GreyMetrics Review 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features

GreyMetrics review

Nowadays, for every digital marketing agency, the one most significant challenge that occurs as I have to prove their worth into the eyes of their client. It’s always a better way to display a positive impact instead of speaking about.

Although, organising the reports when you are utilising many tools is actually a time-consuming work. Especially when it has to be performed for every client, as it becomes a considerable task that consumes tons of precious time which you can alternatively utilise to develop your business and agency.

All the actions of an agency can be brought under a list of a four,

  • Recognising and closing a client,
  • Setting up the KPI’s and objectives that need to be maintained, 
  • To fulfil the KPI’s promised, keep them happy,
  • Show and report the work in a manner that will satisfy the client of your work and preserve the client for a long duration.

Every benefiting agency spends the utmost of their time in the first three and have a productive system to handle the fourth with least time and action. 

Still, such an effective system could be out of the reach of small agencies with few workforce and marketing budget. As there are plenty of tools that are available in the market. But by doing our thorough research and any analysis, we have brought you the one of the best, I.e. GreyMetrics.

GreyMetrics intends to solve this problem by offering all the essential tools for agencies to make reporting easy and effective without consuming much time.

What is GreyMetrics?

In one term, GreyMetrics tool is the time-saver for the agencies while sharing their data. However, it grabs all your marketing data into one site and creates beautiful reports and dashboards that auto-update every one hour. 

GreyMetrics integrates with around 20 platforms and has dozens of built-in templates so your reports will glimpse great from day one and are entirely white-labelled for share with customers and stakeholders. 

Well, before getting into its integrations and dashboards it is must to understand why GreyMetrics app is essential for the marketing agency. As this section will going to make you more clear about this app that why you need GreyMetrics.  

Why You Need GreyMetrics App?

GreyMetrics permits you to automate what expects to be done instantly and provides you with all the customization power you need. Get a dashboard for intelligent marketers for a real-time impression of marketing data across many channels.

Well, below, we have mentioned a few integral points that are very important for you to select your marketing tool.

1. All Your Marketing Data utilizing one Report – One-Click Connect to Generate Reports

You can generate all your marketing data by just using one-click. It involves 20+ integration for marketing data.

  • Data from 20+ Integrations
  • Drag & drop report creator
  • Customizable Reports

2. Rapid Start with Standard Report Templates – Developed by Professionals

It saves plenty of time due to the quick start of Standard report templates. Brought about in consultation with skillfully created

  • 25+ pre-defined templates
  • Save custom reports as templates
  • Produce unlimited reports

3. Report or Compact Dashboard – Decide Your Pick

Well, eventually it’s like some people like strawberry & some kiwi. Decide the best as per the requirements of your clients.

  • Clean UI & Stunning Reports
  • Multi-channel or Single platform reports
  • Download as PDF or Dedicated portal line

4. Marketing Data is on Multiple Platforms

Data Unification is a repetitive manual action, as it performs on various platform.

  • Marketing Data occurs in many platforms
  • Data is on Google Ads, Facebook, Analytics, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Settling the info together manually is a redundant effort.

5. Clients need easily Understandable Reports Copy Pasting isn’t apt to assist.

  • Eventually, copy-pasting data from 20+ different platforms is ineffective.
  • When it’s about  Ad Platforms, Social Media networks all possess contrarily designed reports.
  • Putting numbers as well as copy-paste carries off profitable hours

6. Reports can drop the client into your favour

Don’t furlough It for a Chance, just grab it.

  • Have you been Forfeiting clients following a 3-month engagement?
  • It’s apt that your reports took advantage of a job
  • Delivering reports to your clients is a make or break time for your agency

7. Live Marketing Dashboards

  • Dashboard tries out for all those integrations.
  • Monitor data from everywhere
  • Create beautiful visualisations, no design skills required

8. Multilingual reports in GreyMetrics

  • Automatically generate multilingual reports.
  • Develop Reports or Dashboards in Nine different languages

GreyMetrics Features

Becoming an excellent option for a marketing agency GreyMetrics has offered several features which overwhelmed their clients. Below we have mentioned some of the critical element of GreyMetrics that you should give one look before moving further.

