5 Best Form Builder Software 2021


FomBuilder is an application that creates customized forms specific to the functional requirements of the unit. FormBuilder Managers, with the help of ATLAS applications, have the power to store, edit, and redistribute their forms. Using several potential features, FormBuilder administrators can modify and update forms based on specific project details. Instead of having units align their processes with the tool, FormBuilder allows units to customize the process.

Whether you want to get leads, do market research, get customer feedback, sign up for free trials, and even test your audience, you will need to create a form. Online form developers help you create forms with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. By further reducing form creation, it helps users to focus more on data collection and analysis. They are flexible tools that can create many forms to complete, including surveys, queries, and queries. These forms can be shared or embedded in web pages where users can find answers, and response data is collected and stored within the system itself. Online form developers often offer multiple integrations so that users can share forms and submit data quickly and easily.

Now, the question arises, which software to build the form that is right for your needs?

Unfortunately, every form-building software currently available on the web claims to be the best. But, you know, it’s a big lie! You may be able to create a form with those form creators. However, the use is questionable!

So, after analyzing, testing, and navigating between multi-form software, we have listed the top 5 form-building software. Now, these will be the best in terms of features, prices, and direct use.

With our listed form creators, you can create forms with a few clicks with a smart drag and drop builder. Also, you can include advanced functionality like conditional logic, form validation, reCaptcha to make the form secure and efficient.

FormGetFormGet is a multidisciplinary form-building software that people around the world widely trust.
WufooWufoo is one of the first form-building software. This form designer can help you design attractive online forms such as contact forms, online surveys, invitations, and much more.
Zoho FormsZoho Forms is a cloud-based support form builder from mobile-ready forms to automated workflow navigation.
JotFormJotForm is a premium and easy-to-use form builder with a natural viewing editor that can create forms much faster than ever.
Forms AppForms.app is an easy-to-use tool to create online forms developed a few years ago but exceeded expectations.

Best Form Builder Software 2021



FormGet is a multidisciplinary form-building program that people around the world widely trust. It has a straightforward interface that makes the air structure airy. With its help, you can create various forms, from very basic to complex designs using conditional logic, notifications, and other unique features. Significantly clear, FormGet forms are beautiful, and their performance under the hood is good. Other than that, you do not need to be legally able to use this software. A little technical knowledge will work wonders. If you are quick then, its 500+ pre-built templates will be a delight for you.

Additionally, you can manage all your forms from a single dashboard. FormGet has smart statistics for its form. In this tracking system, you can track the number of times a form has been opened, how long a visitor has been in the form, and much more.


With the FormGet design feature’s help, you can create beautiful and attractive forms by simply adding logos, logos, images, and colors.

You can use any language to create forms with this form-building software; it provides a multilingual platform to create beautiful forms easily.

Apart from that, it comes with integrating multiple payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe to collect payments from overseas customers. Also, it allows you to receive recurring payments as well.

With FormGet, you can seamlessly share the form by customizing it smoothly on any website, or you can share it on social media too!

You can create a custom submission page or user message after the successful submission of forms. However, FormGet also provides a message with a default “thank you” page that you can customize.


FormGet offers a few pre-paid programs and some useful features. You can choose one of everything according to your needs. Below, all paid programs are offered:

Getting Started: For this plan, you need to pay $ 7 / month. Offers 1 form, 1200 shipping/month, 1 payment account, and much more.

General: You can discover the amazing feature of this program by paying $ 19 per month.

Rookie: Buy this program for just $ 35 a month. Also, find out the fun features of this app.

Pro: With this plan, you need to pay $ 79 / month. This program offers unlimited forms, 60K Shipping / Month, 15 Payment Accounts, 10 Users, and much more.

In advance: You can purchase this program for $ 99 a month.

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Wufoo is one of the first form-building software in space. This form designer can help you design attractive online forms such as contact forms, online surveys, invitations, and much more. So you can collect data, subscriptions, and payments with it. This software also allows you to embed forms on your website, setting up payment fields corresponding to the number of payment processing services. Once you have the results, you can transfer that data wherever you need with its Zapier integration. Along with this, Wufoo has a powerful, simple reporting generator that is easy to use. In the blink of an eye, you will have a detailed, click-through report without opening a spreadsheet. It is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to put your form data to work.


The award-winning Wufoo award-winning form builder allows you to create forms without writing a single code line easily.

Using the customization feature, you can add an organization logo and product items to your form.

Collect data and payments according to your goals and needs. Also, embed your form on your website, or share it using a direct link.

 All data in these forms is encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption before being sent to its servers.

The integration of CAPTCHA prevents your forms from receiving spam so that you can have complete confidence in your data.


Wufoo offers free and paid services. You can try the free program, or you can choose any program depending on your needs. Check out these programs:

Free: You can purchase this program for free. However, it does allow you to create and share basic forms and collect a few responses.

