The 5 Best Alternatives to Evernote 2021

Evernote alternative

Evernote is one of the finest and legal note-taking applications out there which you can use to stay productive all the time. Though it is an online tool but what can use it to gather the information. So you can share it with your team just with the the help of over not as there is no need for any more platform or tool to get your job done more frequently.

Still, Evernote misses some of the features which are essential for every entrepreneur or working professional out there.

If you are the one you’re looking for the 5 best alternatives to Evernote that this post might help you a lot as we are going to cover the topmost voices which we have shortlisted. The thing is they are genuine ones so you don’t have to worry much about your data or notes to get leaked.

But before that let me quickly introduce you with Evernote.

What Is Evernote? 

Basically, Evernote is a note-taking application which runs at online server full stop you can manage all your document files according to your need also you can retrieve them easily. If you are a digital marketer or an entrepreneur then Evernote is an essential platform that will get your task is easy.

You can use it for the content which grabs from the internet. But eventually, it is used as a documented purpose where you can store as much as content you can according to your need.

Evernote helps you to organize all of your data according to your workspace. Also, you can decide your note or even set up the notes according to the wish.

The aim of Evernote is just to not going for the other tools out there for organizing your data.

 Why Evernote Is Helpful? 

The most important reason behind using Evernote is you can get your job done and organize all of your data just using it, you don’t have to go with other application or tool to organize accordingly.

Following are the two main advantages of Evernote which you need to know about

1. Notebook

The notebook is an essential feature by Evernote which you can use to take out the notes and organize it according to your workspace. If you are a student or working professionals then this feature might help you a lot.

Also, you can take the notebook according to your requirement. Let me tell you can store the notes free where you get 25mb space if you want to purchase their premium subscription plan in you will get 200 MB of space to store the notes.

25 MB space is sufficient if you just want to organize the notes but if you are about to add some of the images in it then you will need to have more space and for that, you will need to purchase their premium plan.

2. Tags

Tags are an essential feature provided by Evernote with the help of that you can make your roots perfect in terms of the arrangement. You can provide tags to each note you made to make it simple while setting for that note.

What it does is it makes your notes easier while searching for that in your workspace. If you usually used to take out notes using Evernote then tags are an essential feature that you cannot miss.

Let’s say if you are running a multiple projects simultaneously can you can organize them along with the tags so that letter on words whenever you want to open the specific document you just have to search for the tags.

For organizing it you can sort it according to date, time, and schedule it as per need. The most basic 3 types of searches are mentioned below which you can use to organize the notes accordingly:-

 Web Clipper

In this section, you can add the random notes from where you can choose whenever you need it. Web clipper has the chrome-extension inbuilt which you can use in order to read it in a specific folder.


This is my favorite one, you can access all of your content throughout the devices like PC, laptop, tablet, phone, etc. You will just need a Browser to get started with it. Singing the data from any device is a necessity in today’s world as you carry the device anywhere anytime.


Document sharing is an essential term which you can use to send the files to a specific person via Email. Also, you are allowed to be specific while sharing likewise you can set the edit portion, which is important when you are sharing the data with your teammates who you don’t want to edit by them.

Who Can Use Evernote

In this digital world, all you need to get your work done is something where you can organize the notes. The traditional work pattern has expired in this decade as the internet is booming day by day so you need to examine the more you can organize the data online.

Evernote is an essential platform that has helped millions of people for organising their notes according to their workspace. If you are an entrepreneur, student, businessman, etc. you can use Evernote according to your need. This will help you to save all your handwritten notes in digital format.

If you’re interested to know the top 5 alternatives to Evernote then stick with this post.

Following are some of the best top 5 best alternatives to Evernote which you can use to organize all your content likewise:-

Top 5 Best Evernote Alternatives You Need To Know About

The competition is too high, but we’ve shortlisted some of the best in class alternatives which have a similar pattern as  Evernote, so without any further ado let’s get deep into it.

1. Notion

The 5 best alternatives to Evernote 2020

In today’s era, it has become difficult to take out the notes in a traditional manner and so here comes the Notion which is one of the best in class platform with some of the useful a feature that provides the true value to their users.

It is one of the cleanest and easy to access the platform out there. If you are looking for minimalistic and easy to operate platform while taking connotes then Notion is just waiting for you as it consists of some essential features which help you a lot.

The management team of the notion has arranged all of the necessity which you can use to organize all of your documents in a various different manner according to your need. Also, you can cut off the unwanted things from Notion.

In Notion, a single page can hold radius different handles as mentioned below:-

  • Table
  • Texts improvements
  • Add embedded YouTube videos accordingly
  • Tweets
  • PDF
  • Videos from loom
  • Pictures
  • Google Maps etc. 

