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Canva alternative

Images are one of the memorable parts of every human life and so you cannot ignore it more often.

No doubt there are various photo editing and designing tools available out there which you can use to make the bad looking photo add and healthy and balanced good looking photo.

When it comes to market there are various platforms out there that provide you the stock pictures and images which you can use to make your business more impressive in terms of images.

Here comes the canva which is one of the leading platforms available out there on the internet which is extensively used by the businesses and digital marketers out there. But though there are various drawbacks which hold the canva and make you Look upon their alternatives. And that’s what we are going to convey here in this post.

If you are the one who needs never get fulfilled by the canva here we came across the top 5 best alternative options which you can use instead of canva in 2021.

But the question might appear into your mind that what makes you think of canva? Or what makes images so special? 

Well, images help you to react on various facts that affect you visually and provides you specific knowledge in a visual format. According to the survey, it’s been noticed that whenever you add images in your business website or anywhere else the productivity gets increased by 75%. Let’s consider Twitter which is a leading social media platform, if you post any of the pictures then the clicks get increased by 18%, and chances of retweets increases by 150%.

Not just with twitter it also helps you to improve your Facebook engagement. Whenever you share pictures via Facebook the engagement gets increased by 2.3X

According to Nielsen Norman, it’s been noticed that people get attracted towards the informative images instead of the irrelevant and useless images as they’re ignored more often.

Let’s say if you are posting any of the images that it won’t make it more engagement instead of that if you use the high-quality image to improve your post when the engagement increases for sure. Don’t post the images just for the sake of posting image, it will not improve your skill and your business also.

Informative images play a vital role in each business and that’s what canva and their alternatives provide you. They consist of various entities that you can use to improve the quality of the image and grab the user’s attention which will eventually make you successful in business. 

In this complete article, I will be covering the top 5 best canva use which you can use as a primary designing tool to describe the image. At the end of this detailed article, you will be having the 5 best in class tools that you can use to create the best possible images that can be used in the blog, e-Commerce website, businesses, social media, etc. Depending on tour requirements.

But before heading deep into the alternatives let me introduce you with the canva.

All You Need To Know About Canva

Canva is an Australian tool which was discovered in 2013, it helps you to create your own image depending on your need like graphic designing, photo editing, text writing, etc. According to the perspective, you can select according to the best possible requirement.

One can use canva for graphic designing, adding text to the images, writing purpose, texture adding, icons adding, etc. These are the things which you can do using the canva including photo editing and designing.

Despite everything the most important thing you should do using the canva is creating the best possible graphic designs accordingly. I have visited some of the best possible things which you can do with the canva:-

  • You can create where is different types of social media post which includes Instagram posts, Facebook post, Twitter post etc.
  • With the help of canva you can create a document, resume and presentation too. 
  • College card, business cards, college photobook etc. Can be made using the canva.
  • You can create a marketing logo, banners, logos, etc.
  • For education purposes, you can use it for creating spreadsheets, content tables, notes taking, etc.
  • Canva also allows you to create invitation cards, book covers, etc. 

Canva consists of an inbuilt collaboration feature where you can collaborate with the top designers out there with whom you can do the collaboration for the picture, graphic design, photo-editing etc. Here is a great opportunity for content creators out there as there is no need of hiring the graphic designer to create the best possible designs, graphics, images, etc. for the website or social media.

Canva includes the inbuilt drag and drops feature which allows you to create the professional and best possible designs which can be used for business and non-business entities. The best thing I like about canva is you can use it for free for a lifetime.

If you want to unlock all the essential features which include various tools, illustrations, controls, designing keys, etc. You will need to get its premium subscription which is names as Canva Pro available at just $12.95/ month which is negligible. If you are a content creator for a website owner then I will highly recommend you to invest in canva which provides you the best in class service to make the graphic design and visual effects.

Top 5 Alternatives Of Canva

Despite all the positive points, there are few of the drawbacks which holds canva downwards like it misses the full video editing features like color grading, it does not support the video editing part, you will not find any of the stock photos and illustrations on Canvas.

Lumen5 is the best video creation tool where you can manage all of your video tasks and edit it according to your need to create the best possible video footage. This footage can be shared via social media Or even can be used in business marketing as well. It is the more user-friendly tool that has the most minimal features in it.

The following are the list top 5 best alternatives of canva.

1. Stencil

With the help of stencil, you can create the images according to your need as they are specially made up for the bloggers, digital marketers, businesses. You might get surprised by the stencil user interface which is quite user-friendly and provides you a great experience while editing the images.

You will be able to share the images created from stencil via social media platforms. If you are a social media influencers then the stencil is a perfect choice for you to create the best possible images.


  • The stencil consists of more than 2200K royalty-free images which you can use them across your business module. 
  • You get more than 80 templates and up to 86K images.
  • You are allowed to choose the perfect picture size of the social media platforms on which you are about to share the image. 
  • Integrated with social media and buffer. 
  • Its browser allows you to intentionally get access to the dashboard.
  • The stencil consists of various images, texts, formats, etc. Which are used to improve your designing workflow.
  • Images can be edited and also you can choose according to your need.


  • Stencil provides you the three plans from which you can select. the free plan includes very fewer features which cannot fulfill your need. The next one is group land which is available at $15 per month where you will get some of the upgraded features is essentially can be used to make the best possible image and graphics. Last but not the least is an unlimited plan where you get access to all of those features that are essentially used to create the best in class graphics it is available at just $20/ month.

