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Buffer alternative

Buffer is a kind of reading platform for social media management and the reason behind this is its aesthetic interface along with good dimensional resources. Buffers have some of the insanely managed inbuilt featured which helps you for Instagram scheduling.

But despite all buffer has some of the drawbacks which make you realize a lot that there must be some of the best alternatives which do the same job but in a more advanced way. Get me can we use that buffer has its own three different applications named buffer publish, buffer reply, buffer analysis.

All of the above-mentioned applications do the job of social media monitoring, publishing, and reporting as well. But let me tell you that each one of them has unique monthly fees that you need to pay for acquiring those services, this is one of the major drawbacks which most of the people don’t like.

Apart from this though buffers have owned the marketplace l, it has some missing features which make you look upon their alternatives, so if you’re amongst them then make sure to speak to this post because we will be covering the best in class 5 alternatives of a buffer that you need to know in 2021.

Barbie for getting dive into the alternatives of buffer let me quickly introducing with the buffer.

All You Need To Know About Buffer

Buffer is basically a social media management tool that is mostly used for scheduling your content, you can easily set up a schedule depending upon the real-time. When it comes to automation it offers you more flexibility compared to the other options available out there and that is the main reason why most of the people you know about buffer and still uses it as a major social media managing platform.

Apart from this, you will also be able to share the links from any website. Buffer supports all of the social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. to schedule content.

If you were the owner of the organization then these kinds of services are much helpful for scheduling the tasks so that you might not get confused, also it allows you to compare the matrix. Also, you’ll be able to manage the basic tasks such as retweets, posts, etc. Buffer allows you to find the statistical info too.

Now let’s hop to the alternatives that you need to know. 

5 Best Alternative Of Buffer

Let me tell you that there are tons of alternative options available out there, but I’ve shortlisted only those which provide you true value for money you pay to redeem their services, so without any further ado let’s get started.

1. Hootsuite


Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your social media applications and the tasks for scheduling purposes. You will be able to manage the trends and connect with the audiences with it. Hootsuite consists of some of the Other applications that make it process to go with it and using it as a primary source to manage your social media tasks.

As the plans are concerned you can select the specific plan that suits your requirements and for so you need to pay money, so it’s better compared to the other options available out there. When it comes to signing up process it is super easy to access their services, make sure to connect with the multiple accounts so that you will be able to access all of the social media applications just by heading off to the Hootsuite dashboard.

They also offer a free service but I would recommend that just because there are certain limitations which will not suit your requirement for sure, apart from these also offer 30 days of free trial with any of the plans to which you can get subscribe so that you will get an idea about a specific plan and their services.

Features of Hootsuite:

  • The interface of Hootsuite is super impressive so that you’ll get to learn about each and every aspect that is essential for you to know about in the dashboard.
  • Social media integration allows you to integrate with some of the major 35 social media platforms.
  • Hootsuite consists of more than 150 applications that you can use to increase the capabilities.
  • Hootsuite analytics helps you to analyze the social media accounts which include insights as well.

Pricing Of Hootsuite:

The pricing and details are concerned but let me tell you that they also offer you a free service which includes the specific features but if you want more then it’s essential for you to get a subscription of their premium plans mentioned below:

  • The professional account is available at just $29/ month which includes the 1 users along with 10 profiles.
  • The team of accounts is available at $129/ month that provides you 3 users and 29 social profile access.
  • Hootsuite’s business account is available at $500/ month, which includes 59 profiles along with that you get access to all the essentials.

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2. ContentStudio


ContentStudio is the perfect tool for all digital marketers, bloggers, individual creators entrepreneurs, etc. One of the major in that the force content would you from the other who is is that it’s not the only social media scheduling tool but it’s beyond that it is a complete social media management tool that allows you to access all of their services that are essential to growing your social media.

If your social media influencer then you might be well familiar with content which is the future of for YouTube post on a regular basis, as the schedule is fixed so you need to figure out individually what you can add and when you should post. The contacts would you minimize your efforts once you set the timer and the requirement will automatically detect it accordingly.

Features of the Contentstudio:

  • Unlike other social media management tools, it has an insanely managed interface that you can take over for analyzing the data. One of the best things is that you can separate the channels of social media.
  • Publishing mode allows you to set a timer for the post so that it’ll automatically detect the tasks accordingly.
  • There’s no need to always heading off to their official website as you can catch them up by the mobile applications (Android and iOS).


