Designrr Review: Best Tool To Create Lead Magnets

Designrr review

Designing an ebook can be an excellent marketing tunnel for your blog or business. However, creating any book conventionally has been a challenging task for the writers. Back in time, the making charges of the ebook was a little expensive. 

Well, writing book content in Word or Google docs is alright, but how do you make it into something that people can download or share, is it even possible? While I was in search of such a tool, I finally came across the Designer tool, which had the quality of converting and book into an ebook. 

Designrr claims to create an ebook lot more straightforward than the old manner of doing it. With Designrr you can now publish your content without any tension and at a significantly less price. 

So let’s see a more in-depth review of Designrr from a marketers point of view. In this review, you will be going to know how to directly import contacts from a blog post and build influential lead magnet using a designer.

What is Designrr?


A designer is a software tool that assists you to create an ebook, Flipbook, pdf, notes, transcripts, and web pages with the existing content blog posts, podcasts, and videos. With the Designrr, you can easily create all of this within a minute.

However, Designrr is cloud-based it doesn’t require any download or installation for working purposes. You only have to subscribe designrr plan, and within a minute, you will be able to access your program.

Why Designrr Only?

For every online activity, Content is the driving force behind it. For making progress in your online business, your content play’s an important role. But for creating useful and remarkable content, it carries plenty of time, money, struggle, and other more help. 

Regardless, if you have successfully created your content with the period, they get outdated or dull, and you will require to rebuild them again. So, that’s where the Designrr comes to play it’s a role, as you can rebuild your content from your existing ones to increase your traffic and generate leads that encourage you to reach out to your new audience.

What things can be done With Designrr?

  • Convert your blog posts into pdf e-book
  • Transform your word manuscript into an epub e-book
  • Transcribe YouTube videos into pdf e-book
  • Publicize the podcast as a pdf e-book
  • Convert blog post in a dynamic flipbook
  • Swerve YouTube video into a blog post
  • Publicize pdf as a dynamic flipbook
  • Transform podcast into Amazon Kindle e-book
  • Whirl a podcast into blogpost show notes

Who is Designrr For?

Thinking about the size of your online business or marketing point, Designrr has something valuable for supreme businesses and professions

Who Is It For?

Designrr is the coolest software to create eBooks rapidly. Designrr’s makers aren’t looking to take over the world, as they aim to provide a solution that deciphers every book writing problem. 

So, the software does a few stuff truly well. As it has some restrictions, but if you see for a path to brand your business, create “instant” books from the videos or podcasts. Even though you can add written content to an online program, or develop lucrative offers to increase your email list subscribers.

Designrr brought you all of these features at an affordable price, though you can say that it’s a little outlay for the powerful apps. Let’s see it out for whom it suits them best.

  • Brand Marketing: Rebrand your commodity and image, and improving your brand glory by reprocessing prevailing manuscripts, whitepapers, blog posts into dynamic flipbooks, PDFs files, e-books, blog posts
  • Trainers: Are you a trainer of some kind? Do you build content for your learners and students? Organize your impression and strength by building your brand (if you do not acquire one) or by repurposing your content into compatible form and layout
  • Content Marketers: Dramatically improve your email list by establishing creative lead magnets within moments from your prevailing content with Designrr blog post to e-book aspect.
  • Course Creators: It doesn’t even matter if your manuscripts, blog posts, and whitepapers, reproduce them into blog posts, e-books, dynamic flipbooks, and PDFs
  • Market Agencies: You can save your valuable hours with the resource of branded templates, corresponded to each client’s brand, and boost the significance of your services to your clients by reproducing your content into a flipbook, blog posts, e-books, and PDFs
  • Podcast Services: Establish the Show Notes and transcripts with Designrr’s AI quick transcription service and obtain fifteen times more downloads and commerce to your website
  • Small Businesses: for the small business you can easily increase your subscribers and in turn, upgrade your customer base by renovating your videos and blog posts into e-books that can be utilized as a lead magnets
  • Video Creators: Eventually the Designrr screen captures, editor, and auto transcription facilitates you to modify your YouTube videos into lead magnet ebooks or block posts, which results in boosting your wider audience and gaining your channel subscribers.
  • Webinar Marketers: Designrr can transform your webinars, which can thus be emailed to your contacts, occurring in more transformations and best deals.

How Designrr Works

As a marketer or a business owner, there are plenty of things that need to be done accurately, so Designrr helps you to reduce your headache of reproducing fresh content. 

However, with the Designrr you don’t have to write new content or to find a good content writer, here you can save your valuable money and time. You can create beautifully prepared e-books within minutes and that you can publicize directly.

Perhaps, it doesn’t even require any technical skills. Also, you can save the most precious time with Designrr. Let’s see it out.

  • Hours of keeping to write your content from scrape
  • Between $350 – $550 on offshoring redesigning your content to expensive freelancers or professionals writers.
  • No buying of or utilizing costly design application such as InDesign or Photoshop and many more.
  • Up to $550 on design templates

How does Designrr show its Magic work?

In five simple steps, you will completely see the magic work of Designrr tool and find out how it transforms your business. 


