Top 5 Best Forum Software 2021

Top 5 Best Forum Software 2021

Forums are online platforms where people can work together and participate in discussions on a variety of topics. There are many forums available online in this second, which takes care of messaging companies, interested communities, and corporate customer support. An HTML expert can manually create these sites for your target audience. However, keep in mind that this involves adding a lot of code and can add unnecessary costs to your company, especially if the platform will not provide a large number of users.

So to eliminate this kind of difficulty, we will introduce you to the best forum software. By using it, you can easily choose to create a forum and management plan. This helps you to host a social engagement platform either indoors or online.

Not only that, it comes with a set of dynamic features including likes, comments, user customization, posting/threads among others. This can help you reduce those extra costs in the budget.

Here is a list of some of the outstanding software for the 2021 forum:

TelligentFormerly known as Telligent , Verint is the world's most flexible platform for powering innovative online communities and forums.
Plush Forums Plush Forums is an easy way to build a great community. It offers a lot of great features.
ZendeskZendesk guide covers a broad knowledge base for your users to use. A large part of Zendesk Suite integrates seamlessly with Zendesk Support.
vBulletinvBulletin is a premium forum software, because it is quick to set up, has vastly improved capabilities.
Discourse Discourse is certainly one of the best free software out there. It is an open source, and has many useful features and integration.

5 Best Forum Software 2021



Known as a Telligent company, Verint is a flexible platform around the world to empower new online communities and platforms for engagement, support, web use, and understanding. Also, this forum software provides amazing web interaction and peer interaction to help you capture customer data and insight in real-time. This means you will be able to view topics your community engages in, make decisions based on current data and help drive traffic to your business and its website. Also, it provides your social audience with the services they will need including forums, queries and response threads, and a rich blogging experience.


Verint allows you to easily set up forums where you can share digitally with your customers.

Using this platform users can easily create content while simultaneously providing history and version control.

Additionally, you can set events and reminders with its calendar capabilities.

In online social networks, you can easily share files and other media.

Depending on their community service, users receive points and badges, encouraging them to participate more.


You can get free access to the entire demo platform before purchasing the Verint platform software.

Free Demo Version: Free version offers full Verint community information without customer support and SaaS hosting. You will have to hold a platform in your yard.

Premium type: The premium type also offers email and phone support. Not to mention, you can catch up with an online speaker. You can also continue to contact your service provider for more details.

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Plush Forums


The website declares it to be an easy way to build a great community. Indeed, when you happen to look at the mega performance of this software it offers a lot of great features. Other than that, you do not need any technical knowledge to use this set of various tools. Whether it’s a fully integrated blog, private messaging, members’ directory, paid subscriptions, member profiles, or other polished forum features, you can easily set them up. You can get excellent marketing service at very low prices. Also, has provided Plush Forums the best forum management software in 2014 for these reasons.


Plush Forums allow users to participate in real-time chats and let them post without the need to refresh the page. As a result, new content comes to your feed seamlessly.

A blog built into your platform triggers random conversations and allows your stories to be published and gives users a comment section for ongoing use. With Plush forums, you don’t need any small and glitchy plugins.

Site members can easily engage in private messages with unlimited access to media sharing, whether files, photos, or videos.

Allows users to open live notifications that help them stay abreast of developments in their feed. They can also opt-out of email notifications.


There is a list of strategies available for your platform needs.

Minimum ($ 49 / month): 100 members online at once; 15 GB file storage.

Average ($ 75 / month): 250 members online at once; 30 GB file storage.

Maximum ($ 120 / month): 600 members online at one time; 35 GB file storage.

Maximum ($ 200 / month): 1,250 members online at one time; 70 GB file storage.

Double XL ($ 375 / month): 2,500 online members simultaneously; 125 GB file storage.

Giant ($ 650 / month): 5,000 members online at one time; 250 GB file storage.

Also, the total number of members and employees allowed is unlimited. You can enter the free 14-day trial with the full demo before purchase.

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The Zendesk guide covers a broad knowledge base for your users to use. A large part of Zendesk Suite integrates seamlessly with Zendesk Support.

Moreover, with integrated ticket management and consumer engagement, your digital presence will grow faster than ever before. With Zendesk’s guide, you can easily set up a customized help center, an accessible customer access point, and an expanding online community. This means that your customers get better use of it and agents see a faster solution to their problems.


Allows the software to be easily used on many mobile devices, including mobile devices and tablets.

Allows users to customize chat colors, text, logos, and branding.

