ConnectExplore Review: No More Guesswork On Targeting

ConnectExplore review

Are you the one who is looking for growing your business with the help of a social media platform, then I must say you are in the right place.

As in this new era of digitalization, social media marketing has become the most powerful strategy to facilitate the product and service of a business. No doubt, for every small and big business promotion activity, there is a massive amount of engagement on Facebook you are going to observe.

For creating a better response from new buyers as well as the existing customers, for both of them, the business owner goes through a lot of marketing strategies and invest lots of money in promotional activities. 

I had an observer that nowadays, more and more business has started to arise and begin advertising via Facebook. However, most of the people are offering for a specific audience, as the more cost goes up to serve, the more number of the audience going to see your ads. 

Now a common problem occurs that how to approach the audience whose interest is hidden to the average face advertisers. However, Facebook has brought some great features for connecting to the target audience at a lower cost. 

Sometimes Facebook advertising manager needs the baits of fascinating the mark audience accurately and buy, as they have the best interest targeting tool for Facebook, i.e. ConnectExplore. Today we are going to review ConnectExplore. 

What is ConnectExplore?

contentexplore review

Perhaps, If you are very well familiar with the structure of Facebook ads( I am guessing you are as you are reading this review ) though, then you might be knowing that Facebook offers certain interest groups that you can present your ads to them. 

Facebook allows the average face advertisers that they can only advertise their ads to Facebook’s Standard interest list. 

Here the ConnectExplore comes into play, as the ConnectExplore directly plugs into your ads account and allows you to target these hidden and interest groups with just a simple click. 

The biggest plus point of this is that you can be able to target the audience that other marketers are unaware of. This not only just makes your ads cheaper for you, but gives you an advantage, as you can target a formerly untapped audience.

I’m sure you are still with me because this is where this ConnectExplore review gets juicy!

Why do you need ConnectExplore? 

ConnectExplore is a diverse Facebook interest targeting software that automatically browses and organizes a list of qualified buyers for your products and ensures their choices. 

Although, the decent Facebook interest finder, ConnectExplore finds Facebook hidden targeting users and provides a way to new alternatives for business.

As I have learned from several people that, it is the best Facebook interest targeting tool that gives sharp and accurate outcomes.

So For Whom, This ConnectExplore Suits The Best?

Perhaps, for specific business groups, ConnectExplore has a bigger use-case related to others. Here I am going to highlight some of the different user types that benefit from using it.

Local businesses

As they are running a particular business or acquire local business customers as a marketer. Then they will surely bring positive ROI on ConnectExplore. However, most of the local businesses should often target particular geographic areas, as they’re yet struggling against the larger & national brands as with a lighter budget.

E-commerce sellers

While you’re running an e-commerce business, it revolves around testing. However, this usually refers to both “normal” e-commerce stores, but also Amazon drops shippers and POD shops. 

You must always be testing new ways to learn productive ones that might be gauged to big numbers later on.

Affiliate marketers

​When you’re an affiliate marketer or encourage CPA offers, all the things you do is then just a numbers game to obtain new clues & consumers at a profit. Particularly when running a business, you should soon learn what endeavors and what doesn’t in terms of targeted interests. 

When you are effective in active lead-generation niches, like property dealing you will be going to pay the price when targeting the certain user as all your opponents.

ConnectExplore Features

In this segment, we will be going to dive deeply into ConnectExplore features. So without Waiting your valuable time let’s began with the features of ConnectExplore.

Find hidden interests

The vital feature of ConnectExplore is to reveal suitable interests that can be targeted in your Facebook principles.

However, they are confidential in the Facebook Ads Manager, mainly as we have told before that using the Marketing API to obtain these interests associated with any subject, you enter into that tool. Though the Facebook Ads manager will just show you 25 interest options concerned with a subject you enter.

Now the benefit ConnectExplore gives here is that it shows you around hundreds of similar interests to target, related to any subject. At the same time, Ads Manager shows only 25 interest recommendations. 

As you know that ConnectExplore uses a particular feature in Facebook’s Marketing API to assess that the interest can be targeted. As you know now that most can not be targeted with ads.

