GroupBoss Review Capturing Leads from Facebook Groups made easy

GroupBoss review

If you occupy a Facebook group but don’t know how to achieve leads from them automatically?

Getting leads through Facebook Groups looks cool, Yes!

Initially, when I started my own Facebook group, I also thought of developing leads from Facebook groups. I believe the powerful way to connect with the users, prospect, or assisting team just for rising your brand’s attention and many more.

You need to understand the power of the Facebook group as you are surrounded by different types of people who come from several parts of the region, as they can increase your demand and can help you to grow your business rapidly. 

At the beginning of my Facebook group, I have kept my Facebook group private rather than going with the public group. In that initial day, I asked plenty of people for their emails, so there I can begin with the email marketing business.

However, this process was taking too much time for completing the task. Ultimately, one day I found GroupBoss. It assists you in automating the similar stuff that I referred to earlier. 

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the several characteristics of GroupBoss. This Groupboss app will take vigilance of everything within minutes like group details, clients personal detail, group member info and many more.

What is GroupBoss?

Groupboss Review & Lifetime Deal | Collect Emails from Facebook Group

GroupBoss is a modern automation tool in the need for Facebook Groups. It used to extracts data from your Facebook Group to obtain emails to your leads. It is also an incredible chrome extension that enables you for accumulating data of your group members on Facebook by just one single click. 

However, the Groupboss enables its customers to obtain all the public data that Facebook enables you to display from the people such as initial name, final name, entering date, id link, when they entered into the Facebook community, where they live, where they work and many more things! With this tool, you can save the explanations from the customers while entering into your group.

Eventually, chrome extension captures this three most important questions that members have to answer before enrolling into the group and they have to send this answers just by there, so the tool can collect the email and can possibly use for email marketing.

By using the GroupBoss, I am so sure that it can really enable you to get Showering Sales with the assistance of automated email marketing on your collected leads.

Ideal & Useful for 

  • Trainers who require additional customers
  • Content Creators who need more acknowledgments
  • Coaches & Online Course Builders who need to sell extra of their courses.
  • Non-profit programs that require additional donations from their groups.
  • Ecommerce stocks and industries that desire to build a loyal audience.
  • Live home mom who wishes a side gig supporting others by educating cookery, paintings, sewing, productive designs, etc.
  • Population Manager for commodity or services
  • Software & assistance communities their members to maintain them informed & entertained.
  • Any FB organization owner & society leader who likes to deliver irregular email updates to.
  • Counselors

Crucial ideas for the Facebook Group Marketing

  • When enrolling, inquire for a consumer’s email to be added to a newsletter or your funnel.
  • When enlisting, inquire for the consumer’s difficulty faced on your enterprise to realizing your client viewpoint.
  • When enlisting, ask for consumer’s odds to generate a promising commodity or request adequately service.
  • You can furthermore have the answers in the checkbox or radio switch if you are watching to organize the opinions in a particular configuration.
  • You can also utilize your users to recognize lookalike & custom customers in FB then target them too through Facebook publicity.
  • Separated from that, the verge is your vision because it can deviate from business to business.

Whenever you obtain such type of answers, you wish to copy-paste all the facts for safekeeping. Still, the problem is you require to stock emails in your email marketing outcome and data and useful and stable place. Oppositely, it will only be trash data.

How Can You Automate This Process With GroupBoss

  • Compute the GroupBoss Chrome Extension to Your Browser.
  • Tap on the GroupBoss Icon From Your Browser Menu.
  • Choose the Facebook Group From The Catalog.
  • Generate a Sharable Edit Google Spreadsheet and Link it here ( Optional ).
  • You Can Connect Your Email AutoResponder (Optional).
  • When Authorizing Member Join Requests, Choose “Approve by GroupBoss” rather by “Approve altogether by GroupBoss.

Integrations Inside GroupBoss

Integration plays an important role in your business, as something it can make you win or lose the competition. GroupBoss is maintaining most of the excellent autoresponder’s which are convenient for your business. Such as

  • Active Champaign
  • Aweber
  • Convertkit
  • Get Response 
  • SendFox
  • Lemlist
  • MailerLite

Furthermore, it also permits you to introduce your user’s answer inside the google sheet with any restriction. However, I have even experience ConvertKit integration with this tool. Which creates one adverse point in my mind for this tool. But, by utilizing other tools, I caught over 150 leads from several FB Groups.

