5 Best Customer Service Management Software 2021


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a digital entrepreneur or running an offline business, but you’ll always need a mobile or email to interact with your teammates or clients. Customer service management is an important process to make them feel they’re at an authentic place, and they’ve acquired the right product/services. It doesn’t matter how large your company is, but if you’re not taking care of your customers, you’re going to lay down your business. 

Nothing to worry kuch just because I’ll share the top 5 best customer management software that’ll help you maximize the management accessibility through this post. Make sure to stick with the post till the end to get most out of it. But entire that let me conclude a few essential entities about customer service management. 

Why Do You Need Customer Service Management Software In 2021?

To make your brand stands out in the market, you need to provide some extra solution to your customing issues. Usually, customers/clients return with her same existing issues; you will have to store their existing conversation in that case.

The customer service management software helps you out throughout to store your recent conversations in their servers to go through any time you need. Can also be used for hitting the problems, tracking and resolving it by giving out certain tickets. 

This software type increases your productivity and states that your brand is pretty much aware of client satisfaction. You will come across returns of different Customer Management software available in the market amongst which Bihar short-listed the best one after several research, and that’s what we’re concluding. 

Top 5 Best Customer Service Management Software In 2021

We’ve compiled the list of customer service management software that is mentioned below. 

SupportCenter Plus 

The first in our list is SupportCentre Plus, one of the most efficient and reliable customer support software widely used worldwide by the top and businesses. The Best CRM software included as many people as contact information, customer tickets, etc. 

Apart from this, you will also manage several different tasks related to the client to get in touch with the solution they’re facing. Providing the timely solution to the clients is one of the crucial entity that you should not ignore at any instance, and that’s what support centre plus serves you. 

You will also be able to track the tickets and reported as well depending on the knowledge base. They have compiled a good amount of user interfaces that make it user-friendly and convenient for the newbies who are supposed to start their business in an authentic manner that’ll help you throughout the processes. 

If you are the one who was to provide the best possible solution to your clients, it is essential to grab the best in class, and most reliable tool that will get your job done and SupportCentre Plus is the one that has pretty dope and explicit features. 


Following are some of the key features provided by SupportCenter Plus:

  • The software is well aware of providing the best possible services to your clients. So they have built-in reports of 50 that can be accessible depending upon the request, priorities, catalogues etc. 
  • The easy-to-use interface with multiple 16 languages and most which you can select the one that fits your need. 
  • This software is integrated with tons of different applications, i.e. Jira, Telephony etc. 
  • If you’re running an organisation, it provides the proper user-friendly setup that can be operated in separate units. 
  • It’s a completely beginner-friendly tool that one should grab. 


As the pricing is concerned, the SupportCener Plus Serves you 30 days of free trial for the better commencement. Along with that, you want, you can even grab their paid subscription depending upon the features that you want. 

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The next of our list is Zendesk, the cloud-based software that provides you with the best possible customer management solution to manage the business more authentically. However, it’s a beginner-friendly tool so you will get access to all of the features that can be easily handled by newbies. 

Using this software, you will create personalized instruments to help you out through the customer service portal, online community, knowledge base etc. They are also integrated with tons of applications for better reliability, including Google Analytics and sales force to manage all of the tasks.

It’s being used to operate the vertical markets at a large instance such as government, technology media etc. In terms of analytics and report, call Zendesk as a beast because they used to store all of the existing information to be easier for you to for through the solution that your clients might be facing. 


As the features are concerned, the Zendesk used to serve the following key features:

  • This software helps you in various aspects and provides you with the best possible pages like corporate logos, brand pictures, topics etc. 
  • If the customers have an existing ticket, they can ask questions if they are not satisfied. This will help each of the businesses to raise their workflow.
  • It supports the translation as well, along with the 40 different languages. 
  • Using the Zendesk, you can even build the online community using which clients can post the queries and answers with the debate. 


As the proving is concerned the Zendesk used to serve plans based upon the feature you need which begins from just $5/ agent. So make sure to check it out. 

