Crello Review: Easy to Use Graphic Design Tool

Crello review

Well, If you build content Just for the marketing intention, then adding visuals will make it a lot more engaging and informative. People like to see more visual images that can provide more data about the product, which simply you to know everything about the product and how it’s going to look like.

You know, Why?

It’s all because our brain processes image about 60 thousand times faster than any text format, and that brings us to the conclusion that visual information has a better chance to grab your potential or current customer’s attention more than the usual one.  

Sometimes you have been experiencing that your social media campaign might have gone wrong; it’s biggest reason may be that you just haven’t made a good step to organizing the right visual for your attracted audience. 

Meanwhile, it’s evident that being on a short budget and lacking time is reason enough to avoid the visual parts. Although, sometimes it’s not affordable for everyone to hire a professional visual designer to do the whole task. Well, to solve this problem, we have brought you a tool.

That will help you to provide every solution for your problems related to visual images, blog, presentation, card, ebook, and printing materials. So, stop being bothering about it and start using “Crello” instead.

Cello is excellent for developing creative and straightforward articles in a short duration of time. The software is relatively simple to use, and the supplied tutorials and tips encourage the users to understand using Crello skillfully.

In this article, we have given attention to Crello Review that involves all the accurate details insights about its features, pricing, and more. Let’s get started here.

What is Crello?



Crello is a graphic and video design software that assists everybody to build professional-looking designs in almost a few clicks using ready-made designer templates or makes designs from scrape using many design tools and outlines.

However,  Depositphotos has introduced this modern tool for marketers, social media experts, businessmen, bloggers, etc. to create pictorial text for social media posts, blogs, demonstrations, advertisings, videos, eBooks, and published materials, and many more. 

Crello provides customers with a vast option of templates, setups, and more than 60 million pictures from Depositphotos. The templates and designs are developed by experienced web designers and are edited regularly. 

Thus, if you don’t have any idea about graphic designing to operate Crello, perhaps, you just select an adequate layout and template to convey your idea in a lucrative means.

Crello also offers you everything a designer may desire to build an incredible graphic or video design. It contains more than 12,000 static and 5,000 videos, already prepared design templates, accessible entrance into a 70-mln Depositphotos stock picture.

Well, you can ever rely on Crello when it shows up to create an incredible design to a particular occasion like Republic day, Mother’s day or even McDonald’s day. However, it’s not just limited to a specific occasion, and perhaps it can be used in worldwide holidays. 

Moreover, you can even add unique templates before famous local festivals such as  Brazilian Carnival, Holi, Indian New Year, lantern, Mid-autumn, St. Patrick’s Day, well it can be a lengthy list here.

After all, all we want wonderful eye-catching visuals or video clips periodically to flavor our life routine or to dedicate particular moments – Crello’s got you covered everything around you. 

What Does Crello Have To Offer You?

  • Cello provides you with Full HD animations, Facebook video covers, animated social media posts, and Instagram Stories
  • With, more than 12 thousand static templates and almost 5 thousand animated templates, ready-made design templates
  • Get easy access to a 70-mln Depositphotos stock image library
  • Download animated videos in MP4 format that you can utilise for developing animated ads, social media posts, cards, YouTube intros, and outros
  • With this Crello animation tool, you can put in animated items to any stationary photo or picture within moments. 
  • Crello software furthermore appears with built-in photo editing tools, like Filters, Crop, Layers and Transparency, and Blur. 
  • It gives you to create your eBooks.   
  • The exact sizes for building social media, website graphics and chose published stuff.    
  • The choice to update your files and types to integrate them with several static and animated items. 
  • A territory to maintain your projects in detached folders for free
  • A video library
  • And many more…

Why Is Crello Essential?

No doubt, that Crello is precisely an abrupt and straightforward solution for developing your visual content. You almost have to present yourself with the suggestion you expect to be delivered, select the essential format, and customize it according to your wishes.

Thus you can simply develop designs in Crello too soon and in a stress-free manner, actual if you do not know anything about graphic design. So with this fantastic tool, you can perform lots of tasks to fulfill your each & every requirement.

Cello contains animated or static social media ads for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. Also, you can quickly design graphics for your blog, post. By using Crello, it quite simple to generate visually pleasing email headings.    