1. Drag and Drop Builder

  • Drag & drop 300+ data widgets. 
  • Move them around, resize & make it your own.

2. White Label Reports

  • Add your logo & save it to an ardent portal.
  • Your clients can log in & view reports.

3. More Than 25 Report Templates

  • Obtain more than 25 updated templates.
  • Report templates that finalise your account metrics about a similar click.

4. Simply Download PDF

  • Customise & Download your reports as PDF or share in emails with passwords

5. Save Your Designs as Templates

  • Create your reports & dashboards. 
  • Save them as templates for re-use.

6. One-Click Connections

  • No demand to set you back to your IT department. 
  • Engage accounts with one click & generate reports.

What makes GreyMetrics a great tool? 

With nearly the right reporting tool, GreyMetrics emphasises you require. Grey Metrics enables you to automate what has to be fulfilled rapidly and offers you all the customisation ability that you want.

Here we have mention few things about GreyMetrics tool, which makes it odd from its competitor. So let’s see it out.

1. User Interface

The sign-up procedure is relatively easy and once logged in the pleasant UI is clear and concise with a short tour of what are the next steps.

It is essential to add a customer and then bind an account before creating any reports. Adding a customer is truly a simple two-step process, just enter the name of the customer and connect the essential account which you like to create a report on.

2. Adding Team Members

Team members and customer portal can be added with a controlled access level to share or exhibit the reports before concluding.

The client portal is a helpful feature for agencies. It will save a bunch of time by providing limited access to the customers to view and organise their accounts by themselves while the agency continues to do all the work in the backend. 

3. Building Reports

When it’s all about to build the reports, there are two ways of performing it. The first is to compile all the widgets with the important graphs & stats and download the report as a pdf.

The additional method is to create a live report. In this manner, all the widgets can be added to a dashboard and once finalised, and a unique URL can be shared with the customer which, when clicked, will exhibit the report. All the statistics and numbers in the live report will maintain updating every hour.  

It is moreover possible to create custom reports by uploading a video or by enlarging a picture in different parts of the dashboard to customise and personalise it depends on each client. 

Overall the UI clean, recent, intuitive and very simple to utilise with some incredible looking templates and widgets to make reports and dashboards for the customer portal. 

4. Integrations

Documenting with such a tool is essential only if there is a decent range of integrations. Fortunately, GreyMetrics has a maximum of the integrations covered, and the team keeps adding more every month.

5. Social Media & Advertising

  • Facebook page
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Youtube account
  • Instagram page
  • Instagram ads
  • Twitter page
  • Linkedin page
  • Linkedin ads
  • Pinterest account
  • Quora ads

6. Analytics

  • Google analytics

7. SEO

  • Google search
  • Google my business
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush

8. E-commerce

  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce

9. CRM

  • Hubspot

10. Email marketing

  • Active campaign
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite
  • Moosend

11. Other apps 

  • Google sheets
  • Bitly
  • CallRail

Google Sheets is the most intriguing of all the integrations. To lure all the data from Google Sheets and recent in a visual dashboard with graphs and data is incredible, and the reporting chances with this are limitless. 

Zapier would be an elegant addition to the list of integrations that could open up enormous chances of automated reporting for thousands of third-party apps. 

Also, it will be decent to add messenger ads to the advertising channel integrations or a messenger marketing platform like ManyChat or Chatfuel.

The report created for any sole tool can be saved as a template with the desired widgets and be utilised for various clients. 


GreyMetrics Review

Pricing plays a vital role in purchasing the tool. That the reason why GreyMetrics has offers there plans for small to big marketing Agencies for businesses with their desired features which can fulfil the requirements of their client.

