Glorify Review 2021 : Is it Worth? Best Canva alternative?

Glorify review

Are you looking for an all-round designing tool which can give you high converting images? 

So, you are right track, as today we are going to talk about a design tool which can help you to create marketing materials, ebooks, logos, social media graphics and many more things, without any designing skills or learning curve. 

I am very sure you might come across with this Canva, Crello and many other graphic designing tools. Although they all have standard features, templates and Library, due to the limited templates and absence of advanced features, I was searching for a new tool for my business. 

Then I got to know about Glorify App, as it was a pretty impressive tool as comparatively of other graphic designing tools. The best part about utilising this tool is, that it doesn’t need any advanced designing skills. With only a few clicks, anyone can create a high converting pictures.

No matter whether you are an eCommerce store owner who likes to expand footnote to product images, or a dealer on Amazon who needs to discard backgrounds from the images, or a social media manager who needs to use graphics to circulate your message, this Glorify tool is for you. Well it’s see more in-depth about this tool.

What is Glorify App?

Glorify Review

Glorify is a modern age design tool that is created just for eCommerce business owners and online entrepreneurs that aim to put the decent products out in the world through the internet. 

It is cloud-based design software that works for e-commerce businesses to build incredible visuals and marketing content for their products. But there are already various graphics design or editing software in the market like the all well-known Canva and Crello.

The unique selling point of Glorify is that the tool is incredibly designed and built for eCommerce business. Once you begin with using the tool, you will recognise that is created fulfilling the wants of eCommerce entrepreneurs in mind.

Glorify is helpful towards designing the product pictures, product mockups, descriptive videos,  and commodity demos.

The software allows you to build high, transforming beautiful product images with only a few clicks. Well, not just pictures, you can moreover make marketing materials, eBooks, Logos, social media graphics and much more, without any need of design skills or learning curve.

What you can do with Glorify App?

  • Build a high converting elegant product images with hardly a few clicks
  • With Glorify’s annotation tool, you can underline the distinct features of your product.
  • Simply upload a die-line of your commodity’s packaging and build your design utilising our assets and layouts
  • Make your product appears to be pro with rapid & simple effects
  • Hundreds of eCommerce and social media templates functionable
  • Immediately build the product mock-ups of eBooks, packaging, wardrobe, electronics, print materials and much more.

Glorify App: The Features

Although these are some of the decent features on display, we will clarify you all of them separately in the following segments. This procedure will help you know the functionality and productivity of each features.

1. Stunning Graphics (E-Commerce and Social Media Builder)

Glorify app make it easy for engaging and saleable graphics. The best thing about this software is that no professional designing skills are essential. Also, the including dashboard and self-explanatory tutorial further help designers and marketers to build graphics on their own.

Once you register into this platform, you get to choose the nature of your graphics. You can either choose social media pictures or e-commerce graphics, according to your choices.

There are specific product niches and themes to select from. The most excellent thing about it is that the picture styling isn’t generic and in sync with the e-commerce rhythm.

In order to begin, you need to choose the desired template from the extensive Glorify library. The interface moreover permits you to pair specific product images from the device. You can put in the specific photos to the template and begin the branding of the product by adding colours from the palette, if and when needed.

It moreover allows content addition, in many fonts and modes. Also, you can further add effects and select styles depend on product nature. This software furthermore permits you to save the picture onto the cloud or the device.

Lastly, you can modify the usability of graphics by adding active icons to the creations. This process is incredible for defining products without words.

2. Logo maker

Before you can begin selling products by shipping out the exciting graphics, it is valuable to build a brand identity. The Glorify app makes this feasible by providing numerous logo making choices. The professional logo maker grabs the brand and personal user preferences into the record.

To begin with, you can appoint the logo making procedure from the dashboard. Glorify app asks a collection of questions to know your necessities and brand theme.

Once the brand tonality is gotten into a record, Glorify Logo Maker permits you to select the brand colour which will create the bulk of the logo. The following procedure contains selecting the appropriate icons from the extensive list. 

Although, this software makes sure that it is likely to remake every part of the logo, containing icon colours, size, character color, type, and everything else before finalising.

You can moreover generate a preview to see whether the logo has appeared as expected or not. Glorify favours multiple edits and permits you to squeeze the layout, continually. This feature is quite helpful for social media and e-commerce startups that are initially looking to build a brand identity.

