FindThatLead Review: Best B2B Lead Generation Tool

FindThatLead review

Do you know what is more stringent than reaching out to your prospect?

Prospect contact information. But how frequently do we concentrate on the process of collecting prospect contact information, which is always the email address? The situation urges you to find the email address of a particular person so that you can send out an extra personalized email with decent conversion prospects.

However, there are plenty of lead generation techniques out there, such as newsletters, debates, freebies, and so on. Yet not everyone can succeed from such campaigns. You always find the path that can boost the conversion rate for the sales broker to reach out to their conceivable buyers. 

For example, if you like to send out emails to obtain backlinks to your site, you can depend on conventional email gathering techniques. It is where an email disclosing software such as FindThatLead may become useful.

 It provides you with exact results and assists you to compile valuable data for your campaigns. It gives you to enforce searches for many platforms with varying metrics and numbers. 

You can get the various email addresses by just utilizing social media accounts, you can confirm an email address that you already possess, or you can perform a bulk search.

FindThatLead provides you with the stability to engage with people who matter for you. It processes just by binding to your Chrome browser as a plugin giving you the authority to see anyone´s business contact information and social data while you are logged into Linkedin. 

In this review, we will go through with all the features of FTL, and it’s the benefit, pricing, pros & Cons and also detect how good it is at discovering the duplicate emails. 

What Is FindThatLead?


FindThatLead is a firm that intends to participate in the overall development of companies and the economy.  While on the one hand, by benefiting entrepreneurs assisting them in finding their delicate customers or their investors. 

No extra prospecting job anymore. FindThatLead scales your lead generation for sales and development. However, it is the perfect software for finding emails, that proposes the numerous ways to the audience to search email addresses.

It can assure you to be useful for a variety of campaigns, extremely the raw email outreach one. The suite of tools on FindThatLead can chassis the user in several means, and scalability is not much a problem for the platform.

 Perhaps, you can just send out emails from the platform. Acquiring valid emails can be a trauma in the butt. But it doesn’t have to be. Use this pact to create your lead-generation life much more straightforward.

What FTL Offer to its Client?

FTL assists businesses find leads depends on website traffic, and I have observed that it performs exactly what it confesses on the offer. The primary priority is to work as a lead generator, but it is moreover a prospecting tool. It can be utilized for raw outreach and email outreach. It can reveal the phone number for the probable customer!

The FTL tool comes with six essential services, and we will going to read out briefly about all off them, so let’s start.

1. Lead Search and Domain Search

Using the lead search aspect is a piece of cake. All you require to do is retain the initial name, last name, and the domain of the firm. Onetime you deliver this data, an email address will occur. It is worth pointing out, the mail which may not indeed be accurate.

There is an assurance percentage that arises following the address. If you obtain an outcome with 100% – you might be laughing now! But the mail address is heartfelt. Regardless, if you receive the result of up to 10%,  you should expect a hop back when you deliver the mail.

Suppose you like to determine the number of emails at a particular domain, though you can do so easily. Enter the domain name into the interface, and almost like enchantment, they will all appear in front of you.

2. Find That Lead – Email Verifier

There isn’t much to write about the Email Verifier tool, and I don’t wish to evade it. FTL ensures that this tool will enable you to take the guesswork out of bounced emails and have our improved algorithm rapidly analyze an email.” 

To conclude this tool, it will help you in your emailing and will avoid you from wasting a bunch of time delivering mails to the false people. It’s a tricky feature, but one you would require to amass a piece of this package.

3. Email Sender

For every Digital Marketers, it’s a dream come true. The Email Sender is an incredible tool that authorizes you to deliver targeted email campaigns to very carefully assigned users. 

Those what the days where we need to pay for run-of-the-mill data lists that dishearten. Instead, use the email finder that is usable to you as a piece of the FindThatLead experience.

FTL states on its website that this software will enable you to deliver emails. Although, with all the sales funnels and analytics, you require to verify performance and develop your business. 

Accordingly, you are not only sending mails as a crazy punt. Instead, you are delivering emails that you can trace, and this will help you triumph the mastery of email campaigns using the SAAS  over time. 

4. Prospector

The Prospector sounds outstanding, and it is genuinely a helpful feature. This is utilized to find extraordinary leads. It obtains the six choices that will assist you in narrowing down your outcomes. 

These are Location, Company Name, organization, Industry, Company length, Job Title, and ultimately, Member Skills.

