Is it Worth It: ConvertBox Review 2021

ConvertBox review

ConvertBox is a software that can be utilized on your site and that it will allow you to gather leads, segment your user, exhibit suggestions, and base upon what people identify on their earlier behavior.

For instance, if a customer is already a subscriber then rather of expressing them the exact lead magnet you could exhibit them a discount token or another statement. At a similar time you can segment your user this will surely produce more income.

So, Get Your Copy of ConvertBox Now!

Building opt-in forms are simpler than always with the help of a website form builder like ConvertBox. If you like to bend your blog audience into productive leads, this ConvertBox review is for you. 

In this, we will be going to cover up all the detail about ConvertBox tool’s features, pros, cons and it’s pricing. So without expending much time let’s jump into it.

What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is an all in one antidote for lead generation and conversion rate optimization. Its built-in shows contain a drag and drop editor, split testing, analytics, and mechanization. 

It’s also an online form builder loaded with characteristics that will assure the success of your campaigns.

Why do you need an online form builder? 

Let’s assume that if you are not utilizing forms them you’re missing out huge time on your blog’s monetization potential.  Let’s hear out, what are the reason behind it.

Reason #1: People  usually don’t purchase on their first visit 

It’s no problem that the majority of website guests aren’t willing to make an investment right off the stick. Initially, you must organize your brand’s credibility, gain their faith, and formulate a tone that will blow their socks off. 

With opt-in forms, you can twist guests into prospective leads, usually through an email marketing campaign. That’s what leading marketers like Brian Dean of Backlinko do, and that’s what you should do nicely.

The bottom line is, website deals aren’t brought in a day. You want to give your audience time to heat up to you until they’re prepared to make sales. Relatively than knocking them with a sales pitch early, you provide them with an opportunity to realize your brand better.

Reason #2: Banner blindness

It doesn’t matter how incredible your commodities or services are, it’s not simple to flash purchase intent due to “banner blindness.” This is a general scene where website guests tend to resist all kinds of banner-like information. I’m speaking about sidebar calls-to-action, “buy now” switches, and anything with a rate tag on it. 

Form builders crack this with a slew of tools that can maximize the perception of your requests. For one, you can take the benefit of pop-ups to put your killer services front and midst. Other techniques include wet bars and “callouts” that will really catch your audience’s attention.  

Reason #3: You don’t understand how to code

This is Normal though,

If you don’t realize how to write code, obtaining an online form builder will considerably trim your understanding curve. In truth, there’s barely any motive to memorize coding at all. 

Even a free form builder allows you to build professional-looking structures via a drag and drop interface within moments. What extra if you receive a premium tool like ConvertBox

Reason #4: Track the execution of your forms

Lastly, recent website form builder tools are usually prepared with built-in analytics. This will enable you to regulate your forms’ execution and tracking metrics like impressions, businesses, conversion rates, and many more.

As a result, you can effortlessly specify what functions, what doesn’t, and what wants to alter. After all, you can’t enhance something you don’t measure. 

ConvertBox’s Features

1. Clutter-free dashboard

New scheduling features! | ConvertBox | Intelligent On-Site Messages

I’m somewhat specific when it appears to user-friendliness. I don’t wish to go through a dilemma of menus only to find a certain page I need. 

If you see about usability as much as I do, you’ll absolutely love the dashboard design of ConvertBox. Upon logging in, you’re provided with an intense overview of your users’ actions and forms or “ConvertBoxes.”

From there, you can instantly build new groups and forms by clicking ‘+ Group’ or ‘+ New ConvertBox.’ Also, don’t forget about generating too numerous groups.  If you have ConvertBox groups that you no longer require, just pull them to the bottom of the page.

2. Incredibly easy to use

New scheduling features! | ConvertBox | Intelligent On-Site Messages

For the real group and form generation process, the rest ensured that ConvertBox stays obliged to contributing the least interface.

It gains the whole form building method effortless and really sort of fun. 

Creating ConvertBox groups – When generating a group, only enter a name you’ll think of and click save. That’s it your new group will now occur under your ConvertBoxes along with main metrics, namely impressions, exchanges, and leads. 

Creating new ConvertBoxes – After clicking + New ConvertBox, enter a name and select a ConvertBox group. You can moreover generate a new group on the fly by clicking  + Create a new group. When you are ready with the introductory settings of your ConvertBox, tap to Choose ConvertBox type.’ That should carry you to the second step.