Select Your Source

The first thing you need to do in Designrr is to identify and select the source whose content you want to reproduce. Designrr works with a wide variety of media networks. 

However, you can simply introduce such content from Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Facebook Page, Blogs, YouTube, Websites, Videos, and many more.

Review Your Draft

Designrr store all data as a draft into its in-built editor, which is specially built for authors and correspondents. You can rewrite your content utilizing this editor. 

You can similarly add video screenshots, speaker phrases, slab quotes and conclusions, and even customize your transcript. If you are completed, or still studying your content, you can protect it for use or review later, or, if you are done, send it out.

Select a Template

Once you have determined evaluating your content, then you go forward to select from Designrr numerous templates according to your brand, model, or aroma. You can upload your pictures or add from Designrr’s copyright-free pictures. 

Although, once you have selected your template, you can further remove its cover, headings, font modes, and footers. It is very important to you add a “call to action” at the end of your content.

Customize your Design

However, when you are done with your blog post, e-book, or PDF and then you can at last put creative tastes to it by improving background colors, adding the page numbers, improving the cover, or generate a 3D cover image. Although, the best thing about Designrr, that it gives you a variety of tools to create a masterpiece.


Finally, when you are delighted with your content and design format, just with the one-click, you can publish it to a PDF, Kindle, epub, or any website. Perhaps you don’t need to store your content elsewhere, Designrr store it in your cloud account, and allow you to access it from anywhere and anytime. 

Additionally, Designrr also provides you with numerous choices to export your ebook, like, 

  • Uploading to Apple Bookstore
  • Entrenching your ebook into your blog
  • Doing business on Amazon (Kindle)
  • Transcripts from your audio or videos can be entrenched immediately into your website
  • Entrenching your SEO friendly Show Notes on your blog,
  • Generating lead magnets from your content


Select Your Source

Generating Flipbooks is as simple as counting number 123 using Designrr. Select from various references such as PDFs, MS Word, URL, Facebook Profile or Page, and another manuscript, or just clearly begin from scratch.

Select Your Template

There are around 200 templates for you to decide on from. These templates are totally customizable, and you can choose one or two-column choices, in A4 or Letter size. You can moreover select a mixture of other categories.

Tweak and Fine-Tune

Here you obtain to put the last pinch to your blog post, ebook, or PDF. Though, you can put in additional pictures of your own option, or select from Designrr’s archive. You can even develop 3D covers, cover pictures, add sheet numbers, and many more.

Publish Your Product

After you are done with all the stuff, like selecting a source, select the template, tweak and fine-tune finally your need to publish it. Although, with just a single click, you have crafted an attractive PDF which you can publicize as a Kindle ebook, an ePub, or as a PDF Flipbook.

Key Features of Designrr

Let ‘s give a little look towards the key features of Designrr, and what makes it different from other ebook creators? 

  • Different than other ebook creators, you can accept content from any reference involving Facebook profiles and pages.
  • Although, you can introduce as many posts as you want into one project.
  • Although, you can introduce whole web pages as well as posts.
  • No extra tool (such as WordPress) needed. You just required the URL of the website to essence the contents, and it functions on a huge number of websites.
  • Establish an ebook in just two minutes.
  • Effortlessly create flipbooks from any MS Word manuscript, web page, PDF in barely in 40 seconds, and that even helps on mobile and HTML5.
  • Eventually, you have free entry to endless designing, formatting, and styling choices, involving a versatile picture editor and process draft editor.
  • Add Table of Contents and auto page numbering into your content.
  • Finally, your product can be distributed in a mixture of formats such as (Kindle, Mobi, ePub, Apple Page).
  • As all links in your last PDF are clickable.
  • Transcribe any video within a tenth of its play length plus one minute, omitting the uploading duration which relies on your internet relation.
  • All your cloud data are protected and careful using secure logins and SSL encryption.

What Can You Use Your eBooks For?

Finally, you have saved a bunch of cash, time, and resources establishing your super, proficient ebooks, what can you do with them? It is not just sufficient to finish them and keep them resting in your cloud storage. Although they should begin operating for you. And here are some suggestions on how you can make them useful for your purpose.

Generate More Leads

Leads are crucial for boosting up the sales and income of any business. Everyone likes a giveaway. However, you might develop an ebook to giveaway in promos, sweepstakes, and many more.

Reprocess Your Content

It’s very important to process your content No one likes to read, view, or watch the similar old thing over and over again. So, get a fresh life for your content by reproducing them and thus provide your contacts and newcomers with a modern look and taste.

Popularize Your Brand

Mostly, people verge to relate and flow with general names and brands. Moreover, your ebooks can boost you to increase your brand’s attention and business credibility.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

A distinct vehicular business that no one expects that will boost, traffic to your website is a satisfactory thing and something to be wildly craved after. As your ebooks, Slideshare, and PDF sites can lead such traffic to your site which can bring out the best leads and, in a switch, sales.

Build a New Business

Apparently, if you acquire a commercial license, you can gain income by establishing ebooks for customers’ use. Though, it’s would be quite easier for you to create a new business with a new audience.

