Capturly Review: Best Tool To Optimize Your Website

Capturly review

How adequately do you know what your guests are performing on your website?

Recognizing the nature of your guests by analyzing and assessing how they interact with your website is a relatively significant factor, and we know the exact tool for you.

Capturly – get your business led the way in the right direction. With Capturly’s web analytics forum, you can see valuable trends as quickly as they occur. All your web analytic metrics are at your fingertips. Product analytics assists you to appreciate how your guests engage with your website

Get actual business understandings effortlessly by obtaining every data that counts at one place. See and analyze recordings of how your guests are utilizing your website. Find out which features and contents are pulling their attention. It’s your initial step towards transformation rate optimization.

What is Capturly?

Capturly is an online analytics tool that can give all the basic data completely and intelligibly to make decent business outcomes possible. It assists to improve sales and income, obtain clients, and create brand awareness.

It assists to appreciate how the visitors confront with the website and obtain real business knowledge’s easily by receiving every data that makes a difference all in one point.

Its features contain an analytics forum to get the right understandings at the right time, round answer to detect actually what goes on the website, heatmaps to review if people can obtain to call-to-action.

Although this conversion funnel is required to select the right momentum and get all the relevant metrics and activities by one click and event analytics to catch every activity on the website.

Whether it is decreasing cart defection on your e-commerce store, offering support for your clients at the right time, or attempting to overhaul the bugs in your app, these recordings, heatmaps, and analytics will be of great use. 

We give you all the necessary data for you completely and intelligibly to make the best business decisions possible. Find out which categories of your website attract your guests or what they forfeit. Make decent opinions based on real user relations.


Why Is Capturly Good For You?

  • Get the right understandings at the right time.
  • Get friendly with your customers.
  • See actually what your guests do on your website.
  • Realize where you are forfeiting your customers.
  • Catch every activity on your website

What Can You Do With Capturly?

  • Get real-time data and stats. Like, no other users online, Page load Time, references Of Traffic And Devices
  • See The Recordings Of The sessions With perfect mouse moment And Clicks
  • Watch How The Users Are Clicking or Scrolling The Page
  • Analyze the Conversion rates With The assistance Of Conversion Funnel &

How Can Capturly Help You?

If you are familiar with the service like Hotjar, Crazyegg Capturly is an exact alternative of them all. For example, When a user encounters any technical issue on a website they completely exit. 

Although, maybe you will never understand the continuous issue. However, with the assistance of Capturly you can specify a bug and take essential action to overhaul them.

With the assistance of the heat map feature you can find out where the user are clicking, how the user scrolling the page, you can also filter the conclusion based on the segments like click from source, distinct browsers, new VS withdrawing users operating system.

Dashboard & UI

Once the sign-up procedure is finished, the dashboard is awesomely clean and straight to the point. Enter your website URL and obtain the javascript code that has to be installed on your website.

Also, there is an elegant hint to lay a note on your website’s terms and services about reporting the visitor’s actions on the website. Also, raw data like the password field is not traced by default.

If you possess a WordPress site, it is very simple to set the snippet </body> tag utilizing various plugins that accessible. There is yet a helpful button to send the code immediately to your developer if you don’t like to do it by yourself.

Capturly is also friendly with Google Tag Manager. So, if you require total control and comprehensive and in-depth analytics, the Capturly snippet code can effortlessly be installed as a custom HTML in Google Tag Manager.

All the recordings, heatmaps, and additional detailed analytics of the guests can be viewed straight from the dashboard. The IP address of guests is furthermore caught except in the case of visitors from the Europen Union, where the final part of the IP address is not captured to kowtow with GDPR.

The stocked data can be simply filtered depend on geography, variety of device, type of browser utilized, and many other options.

Main Features of Capturly

Analytics Platform


  • Get the right knowledge at the right time!
  • With the web analytics forum, you can see important trends as soon as they occur.
  • Product analytics assists you to comprehend how your visitors connect with your website. Get real business insights soon by obtaining every data that matters in one spot.
  • It’s a simple full-scale online analytics tool that can trace everything you require to make decent business decisions and create the product that people love.
  • Capturly will trace everything your Guests do on your website from the first step to the last one. Obtain visualized data about the volume of your guests, the visited pages, your pages’ load time. Inquire what devices and references you are receiving traffic from.
  • All of your guests’ qualitative and quantitative data are in one space, which will lead to user attention and retention. Find your best-completing pages for more superior website optimization.
  • It updates live so you can instantly see the outcomes after making modifications on your website.



Get friendly with your clients!

Clicks are the most practical actions on your website. Find out where your guests click, want to connect, or just don’t click at all. Disclose the random spots on your website with Capturly’s heat intuition.

Picture your visitors’ clicks, hits, and scrolling manner only to understand where to settle the important content on your website.

Click Heatmaps

Capturly outlines the users’ decision-making procedure for you. Clicking is a strong pointer of interest. With click heatmaps, you can uncover what inspires your guests.

Find out which aspects of your website are the most prominent, what should be clickable, and what shouldn’t.

The click heatmaps exhibit the distinct click importance so that you will obtain accurate data regardless of the page setup. It doesn’t make a difference if you are a Shopify, a WooCommerce, or a Magento user, heatmaps are an excellent tool to find out which your buyers skip commodities or submenus.