3. Pre-built ConvertBox templates 

ConvertBox Announces Inline Embed Feature - stubble.IO

Before that you can easily customize the look and behaviour of your form, you should initially select the ConvertBox type you wish. The initial type of ConvertBoxes you can generate are overlays. These are forms that upgrade view by showing on top of your blog content.

Sticky bar overlays

Practically, they’re interactive data that will obey guests as they scroll through your website. ConvertBox will assist you to conserve time generating wet bars with a handful of customizable templates. If you would fairly create from a blank page, just tap to skip and build from scratch. Callout modal overlays

The second type of overlay ConvertBox is the callout modal. These are tiny popups that occur at the corner of your customers’ screen. They resemble live conversation windows, authorizing your forms to have an extra personalized feel. Look it out ConvertBox’s callout modal templates.

Center modal overlays

A center modal ConvertBox is the nearest stuff to a conventional popup you can get.  With this overlay, you are confident to obtain your guests’ focus for a second.  ConvertBox will support you get begun as fast as possible with professionally-designed templates.

Full page overlays

Want to show a real amazing bid you would like to express your audience? 

The benefit of broad page overlays is, there’s no aspect that your audience will be going to miss out your important proposal. Just think of that it can damage your visitors’ experience, mostly if you have nothing useful to offer. By the way, here are the full-page overlay templates you can utilize with ConvertBox.

Another type of ConvertBoxes you can create are embedded forms. These may not be as noticeable as overlays, but they’re far less confusing to readers. 

Large embedded forms

A large embedded form can be shown within your page’s post. It is adequately utilized for opt-in offers that create a sense within the context of your content. Play it straight and you should understand heat up nominees with higher opportunities of converting down the stretch. 

Small embedded forms

Small embedded ConvertBoxes are really what it sounds like. They should be portable enough to suit the tool areas of your page, especially the sidebar. 

It’s true that ConvertBox’s archive of templates isn’t as large as a lot of other form builders. However, let’s be real here.  There’s no means, I will utilize an entirely template-based form on my website.  Simply imagine how many sluggish website holders are out there with the same template as you. Don’t be like them and bring about your forms 100% original.

It doesn’t mind, Whatever template you select, be clear to customize the heck out of it. Eventually, ConvertBox has bunch of customization choices under the hood. 

4. Powerful form customization 

GDPR Compliance – Nextcloud

ConvertBox utilizes a pictorial, drag, and drops editor that will assist you to customize your aspects from top to bottom. The editor has two major sections. 

To the left, you will notice the primary panel where you can discern all the elements you can encompass into your form. However, to the right is the live preview of your ConvertBox.

It allows you to avoid the trial and mistake component of form design, conserving you a lot of time. Here’s a short rundown of the elements you can enlarge to your ConvertBox:

Text — Use this component to write the description of your opt-in bid. Think back to fetch to the point and provide your information in eight seconds or less. 

Button — The switch is undeniably one of the extensively crucial portions of an opt-in form. As a law of thumb, utilize colors that pop from the scene and include an understandable CTA. 

Video — Use video if you understand a short, text-based explanation won’t be sufficient to wrap the key items of your proposal. This works via an embed code that can be acquired from video hosting programs like YouTube. 

Image — For the greatest opt-in offers, a picture should be sufficient to draw interest to your form. Concentrate on utilizing pictures that highlight the advantages your audience will gain. 

Form — A surefire manner to adapt more guests is to make the opt-in procedure as frictionless as feasible. For instance, you can allow them to subscribe quickly by embedding form areas for their name, email, and many more. 

Timer — Including a timer to your form will enable you to influence the understanding of the necessity to produce more sign-ups. Timers can have a certain deadline or be evergreen, which signifies the timer will never truly end. 

HTML — For professional users, the HTML element allows you to embed custom code to your ConvertBox. You may set to protect your code on Smartphone devices via an easy toggle. 

Divider — A divider forges an observable barrier between facets. This may enhance the readability of your structure’s content for some customers.

Progress Bar — If your pattern includes many steps, you can put in an improvement bar to assist encourage audiences to complete the process. You can shift the bar’s size, contour, primary percentage value, pigments, and many more.  To add elements to your ConvertBox, simply drag the element you desire to and where you need it. 

All elements, with the anomaly of HTML, have various customization choices you can play with. To demonstrate this, let’s formulate a custom evergreen timer.  Just After adding the timer aspect, click on it to view the accessible alternatives on the left panel. 

Don’t realize what each setting does?  

