5 Best Alternatives Of Bitly 2021

Bitly alternative

Bitly us one of the renowned platforms out there which allows you to perform various tasks such as link shortening, bit bundles, analytics, etc.

But what makes you look upon the Bitly alternatives?

It’s just because Bitly has thrown the simplicity and minimal user interface which would not make it much reliable. This is the biggest reason why most of the people are switching to the other alternatives option available out there. While sharing the shorten links on Twitter or any of the social media platforms out there it becomes difficult if the tool is not I will support you in terms of interface and the features.

Bitly was performing a way better from the last couple of years back, but this year it has maximized its potential which is truly beneficial for those who are having some of the technical knowledge. But if you are just a beginner and wanted to get started with the URL shortener then with Bitly it becomes a bit tougher. So in this post, I am gonna share with you the top five best alternatives of Bitly that can replace it dramatically.

But before getting dive into it let me convey you a few more things about the URL shortener that you need to know about it.

All you need to know about URL shortener

You might have seen the URL in the search tab are there on Google, and if you are an influencer, blogger, digital marketer, businessman, etc. You have to share as many links to your social account. But it becomes much tougher with the long links which look pretty annoying and awful. In such a case, the URL shortener is like Bitly plays and a Vital role that helps you to shorten down your long URL along with some of the features that included in it.

But choosing the right URL shortener is the next most important thing and that’s what we are talking about. Although Bitly is a good tool out there it lacks some of the things that are fulfilled by other alternatives is out there.

So let’s move on to the alternative options available on there which have the same job as the Bitly but more easily.

Top 5 Best Alternatives Of Bitly

There might be other options available there but I have chosen the genuine and easiest options out there which will help you to shorten the URL and to choose the domain name as you want.

So let’s hop into it. 

1. Rebrandly


And here comes the first and most reliable URL shortener and the link management tool of their named as Rebrandly which is considered to be the perfect to Lout there just because of its minimal setup which attracts the users to get used to it. It doesn’t matter whether you are just beginners and wanted to get started with, you will get emerged by its minimal setup and the user interface which is where is your to handle. Even you can handle it from your phone itself.

Apart from this Rebrandly also allows you to customize the elements in the link so that you can add any of the domains that you want. Sharing the branded URL is an important task that you cannot ignore and here comes the Rebrandly which allows you to customize it in a proper manner so that the user will open the link that you shared with them just because of your domain name included in it.

Apart from this Rebrandly gives you complete control over the link so that you’ll be able to fetch the analytics of the link by knowing about the no. Of clicks on that link.

Key Features:

I’ve shortlisted some of the unique features that Rebrandly provides you, following are some of them:-

  • Shortening the URL becomes way easier with Rebrandly. 
  • Link management is an important thing that Rebrandly provides you in certain instances. 
  • Traffic routing is something that allows you to check the no. Of people that have visited via a link that you’ve shared with them.
  • Analytics is something that provides you in-depth details about the shortened link.
  • You can manage the domain name according to your choice so that it’ll look much impressive and branded.
  • The customer support of Rebrandly is seamless as you can get connected with their services anytime due to 24/7 customer support.

Pricing details:-

Along with the free plan, Rebrandly also provides you some of the paid plans too that consists of various features which might bother you, so following are the paid plans provided by Rebrandly:-

  • Starter and is available at $29 per month where you get access to 5000 branded links.
  • Pro plan is available at $69/ month where you get access to 15000 branded links. 
  • The premium plan is available at $499/ month where you get access to 1,50,000 branded links.

Apart from this Rebrandly also provides you the custom featured and so that you can pay for the specific feature.

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2. Replug.io


Replug.io is the next and perfect alternatives of Bitly available out there which allows you to shorten the links accordingly and at the same time, you can share it anywhere you want including social media. Well, what makes it different from the other shortener is that it provides you the facility of promoting your website on the other so that you can get more traffic out of that.

Replug.io will be able to create the eye-catchy and most reliable URL link so that it will be much easier for you to share on any of the social media platforms out there. The most benefit of creating the shorter link is that people will click on it most certainly just because it does not look Spammy at any instance.

With the help of replug.io, you will be able to add a call to action button in the shorten link so that chances of click become much higher in any certain instance. Despite all, if you want to add some of the certain specific domain into it replug.io allows you to do so, by adding the domain name the link becomes much branded.