Getting Started: With this plan, you need to pay $ 14.80 / month. This app offers features such as customizing branding, sending a confirmation email, and modifying your workflow.

Experts: For this program, pay $ 29.08 per month. With this program, you get features such as collecting payments, creating unlimited forms, adding more users, and protecting your forms.

Forward: Buy this app for $ 74.08 / month and add more of your entries, users, file storage, and API requests.

Lastly: Pay $ 183.25 a month and get everything in advance with increased limits so you can manage all of your data collection information and automation needs.

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Zoho Form


Zoho Forms A cloud-based support form builder From mobile-ready forms to automated workflow navigation; we handle everything. Zoho Forms also provides native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. The software to build this form helps you make your business more productive by tracking, doing market research, and getting customer feedback. It contains several features such as job placement, workflow flow, and simple mobile forms. With pre-made custom templates, you can integrate Zoho Forms with other Zoho products with Google apps. Additionally, you can share your form with selected users via email, or you can share your form’s public link.


Zoho forms offer many features. Each will help you differently. See:

Zoho Forms lets you set up forms on your web pages and share them using email campaigns, community links, and social media. Additionally, it allows you to increase access to your offline form with printable QR codes.

With this, you can receive email alerts as soon as the delivery arrives, and you can send responsive emails to responders automatically. Also, you can customize these emails based on your responses and send important messages.

Allows you to integrate your forms with its CRM, campaigns, and desktop applications. Also, you can view data in Google Spreadsheets, create new leads in Salesforce and connect all your favorite programs with Zapier.

With just a few clicks, you can view statistics such as error scores, conversion rates, create reports, and submit your data. Even if you are not at your desk, you can still track the performance of your form.

With this software, you can collect payments, perform calculations, apply conditional understanding, create PDFs, and customize your thank you page.


Zoho Forms offers exciting free and paid programs at your lowest prices. All paid programs are provided below:

Basic: For this program, you need to pay ₹ 480 per month and reveal the amazing features that the app supports, such as 1 user, unlimited forms, 10,000 shipping/month, etc.

General: Buy this app for ₹ 1200 per month and feature features such as 10 users, unlimited forms, 25,000 posts/month, and much more.

Experts: Pay ₹ 2400 per month for this program, and get access to features like 25 users, 75,000 referrals/month, etc.

Premium: For this program, you only need to pay ₹ 4800 per month. With this program, you will get 100 users, unlimited, 10 GB storage, approval.

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JotForm is a premium and easy-to-use form component with a natural viewing editor that can create forms much faster than before. Also, it gives you over 10,000 form templates and 40 themes to choose from. In case you want to upgrade free forms, you do not need to do the registration process. All you have to do is sign up and start making free forms. Additionally, it allows you to add a logo, set payment combinations, collect signatures, verifies emails, adds a progress bar, and much more. Besides, it also assists you in circulating clock client support.


You can use JapiForm’s Zapier integration to send feedback to those apps you use the most.

Allows you to customize forms according to your needs, such as field verification, text color, and much more.

To simplify the payment process, it offers 8 payment gateways, including major payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Additionally, if you do not want to view emails with every response, you can also set RSS feeds to check your RSS reader application responses.

As JotForm Enterprise stores data on dedicated servers coded by 256-bit SSL, PCI DSS Level I, and HIPAA certified. Therefore, it helps you to protect your information more securely.


JotForm provides you with 4 different pricing plans provided below:

Get started: You can purchase this app for free. The program comes in 5 forms, which are submitted up to 100 per month.

Bronze: With this plan, you will need to pay $ 19 a month. It submits 25 forms, including up to 1000 per month.

Silver: According to the plan, pay $ 39 a month. The program offers 100 forms, with up to 10,000 entries per month.

Gold: You can get this program for $ 99 a month. The program offers unlimited forms, with up to 100,000 entries per month.

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Forms.app is an easy-to-use tool to create online web forms developed a few years ago but exceeded expectations. In particular, the free package it offers is a complete miracle as it features many features that even competitors do not offer in their premium packages. On the other hand, it also offers many templates, which make everything easier for you. You do not need to register to start using it as customer satisfaction is a priority for all companies. app.


Start without registering

Easy to use

Free packages are handy

Premium packages offer extraordinary benefits

Available templates for polls, polls, and queries

Reasonable prices

Custom layout

Very easy to use

Templates based on your needs

Ability to set form limits

Ability to collect payments on forms

Instant notifications

There is no additional charge for design forms

Emerging tracking power

Reasonable prices

No coding required


It’s free to create up to 10 forms, have 1 GB file space, 10,000 form responses, and much more. Paid packages vary between $ 9 – $ 99 / month.

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One of the biggest benefits of using an online form builder is the ability to test your forms. Because each business is different and consumer actions are constantly changing, it is essential to create the right form to increase your lead flow and maintain leadership quality.

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