ConvertBox makes it feasible to see how your impressions all come concurrently when looked like a form. That’s what propels drag and drop builders incredibly useful, particularly to bloggers who are not extremely aware in terms of coding. 

If you need to alter the ConvertBox just type Change ConvertBox type at the core of the element panel. Just grump in mind that you can’t differ from overlay to embedded forms and vice versa.

5. Easily change between desktop and mobile editing

Mobile: Layout Difference | QuestionPro

You can also customize how your shape looks on mobile devices. To make it done, just click ‘Mobile’ on the top bar. While on the mobile editing view, you can just regulate the scaling of the form’s elements. 

For instance, by clicking the timer element, you can just change between three size choices like small, middle, and large. For the script element, you can alter the character size and line-height via the sliders. 

Fine matching the size of elements is the necessity to assure a steady experience for the mobile audience. Doing so is necessary since additional people use mobile devices to search the web nowadays. 

6. Create multiple user steps

New advanced targeting, multiple triggers + more! | ConvertBox ...

Like to create a step-by-step understanding by using your forms? 

On the ConvertBox editor, change to the stepped tab and click Start creating steps to make it happen.  The left panel will then show the chart of steps in the recent workflow.  At initial, you’ll just see the first step, which relates to the shape you’re editing right now. 

What goes on after the first step? 

It’s up to you to decide. Tal on ‘Add a new step’ and provide it with a name to move forward. For the sake of clarity, let’s name it the Second Step. Once generated, ConvertBox will give you with a new canvas to work with.  You can then shift back to the Element tab to begin customizing your recent ConvertBox.

Quick tip: shifting the ConvertBox sort of one form will alter the sort of all connected steps.  It would have been cool if you can utilize many form kinds of one workflow. Unfortunately, some notions are solely too nice to be true. 

Go forward and design the second stage of the process you need to generate. Simply like before, you just have to drag and drop the elements you like to use into the live preview.

This time, though, you can’t forget to involve buttons that will carry the audience to any of the following steps. For instance, taking off to the first step, tap the button and click Button actions on the left panel. On the Button actions window, you can select,  what goes on when the button is clicked.

The option are like these:-

  • Get on to next step
  • Hop on to next step
  • Redirect to URL
  • Open another ConvertBox

Normally, you expect to choose between the first or second option if your ConvertBox has many steps.  It’s entirely up to you on how you like the understanding to come out for your users.  Remember this advice, if you wish to generate elaborate form-based experiences; If a switch is unlocking a new page, search Open link in new tab.

Consider expanding a decrease or lock button and test Stop indicating in this ConvertBox to the guest. Then configure your integrations before you generate forms with many steps. Always keep that in mind that you can put in many buttons to a sole form.

7. Control where you want your form to appear

Contact Form 7 Styler - Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

ConvertBox provides you with full restraint over where and when you like your form to appear. If you navigate to the Display just tab, you will be prepared to determine the form’s area and embed area. 

Before you continue, it’s vital to realize how to embed areas in ConvertBox work. 

How to create and use embed areas 

Embed areas permit you to exhibit several forms in one location.  Let’s illustrate that you need tiny embed forms to occur in your website’s footer. 

First, tap on ‘Create a recent area’ and type in something that simply implies where you plan to utilize it. In this outbreak, you have to use an embed area term like a website footer or something near to it. By clicking ‘Save, ’ ConvertBox will create a different embed code and small code that will activate your form. You then need to paste either code on the right web page or the content area. 

To duplicate the codes, just tap on the ‘Embed code’ and use the ‘Copy Code’ button following to the code you wish to use. Remember this while we nominated our embed area Website footer, you can really paste it anywhere on your website. Embed area terms are utilized entirely to assist you specify where you want to place them. They don’t certainly represent how or where the forms will appear.  

Just keep in mind that you can restrict as many pages as you wish in both you involve and eliminate lists. Just tap on the ‘Add page rule’ button again and duplicate the steps above.

8. Target the right users

3 Effective Strategies to Reach Your Online Target Audience This Year

In blogging, it’s often a fair idea to adapt content and audience experiences to your mark audience’s requirements.  We have discussed how ConvertBox lets you configure where your form will be shown. 

On the Targeting tab, you can select whether to suggest your form to all visitors or only a preferred group. If you tap on ‘Target specific visitors,’ ConvertBox allows you to set laws that specify who can watch your form. 