However, Facebook brings transitions and developments all the time; it’s much more helpful than ConnectExplore reviews real-time for each search if interest can still be targeted. Perhaps, not all alternative Facebook interest tools conduct this inspection in real-time, some of them barely accumulate the interest data on their server.

Automated suggestions

Ahead of the sales page of ConnectExplore automated information is defined as that once you obtain an original list of interested people. The ConnectExplore proposes a more list of highly applicable targets.

 Moreover, this ConnectExplore reveals you many targetable interests as related to any subject you have entered. At the same time, Facebook displays hardly 25 suggestions for it.

Search extensions

ConnectExplore offers a list of extension words that can be easily verified. For example, let’s take the word “Doctor”. Particularly this topic can be automatically integrated with words like “Institute”,  “Union” or “university” so these collective keywords can furthermore benefit as intakes for fresh interest searches.

However, most of these collective keywords would already appear in a primary search for the topic “Doctor” anyway because a word like “Doctor”, “Institution” is highly related to the intake the keyword “Doctor”. As I feel like this feature is added as an innard, but it doesn’t add much virtue.

Pre-analyzing the quality of interests

In simple words, Pre-analysing means “the quality of a targetable interest”. ConnectExplore needs to access ads account on other advertisers that led to actively targeting this interest. To check out that they were successful for these ads.

Some of the assumptions have made based on previous reviews that the ConnectExplore checks against the Facebook marketing API if interest can be targeted with ads. However, that would be some sort of Pre-analysis but not needs of quality that would occur in conversion.

Saving Interests Into Projects

When you are involved in finding the interest targets with ConnectExplore, you will be going to find out many hidden interests that prompt new ideas. 

Although, often you will need to fetch these and add them to your list of uncovers later on. That’s why the ‘Projects’ element in ConnectExplore is a significant addition that recognizes it also from some of the alternative Facebook interest tools.

Let’s see an example while you are managing an e-commerce business in the ‘Cats’ niche. Although selling all types of cats associated products, you could create a ‘Cats’ project to defend all your interest uncovers.

Foreign languages support

The best thing about Facebook is that it supports many different languages, so it becomes relatively easy to target the audience as per the interest. 

Whenever you are utilizing the Facebook Marketing API, a creator can determine the so-called “locale” to maintain Facebook recovery, targetable attention in a particular language other than English. 

But this indicates that the particular local language interests, as the total number of these interests will often be a quantity of minor compared to the interests retreated in English. Just to organise goals.

It’s an essential feature while you are targeting a non-English speaking market with your Facebook campaign, and it’s absolutely a path to add hyper-targeted interests to your campaigns.

Push interests straight into your ad account

Another crucial feature of ConnectExplore, conveying unknown Facebook interests, the software also gives a different set of features when you get connect your ad Facebook account to it. 

As accomplishing so, you will be offer  ConnectExplore approval to boost modifications on your behalf. However, this will allows you to determine interests in ConnectExplore and build a new campaign or ad selection using these interests. 

Moreover, the ConnectExplore has the authorization to make modifications in your Facebook ad account, the tool can build these ad outfits for you automatically.

How to use ConnectExplore

I think this review article differentiates itself from most other reviews. Still, I will be explaining how to use ConnectExplore in four simple steps; you can begin to target those hiding beneficial interests on Facebook.

  • Discovery:- Your early step is to find out interests that are hidden from your opponents which you can target.
  • Filter:- Next, you filter down this list to the decent choices and the best possible likely customers who are apt to be curious about what you are proposing.
  • Target:- You then refer your generated outcomes to a comprehensive interest to accomplish the highest return on your investment (ROI).
  • Monitor and Analyze:- You control the applied interests and trace, which are functioning and providing you with the best rewards. Failing or low-performing interests can be diversified or terminated to save exertion and resources.

Who is ConnectExplore Made For?

Quite a simple answer, as it is made for anyone who is utilizing Facebook advertising and even though the Affiliate marketing, e-commerce, marketing agencies, lead generation, etc. 

Perhaps it is the best-suited tool for anyone who is from those hardly operating their initial campaign to the extensively toughened of digital marketing specialists.