Provide access to select data, features, items, etc. Based on users, user role, groups, etc.

It integrates with other customer software to improve support and improve performance.

Provides analytics tools that highlight important business metrics and track progress.

Displays key performance-related metrics.

Provide live chat tools on a personal website.

Allows easy integration with applications, such as messenger applications, APIs, and customer support tools.

It can customize the look and feel of a chatbot to match the company logo`.

It gives the user the ability to analyze charts with a chatbot and see their performance.

Allows users to test the effectiveness of various responses with A / B testing.

Allows different access to the chatbot and administrative conversations, depending on the user, their role, etc.

You can collect and store information from contacts, such as email, phone numbers, etc.

You can customize your help center by accessing multiple themes. You can even use your product logos. Not to mention, it is compatible with external scripts (such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript).

Allows you to create custom articles with media such as photos and videos.

You can also control who has access to your online information base. Open to the public, require registration or allow access to online agents the choice is yours.

The Zendesk guide allows users to access a client site so that they can track and manage their requests for help.

The bot responds to emails and queries with help center articles to resolve customer requests while waiting for the agent.


Lite Version: The Lite version of the Zendesk guide comes next to Zendesk Support, programs that start at $ 5 / month, which are billed annually. This package includes basic information such as database, support request form, Google Analytics reporting, and scanning application.

Professional Version: Costs $ 15 / agent/month and this package continues to include custom themes, multilingual content, dashboards, community forums, and flagging.

Business version: It costs $ 29 / agent/month and for this, you get one add multiple help centers, multi-theme templates, life article management, content indexes, categories, and team publishing in the list.

Answer bot services can be added to any of the last three plans for $ 50 / month. Additionally, you can request a demo and access a 14-day free software trial before purchasing it.

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VBulletin is a premium forum software, but it is high on the list because it is quick to set up, has improved capabilities, and has the option to host the forum software yourself, or with inexpensive and reliable cloud hosting.

This forum program can be set up in 15 minutes and built with SEO and security features so you don’t have to worry about setting it up yourself.

It also has a user engagement feature enabled by AI to help your community grow physically.

Plus, this is one of the best forum software because it’s ready to go out of the box. The mobile experience is automatically improved. Therefore, your online community will be well displayed on all devices and desktops.

Management options are also straightforward so it’s not a problem to manage your forum alone.


Simplified and customizable site

Powerful content access tools

Sleek new UI features stream stream

Increasing community involvement

Extended image capabilities and video

Leading stage performance

Solid structures


You can host vBulletin for a one-time price of $ 249, or you can choose to host forum software on their cloud servers starting at $ 15 per month. If you choose to host via vBulletin, the maintenance and updating of the platform software are installed and maintained.

It is the most suitable software for anyone who needs an easy-to-use forum system.

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Discourse is certainly one of the best free software out there. It is a popular method because it is open source, and has many useful features and integration.

It is best suited for anyone who needs to be integrated to streamline their workflow.

There is a rating system that is not only used to differentiate new members from experienced users but to automatically provide greater rating power to users who have donated enough to get it.

That way, your community is more self-reliant and new users will not be able to send or send a private message to anyone who is not qualified.

It can also be used with WordPress to turn your website into a forum. Each blog post becomes a forum post. It also works with the Akismet WordPress plugin to measure spam.

Chat offers other useful integrations such as Slack, IFTTT, Zapier, Zendesk, Patreon, GitHub, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Amazon, and more. Integration of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is a must.


Seamlessly integrates email with company information (email integration).

Provides content distribution tools on multiple social networks.

Upload contacts directly to the company’s website and help manage contacts.

Allows different creative and product-specific controls

This feature is mentioned in 21 Discourse updates.

Helps to engage users with gamification such as point plans, rewards, engagement meters, etc.

It can track investment returns, which may include sales growth, retention rates, upselling and sales opportunities, and lower service costs.

Solutions that help conduct conversations, such as live chat, topic production, and comment boards.

Tools help improve social sites, such as reminders, engagement tools, and statistics.

It helps create efficiency by providing access to viewing data and reporting production to specific users.

Provides functionality to download reports in multiple formats.


If you choose a managed hosting solution instead of customizing your forum software, there is an option for that and it starts from $ 100 per month.

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Where you have it: these are the best forum software.

We hope you find the right software for your needs.

Your next forum-building steps will be:

To set up your selected software in the hosting forum.

Choose a domain name, and link it to your forum.

Were you able to choose a forum software that best suits your needs? What do you want from forum software? What do you consider to be the best forum software or free forum software? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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