Market Your eBooks

Marketing the ebooks is the simplest work to do, as you can make an advertisement on google, Facebook page, blog post or if nothing else, you can sell your ebooks on your website or other sites to create more income.

Designrr Bonuses

Despite this remarkable software that you already have seen in Designrr, they furthermore propose some interesting bonuses, on several platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or, and many more. Let’s see it out its different bonuses. 

Bonus 1: Enjoy a FREE commercial license to generate and sell ebooks to your customers. Although in this free commercial license, which worth around $497, grants you unfettered permit to all designs, and you can reuse and resell them without possessing to give money or any kind of royalty amount.  Moreover, you can similarly sell your job in different market places like Fiverr, Upwork, or and many

Bonus 2: Accept a FREE digital manuscript of the book, which is “Content marketing for Dummies”  written by Paul Clifford. In this book, you will be going to learn about how to market your company and ebooks online. The book similarly summarizes the PICASSO 5 Step Framework. However which enlightens you about how to achieve the knowledge of content marketing without tension. This book is worth only over $20 on Amazon.

Bonus 3: Although you can Designrr’s Facebook family of around 9,000 members powerful to get FREE community assistance and training. Admire personalized activity, a weekly live podcast in numerous enactment educators, software details, and tutoring topics

Designrr Plans & Pricing

Designrr offers you 5 different plans with their different features and different pricing





The standard plan starts at $29 per month, since it’s the lowest, and plan still possesses remarkable features.

  • 1 User
  • 100 Project Templates
  • 922 Google fonts
  • Create Unlimited eBooks
  • Unlimited Use Of Copyright Free Images
  • Page Numbering & Table Of Contents Generator
  • Import From the Web, MS Word & Google Docs
  • Flipbook Generator




The Pro plan starts at $39 per month, only one user can access to this tool.

  • 1 User
  • 200+ Project Templates
  • 200+ Cover Designs
  • 922 Google Fonts
  • 3d Cover Image Tool
  • Create Unlimited eBooks
  • Unlimited Use Of Copyright Free Images
  • Page Numbering & Table Of Contents Generator
  • Import From the Web, MS Word, Google Docs & PDF
  • Export to Kindle, iBooks, ePub
  • Clone Projects
  • Flipbook Generator From Any PDF
  • Import from ANY Facebook Page




This premium plan starts at $49 per month with extraordinary features; you will get four transcription hours per month.

  • 4 Transcription Hours /m
  • 1 User
  • 200+ Project Templates
  • 200+ Cover Designs
  • 922 Google Fonts
  • 3d Cover Image Tool
  • Create Unlimited eBooks
  • Unlimited Use of Copyright Free Images
  • Page Numbering & Table Of Contents Generator
  • Import From the Web, MS Word, Google Docs & PDF
  • Export to Kindle, iBooks, ePub
  • Clone Projects & Create Custom Templates
  • Flipbook Generator From Any PDF
  • Import from ANY Facebook Page
  • Export to Any Website Using HTML Embed Code
  • Facebook Group




This Business plan starts at $99 per month with incredible features; you will get eight transcription hours per month.

  • 8 Transcription Hours /m
  • 1 User
  • 200+ Project Templates
  • 200+ Cover Designs
  • 922 Google Fonts
  • 3d Cover Image Tool
  • Create Unlimited eBooks
  • Unlimited Use of Copyright Free Images
  • Page Numbering & Table Of Contents Generator
  • Import From the Web, MS Word, Google Docs & PDF
  • Export to Kindle, iBooks, ePub
  • Clone Projects & Create Custom Templates
  • Import from ANY Facebook Page
  • Flipbook Generator From Any PDF
  • Export to Any Website Using HTML Embed Code
  • Facebook Group

Lifetime Deal

The Designrr Lifetime Deal is $27. It’s an absolute discount, even if you only utilize the software a few times. The time conserved on establishing something identical in Word or confusing design software is worth the admission fee. 

  • As a customer support team is quick to answer queries and is always helpful. They actually fixed up problems I had with functioning and offered advice for boosting up my work.
  • The “Enable Free Element Dragging” choice lets you be more imaginative. It helps to realize what you’re doing here. For most people, allowing the software to do a maximum of the structural arrangements is a good thing.
  • Entry to editing preferences from the inspector tab, inside the content, or by right-clicking on components.
  • it’s simple to see how your book will notice after involving the template. 
  • Designrr can be a little buggy.  You might get smashed it a few times when retreating from the preview or assigning too many things simultaneously.
  • It’s not unforgiving.
  • Exclusive sending out selections on the lifetime deal. Fine for developing eBooks, however.
  • Take a little time for getting used to the interface, which could look more modern.

Final Verdict

As a marketer, I would suggest you use the Designrr tool, for your ebook, as this is incredibly option for business owners, content marketer, bloggers, and many more who deals with content

Must check out the price and plans above and select one that is adequate for your business. Designer help to create good content which generates traffic and eventually into sales. 

I hope you have got an in-depth review of this article and you might have seen its goods and even bad. If you have any quires you can ask us in the comment section, and we will be happy to help you out.

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