Top 5 Cloudflare Alternatives for Your Website

Cloudflare alternative

Cloudflare is one of the most authentic CDN solutions for new era businesses. It’s the complete package that can be used by as many website owners to sort out the technical errors regarding the CDNs. Whether it may be reverse proxies, automatic caching, SSL offloading, distributed DNS services etc. 

So if you’re bit conscious about your website stability and security this is kind of the best solution for you that you can avail at any instance. It was launched back in 2011 by a couple of hacking groups named as black hat hacking group and LulzSec. 

Initially, people were not aware of the DDoS attacks, and since then the Cloudflare put their lick into the terminology where they used to offer the complete website security solutions which makes it the complete package, so the worries related to the DDoS attacks sorted. 

But let me tell you that nowadays it’s not the only CDN solution available in the market just because there are tons of different platforms available out there who used to provide similar solutions, so if you’re bit conscious about the term it’ll be essential for you to know more about them. 

Through this post I’ll be sharing the best alternatives of Cloudflare that you can acquire from scratch to make your website even more secure and safe in terms of CDN. But before that it’s way essential for you to know what Cloudflare offers, so let’s dive deep into it. 

All you need to know about Cloudflare

Cloud player is the complete solution for DDoS, CDN and DNS, it’s because most of the websites get directly affected by the cyber-attacks which can be controlled by using the platforms like Cloudflare that serves you the complete shield over the website you own. 

Along with that the cloud flare offers you the complete Global content that will maximize your website authenticity and speeds up your website by serving the protection throughout the website. Also the treats are being eliminated. 

One of the biggest reason why most of the professional’s bloggers usually opt the Cloudflare services is just because they consume 60% less bandwidth and makes your site even faster in terms of accessibility. 

Cloudflare has more than a couple of million domains registered for security purposes. As they used to offer the free plan as well so  in case if you are supposed to hands on to their free services it’ll be way easier for you to grab their services from scratch.

What are Cloudflare alternatives?

Undoubtedly the Cloudflare is a kind of best solution for online businesses who are supposed to maintain the security of the site. But most of the people might think of the Cloudflare alternatives, so here are the top 5 best alternatives of Cloudflare that you can opt:- 

1. KeyCDN

So here pops up the first in our list i.e. KeyCDN which is one of the efficient alternatives of Cloudflare which is specifically known for the easiness, so if you’re just a newbie in terms of online businesses it’ll be way essential for you to make your website even more secure. 

The CDN services which are being served by the KeyCDN is truly beneficial as it leverages the IP addresses, so even in case the spam takes place you can sort it out just within few clicks. The performance of the tool is quite subjective so you won’t face any difficulty while acquiring their services from the scratch. 

Although it’s not that great as the Cloudflare bit when it’s compared with the pricing it’s pretty affordable which makes it the dealbreaker tool of all time that you can use. The KeyCDN offers well-optimized images without even minimizing the quality of the images. Even you’re free to even edit, from and delete the image zone whenever necessary. 

What KeyCDN offers you?

Though the features Offered By KeyCDN are seamless but I’ve shortlisted few of the key features that are being served to you. So here are they:-

  •  get access to most powerful image processing.
  •  available in both shared and custom SSL.
  •  live streaming option is available.
  •  The Shield is provided to your website for security reasons.
  • get  the support of HTTP/2.
  • GZip compression is available that you can avail.
  •  Pay as you go.

 How much does KeyCDN costs?

Along with the 14 days of free trial the KeyCDN used to serve the following paid plans amounts to which you can opt the one:- 

  • For the first 10 TB usage you’ll have to pay $0.04/GB to $0.11/GB  depending upon the region.
  •  for the next 40 TB usage  you will have to pay $0.03/GB to $0.09/GB  depending upon the region.

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2. Sucuri

Sucuri is one of the best security solution company available out there that serves you as many features to maximize your website authenticity in terms of performance and security.  along with the tool the sucuri  also offers you the wordpress plugin that will help you to remove all of the website malware and hacks. 

the multiple level of safeguards are being applied so you won’t face any difficulty in acquiring their features from the scratch.  one of the biggest reason why most of  the professional bloggers use to acquire their services is just because it serves you the shield that’ll keep the hackers away from your website. 

the features of includes the anti-virus as well that detects all of the viruses which are about to affect your website growth, so you’ll be able to simplify it by eliminating the errors. Security auditing is must to maintain the website. 

What Sucuri offers you?

The features which are being served by the Sucuri is tremendous, so to let you know I’ve shortlisted few of the key features:-

  •  the WordPress plugin is available that will maximize your workflow in terms of security.
  •  the preinstalled antivirus will scan all of your website data and detects threats.
  •  security auditing feature will help you to minimize the spam.
  •  the user interface of platform is quite simplified and minimalistic.
  •  Pretty affordable in terms of pricing compared to the competition.
  • Power-packed WordPress website solution. 

 how much does sucuri costs?