Scroll Heatmaps 

Capturly impel it simple to find out which paragraph of your website entices the most guests. With scroll heatmaps, you can detect how far your guests scroll down, and what amount of them flees the page without executing the desired activity.

The scroll heatmaps exhibit you where you should put your primary call-to-action on mobile and desktop to grab the most attention. You can optimize the situation of your items based on the guests’ attitudes.

Segment Heatmaps

Capturly enables you to probe data in an effective way. You can choose the data you’re curious about by checking or unchecking the due sections.

Recognize the most prominent regions of your page. Detect if any of the segments are functioning oppositely than the others.

Every segment has its color for simple importance. Inspect the reference of the traffic in full detail.

With segment heatmap, you can concentrate on a specific governing system, tool, browser, or webpage and collect first-hand data about your guests.

By utilizing the segment heatmap filtering procedure, you can assess the behavior of your guests instantly by changing between the New vs Returning segment

Session Replay


  • See actually what your guests do on your website!
  • Session replays allow you to trace visitor attention qualitatively. Find out if your guests experience any problem on your website. Understand if you could stand right beside your guests and watch what they’re working on your page. Wouldn’t it be fantastic?
  • The session replay feature tapes all the activities on your website. These can be like a tap, mouse actions, scrolls, form fills, and more.
  • It assists you to know the people behind the digits and base your decisions on evidence to get relieved of the guesswork.
  • Note small differences between the ways new and repaying guests interact with your site. Find out how the user-mode fluctuate after you submit a new feature or operate an A/B test.
  • Process the recordings according to your need.
  • Session replay can enable you to trace and interpret every alteration on your website when you are carrying out or operating a new feature. You are furthermore able to filter the session recordings by page URL, period, incidents, and more.
  • Session replay is a quick, safe tool that supports all devices and screen sizes, logged-in pages, and dynamic pages.

Conversion Funnel


  • Recognize where you are forfeiting your clients!
  • Trace your traffic page by page with the conversion funnel feature.
  • Each website possesses one or more key user paths, such as subscription or checkout procedures. And the conversion funnel feature allows you to recognize these journeys. Evaluate them and find out where the digit of your guests drops off and why.
  • It’s simple to set up. You can distinguish each point of your conversion funnel by adding the URL of the required page.
  • You can go progressive and build custom events to trace. There is no threshold on how many conversion funnels you can create in Capturly.
  • After a conversion funnel is assigned, you can analyze the relevant session recordings for each conversion and drop-off at each phase.
  • Finding the softest link on your website is a significant step in problem-solving.
  • Find out when and where you are forfeiting users in the rage of understanding how you can concentrate on long-term retention.

Event Analytics 


  • Record every activity on your website!
  • The event analytics allows you to build and trace custom events on your website. Trace every mandatory action from entering the footer of your site to pressing the required button.
  • Also, Capturly will automatically trace every visited page, outbound link tap, and download from your website without any format.
  • Now you can fetch higher to your users by comprehending the actual intentions behind their activities. Search into your events and realize why your retention and conversion boast or decrease over time.
  • Maintaining all the activities, occasions, and other website analytics at one point will notify you of how people function on your website. Find out what encourages people to restrain things, shifting the way you wish.
  • Track your guests’ behavior on your website to appreciate their purposes adequately.


There are four different plans ultimately and all paid plans appear with a free 14-day trial. The open plan allows you to trace one website, and the information is stocked for one month. 



This plan is free of cost as you can quickly test the tool before buying it $0/ Mon.

  • Free forever
  • Unlimited Pageviews
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • 1K Recorded sessions
  • 1 Website
  • 1-month Data retention
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1 Funnel


This plan is basically for small scale business owners, or the person who was running is the website. However, the price of this plan is $29/ Mon

  • Unlimited Pageviews
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • 20K Recorded sessions
  • 2 Websites
  • 6 months Data retention
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Advanced masking
  • Email tagging
  • Custom tagging option
  • 14-day free trial


This plan is basically for big business owners or the funnels who were running is the website. however, the price of this plan is $79/ Mon

  • Unlimited Pageviews
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • 60K Recorded sessions
  • 6 Websites
  • 6 months Data retention
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Advanced masking
  • Email tagging
  • Custom tagging option
  • 14-day free trial


This plan is mainly for big business owners or also for the enterprise who was running is the website. however, the price of this plan is $299/ Mon.

  • Unlimited Pageviews
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • 150K Recorded sessions
  • 20 Websites
  • 12 months Data retention
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Advanced masking
  • Email tagging
  • Custom tagging option
  • Dedicated support
  • 14-day free trial

The paid plans fluctuate in the number of websites and funnels that can be traced to the number of captures the sessions, the duration of data retention, masking and search abilities, etc.

Pros & Cons of Capturly


  • Easy to install and set up tracking
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Email & custom tagging
  • Excellent documentation


  • No feedback collection features


Here you will be offering the live chat support inside the app but not on the Capturly website. The response time through compliance with the form on the website was moderately sharp at around Four to Six hours. 

The assistance documentation is actually comprehensive and covers all the features in detail. You will obtain the answers for most of the common questions in the documentation.


Is it a good tool?

If used properly, the data you get out of the app could be extremely useful to continuously optimize your website for increased conversions

I hope I have covered every detail that you are looking for if you have any query or doubt related to this article you can ask us in the comments section below will be happy to help you out.

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