Pricing is one of the major aspects of each social media management tools out there which you cannot miss, and here are the details about pricing content studio offers you:-

  • Pro plan is available at $39/ month where you get access to 1 workspace along with the 10 social accounts.
  • A small plan is available at $79/ month where you get access to 5 workspaces along with 25 social accounts.
  • A medium plan is available at $159/ month where you get access to 10 workspaces along with 50 social accounts.
  • The large plan is available at $239/ month where you get access to 20 workspaces along with 50 social accounts.

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3. SocialBee


Over the year we’ve been using the ContentStudio management tool which gets your social media task done more often. It allows you to analyze the content which you can set up accordingly. But let me convey to you that the Socialbee lacks some of the minor features like social media engagement and listings.

Socialbee has its own mobile applications so you can easily access all of your tasks directly from their applications itself, there is no need to head off to the official website all the time. If you are in search of the perfect tool that will manage all of your social media accounts then I will highly recommend you to go with the social bee.

Features Of SocialBee:

  • Social bee allows you to manage all of your social media tasks accordingly so that even you are a bit busy another it will manage all of your content accordingly.
  • Social Bee allows you to do competitors analysis which is one of the major aspects which you cannot miss in social media, it will help you to rank your content as well.
  • Well, Socialbee is not as similar to the content Studio and other options available out there but it has one of the features called to be a pocket integration.
  • Pricing is quite affordable which makes the true sense of using it as a primary social media management platform.


  • The bootstrap plan is available at $19/ month where you get access to 1 workspace and up to 5 social profiles.
  • Accelerate plan is available at $39/ month where you get access to 1 workspace and up to 10 social profiles.
  • Pro plan is available at $79/ month where you get access to 5 workspaces and up to 25 social profiles.

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4. PromoRepublic


Another great alternative of buffer named Promorepublic which is a social media management tool that helps you to manage all of your tasks from content to the post. Promorepublic has a much similar look as the Canva has but the thing is it allows you to manage your account details so that you will be able to give it a task accordingly.

Most of the time it happens that you did not have the time to post in the content on social media but you may how to maintain the regularity and the consistency of the post and content in such cases these types of social media management tools are so helpful at a certain instance.

If you don’t have the time for scheduling the tasks, Promorepublic is there for you to set the schedule that suits your requirement.

Features of Promorepublic:

  • Promorepublic is much more similar to canvas in terms of the interface but in features, it’s completely opposite to it as it’s the social media management tools.
  • One of the biggest advantages of using Promorepublic is that it supports all kinds of social media applications.
  • The controls are super easy so you can manage all of your tasks accordingly.


When it comes to pricing the offer you 14 days of Return so you can get used to with their features. Apart from this here are the plans from which you can select that suits you:-

  • This plan is available at $9 per month where you get access to 3 social profiles.
  • The standard plan is available at $49 per month Where you get access to 10 social profiles along with one team member.
  • The professor plan is available at $99 per month 30 social profiles along with 15 team members.
  • Advanced plan is available at $182 per month where you get access custom features that are essential for you accordingly.

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5. SocialChamp


Last but not the least social champ is in the least it just because it offers to shuffle the social media application tasks that you can manage accordingly. You can navigate your social media details according to your needs and this is the big advantage of using the social Champ which allows you to provide full control over it.

According to a survey is being noticed that it is a person of the users who get attracted to the videos and that’s what social champ helps you as it signifies all of the details about managing tools so that you would not miss your consistency which is important for the brand value.

Features of a social champ:

  • One of the trusted application of all time where you can schedule all of your tasks depending upon your social media networks.
  • With the help of social media scheduling, you will be able to connect with your blogs as well. 
  • The social media automation allows you to get access and repeat your content in the lead.
  • Creating a social media strategy is essential but maintaining is much more important which you need to know and that’s what Socialchamp helps.
  • You’ll be able to track the performance of the social media aspects which is essential for you. 


Pricing details are concerned as you’ll get aa 7 days of free trial so that you’ll get an idea about it. Following are the pricing details:

  • Professional and is available at just $10/ month where you get access to 15 social profiles.
  • The champion plan is available at $29/ month where you get access to 25 social media profiles.
  • A business plan is available at $99/ month where you get access to 50 social media profiles.
  • The agency plan is available at $199/ month where you get access to 100 social media profiles.

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Final Verdict

So here we’ve discussed a lot more things about social media management along with some of the best alternatives of buffers that you can use it 2021. Although there might be several other platforms available we’ve covered some of the best in class features that get your job done more often.

Let me convey to you that social media management tool is as necessary as the other tools that Crave your mindset, it doesn’t matter whether you are busy in other task but it will get your job done more of and so you don’t have to worry much about that.

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