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Biteplay review

If you are willing to attract a huge audience, so it is necessary to find a popular platform where you can easily grab a large number of users who can visit your page regularly. As we know YouTube is the number one platform for video consumption for the user. Even though it is also the best for marketers to reach out to their suitable user via video advertisement. But sometimes it’s more difficult to target the right audience at the exact time via relevant ad-supported video is too difficult.

Eventually advertising your product can be so simple, but it aiming at the right audience on the same video could be more difficult to find an accurate user. However, you might end up spending a lot of money on marketing because you are focusing on a wrong audience on the wrong time via a wrong video. Though this directly affects your lead production and sales growth become poor and poor. Being a marketer you have to realize how much crucial it is to find out the right video to target the right audience.

Meanwhile, in this Biteplay Review, we have brought you the exact tool which will be going to resolve your every problem regarding your advertising of the product. we have fetched you one of the best tools for targeting your audience, which will be accurate for your page. So let’s see what this tool has to offer about its features and pricing.

Pitch ground has introduced us with Biteplay. It is a tool which allows you to build highly targeted YouTube ads themes to advertise on the particular video, your customer watches and increase your ROI by attaining the right people at a right time by your ads.

Who Can Use Biteplay?


Biteplay gives you the tools and tricks that function for any level of understanding about Youtube ads. Although, if you have never Youtube ads earlier, not to worry about it. However, they amass a training program inside Biteplay that educates you from an initial level to high-level strategies in the least time, about how to use this tool.

Moreover, if you’re a smart marketer or entrepreneur, you will find out new techniques and switch your mindset in a manner that enables you to take your Youtube campaigns to another level in terms of results. Biteplay is a system that works for anyone who likes to reach your ideal customers online and pushes sales and traffic for your offers.

How Will It Help You Make Money?

If you’re looking out to sell any type of product online or offline you need to have a large amount of traffic on your page right?  Incorporate the quantity of traffic that Youtube amasses with Biteplay and you’ll be prepared to attain your suitable customers absolutely fast.

Let’s take an example, that you wish to sell a cat training course. Which means the users that are attending to Youtube videos related to cat training will have 500% more possibilities to take action if the ads before that video are associated with it.

However, with the Biteplay you can and surpass your target audience with contextual ads. Biteplay app will take out the actual monetized (ad-supported) videos that your audience is already seeing and then you can lay your bid in front of this content or even on your opponent content).

What Does Biteplay Have To Offer?

Well, it has it’s a systematic way of working with their customer, though they have proper planning and execution for target the accurate audience with the help of YouTube videos I.e. insisting product advertisement in the video. So let’s find out the detail’s about their offer.

Planning – Precision Placement Research.

Biteplay mainly focuses on not to show up your ads in unexpected videos. However, it finds out the targeted monetized videos that your users are seeing frequently and try to put your ads in front of them. It finds the contextual placements based on what your audience is searching for such as appropriate Keywords, Channels, ad-supported videos and contents.

Get Relevant Keywords

It makes your work easier by finding out the most searched keywords on YouTube or Google. Moreover, it Scans and Target your user based on the broadly searched keywords by Volume and ignore the unfavourable keywords. Biteplay also gives you the opportunity to send out the CSV data. Meanwhile, you can easily select any choice, if you expect to know about the monetized videos or the non-monetized videos with the help of keywords for channel categories.

Analyze – Video intelligence Analysis.

As you will be allowed to use accurate, up-to-date data to create your campaign and triple your earnings. It’s will be easier for you to find out the ongoing viral videos before anyone knows it. Regulate and compare the decent videos and find out, that what resounds promising to your targeted watchers.

Search For Influencers​

In this time it’s quite hard to find out trending videos and the favourable influencers in your niche and begin to make business with them. Although, but Biteplay offers you powerful filters and allows to discard their videos. Research more topics and maintain a track record of the influencers with the provision of in-depth analytics. Get access to notifications based on your questioning.

Generate Tags

You might have known that various tags in their videos or to search the video on the web. So it is must for you to generate a relatable tag for your video to reach out a large number of audience with an option to export. It will definitely help to triple the number of your viewers on your ads.

Export Video Links

Meanwhile, once you discover the relevant ad-supported videos to operate your video campaigns, export the links and barely add them to your Google Ads. Just relax and see your ROI improvement quickly.


Build your campaign with the 1st party tracking solution. As soon as you operate your successful YouTube ads, and you’ll be equipped to kill off non-converting campaigns that are going for your money.

Do You Need Videos To Create Ads?

Biteplay is equipped with their video maker partner, there you can easily make your videos and post your ads. A video that allows you to build your own professional videos and entrance to millions of footages and templates. Although the Biteplay is going to deliver you all the script templates and frameworks under its free training program.