From a sales point of view, this tool is precious. If you are a manufacturer, for instance, you can search for partners of the purchasing department at firms who could come to be customers.

5. Social Search

Have you ever come across somebody on social media and thinking to yourself. 

I wish I would have their email address because they are almost really going to like to listen to what I need to say to then? You might know this feature is entirely marvelous.

However, you just have to enter the URL of the profile which you are looking for in the software. Though, then the email address of the user will appear in that software.

One little drawback that you may be frustrated by features only functions with twitter and LinkedIn. Thus, you need to forget using Facebook and other social media platform a few times.

6. Chrome Extension

I must say the Chrome extension is very under-rated. A real experience I have observed that not many people use Chrome extension. However, if you add FTL to your shopping list, then it will be essential for you to get the Chrome extension as it works. 

With the integration of FTL, the Chrome extension is a lifesaver. While login into your FTL account, you want to use it every time. Chrome extension will be the perfect extension to find the information required on the web page you presently on.

It can reduce your efforts and show out you the multiple references. However, these results are quick, and the procedure is stress-free. However, the extension provides you with some extras which have a nice touch.

7. Upload CSVs to your Account in Seconds

You can upload plenty of domains in a single second. Whether if you are aiming to find out lots of email addresses, then just think about this, it will save you a massive amount of time.

At the click of a switch, you can turn on searching for hundreds, possibly be thousands of email addresses. Only sit behind and calm. You can, moreover, upload CSV’s with social media URLs. Delightful, right!

Key Features of FindThatLead

  • Lead Search – Find somebody’s email. Hardly write the name, last name, and domain.
  • Lead Manager – Manage the leads that you brought with FindThatLead.
  • Prospector tool – Run the advanced search depend on tags (area, job responsibility, etc.)
  • Campaigns tool – send as many emails as you like instantly from the network. You can receive your leads quickly from Prospector or upload your lists.
  • SnapThatLead – scan, and upload industry cards by putting up with a picture
  • Import CSV + Google Spreadsheet Add-on – Find people’s emails in the majority from a catalog in seconds with only one click.

How Can You Use FindThatLead?

FTL is a business to business (B2B) software that is aimed at the Sales and Marketing divisions of a company. As you will find out when you read on, there are a lot of advantages ready to help you out in both the Sales and Marketing Divisions.

1. Sales Teams

FindThatLead serves it be quick and straightforward to reveal authorized contacts for your sales force. Instead of just grabbing your sales agents standing empty looking forward to leads, you will possess an occupied salesroom with agents using up more time on the phone, shutting down new deals.

2. B2B Marketers

Test down and discover targeted candidates on any upright and geography. You could improve your occurring prospect lists or collect the emails from hooking up with top-level people depend on their job title.

3. SaaS Companies

FindThatLead can assist you in creating hyper-targeted lists for your standard candidates. Payless time performing manual sourcing and extra time conference with new skills and earning eventually more clients.

4. Growth Hackers

Receive a massive number of verified emails and social profiles every day for your chill outreach movements or educating your upgrade hacking experiments. Learn them, send abroad them, and upload those to your funnels in instants.

How Much does it Cost?

FTL tools work with credits.  The more you consume, the more credits you will keep at your disposal. 

But do you know that what credit is?  

A credit is consumed every time when you search by using the tool. Thus, it says that search wisely.

The pricing below depends on the monthly pay choice. It is worth remarking that if you agree to spend for the year upfront, you will only spend for ten months. That’s precise, two months free isn’t that great! If you have got the cash flow, make it clear to Grab yourself a bargain. Let’s see it out its various packages.


Package 1: Growth

The growth package is the lowest price paid solution to the FTL tool. The monthly cost of the growth package is $49. Below have mentioned the things which are included in this growth package.

  • 5000 monthly credits
  • Extension
  • 1 user
  • Two campaign accounts
  • Send up to 400 everyday emails per account
  • Prospector
  • Bulk processing
  • Customer support

The only one drawback is that the FTL growth package hasn’t included unlimited account.

Package 2: Startup

The Startup package is competent for a big and effective sales team. The most stand out characteristic of this package is the significant number of credits, the multiple users, and they have included

Although the monthly cost of the FTL Startup package costs you up to $150, as I have mentioned below, the things which are included in this package.

  • 18000 monthly credit
  • Extension
  • 4 users
  • 4 campaign accounts
  • Send up to 500 everyday emails per account
  • Prospector
  • Bulk processing
  • Customer support
  • 2 Ultimate Gift

Package 3: Suite

Suite package is the highest price paid solution of the FTL tool. The most stand out aspects of this package are the vast number of credits, the multiple users, and they have included

The monthly cost of the growth package is $399. Below have mentioned the things which are included in this suite package.