3. Customizable Shapes and Blobs

Likewise, dynamic icons, you can moreover use shapes to heighten certain vital product features. To get things turned on, every e-commerce template or layout favours the involvement of customisable patterns. You can add choose shapes to underline some of the crucial aspects of the brand, without defying out the same.

The Glorify app also helps you to improve the shape, colour, and setup of the feature-magnifying elements. Moreover, you can even make fun, productive, and high converting blobs for intensifying sales. These irregularly sized factors and shapes are customisable.

Moreover, you add pictures, pair existing social media and e-commerce templates, add icons, involve text, and create other essential structures depends upon priorities.    

Glorify is maybe the only software that supports a distinct pair of customisations, even with traditional and uneven shapes. Dealers and influencers should make use of this feature as pictures are eye-catching and work nicely when it reaches to illustrating products, as correlated to texts.

4. Annotations (Best for eCommerce Store owners)

There are specific products that needed explanations or highlighting titles to appear more suitable. Glorify makes the involvement possible with its Annotate Tool.

The software gives you many possibilities to add textual highlights and definitions. Also, the annotate tool enables the firms to bring out a specific section of the leading commodity and characterise the same for extra knowledge.

Glorify also makes the pointing element, which makes promoting simpler and more rewarding. The annotate tool furthermore brings in other preferences that work well with the point-to outline, containing frames and textual support.

The frames are highly useful choices that make sure that product highlights must appear clear and detailed. Glorify similarly permits you to add texts for justifying the highlighted features on display.

Glorify appears with a built-in element scaling feature which you can utilise to shift the size of the annotation, frames, and other aspects that recently involved with the design. Useless to say, the annotate tool from Glorify is the decent solution to build callout images.

5. Background Addition

Glorify support the background addition feature as an essential e-commerce building element. If you are aiming to build a product or service-centric graphics, it is essential to stack in distinct backgrounds for generating the offerings more commercial.

Glorify brings forth a substantial list of background pictures. Also, you can add the similar onto any template, depending on your choices. You can moreover drag and change the background vertically and horizontally for polishing the alignment.

Color differences are moreover possible, although you can easily fit in the background images by choosing the same based on keywords. You can even add your background images rather than looking in the library. This feature adds a specific level of competence to your e-commerce layouts.

6. Background Removal (Best For Resellers)

Glorify boasts of the mysterious background remover, which is a beautiful feature for the better-flavoured designers. This feature enables you to separate any commodity, image, component, or smallest feasible entity from its surroundings.

Choosing the tool from the dashboard and sketching green and red lines to maintain and remove the sections is a simple process to understand. Also, Glorify moreover allows you to prepare improved crops by fine-tuning the edges, feathers, and other minute details.

The user interface is pretty simple, and the green and red scrubs are simple to specify. Also, you can further drop or increase the brush size to build uber-accurate crops. Once you cut off the image, you can save it to the batches and pair the exact with other templates for constructing suitable graphics.

7. Shadows and Reflections

In order to create the cropped images, which look more realistic and connected to the natural surroundings, glorify permits you to add shadows. You can either opt for fall shadows or natural product shadows.

Drop shadows pursue the product alignment, and product shadows settle at the bottom. Glorify arrives with numerous tools to help you shift the vertical and horizontal positioning of the shadows. You can moreover improve the shadow mist, scale, and obscurity.

Glorify moreover favours the inclusion of natural reflections. The added result follows the product, and we can improve the blur and clarity of the reflections to make them look realistic. Both shadows and reflections are handy effects. The minimalistic user interface of the software makes the reaction easy.

8. Smart Resize

Images fluctuate in size, and you might need more significant or minor versions depends on the platform compatibility. The Smart Resize characteristic from Glorify makes this feasible. With this tool, you can improve the size of any product image to make it suitable for a social graphic, Instagram story advert, or also an eBook.

To practice this feature effectively, you can choose from a vast list of platforms. You only have to select the social media platform and the jumpy image type to begin with the procedure. For example, if you need an existing graphic, you can smartly resize the same as a Facebook cover, eBook cover, Pinterest image, and many more.

Once you resize, you can board the elements and shift them according to the choices and aesthetics. Image and text realignment is moreover feasible. Glorify similarly permits you to begin with the resizing without having to save the image.

9. EBook Creator (Best For Entrepreneurs, Artists, Social Media Influencers)

EBooks are amazing lead magnets for businesses. Hence, before you begin with your online retail business, it is essential to consider eBook-centric marketing. This strategy will enable you to create a vast user base before the authorised e-commerce activities start.