Monthly pricing starts from $59 a month up to $499 a month. The fluctuating features between each plan are the number of customers, the number of live dashboards and the number of team members.

It is a fascinating surprise to discern the customer portal accessible in all the plans as most of the tools withhold it just for the higher tier agency plan. Let’s eat out its different plans and its pricing.


This plan is dedicated to the Small and Moderator Marketing Agencies as they have sufficient feature that is essential for them. 

The Individual Plan cost you a rate of $8/month. Here they even offer you a free trial for the first 14 days, which include all the features. 

  • 1 Client
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • All Integrations
  • 1 Live Dashboard
  • 1 Team Members
  • CName Whitelabel
  • Client Portal
  • Multilingual Reports
  • PDF Download
  • Schedule Reports
  • Email Support


The Plan itself shows you that this plan dedicated to the Professional and Experts as they have included an extra feature that is essential for Professional marketers. 

The Professional Plan cost you a rate of $83/month. Here also they even offer you a free trial for the first 14 days which include all the features.  

  • 20 Clients
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • All Integrations
  • 20 Live Dashboards
  • 5 Team Members
  • CName Whitelabel
  • Client Portal
  • Multilingual Reports
  • PDF Download
  • Schedule Reports
  • Email Support


However, this Plan is perfect for big marketing Agency, who have massive customers interaction as this plan feature is capable of full filling the needs of their clients.

The Agency Plan cost you a rate of $133/month. Here also they even offer you a free trial for the first 14 days which include all the features.

  • 40 Clients
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • All Integrations
  • 40 Live Dashboards
  • 10 Team Members
  • CName Whitelabel
  • Client Portal
  • Multilingual Reports
  • PDF Download
  • Schedule Reports
  • Phone Support


Eventually, this Plan is customisable, like this for big Enterprises who even have massive customers interaction. As this plan feature is capable of full filling the needs of their clients.

The Enterprise Plan cost depends on your feature which you buy. Here also they even offer you a free trial for the first 14 days which include all the features. 

  • Clients
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • All Integrations
  • Live Dashboards
  • Team Members
  • CName Whitelabel
  • Client Portal
  • Multilingual Reports
  • PDF Download
  • Schedule Reports
  • Priority Support
  • Email Support

Is it a praiseworthy tool to invest time and money on?

Well, if you are operating any type of agency, GreyMetrics will help to make your reporting procedure more useful and will save you lots of time on that.

In a fiercely strong market like marketing agencies, it is entirely crucial to stand out from the crown to earn and maintain clients. The way results are illustrated to a customer is as important as accomplishing the results.

GreyMetrics will assist your agency stand out with professional reports and dashboards which customers would more appreciate than a screenshot from Google search console, Facebook ads manager, etc., or an ordinary excel file with rows and rows of numbers.


GreyMetrics is GDPR compliant with completely defined privacy policies and terms & conditions. For a tool that takes out a lot of data from additional third-party data sources, it is significant to get these well distinguished and the team has performed an excellent job at it. 


As I am pleased with their Live chat is available. However, on the primary website for any common queries, and the team was extremely responsive and useful. I got a response within a few minutes every time I inquired of a question in the chat. 

For specific account-related support questions, email support is usable in the base plans and phone support for agency and enterprise plans.

Comprehensive FAQ documentation and tutorial videos are enclosing most of the available features that will answer the bulk of the queries and doubts. 

They offer a 30-minute demo session for starters to understand and receive a walkthrough of how the tool works and how effectively it can be utilised by any kind of agency to obtain more or maintain existing clients.


GreyMetrics intends to solve this problem by offering all the essential tools for agencies to make reporting easy and effective without consuming much time. With it’s more 20 integration its become relatively easy for the marketer to acquire more client. 

So, this was all about the GreyMetrics tool. I hope you have got every tiny detail that you are looking into this GreyMetrics review. If you still have any queries or doubt related to the article you can ask us in the comments section below we will be happy to help you out.

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