Top 5 Best Financial Statement Software 2021

Top 5 Best Financial Analytics Software

Whether you use SME or MNC, you will need to keep accurate financial statements to achieve your business objectives. However, managing and keeping track of financial accounts manually seems like a daunting task. Therefore, one can use the financial statements to perform various financial functions such as managing financial reporting, keeping ledgers, and more on time.

How can you use the tools for different statements of your business?

When it comes to producing financial reports, this tool helps you update business resources with the business line’s latest legal changes.

Besides, financial statement software can help you to save time and money about auditing. Interested in learning about the best financial statement software? If so, keep reading.

IFRS SystemThe IFRS system has arrived on the market to assist you in simplifying the most complex and challenging reporting situations.
Insight SoftwareInsight Software is a helpful hand for various organizations to deal with their awesome financial accounts.
Sage Intact Sage Intact is one of the most efficient software that allows you to perform accounting tasks better and faster.
FloatFloat is an addition to the leading cash flow ideas for businesses that use Xero, Quickbook Online, or FreeAgent.
XeroXero is a great, smart small business platform designed to make life better for small businesses and their advisors and help them grow and prosper.

Best Financial Statement Software 2021

IFRS System


The IFRS system has arrived on the market to assist you in simplifying the most complex and challenging reporting situations. This financial statement software is suitable for public and private companies regardless of the size of the company. It has the power to change the course of your financial reporting. Of course, the features of this software provided below will make you understand it clearly.


The IFRS system has seamless integration with Excel and World as it makes financial reports easier to import from and export to Word and Excel.

This financial statement software uses artificial intelligence to prepare financial reports with templates. Also, it provides an efficient and easy way to make consistent and unique financial reports.

It is effortless to use and can meet your business’s needs and exceed expectations with full commitment.

Using the IFRS System, you can generate as many financial reports as you want at no additional cost. Also, it gives you a variety of options to make most of the tasks easier.

Other features you can find in this software include automated testing and verification, identifying and clicking to create custom tables, automatic or manual transactions, disclosure support and built-in recording tool, receiving data from all standard books, and much more.


The IFRS system has three price packages that include platinum, gold, and silver. See details of these packages below.

Platinum – This package contains all the Gold and Silver features and other features required for reporting to a government or public company. The annual price for this one-user program is $ 7000 and varies depending on the number of users you have.

Gold – The gold package costs $ 5000 per year per user, and the rate decreases as the number of users increases. This plan covers everything needed to ensure compliance within New Zealand (NZ-IFRS, NZASB, and XRB), Australia (ASIC and AASB), and the United Kingdom & Ireland (FRS 101, FRS 102, FRS 104).

Silver – This package provides keynotes and statements about IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). The annual cost of this package is $ 4000 per user, and the rate decreases as the number of users increases.

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Insight Software


Today, Insightsoftware is a helpful hand for various organizations to deal with their awesome financial accounts. It is a fact that this software not only provides standard ERP reporting processes such as data loss for several hours without controlling data in static Excel spreadsheets but also generates ERP-centric real-time reporting, live data, and automation all on one platform.


Its Hubble reporting feature speeds up performance and financial reporting. It also helps to automate and streamline important financial processes such as reconciliation, end of the month, and consolidation.

In this tool, you can use the Spreadsheet Writeback interface of JD Edwards and Oracle to quickly add your ERP data directly from Excel workbooks to update accurate data, data entry, and reporting.

Insight software has a great feature called Intellicast that allows you to share and create excellent visibility of your performance and financial data from your ERP and other business plans.

Also, the budget accelerator makes it easy to create a budget by using the Excel spreadsheet’s familiarity. With this feature, you can do any budget work within Excel without any problems.

Finally, the Reports Wand feature allows analysis and reporting performance across all SAP modules and Oracle E-Business Suite. Also, you can prepare customized reports with an easy-to-use Excel interface to meet the most complex requirements.


Want to know the price of Insightsoftware? You can contact the company’s sales manager directly for full pricing details, or you can request a free demo for a while to get a little information about the software.

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Sage Intact


Sage Intact is one of the most efficient software that allows you to perform accounting tasks better and faster. Most importantly, it can provide powerful automation of data analysis for a variety of complex processes. Also, it provides you with advanced functionality and a flexible platform to integrate with other cloud services such as ADP, Salesforce, and more. Find out more about this software below.


Sage Intacct can have a complete picture of your operating profit and cash flow. It can track your payments, rates, and financial transactions on multiple accounts.

Most importantly, it helps you manage non-traditional transactions such as collecting missing information, specifying policies, alternative solutions, etc. Quickly and Effectively with Sage Intacct Collaborate.