Despite the above, once you get more features on a single page which makes it different from other platforms out there. In my opinion, the notion is a kind of Genuine platform which had helped more than a million people worldwide to organize their notes according to their needs.

One can organize the schedule notes which will help them to search for the specific notes whenever there is a need according to the date. This feature is kind of essential of all please help me to organize my content.

Similarly to the Evernote here we can share the notes with your teammates by typing the email address while sharing it. Here you get the option to select whether your teammate those notes or not which is one of the helpful features I like about it.

The notion also allows you to store the images if you want while taking up the notes. If you are an entrepreneur or Digital marketer then this is the must-have feature while organizing the notes.

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2. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote: Save Ideas and Organize Notes - Programu zilizo kwenye Google Play

It’s been a while Microsoft has worked on their services and that’s where one note comes out which is kind of best alternative to Evernote. If you are not familiar with one note in you might be missing a lot because it is one of the best in class and legal note-taking application that comes default in a notebook, tablet, phone (Microsoft products).

It has similar features as the Evernote has the true difference is that in one note you can note down in unlimited note patterns. Even you are allowed to add the notebooks sections in it likewise you can decide whenever necessary.

There is so much difference between Evernote and one-note but the thing is here you get full control as it is a Microsoft product. Also, you get support from one drive where you can organize all your notes in cloud storage so you don’t have to worry about the storage pattern.

The only thing is in the free platform you get 5 GB of storage and if you want more than that then you will need to subscribe to their premium plan which will cost you around $1.99 / month where you get storage of 50 GB.

Although sharing is impossible in one note so I think Evernote is best in that but if you want the most minimalistic featured note-taking application then one Note could be for you.

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3. Coda

Another beast of note-taking application is coda which is similar to the notion and has some of the advanced features which make the true sense for using it. If you are in search of one of the most legal and advanced note-taking tool then Coda is a kind of useful tool out there.

In notion, you need to add the tables whenever necessary but in coda, there is an inbuilt table around there which was finally if you want to enter the data. Once you import the table you can manage it well and customize it according to your need also you can select the theme of that table. 

The template is organized in such a way that you can maximize their importance and select eventually you will get to know that they are most used of all time. Once you figure out which template you need to use then you can send the complete file to your teammate. Modify the email you can use your name, blog name accordingly. Once you get that the task gets easier and more often you will be able to enter the data.

Coda has blown off my mind as it is one of the best in class and arranged note-taking applications out there.

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4. Google Keep

The Other tool from Google which makes improve sense and that’s why I had shortlisted this one in the alternative section to Evernote. If you are looking for a legal and trusted note-taking tool in Google Keep is just made for you. It is trusted by more than a million people across the world which makes the two uses of using it all the time you need.

Google Keep is more than a note-taking application which also helps you to organize the data you want. Google docs I just made with the help of that where you can organize the data. Here you can select the color, template adds notes, sticky notes, etc. Also, you can Highlight the note wherever necessary.

Per sweet can arrange all your to-do lists which will help you to organize according to your date and timing. You can also set a reminder if you want. The only problem I faced with Google Keep is that it is unable to capture more content in just one note.

But if you are an entrepreneur, student, working professional then Google Keep is kind of best in class and easy to access tool which you will need. It separates all your content which is managed according to the date and time. Also, the task gate is used when you need to find the specific document as Google Keep has the search option available out there.

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5. ProofHub

Last but not least ProofHub is a kind of best herbal alternative to Evernote which works finer and a minimalistic way. You will get placed by it due to its features which are arranged according to your requirement. Basically, proofhub is an All-in-One note-taking application that you can use to organize all of your day-to-day lists.

If you are an entrepreneur or a digital marketer and proof of is the must-have software out there which was Finalized on your primary devices like Phone, computer, laptop, tablets. Also, you are able to sink all of the necessary notes from all of your devices which you are using. Sinking is the most liked feature of the proof hub which had helped a lot of entrepreneurs to get their job done.

ProofHub is the most powerful software which has some inbuilt features like organizing the daily tasks of comic color filtration, sticky notes. Also, you can add thoughts and ideas if you want, this helped me a lot to arrange my day to day tasks. Also, my workspace has become more productive when I come in contact with the proof hub.

So these were the top 5 alternatives to Evernote. If you are in search of the right notary application for the tool then you can choose from the other five options which I think works genuinely and do not leak any of your info due to their security.

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Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, digital marketer or business assistant Google always need a note-taking tool where you will organize all of your data accordingly so that your task will get easier you will get more productive.

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