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2. Glorify

Another best-in-class alternative of canva is near which name is Glorify, as the name suggests allows you to create the best possible image and the graphics according to your need. If you are social media influencers or graphic designers in this would be a great tool that helps you to create the best possible designs.

Just with the few clicks you can create a high-quality E-commerce website. I personally like glorify just because in their dashboard section you get the learn from where you can access all those info which is essential for every graphic designer to know about the tool.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger or a freelancer it is an all-rounder and the perfect tool for online business which creates best in class graphic designs.


I’ve mentioned some of the basic features which you need to know about Glorify:

  • You can get up to a 75% lifetime discount which is a great deal.
  • It also allows you to build a product campaign and E-commerce website banner.
  • You can create stunning product images within a minute.
  • You get Shadows And BG remover feature installed in the tool which makes the image more crispy.
  • Their tools are easy to use which makes it supercharge in terms of your workflow.
  • The pre-installed logo maker allows you to make the best possible logos for your brand. 
  • It consists of various stock photos that you can use anywhere.


Glorify comes with three plants out of which the first one is the most basic and free plan where you might not get access to all of those necessary features which might bother you a lot if you are a graphic designer. The next plan is a pro plan which is available at $119.88/ month where you get access to all the necessary features whereas the last but not the least is the business plan where you get access to all those essential features provided by the glorifying it is available at just $335.88/ month.

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3. Crello

Crello is the graphic designing tool that is specially made up for bloggers, digital marketers, social media influencers, etc. To create the best possible picture art according to the need. You’ll be able to create graphic designs, logos, editing, etc. just with the help of Crello. 

There are more than 60 million stock pictures that you can use accordingly. Not only that it’s discovered from the designers’ point of view so it is the perfect tool to create the designs and edit the pictures accordingly.

You can maximize your workflow by using the graphic designing tutorial which will help you to improve your designing skill.


Following are some of the features provided by Crello:-

  • You can customize the pictures due to the availability of thousands of designs.
  • You can create the presentations by adding the site bar to which is essential for the drag and drop method.
  • You can edit the videos more deeply including the color grading animations and banners are being made using the crello which makes it popular.
  • Posters, gift cards, invitation cards, etc. Are being made using it.
  • You can also make social media banners, influencing, etc.


Crello comes with three most basic plans you won’t get confused by various plans. Their minimal plan option is a great deal. Surprisingly their free plan allows you to create the best possible graphic designs but if you want more features to be added then there’s a need for premium plan subscription. Advanced plan is available at $6.67/ month where we get access to all the nature templates and stock images that you can use furthermore. The final plan is a pro plan which is available at $16.67 where you get access to all those features which is essentially needed for creating the best possible graphics.

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4. RelayThat

RelayThat is one of the designer tools which lets you allow to create high-quality images for the agencies. Apart from this, they have more than 20 different sizes of images so you can decide amongst them which one suits your requirements. If You’re an entrepreneur, digital marketer, social media influencer, blogger, etc. Then I would highly recommend you to go with the RelayThat.

Apart from this it also has the logo maker and banner maker Preinstalled feature in it so you don’t have to worry about their working process as they’re seamless. The following are some of the basic features of RelayThat.


  • There are various layouts included accordingly you can select.
  • RelayThat consists of Ideas section where you’ll get to know about the specific color details which will help you to create the best possible images and graphics.
  • Their stock images consist of more than 2 million stock photos which can be used anywhere anytime.
  • You get autosuggestion while using it so you’ll get your workflow much easier.


  • Specifically, they only have 1 active plan, you don’t have an option of choosing amongst which might not bother you. The plan is available at just $25/ month which provides essentially good features along with the modes which make your image look more crispy. Here you get access to unlimited designs so you can choose a month them according to your need.

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5. Visme

Visme is considered to be a genuine tool ever, it was launched back in 2013 just after the canva was discovered. Visme has spent many years examining and providing the best quality service to its users for creating infographics, graphic design, logos, etc. Also, it allows you to direct share via social media apart from this you can also save the file in offline mode.

If you are an infographic maker, then I would say visme is the perfect tool out there which gets your job done just within few minutes. It’s three tools allow you to create the best possible infographics rare as canva has much more tool can pay to this but still, visme has its own identity in terms of quality and performance.


  • The library of the Visme is intensively bigger compared to other competitors which consist of various icon packs.
  • Their template collection is vast so you get various choices amongst to create the presentations and infographics.
  • One of the features is that you can download your work in zip format which makes the true sense.
  • Once you purchase their premium plan you get full control over their features and gestures which you can use to maximize the workflow.


Their plans are pretty complicated as they are distributed in 3 divisions i.e. Individual, business, and education, accordingly you can select as per the need. Also, they provide you a free individual plan too which works finely if you want to get started with. Apart from this if you want more control over their features you can get started with their entry-level plan available at just $14/ month and goes up to $75/ month, also they provide an option of selecting the plan as per necessity so that’s a great thing about it.

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Final Verdict

So here we have covered all of the 5 best alternatives which you can use to create the best Graphic design according to your need. Although there are various other applications available out there that work as similar to the canva we have shortlisted the legit ones so make sure to check them out. The best thing is they are available for both IOS and Android so there is no compulsion of handling it via laptop or MacBook.

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