  • 30000 monthly credits
  • Extension
  • Six user
  • Ten campaign accounts
  • Send up to 750 everyday emails per account
  • Prospector
  • Bulk processing
  • Customer support
  • 4 Ultimate Gift

But what is

Well, I have done my analysis, as FTL includes but eventually fail to explain what it is on their website.  So I would be giving you a little overview of is an extra extension that it offers you to search on the LinkedIn platform and search out anyone’s detail that you wish to do. However, you can moreover upon the icon at the top of your web browser and start searching profile instantly.

 Through my analysis, the best feature of is the automatically created CSV file, which generates leads for you.

Free Free Free…

However, FTL is offering their buyers of the free version of this software that you can enroll within a minute. For obtaining a free version, you need to complete the short form on the free trial page simple, and you are welcome to the free tool.

I must say that this free tool is a great way to detect FTL various plans that you can get when you put your hand in your purse and ingrain in this software. Below I have mentioned a few features which come with this free service.

  • 50 monthly credits
  • Chrome Extension
  • 1 user
  • 1 campaign account
  • The capacity to deliver up to 250 daily emails

However, they haven’t included the most needed features which are essential like,

  • The Prospector
  • Bulk Processing
  • Customer Support (no shocks here)
  • Ultimate Gift

FTL Team will Assist you when you get Forfeited

As you would predict, there are a bunch of support selections accessible to you, should you want to create contact with FTL. Firstly, there is a valuable helpdesk on the FTL website that is worth digging into.

 Their helpdesk is a picture to remark. It is divided up into eight sections, I.e., Essential Information, Prospector, Appsumo, Campaigns, Legal Information, Chrome Extension, Spreadsheet Addon, and ultimately, GDPR. Eventually, GDPR is a genuinely crucial subject.

If you face a problematic issue that no helpdesk in the world can support you with, well, there are always extra assistance options accessible to you. Many people will find the helpdesk service mightily slow and actual pain in the butt. Gradually, more support is ready unless & until you are utilizing the free package.

The website is functioning in many languages, containing English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Earlier days, the organizations were working on only one language, I.e., English. But thanks to FTL teams for bringing out the marketplace globally.  

Accumulating in vogue is the online chat feature. FindThatLead has this, and it is used to both enrolled users and likely clients. There is even email support accessible to everyone too. 

As you may require from a global firm, there is no understandable telephone number. However, if you like to talk to someone rapidly, you will maybe struggle. Assume this in a sense before putting up with the drop and obtaining the tool.

Only FTL Integration, i.e., Zapier

Zapier is an add-on that will enable you to sync the tool with your CRM system effortlessly.

It is nicely worth getting for more data as their website is incredibly bare. It conducts to show that the tool syncs with Salesforce, Zoho, and a few different CRM systems.

How competitive is the marketplace, if at all?

Well, a 1 million dollar question. How many opponents are there?

The answer is plenty of loaded competitors. FindThatLead may squeak like it’s relatively different, but there are a bunch of lead generators out there. Without question, FTL is in the top 10. But it is nicely worth buying around and creating your judgment.

  • Authorizes you to searches in bulk.
  • Verifies email addresses that you already save.
  • Finds email addresses from social media profiles.
  • Prospector tool assists in carrying out broader searches.
  • Appears with an email sender.
  • The social media searches don’t constantly give beneficial results
  • Doesn’t have in Growth package 

Final Verdict 

So this was all about the details review of FindThatLead as you might have understood every tiny idea about it. FTL is a bottom breach remedy that provides leads to your sales team in a flicker. 

In our perspective, it truly is the bee’s knees. As you would believe, the tool will practically assist you in learning leads and developing your number of clients. 

I again urge you only to buy a tool like FindThatLead if you possess the in-house reserves to utilize the torment out of it. It isn’t inexpensive and, therefore, makes it clear you receive value for money and make the tool function for you as this tool will surely going to make a great impact on your work.

The FTL website is a tremendous way to obtain more knowledge of the software. However, the quantity of helpful content for forthcoming customers is needy. Each of the major service offerings is added in small over one verdict. 

This may provide you with the idea that the tools aren’t that good If FindThatLead is not ready to write great about them. If you have any query related to FindThatLead, then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will be happy to help you out.

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