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Link shortener plays a crucial role when it comes to digital marketing and blogging. There are tons of tools available out there that will help you out to build an authentic and branded URL for better commencement amongst which you can choose the one that fulfills your requirement.

Opting the legitimate one is kind of crucial term that you might suffer through. Nothing to worry about much just because through this post I will be concluding the all-new and most efficient link management tool i.e.

There are ton of URL shorteners available out there but has some of the inbuilt features that might blow up your mind and that’s the reason we’re writing this detailed review. So make sure to sit on a couch and grab a cup of coffee.

But before I take you deep into the term it’s way essential for you to know about the link management system and how it works so let me briefly introduce that.

What is link management?

Link management is the term that allows you to organize or edit the links as per the better commencement so you can have complete control over the links to organize it in a more frequent manner.

It doesn’t matter how big your company is but you will always need to have the link management tool that will help you out to build a good-looking and well-balanced link that you can share everywhere without hesitation.

According to research, it’s been found that 80% of online marketers hesitate to acquire the services of link management, but it’s one of the crucial aspect that helps you to connect your brand with the online world. It is the best way to optimize your brand in terms of marketing and stuff. Or I might say that its the asset of your business that you cannot ignore at any instance.

While sharing the link on social media or via Email the internal Communications plays a crucial role. So if your link is quite long and irreverent in terms of look it will minimize your brand authenticity and holds it to reach out as many audiences.

In order to build an authentic and good-looking link it’s always better to grab the equivalent link management tool that will safeguard your brand from the crisis and helps you to control your links as well.

There are tons of tools available in the market amongst which found to be the most convenient due to it’s advancement and budget-friendly pricing.

What is Review 2020: Details, Price & Features

The is the all-new URL Shortener tool in the market that you can grab for maximizing the value of your brand. Though it’s a freshly launched digital product serve you a better value which makes it stand out of the market. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner or a pro-level marketer it’s suitable for all of the cap businesses who’s supposed to create well-balanced and branded links that one could share on any of the platforms including social media.

With a sophisticated user interface and intuitive features, you can grab their features to make the link even more convenient and sharable as well. Some of the features like building and tracking of links help you to build an authentic audience base that’ll be attracted more often.

Why you should choose

Nevertheless, before you opt for services it’s way essential for you to know more about the features which are being offered to you. So we have shortlisted few of the features that makes the sense to you, so here are they:-

1. User-friendly interface

No one likes the complicated user interface and the only reason behind using is its user interface which is minimal and well managed. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a newbie in link management. You will be amazed by the features they offer especially when it comes to the user interface. It’s pretty good and you will be able to access all of the task so often.

Moreover, there is no requirement of any technical knowledge as well. All you need to do is head off to the signup section and access their services from scratch to skyrocket your business. And start your journey with link management by building branded and sharable links as well.

2. Link shortener 

Shortening the link is another thing that is being served to you just because in most of the cases you have to include the shorter link and to share it accordingly. You can not only shorten the big link but you can also manage it in a proper manner so that you’ll be able to manage it accordingly.

Most of the popular link shorteners like Rebrandly offers you great value but they’re pretty complicated as it takes much time for you to understand the features and the link shortener process. Instead, if you grab the latest tool, it will be convenient for you to manage the link according to requirements.

3. You’ll be able to manage and brand multiple domains 

Branding your own organization is a vital process that one should not ignore at any instance especially if you’re about to maximize the brand value. gives you an opportunity to include your brand in the links by the help of a custom domain name that you own. If you are a blogger or a digital marketer out there it will improve your CTR rate as well and indirectly the more traffic will flow in your way.

You also get an option of diversification which is a good thing about the tool. In such case you can easily deliver the link in any of the social media platforms as well. You might have been observed that Twitter allows you to set up the branded link with the inbuilt URL shortener but most of the other social media platforms don’t allow you to do so. In such case with the help of, you’ll b able to use the branded URLs for better commencement.

4. Event tracking 

If you are supposed to build an authentic user based on the fan base it’s essential for you to track the link for better commencement. The all-new serves you an opportunity to track the link that you have generated so that you will be able to examine the stuff accordingly.

Apart from this you can even maximize the link value by putting your domain name into it and share it on various social media platforms for better commencement. It’s the new way to customize the link that you own. This is one of the most sophisticated way which is being followed by most of the marketers out there to run the brand.

5. Retargeting 

Retargeting is one of the crucial entity when it comes to link management. The all-new allows you to target the customers for maximizing the reach using which you can even retarget them to the relevant page as per the need.

You can even add some sort of pixels to reagent the audience on social media.

6. Custom domain

One of the biggest advantages of the tool is that you can add a custom domain as per the better commencement so that to showcase your brand value through the link. The branded link looks way more efficient and the chances of clicks get increased by 80% which makes the sense.

This method is applicable even for social media purposes.

7. Affordable pricing

Pricing is one of the most crucial parts of each one of the service providers out there and when it comes to the link management tools like they offer you kind of more valuable plans at an affordable arriving which makes it the way convenient platform even for the newbie. So you can quickly start with it.

Compare the competition it is the most affordable and best in class link management source that you can use for the betterment of the brand.

How much does cost?

The all-new offers you several plans that you can purchase to start your journey. So we have shortlisted the plans that you can purchase for acquiring their features. Here are they:-

You get a couple of options likely to acquire their service so you can purchase their features on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • The FREE PLAN could be the best choice for you if you’re just getting started with link management. There are few of limitations with it so you won’t be able to use the services that you need. Here you can only manage 500 URLs themselves.
  • The BASIC PLAN is available at just $14.99/ month. Here you’re allowed to shorten the link up to 5000. You can even built the custom URL as well which makes it the most convenient plan of all time that you can purchase.  Along with that you get 50 event tracking as well.
  • The PRO PLAN is available at just $24.99/ month. Here you will get access to around 1,0000 URL that you can shorten according to the commencement. Along with that you are allowed to do around 100 event tracking as well.
  • The PREMIUM PLAN is available at just $39.99/ month where you will get access to the 20000 you are else that you can shorten along with that get access to 50 domain names that you can create for better commencement. The geotargeting and device tracking option is also available over there for the better.
  • The AGENCY PLAN is available at just $59.99/ month. Here you’ll get access to unlimited URL shortening which is a good thing. Along with that you also get unlimited even tracking as well. It’s the list of advanced plans available out there that you can go through.

What are alternatives?

There are few of similar tools available in the market that serves similar features amongst which I’ve shortlisted few of them. So let’s dive deep into it.

1. Replug 

Replug is one of the authentic URL shorteners out there that serve you the best possible services to shorten URL link. At certain instance you will get their services for free but if you are supposed to acquire their premium services you’ll have to grab the paid subscription.

2. Rocket link

The rocket link is another alternative of which has kind of user-friendly interface that anyone can acquire their features from the scratch. It consists of some of the basic features like even tracking and branding.

3. Switch 

Last but not least the switch is termed to be the finest URL shortener that one could grab for better commencement. Using switch you can easily convert your longtail URL into the shorter and good looking which improves the overall branding of the organization you own.

Should you go with

If you’re bit conscious about the branding and the marketing stuff it’s way essential for you to grab a tool that will help you out throughout the process. The all-new is kind of best tool out there to proceed with your link management work. Also it’s kind of way convenient in terms of usage that makes it stands out of the market.

Final verdict

Through this detailed review, I’ve explained some of the essential factors about so if you are bit conscious about your business growth tips where is essential for you to Grab the link management tool that will get your job done just with your guide to building an authentic and good-looking link. If that sounds great to you make sure to check it out by visiting their official website.


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