With ‘Target specific visitors’ chose click ‘Add conditional rule’ to picture your choices.  To make these things simple, ConvertBox appears with a table of pre-built conditions. These authorize you to exhibit your form to people who Valued a certain number of pages on your blog

  • Utilizing a mobile device
  • Obtaining a desktop device
  • Has attended a particular page
  • Appeared from a certain referring page
  • Has watched your ConvertBox

And many more, Similar to show laws, you can furthermore use as many conditional rules as you wish when configuring your form’s targeting. 

Why form targeting is important

Whether you love it or not, the targeting settings of your ConvertBox can create or smash its performance.  Always recall that not all customers visit your page with the exact intent. 

Few are excited to buy, others wish to understand, and maximum are possibly only looking around.  Exhibiting a guest the untrue form could put them off. At the exact time, declining to show a probable buyer the right form can direct to a missing sale. 

It’s all about governing your sales funnel and realizing how to section your customers. Fortunately, both can be performed with ConvertBox through dependent rules and integrations with third-party outlets, like:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • ThriveCart
  • ClickFunnels
  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit
  • MailerLite
  • Hubspot

9. Combine ConvertBox with third-party services

New custom fields and form actions | ConvertBox | Intelligent On ...

Talking of integrations, the current interpretation of ConvertBox integrates with a whole of 18 third-party services. To watch them all just tap on your account icon and go to ‘Settings.’ On the account settings page, run to the “Integrations” tab. 

You should watch ConvertBox’s wide lineup of integrations exactly there. Didn’t discern your favourite service among ConvertBox’s benefited integrations?

Sadly, there are no statements of forthcoming integrations as of writing this review. It is, still, totally possible that ConvertBox will benefit new third-party assistance in the prospect.

10. Scheduling a start and end time 

New scheduling features! | ConvertBox | Intelligent On-Site Messages

Love what you notice?

There are better things to love about ConvertBox. We have already examined these areas of the editor It will be foolish if we don’t dig into what’s lasting in the “Launch” tab.  Shifting to it, you’ll notice two things: “ConvertBox name” and “Status.”

The initial setting should be person explanatory. As for another setting, it practically lets you monitor the activation of your ConvertBox and the time shelf if it’s available. Perhaps, once you complete your form, don’t forget to tap on the activation toggle. You can again select how long your form will be noticeable by enabling ‘Schedule an onset and stop date or time. When initiated, fill in the times you need for your form’s begin and stop dates. 

What is A/B testing?

Practically, A/B testing allows you to roll out two or better editions of the same form at the actual time. This will enable you to immediately compare the feat off every difference until you find the decent one.

ConvertBox has A/B testing baked into the forum. Hardly just click ‘Create A/B test’ and then ‘Generate new variation’ to begin the process. If you need more differences, highlight any of the prevailing ones and tap on the ‘Clone’ button.

The issue is that you can just have a tab of four differences for any given ConvertBox at a time.

New deviations of your form can be independently revised just like with the actual version. Just choose it from the deviations table and begin customizing through the ConvertBox editor.  Having a problem bearing up with the differences between each version? That’s what the “Notes” tool is for. 

Simply tap on ‘Notes’ and write all the details of your A/B test. 

You can furthermore select between two split test types by clicking ‘Settings.’ 

  1. Cookied split test — With the initial selection, a spontaneous variation of your form will reflect customers. A cookie will be utilized to trace and make sure they constantly view the exact version. 
  2. Regular split test — A normal split test similarly shows a spontaneous variation of your form. Still, visitors may notice more than one version. 

11. Split testing tips 

How to split test your ConvertBox – ConvertBox Help Desk

If you’re not aware of the idea of split testing, there are limited things you want to understand first. Here’s a little checklist of the elements you should split test:

  1. Images — Images are the primary thing that appears in my sense whenever I am writing about split testing. But, you should also try generating a deviation without an image to detect if that promotes your CTA more. 
  2. Headline — When it appears to form headlines, a sole word can bring about a world of variation. Test headlines with several words like “available,” “bonus,” “new day,” and “quality.”
  3. Colours — As a law of thumb, you want to select colours that stand out actually well from the site. If there are many colours that suit the bill, split test them all to detect who wins.
  4. Form field layouts — ConvertBox bids various ways to customize form areas from form sizes to button colours. Be clear to attempt with distinct combinations to find out the most fascinating variation. 
  5. ConvertBox Type — You can also split test several ConvertBox categories to see which one works nicely for a specific offer. However, there’s no way to develop differences that use ConvertBox species from different categories. 