Key Features:

Is the feature a seamless but I have shortlisted some of the key features that you need to know about, so here we go:-

  • The user interface of replug.io is so minimal as any of the first time users can handle it in a proper manner.
  • You can add a call to action in every link you share which is a great thing about replug.io
  • Retargeting pixels allows you to Grab more organic traffic.
  • A customizable link allows you to add a custom domain.
  • By connecting the leads you can grow your subscribers as well.

Pricing details:

Along with the 14 days of the free trial, the replug.io comes up with the following plans available out there:-

  • The basic plan is available at $9 for a month where you get access to 5,000 clicks.
  • Pro is available at $49/ month where we get access to 50,000 clicks.
  • The agency plan is available at $79/ month where you get access to 2,00,000 clicks.

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3. Poplink


Poplink is basically a URL shortening tool that allows you to shorten the URL as you want to share it instantly on any of the social media platforms out there. If you are in search of creating the branded shorten links in this is the perfect tool out there that gets your job done. Despite all, it has various different features which makes it much reliable compared to the Bitly.

Using the Poplink you can add the call to action on any of the web related to any site so that why sharing it is much useful, with the help of this process you can engage more followers as you want. Along with that you can basically you do all those things which are essential for you just like an Analytics, calculation of a number of clicks per rate, adding the custom domain name in the short and names. Customize the link as you want and make it more branded while sharing.

It doesn’t matter on what platform you are about to share this specific shorten link as it is much easier, it’s just because of the Poplink which has the minimal set up on the homepage.

Key features:

  • Shortening the link and customizing the link is an important process that is provided by the Poplink.
  • You can add the retargeting pixels that will help you a lot. 
  • You can actually cross-check about the link, also get to know how it looks on social media.
  • Get to know about the audience using its energetics feature which is way more important.

Pricing details:

Along with the free plan, Poplink provides you the following plans as per the choice:-

  • For the monthly subscription, you need to pay $15.
  • To get complete access over the lifetime you need to pay $59.

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4. UTM.io


UTM.io is basically famous for the Chrome extension but moreover, you can also perform various tasks using it just like the shortening the link URL, which is the most vital thing that you need to know about just because the shortened URL says the most in case if you are sharing it on social media platforms.

Creating a branded link is an important thing that UTM.io provides you. Along with that, you can perform various activities like tracking the details about the link that you shared along with the analytics and the graphs. If you are in search of the all in one tool that will help you to maximize your business growth and make it more branded I will highly recommend you to have a look upon the UTM.io which is the perfect tool in my opinion.

Key features:

  • Facebook UTM builder allows you to build various links.
  • Shorten down the URL as per your choice, also you can add the custom domain over there which will look more branded.
  • You can perform various activities like cracking the details about the shortened link. 

Pricing details:

Along with the free plan divides you three more paid plans, as mentioned below:-

  • The startup plan is available at $24.9 where you get around 3 workspaces.
  • The company plan is available at $39.00 per month where you get access to 5 workspaces. 
  • The agency plan is available at $49.00 for a month where you get access to 10 workspaces. 

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5. Cliqqo.io


If you’re a marketer and looking for the advanced links shortener then I’ll highly recommend you go with cliqqo.io which is the perfect tool out there for shortening the link URL. When there are infinite possibilities which makes it unique in terms of each aspect.

When it’s not any promotion quote over there, but only speaking if you want to use the genuine tool for shortening the URL link and sharing on social media platforms at the same moment then grant the platform as soon as possible.

Key features:

  • You can shorten the link by adding a custom domain name which makes them more branded.
  • As you can track the details about the link that you shared so that you’ll get to know about the clicks on the link. 
  • You need to register for their so that your account will always remain secure. 
  • The interface is super simple and minimal. 
  • Most advanced and helpful tools available on the platform.

Pricing details:

Along with the free plan, cliqqo.io provides you a couple of paid plans too as mentioned below:-

  • The basic plan is available at $7.99/ month. 
  • Pro plan is available at $14.99/ month.

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Final Verdict

Link shortening is an essential process that converts the long and ugly looking link even shorter in each aspect. It doesn’t matter which domain name you want to add in the link to make it even branded, you can customize the link in a subsequent manner so that to make it look much impressive and clickable.

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