Meanwhile, you don’t always need to have a video for advertising your product, you can even place a banner in front of the videos. But Biteplay team strongly suggest using videos for adequate performance. Youtube is the only platform that comes into the mind of every user when it comes to videos, so it makes me understand to obtain this aboriginal content if you wish to attain your customers on YouTube.

You don’t need to spend more money on hiring a video maker for your product advertisement. you can easily develop an easy video with the help of your smartphone you can make your own video inside Biteplay. The most important thing that matters is the quality of the targeting and your message, not just the video itself, so try to make good content. And even though try to make it short because your audience time is so valuable.

New Updates Pushed

Conversion Tracking

It’s in beta now, but you can utilize it already and assist us to create even adequate results. You possibly know that Google ads tracing is erroneous so now you amass a number 1 part tracking result to guarantee your actual numbers.

Faster Results

Some users are in hurry, as they demand quick search performance, so all your new ruin searches will occur in the fast mode. However, to search for monetized video-solely, you should select on developed options and it can occur in a little idler search than the default search.

New Resource Bonus

We just uploaded inside the training program a new module with some useful aids such as new PDF templates to support you to appreciate the concepts. Well, you will be glad to know about our favourite resources, is script templates, go and check it out.

User Guidance

New user onboarding is so essentially ready, you will be going to find all the ways to obtain your audience searches objectives with our user directory now.

Negative Keyword Search

Now you can even search the negative irrelevant keywords.

Security Level

We’re safe from bot hackers now, especial work has been done by our technical team, to keep you safe from the hackers and provide you with the extreme level of security.

New Save-to-list Flow 

Almost a better user occurrence to prepare your life easier.

New Tutorials

You can get excess to the new tutorial which is already been uploaded inside your Biteplay account.

Pricing Plans


Biteplay has offer four different plans for the different table of customers with its different features likewise, Basic Plan, Agency Plan, Agency Add-on Plan, Unlimited Search Plan. Let’s find out its plan detail pricing and its features.

Starter ($59)

  • Easy access to 200 Searches Per Month (Monetized Videos).
  • On one search up to 200 Results (Per Search)
  • 5 Bulk Searches (Simultaneous)
  • Unlimited Keywords Research
  • Rank Checker
  • Option for Tag Creator
  • Find Influencers
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Top Trending Search
  • Includes Future Updates
  • Hassle Easy 60 Days Money Refund Policy

Agency Plan ($149

  • 2000 Searches Per Month (Monetized Videos)
  • 300 Results (Per Search)
  • 30 Bulk Searches (Simultaneous)
  • Always get an Email Alerts
  • Priority Support
  • 3 Sub-Accounts (Members)
  • Unlimited Keywords Research
  • Rank Checker
  • Tag Creator
  • Find Influencers
  • Viral Videos Search
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Top Trending Search
  • Includes Future Updates
  • Hassle-Free 60 Days Money Refund Policy

Pro ($99) 

  • Easy access to 300 Searches Per Month (Monetized Videos).
  • On one search up to 300 Results (Per Search)
  • 10 Bulk Searches (Simultaneous)
  • Unlimited Keywords Research
  • Rank Checker
  • Option for Tag Creator
  • Find Influencers
  • Viral Videos Search
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Top Trending Search
  • Includes Future Updates
  • Hassle Easy 60 Days Money Refund Policy

Key Features

  • Ad Placement Search – Unbeatable search modes availability 
  • Influencer Search – Find the promising creators on your niche, with easy search 
  • Viral Prediction – Quickly  access to the top trends and allow them to propose your offer
  • Power Tracking – Video Analytics from any video
  • Smart Lists – Unlimited list to Save your target audience
  • Keyword Search –  Most search quality keyword
  • Bulk Requests – Faster work, faster results
  • +40 Regions – Searches for particular regions
  • Team – Additional you can add team members to your account
  • Export Data – Easily Export .XLS files of any statistics
  • Beautiful Dashboard – Availability of Clean and easy-to-use interface 
  • Academy – Learning Youtube Ads from zero to PRO
  • Brand Safety – Brand appropriateness controls with Combination Machine and Human verification
  • Customized Experiences – Show up with the honest message and stroke into the most suitable content
  • Laser Target – Speaking to the concerns of your users at the times, when they’re most involved
  • Power Tracking – Video Analytics from any video (Coming soon )
  • Auto Import – Always be ready with fresh video content (Coming soon )
  • Youtube Ad Spy (Coming soon )
  • Chrome Extension (Coming soon )

Final Verdict

If you are running YouTube ad then this tool will be going to save you lots of time, however, it will be targeting the exact use of your product advertising. You might have seen their different plans and its pricing, as they offer many features which are sufficient for a marketer to target its precise audience. Perhaps it will be going to save your huge amount of money. However, they also have 60-day money-back guarantee policy and also 24/7 customers support availability. I must say this is the best tool for the people who are running YouTube as, and though this tool is a killer for you. So get this tool while it’s available.

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