12. Get quick performance data on your forms

Data Visualization Software and Cloud Analytics Platform | Visualr

Not everything worth remembering about ConvertBox can be found in the primary editor. If you go behind to your account dashboard, you’ll watch another tab tucked away in the nook called “Stats.”  

As the tab’s title signifies, that’s where you can reap insights on how well your patterns perform. Initially, you require to choose a ConvertBox group. You then amass the choice to see the data for all forms in that group or only one.  Take remark that you can too distort the viewable time period utilizing this drop-down menu.

After completing your choice, the graph below should redo in real-time. Using the navigation tabs, you can effortlessly change between tracing your forms’ notions, interactions, and leads generated. However, You will yet observe a summary at the bottom of the page. Well, we will see a few essential metrics.

  1. Views — The number of impressions or opinions your ConvertBoxes has got. 
  2. Interactions — The number of clicks that your ConvertBoxes created over the time period appointed.
  3. Interaction rate — This importance can be evaluated by dividing the number of relation by the total impressions of your forms. 
  4. Leads — The number of leads your forms produced over the time period.
  5. Lead Conv — This is the altogether estimated conversion rate of leads who obtain the selected forms.

What Does ConvertBox Integrate With?

ConvertBox functions with all the major email list providers. On the list now are:

  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Aweber
  • Infusionsoft
  • Convertkit
  • Ontraport
  • Drip
  • Gist
  • MailerLite
  • Klaviyo
  • SendinBlue
  • Demio
  • Hubspot
  • MooSend

You can moreover use custom HTML form to effectively make ConvertBox function with any system under the sun.

It yet integrates with Google Analytics so that you can deliver metrics into your GA summaries.

What About Support?

Before buying any form of software, I forever make sure to test the company’s consumer support abilities.  Right now, one way to acquire support is through the assistance desk on their website. In my experience, I just had to dig into the assistance desk twice due to the intuitiveness of the tool.

You can similarly mail an assistance request to the ConvertBox consumer service team. These proposals always get acknowledged and addressed within 24 hours if you reach out during weekdays. 

ConvertBox Pricing

ConvertBox is available via fast access, which says the ultimate pricing for the package is also to be announced. As for now, you can earn all of the features above with a ConvertBox lifetime deal in just $395. 

 Three things you should know before buying this deal

  • Number one, expect there is a monthly choice. This will enable new bloggers to recognize the tool in action for themselves. 
  • Number two, the one-time payment is a slightly abrupt even if you suppose slicing with ConvertBox in the long drive. 
  • Lastly, besides this the points above, I yet believe ConvertBox’s lifetime deal is a tremendous investment.

Just keep that in mind that it’s just a matter of duration before a subscription-based tool comes $395 in monthly charges. For example, starts at $24 per month, which equals to $288 a year. Then Add five extra months to that and you’ve already surpassed the rate you could have paid for ConvertBox. 

Not to speak of that the ConvertBox lifetime deal doesn’t include significant restrictions like 1,000 max monthly submissions. 

Eventually, I think it’s worth investing in ConvertBox to maintain your form-building needs encircled once and for all. Not only performs, it have everything you crave for lead generation, the software itself also proceeds to improve over time. 

The lifetime deal includes

  • All features
  • Use on up to 10 websites
  • Up to 250,00 impressions per month
  • Available lifetime updates
  • Endless forms

It hisses like a pretty good deal to me, but I’ll realize if the huge upfront cost frightens you.

ConvertBox Pros

  • Extremely user-friendly interface
  • Effortlessly control your form’s perception with developed display rules
  • Monitor who sees your form with conditional rules
  • Basic form templates to enable you to save time
  • Build automated, form-powered workflows without jotting down any code
  • Instill the sense of necessity with timers and form availability scheduling
  • Built-in stats tracker
  • Begin A/B testing your forms in minutes

ConvertBox Cons

  • Not a bunch of templates
  • Fresh statistics can be complicated to convert into action plans
  • Mobile editing could truly utilize more customization choices
  • You can only split test ConvertBox types from a similar sector (embedded and overlay) 
  • Inadequate customer support options      

Final Thoughts

So, this was all about the ConvertBox, though I personally like ConvertBox for to fuel lead generation and conversion optimization actions here on Master Blogging. After encountering the tool and noticing what it can do, I could no longer imagine blogging without it.

However, it only makes everything connected to lead generation easy and beyond easy. You should surely get your hands on it and at least give it a try.

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