Following are the plans which are being served by the Sucuri:-

  •  the basic plan is available at just $199.99/ month.
  • The pro plan is available at just $299.99/ month. 
  • The business plan is available at $499.99/ month.
  •  for the custom plan you have to select the individual feature and accordingly pay for it. 

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3. Akamai

Akamai is one of the well-known brand in terms of CDN service solutions. It’s the cloud-based platform where you can manage all of the stiffs that’ll improve the security of the website. It not only detects the threats and malware issues but also eliminates it from the website and makes it even more healthier in terms of performance and speed. 

The technology used by the Akamai is Prolexic’s PLXedge,  it is mostly used in DDoS protection.  it’s also the complete layer of protection that will guide you all the way across and makes our website you are most powerful So no room remains for the hackers to create the spread spammy entities. 

Along with the protection the Akamai used to serve some of the other value-added services as well that’ll protect your website from the DDoS and web attacks.  it is well-optimized tool so even if you are just a beginner it will be easier for you to acquire their services from scratch. 

What Akamai offers you?

 following are the features which are being served by Akamai:- 

  • Most value for money CDN solution for online businesses. 
  • Affordable compared to Cloudflare. 
  •  trusted by more than a million users worldwide.
  • User-friendly UI makes your task even more easier. 
  • Removes all of the viruses and malware from your site. 
  • Helps you to monitor the website health. 
  • Simplifies your task in terms of security services. 

How much Akamai costs?

Following are the plans which are being served by the Akamai:- 

  • For 1TB bandwidth you’ll have to pay $350/ month.
  • For 5TB bandwidth you’ll have to pay $1750/ month. 
  • For 10TB bandwidth you’ll have to pay $13500/ month. 

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4. Amazon CloudFront

 So here comes the other great alternatives of Cloudflare which is termed to be the best ever security solution which is being offered by Amazon itself.  so increase if you are worried much about your website authenticity it’s essential for you to Grab the Amazon CloudFront which manages all of the essential entities regarding the website.

 but let me convey you that it may be quite expensive compared to the other competitors out there but when it comes to features they are damn good.  the services they offer are top-notch along with the statics and streaming as well.  you can even add the custom SSL certification along with the GUI management consoles too. 

Along with that  the complete DDoS  Shield is being served to you that will improve your overall website security in each aspect. It automatically detects the threats and eliminates it accordingly. 

What Amazon CloudFront offers you?

 following are some of the key features which are being served by Amazon CloudFront:- 

  •  the reason is the form factor of Amazon CloudFront due to the minimalistic dashboard.
  • Free plan is available that you can acquire initially.
  • Bit oversimplified,  so even if you are a beginner it will be easier for you to acquire their features from the scratch.
  •  inexpensive pricing.
  •  trusted by more than a million users globally.
  •  automatically detects and eliminates the threats and malware as well. 

How much Amazon Cloudfront costs?

 as the pricing is concerned you will have to pay according to the requirement just because region to region the pricing is different. Let’s say in US the pricing begins from $0.085 and goes up to $0.020.

So do check them out. 

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5. BunnyShell

So here comes the last in our list which is names as the BunnyShell,  when it’s a new to the market but due to the effective features and affordable price in most of the professional business owners are heading off to their plans.  although it is considered to be one of the best security solutions for your website that will improve overall authenticity and manages all of the stuff in a proper manner.

 it is the perfect web service solution that helps you in load balancing and fine-tuning. so if you are a bit conscious about your website growth it will be essential for you to Grab their features from the scratch. The DDoS protection is essential nowadays just to keep your website away from the spammers and hackers and that’s what they serves you. 

 your website is being completely protected by the shield. Also the malware and the threats are being eliminated from the site so you’ll get a good experience even if you’re running an e-commerce store. Additionally, load balancing is available. 

 what bunny shell offers you:-

 following are the key features which are being served by Bunny Shell:-

  • Complete DDoS solution for your website that’ll help you to make it even more authentic. 
  • Detects the malware and threats and removes it subsequently.
  • Pretty affordable and features are quite insane. 
  • Autoscaling option is available. 
  • Automation along with the custom alerts is available. 

How much bunny shell costs?

 along with the free trial bunny shell used to serve the premium, plan begins from just $49/ month.

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Final Verdict

Due to increasing volume issues most out of big businesses are heading off to the security solutions and that’s where Cloudflare lies. But due to effective and expensive pricing people might look upon the alternatives of Cloudflare that offers as similar features and quite affordable too. 

through this post I have shared the top 5 best Cloudflare alternatives that offers you some of the best features. If that sounds great to you, make sure to visit their official website to know more about the tools.

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