Similarly, Crello provides you with an exact tool to prepare graphics for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts.  With the Crello amazing tools, you can even create advertisements, booklets, demonstrations, postcards, and business cards. 

Since you can modify your pictures with a set of visual effects, Simultaneously create video designs in three setups and download them from Facebook cover videos in mp4 format.

Crello Features

Crello possesses some amazing features, let’s see it out.

1. Template Creation

  • Image Upload – In this you might instantly upload any images to utilize for your new graphic creation of the Templates.
  • Stock Image Library – You don’t have to create extra images, however, Crello has placed a huge amount of images in their library. Perhaps you can select it from pre-loaded images to utilize for your banner.
  • Drag & Drop Editing – Quite likeable feature, that provides you with access to edit without any coding or design knowledge. Although it’s not necessary that you acquire the knowledge of the programme, this work can be easily done by Non-professional also.
  • Variety Of Banner Types – There is no limitation on creating various types of banners, although you can build a static, animated or interactive banner.

2. Design & Editing

  • Shape & Clip Art – Easy to Insert a variety of shapes and clipart onto your design, according to your desire.
  • Font Selection – Chose from a variety of fonts to layer over your graphic, to look it out as per your format font selection.
  • Scale – Scale your image to a variety of sizes and take it to another scale.

3. Ad Management

  • Ad Sets – Ability to copy and save your design as an ad set.
  • Export As Different File Types – Ability to save your image as a variety of file types.
  • Schedule – You can schedule your banners to be published ahead of time.

4. Analytics

  • Reporting – Ensure your ads are reaching your target demographic.
  • Heat Map – Ability to detect how your audience is interacting with your ads
  • Budget – Ability to modify your campaign budget.

Crello has a variety of 60 million images, 11 thousand templates, 12 thousand free images and 35 design formats, and a prerequisite for a video library. However, it has in-built Photo Editor tools such as Filters, Crop, Layers and Transparency, and Blur and also it poses few Design Tools which are like, Resize Design, Stickers, Shapes, Icons. 

How to Use Crello?

Below I have mentioned some of the essential steps for using Crello tool. So look wisely to understand its each and every feature for creatinga professional looking design.

Step 1:- First of all, start with Sign-up to save your projects for editing afterwards.

Step 2:- Customize the extents of your content and choose an adequate template from thousands of available designs.

Step 3:- Now you can add new pages from the right-hand side panel and input and edit designs, photos, background, texts and items from the extreme The left column of choices.

Step 4:- For using the image, you can choose from the available photos, uploads or the gallery. Later including a picture in your design, you can edit it using crop preference and an assortment of filters.

Step 5:- However, when putting text into your presentation, its font and font size, posture, alignment, mode (bold, italics, underlined), line spacing, and colors can be altered according to your appreciation.

Step 6:- You can update your fonts from the left-hand side column, including the “Uploads” selection.

Step 7:- You can also discover alternatives for involving shapes, icons, descriptions, lines, borders, stickers, and frames from the “Objects” option in Crello.

Step 8:- Before saving your design, you can give it a file name and save it to your desktop in serval formats such as JPEG, PNG, transparent PNG, or a PDF.

Step 9:- After that, download your design then saved files can be reconsidered in Crello, classified into folders, and edited or deleted.

Crello Pricing Plans

Crello gives you three types of pricing plan to select from, with the selection of upgradation.

Basic Plan: This is a totally free plan which contains 6000 plus free design templates, 4000 free photos, private storage for the development of the designs, one custom font upload, 100 images upload, and allowed to stock photos at the price of just $0.99.

Advanced Plan: Using this plan, designs can be developed with over 12000 premium design templates which are continued on weekly purpose, and allowed up to 20000 premium images and premium design elements each.

A choice to upload 1000 pictures and the endless amount of custom fonts, and 5 free Depositphotos stock per month, along with a ticket to product photos at $ 0.99 each. For this plan, the fee structure is $7.99 per month, whereas annual subscription amounts are up to  $6.67 per month.

Pro Plan: This is the extensively outstanding Crello plan with a monthly rate of $19.99, while with a yearly subscription, you can squirrel away up to 17% of the monthly fee. 

This gives you the full HD quality, 4 design configurations, more than 5000 video design templates, free tickets to 2000 premium video files and 4000 animated materials with endless pictures and custom fonts upload with 10 free Depositphotos product images per month. 