When it comes to ordering performance or order management, this software can change the order management cycle and close communication gaps even in the most complex financial transaction processing order.

In addition to the above features, this tool also provides you with the complete financial reporting system you need for all aspects of your business and key metrics, including channel, business driver, product, business, etc.

Above all, it provides you with an excellent ledger system for managing, maintaining, and balancing the operations and data that control your company’s finances. With this feature, you can get great flexibility while managing your organizational finances.


The company asks you to request a price quote to know the exact details of the price packages. As you sign up, you will receive updates, 24/7 performance, and US-sponsored award-winning support. However, Sage Intacct only works on PC, iPad, Mac, Android phones, or tablets.

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Float is an addition to the leading cash flow ideas for businesses that use Xero, Quickbook Online, or FreeAgent. Float creates more accurate forecasts, stays up to date, and takes less time to prepare than spreadsheets. Using a precise way to predict cash flow (read all information on bills, invoices, and other transactions), we can create robust, easy-to-understand, and predictable cash flow forecasts and give a ‘real picture of where the business is going in the short to medium term. The accuracy of the Flat data means that businesses are alerted to any shortfall or shortfall, which allows them to take action. Flat creates a visual environment that sets the mood, reduces work that usually takes hours on a spreadsheet to minutes, businesses can make informed and confident decisions with the click of a button.


Enter trial balance, monthly P&L, balance sheets, and other types of financial data.

Describe the elements of a budget structure and how they are linked sequentially.

It keeps track of all budget types and allows users to compare genres.

Include budget formulas to estimate direct and indirect costs, operating and non-operating costs.

Examine the potential financial impact of business decisions on revenue and expenditure.

Users can customize regular budget times (3, 9, or 12 months).

Combine multiple budgets from different departments or business organizations.

Users with administrative access rights can change budgets.

Workflow is used to describe the steps needed to change budgets and who needs to accept change.

Predictions are based on past transactions and financial or operational historical data.


Float did not provide any price information for the product or service. This is a common practice for software vendors and service providers. The price information provided here is based on user reviews and is intended to provide you with a price reference. Alternatively, contact Flat to get current prices.

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Xero is a great, smart small business platform designed to make life better for small businesses and their advisors and help them grow and prosper.

Xero’s online accounting software platform provides a foundation on which businesses can build a complete business solution. It connects their businesses and banks, accounting tools, their accountant, payment services, and third-party applications, so everything is securely available at any time, on any device.

Additionally, with Xero, accounting and bookkeeping practices gain access to well-tracked tools, intelligent management software, and a single client-based accounting ledger in one place.


Automatic data entry – Xero can eliminate data entry by extracting sales and cost records directly from banks, invoicing apps, point-of-sale systems, eCommerce sites, and receipt scanners.

Bank connection – business transactions are copied directly to the business bank account via a secure online connection, so no one should enter the data.

Smart bank reconciliation – software learns how users split specific costs and make suggestions. This can make bank reconciliation an easy-click process to verify.

Online billing – software can be used to send invoices and provide customers with multiple payment methods (such as a credit/debit card and direct debit). It can also send automatic payment reminders for unpaid invoices.

Automatic financial reporting – balance sheets and financial statements can be generated by pressing a button. Tax returns can also be applied first in some areas.

Business dashboards – real-time statistics such as income, cash flow, payments, and debt are always available on the visual dashboard.

Integration with other applications – Xero integrates with hundreds of other third-party business applications to help run their business through their unique industries and business management challenges. Business applications include options to create a customized experience from inventory and logistics to cash flow, project management, customer relationship management, e-commerce, and more.


This software will cost you somewhere between 11$ to 50$. Based upon your needs and business type.

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Today, many businesses have begun to switch to accounting systems. The software allows business owners to track financial transactions and immediately generate various financial reports.

Before accounting applications, financial transactions had to be done manually, using large transaction logs. Ad hoc reporting would not work, as accounting managers had to compile the entries manually. Accounting systems streamline these activities, reduce accounting costs, and enable them to make better financial decisions through real-time reporting.

Accounting software allows business owners to manage their finances automatically, or they may not be experts in accounting. With a little training, they can manage all accounting activities using their computers or mobile devices without paying third parties to keep their budgets under control.

Accounting apps automatically change basic statistics and management processes and control your revenue framework, so you do not need to outsource your financial management to an outsider. The software can also reduce the cost of printing and distributing documents, as all data is digitally stored in a secure and secure environment.

According to accountants and auditors, one of the most important benefits of good accounting software is that it eliminates personal error during the calculation and data entry. Incorrect financial statements can lead to problems that affect your business lifetime, and accounting software can keep these problems from happening.

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