If, however, they can print at home or their tickets are already paid for, the whole process becomes easier. When using ticketing software, the process should ultimately be faster because everyone is already in the system. It is doubtful that you will step down a little at the gate using the online management system.

An event ticketing software is a must for an event planner. 

Top 5 Best Event Ticketing Software 2021

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