It also authorizes you to upload your videos, peel off watermarks on a video, and resize any animation. Crello is cost-effective in the taste that it’s PRO account is slightly costly, also offers a massive archive of free templates, photos, and matters.

Crello Lifetime Deal Features Overview

  • Get a kick out of one-click editing tools: text edit, resize, photo effects, crop, fade, and contrast.
  • Easy access to 30,000 ready-made skilled design templates in 50+ formats, millions of premium images, and eye clenching animations.
  • Promising for: Marketers and content squads who want a skilled, fast-moving design tool without an abrupt learning curve
  • An alternative to Canva
  • Instantly begin your design by choosing from one of the 50+ template formats.
  • Select from over 30,000 templates for any event.
  • Dive directly into your design with thousands of ready-made templates for any event.
  • Utilize one-click tools to select fonts, edit text, and rightful customize
  • Select from over 250 fonts and customize by size, line height, spacing, colour, and further.
  • Squeeze prevailing templates or build your own from scrape.
  • You can select from millions of Crello’s proficient images or upload your own.
  • Find a decent choice among millions of images within Crello’s built-in media archive.
  • Build dynamic ads, social media posts, and additional graphics.
  • Prepare multi-page animations and enhance animated text to your designs.
  • Crello Pro lets you enlarge wonderful animated graphics to give rise to your content come active.
  • Put in text, animations, and graphics to your following video ad.
  • Specify from 50,000 breath-taking, free video clips.
  • Crello’s modest video toolkit prepares it simple to add text, animations, and graphics to your video ads.
  • More than 30,000 graphic & animated templates
  • Instant access to millions of free pictures
  • Upload your fonts & pictures
  • Get more than 5 lakhs premium pictures
  • 32 thousand videos & animations or upload your own
  • Build squads to work together on designs
  • A well-established tool from DepositPhotos. This commodities gonna maintain a bright future as it’s gonna be their main priority with the need for stock images calming down
  • Professionalism in templates is real.
  • Appears with access to their premium pictures and video archive. Huge.
  • It appears with video creation too, although not feature-rich. But I’m noticing it grow.
  • Well improved drag and drop graphics builder so delicate buttery smooth and the handles realize attractive.
  • Animation assistance for items and designs that are so impressive.
  • Add custom fonts add numerous users, You can build one team and add up to 3 users in it. 
  • All the prospect updates, that I’m 100% sure about it.
  • Extensively improved top-rated Mobile app.
  • Possess truly good “template-sets” for ebooks potential Beacon replacement.
  • Eyedropper tool, to jerk colours from photos and colour text, etc.
  • An additional normal manner to understand or utilize layers
  • Endless, if not a huge number like 100 saved profile list, whereby you can haul or assign some fonts, and designate denomination colours, and instantly load them for any lent project. The particular “workspace” for the competition that is a dud detail which is why I hardly protected one ordinance and returned the additional one and likewise as a detail that should be provided to us in Crello
  • Easy to use the User Interface
  • Quick Access to a Wide Array of Designs
  • Stock Pictures, Templates
  • Animated Designs
  • Animation Formats
  • Whole entrance to animated formats
  • Endless commercial procedure
  • Several formats for various platforms
  • Thousands of free animated things
  • Collection of animations & video backgrounds
  • Instantly design graphics for your blog
  • Build visually requesting email headers
  • Alter images with a set of pictorial results
  • Unrestricted Plan offers rare Access
  • Customer Support may possess the Scope for development 

Final Verdict

As we have seen the review of Crello Tool and you might have understood that what it is by this article. Thus Crello is a reasonable solution for any pictorial designing issue. It is accurate for readying creative and straightforward articles in a quick time. 

The software is relatively simple to use, and the supplied tutorials and advice help the users to understand using Crello easily. However, a few advantages and disadvantages of Crello have at its simple user-interface, rapid access to an entire arrangement of designs, product images, templates, animated setups, and items, etc. 

The free plan for Crello is moreover adequate. But the only issue may be that its free plan delivers restricted access and the customer support may include the scope for development. 

Nonetheless, putting up with the overall opinion into concern, Crello is a valuable graphic content making tool which all can utilize to build professional pictures, without being familiarised with complicated graphic design procedures and software.

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