Glorify app, thus, offers a positive eBook creator with numerous template options. You can select between one column, two-column, CTA, and back covers. Onetime you choose a template, the whole set is available for practice.

You can just begin by choosing the template and add needed, brand-specific images to the pack. EBook Creator from Glorify moreover gives you all the repurposed images for other platforms as generously, containing Facebook cover, YouTube thumbnails, and more.

Aside from these brought out features, Glorify also provides other aspects to the designers and marketers, which include adding specific effects to pictures, offering thorough guides, and rightfully favouring designs for Instagram Story advertisements.

Why choose Glorify over other design software?

If you have an eCommerce business and aiming to launch on Amazon or begin your own tradition site, you require brand acquainted, highly fascinating images, that generates results.

Glorify is the only graphic design tool that concentrated primarily on eCommerce product images and is developed by professionals who have worked for many eCommerce brands reach breakthrough results.

It is furthermore the only all-inclusive feature intensive design software that is very simple to use. Thus the excellent for non-designers and designers also.

Glorify is best for?

  • E-Commerce Sellers: Glorify app is the excellent product image designing tool for all online vendors, it’s doesn’t even matter what you are selling and on which platform you are selling.  It supports straight from Amazon, Shopify, Woo-commerce to all other online fora. Using Glorify’s distinct features and templates, you can boost profit, sales, and conversions with the strength of conversion-driven product pictures.
  • Instagram Influencers: Instagram Influencers business is growing and if you are one of the Influencer, begin with Glorify today for your product images and boost your engagement and sales.
  • Funnel Hackers: Using Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Unbounce or Instapage to trade overwhelming offers through captivating deals funnel? Glorify is for you then
  • Drop-Shippers: As drop-shipper, are you always assessing several product opportunities. Build powerful product marketing on steroids by utilising Glorify.
  • And Everyone?: I personally think, Glorify app is not only for e-commerce but anyone can utilise this graphic designing tool to build high-quality professional pictures that can be used in their online campaigns, social media, blogs, ebooks, ads and what not?

Glorify Plan And Pricing 

Glorify come up with the three different plan for different categories of need. However, you can even use their free trial, before purchasing the actual product, as you can get to know about their services and understand how it is helpful for your business. So let’s see it’s all the plan and its pricing.

1. Free Trial

I must advise you to use this free trial for 14 days before purchasing the actual product. Then it will be going to easy for you to launch your first product by understanding the actual working of this tool as this Plan is totally free.

  • 10 BG Remover Credits
  • 1M+ Free Stock Library
  • x10 Premium Stock Credits​
  • x2 Logo Maker
  • x2 Color Palettes
  • x2 Custom Fonts
  • 1GB Cloud Storage
  • x5 Projects
  • 1 User

2. Pro Plan

This pro plan comes with unique features which are perfect for an entrepreneur or any growing startups business. However, this Pro plan costs you only  $12.99 / MONTH.

  • 100 BG Remover Credits
  • 1M+ Free Stock Library
  • ∞ Premium Stock Credits
  • x10 Logo Maker
  • x10 Color Palettes
  • x10 Custom Fonts
  • Smart Resize
  • ∞ Cloud Storage
  • ∞ Projects
  • 1 User
  • +1 Team Member$5 / month
  • +1 Brand Account$5 / month
  • +100 BGR Credits$5 / month

3. Business Plan

In this Business, plan arrives with unique features which are perfect for a large team who need more resources and priority support. However, this Business plan costs you only  $37.99 / MONTH.

  • Unlimited BG remover
  • 3 Users 
  • +$5pm per extra
  • ∞ Logo Maker
  • ∞ Color Palettes
  • Priority Support
  • Smart Resize
  • ∞ Cloud Storage
  • ∞ Projects

Glorify App is offering a lifetime deal on this Black Friday 2021, click to get the lifetime deal in just $97 (93% Off) and use the product forever (for a limited time only).

Get Lifetime Deal!

Final Verdict

If you are aiming to take your e-commerce brand to a whole new level, Glorify is the designing software that you want to add onto your list. With features like background removal, annotation, and clever resize, it brings out the visual marketing simple and highly profitable for businesses. 

However, when it about the pricing, we would like to suggest you Glorify Pro plan if you are freelancing and just have one user rectifying the design-centric necessity.

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