This tool is user friendly, as this tool is a beautiful beginning for anyone hoping to strengthen their marketing feats even if you have only newly begun to advertise your company using Facebook.

However, on the next hand, those that exist as a marketing professional and well versed in Facebook advertising can efficiently utilize this tool to prepare their topics to run further efficiently and reduce expenses at the exact period.

Cost Of The ConnectExplore

The cost of the ConnectExplore is a one-time payment of $197. Which conveys that there is no agreement or monthly expenses that amass to be rendered. Earlier when you buy, so that’s it for now, although you own that software and pay nobody else can.

As you think is that going to afford me, just think that you going to save on your marketing costs and how much you can create in additional through optimizing your ads, the cost is very decent, and this deal is entirely in your favor. However, they have included the assurance of a money-back guarantee!

Connect Explore Alternatives

In this review, I have strived to give an accurate review of the ConnectExplore. I’m not completely factual but motivated by ConnectExplore, all though I have produced an alternative Facebook interest tool. Perhaps I’m dame sure that you have seen in this review how favorable I am about ConnectExplore. 

Although I appreciate Wilco’s work and allowed us to use such an optimism about ConnectExplore software, I suggest it to people over my review, relying on the use-case.

1. AdIntelligence


Let’s began with the first alternative Facebook interest tool is Ad Intelligence.

This ad intelligent mostly aimed at e-commerce and drop shipping, as their user finder is the same interest search as ConnectExplore possesses. Although with ad intelligence, you can do a few searches for free when you build an account. However, this account doesn’t have the choice to redeem interest in the project or layer them.

However, they have both a monthly and annual plan which goes like if you want to buy a monthly plan then the monthly price of it is $18 and if you want to buy an annual plan then it has cost $99. As there is No lifetime license they only offer subscriptions, for their product.

2. AdSightPro


The second most alternative of ConnectExplore is AdSightPro. Well, this software has lately started, and their strategy is very sales l, as similar to the most commodities are bought via the JVZoo marketplace. 

As their commodity is split into minor parts, to up-sell and these in a sales funnel. However, they possess two plans. First is entry product is just off $24.95 for a lifetime, although it just involves only the option to search for interest and behavior.

 However, when you purchase their low-cost front in the offer, you will be straight getting some features to enroll, which is like you can create interest layers like connecting explore. Keyword recommendation founded on the topic you originally joined and Savings interest in projects.

Another offer the make is up-sell for an additional cost of $67, for a lifetime. However, As Ad SightPro proposes the same as Facebook API connection has connected Explorer does. Moreover, Ad sightPro has a too sale “Y”, a strategy like all commodities on JVZoo.

3. Interest Explorer

interest explorer

The third and final ConnectExplore option in tools Interest Explorer. When I first got to know about Facebook API, though, I feel genuinely enthusiastic about the possibility that this offer to improve big adding tools on it.

This tool also offers an exciting search to find hidden Facebook interests and also supports projects and the easy layering of interests.

However, Interest Explorer also has two plants which are standard and extended is the price for the standard is $97  for a lifetime, and the price for the comprehensive plan is $197 for a lifetime. As they have the same features as connect explore has, although it includes a unique chrome extension for their audience ideas.

  • Connect explore help you find and tap interest in the audience easily.
  • However, it is more capable of an array of languages.
  • Although it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Moreover, you can feature a 30-day connect Suite free trial.
  • Connect Explore run through FB Ad API.
  • As they automatically get off the numerous split testing course.
  • Connect Explorer feathers a smart marketing tactic to trick you into supporting the connected suite.

Final Verdict 

As I have clarified to you in detail, that what is ConnectExplore is, and for whom it is built, how it works from a technical perspective, and although I have emphasized each feature that the Connect Explore software offers. And most important that in the end, I have compared it to 3 alternative Facebook interest tools.

According to my perspective, there is no denying that the cost of advertising is increasing and competition is becoming fierce day by day. As the final answer to all this is to find a way to decrease the cost and hyper-target your audience.

So, you should now know every last detail when it comes to Connect Explore, after reading this review – an invaluable tool for Facebook marketing.

It is a tool that since purchasing, I use on an almost daily basis for not only my own ads but clients’ ads too.

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