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Zoho Desk 

If you are searching for the most importantly cloud-based customer management solution, you should definitely hands-on to the Zoho Desk services that serve you a petty good number of features that might take your brand to the next level. Services like ticket management, client assistance, contract management, report development etc. Will help you out to manage the task effectively. 

It is a completely beginner-friendly tool to even if you are a newbie; it will be easier for you to acquire it from scratch, it’s user-friendly interface might grab your attention to get started. However, there’s a support of graphical interface which will make your client task easier. 

This software provides you with the customised report that will be feasible with the analytical report. Photo organisations providing the best possible solution to the client or customer is the most crucial step they cannot ignore. That’s why most of the businesses are managing themselves by serving the solutions.


We’ve compiled the features of Zoho Desk that we’ve shortlisted, so here are they:

  • You’ll create the customized modification that consists of fresh departments, email templates, renaming the tabs etc. This will help you to scale the businesses. 
  • Zoho Desk offers you the support of several social media platforms that you can integrate with like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. 
  • You can build a strong relationship with your existing customer by serving the best possible solution with the intuitive interface. 
  • There’s an availability of customers using several channels like mobile, email and another medium too. 


Along with the free plan the Zoho Desk used to serve following paid plans too amongst which you can opt:

  • The standard plan is available at just Rs. 720/ month. 
  • The professional plan is available at just Rs. 1200/ month. 
  • The enterprise plan is available at just Rs. 2100/ month. 

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LiveAgent is the best cloud-based customer management solution that provides you with advanced features that will enhance your businesses’ capability. It offers you some of the seamless features that will help you to scale the business by providing the best possible solutions to your customers. 

The software supports inbuilt call centre, live chat applications, base builder, and integrated with 40 different third-party applications that will help you build an authentic workflow that also consists of GoDaddy and Shopify. The LiveAgent satisfies all kinds of business so whether you’re a newbie, it’s the best solution to set up your own reliability. 

For the customers’ satisfaction, you need to manage the stuff conveniently, so that whatsoever issue is it’ll get sorted out within a while. 


Following are some of the key features that are being served by LiveAgent:

  • Get access to the fully customizable customer portal depending on the knowledge base to help you breathe the suggestion box and support forum.
  • Using third-party applications, you can access the live chat widget that will make your client connected.
  • Get access to some advanced automation and reporting features that will help you scale the business.
  • It is accessible using IOS and Android apps for better customer services. 
  • The live agent consists of more than 40 different languages that can even serve translation features. 


As the pricing is concerned live visit used to serve freemium plan which you can access if you’re just a beginner. Along with that, you can also get access to the paid plans that begin from $15/ month and lasts up to $39/ month. 

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The last but definitely not the least is CommBox that serves you with the best possible customer communication and automation solution to scale your business by providing the Top Notch solutions to your clients. Due to this, the clients will stick with you in the long run, and trust factor also gets increased.

The CommBox used to serve the best solutions for transforming their traditional contact centres into the advanced one that makes them the best in class and reliable solution providers in the market for the enterprise-level businesses. It’s the omnichannel when it comes to the design so you can form the holistic approach. 

The user interface of the software is quite intuitive that might grab as much amount of audience attention. Also, by using the serves, you can even communicate with the brands to sort out the issue. 


We have compiled the features that are being served by CommBox, so here are they:

  • Agent Routing will help you out to provide the best possible solutions to your plans. 
  • Get access to the smart inbox for managing the stuff. 
  • You can even monitor the customer satisfaction process so you will get to know whether you’re providing the best solution or not. 
  • You are free to set up your own automation rules. 
  • It has Omnichannel based AI-powered chatbots. 
  • Get access to multiple integrations. 
  • The dashboard is completely based on real-time. 


The vendor of CommBox hasn’t yet revealed price so you can put them to know about plans that used to serve. 

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Final Verdict 

For business management, you will always need customer management software to help you out throughout the processes. There are tons of reasons behind this just because most of the solution provider out there used to serve as many different features amongst which you can select the one as per the requirements. 

Through this detailed post, we have compiled and shared the list of top 5 best customer service management software that you can use in 2021. It’s very convenient to grab them because it offers you as much value depending upon the need. So make sure to check them out by visiting their official website.


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