Feature Of GroupBoss

Generate Leads From Your Facebook Groups With Groupboss | DealFuel

1. Dashboard

When you accept or reject the group membership request,  then you definitely lose all the data and answers, including email address as Facebook does not store such data for long. If you try to regain that data, though this time you have to do it manually and it can take a long time to recover all the data.  

That’s why GroupBoss is very robust because of its automatically collect all the data and store it for a longer time in its dashboard. Also, it provides a Chrome extension to manage its dashboard safely.

2. Easy Set-Up

After purchasing the group box lifetime deal you will be going to offer Chrome extension. Although, you easily log in to your dashboard within a few minutes. After completing your login process, you directly get into the dashboard there you acquire the entire group member’s data in one place.

3. Auto-responder Integration

Automation and integration are extremely valuable to build an online business. You can incorporate your email marketing auto-responder like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, GetResponse, and much better with GroupBoss.

4. Custom Audience

GroupBoss will help you to build a custom audience from your group member’s name and email address. You can utilize it as a custom user for publicizing on Facebook. Moreover, you can utilize this custom audience to build a look-alike user on Facebook. Before Facebook custom members and lookalike audience are extremely robust. So this tool will clearly assist you from that viewpoint also.

5. Support System

Their support squad is pretty great. I have experienced them an immediate answer to my questions. They are furthermore having a Facebook group for assistance. But, According to one of GroupBoss official named “Omar”,

Well, GroupBoss is continually restless regarding providing a decent service to the buyers. Its audiences are highly fulfilled with the support system. There is conversation support on the website, which is benefited by Crisp, there is a Facebook Page, which keeps going forever active. 

There is a Facebook organization and the link of the organization is also accessible at the top-right intersection of our website. And we moreover supervise calls and conferences with our consumers through ZOOM/SKYPE. Group boss team sustains all these stuff to empower decent support to the customers.”

6. GroupBoss Services management Service

GroupBoss again has a Group Management service, where they will organize your Facebook group. Certainly, I never utilized their group management service. But, If you wish to give a try, check them out.

What I realize is, they are demanding a premium price for their assistance. If your income model is to bring in money using FB Groups, you can run for it.

Pros and Cons of GroupBoss


  • No additional copy-paste required. 
  • Extremely simple to set up & operate.
  • Protect the data in the GroupBoss dashboard in the filterable & search list.
  • Safeguard the data to your Google Spreadsheets.
  • Endless Facebook groups and autoresponders.
  • Catch lead statistics and summaries of your group members.
  • Automatically deliver the collected emails to your chosen email marketing outcomes.
  • Assistance over the phone, exercises & entry to a restricted community.
  • The simple choice to create leads through Facebook groups. 
  • Email autoresponder automation without a third-party method is an extra advantage.
  • Lifetime deal is going on with endless group form.


  • Back it’s a Chrome extension, it will not function on additional browsers except Google Chrome.
  • It will not function on the Facebook mobile app.

Approval Process

In the Facebook group admin interface, you amass the choice to authorize group members effortlessly.

‘Approve by Groupboss’ or rather get  ‘Approve all via Groupboss’. 

Groupboss Pricing

Generate Sales From Your Facebook Group with GroupBoss Lifetime Deal

1. Yearly Popular (Influencer)

The yearly popular plan offer you at the rate of $99, additionally, you get 7 days free trial pack, to see out its feature and experience its support.

  • Begin a free trial
  • Add up to 5 Facebook groups
  • Entry to Google sheet Configuration.
  • Vast Auto-Responders
  • Lifetime Update to software
  • Send out all data from the dashboard in CSV format
  • Build FB custom and lookalike audience
  • VIP Facebook group for members 
  • Assistance in Facebook Page
  • 14 days repayment guarantee
  • Complete support through (zoom/skype)

2. Mega Plan Lifetime

The Megs lifetime plan offers you at the rate of $299, additionally, you get 7 days free trial pack, to see out its feature and experience its support.

  • Vast Facebook groups
  • Entry to Google sheet Configuration.
  • Vast Auto-Responder
  • Lifetime Update to software
  • Send out all data from the dashboard in CSV format
  • Generate FB custom and lookalike audience
  • VIP Facebook group for an audience 
  • Assistance in Facebook Page
  • 14 days repayment guarantee
  • Complete support through (zoom/skype)

Groupboss lifetime deal provides the extraordinary offer now for a rate of $287.


  • Obtain Leads from vast Facebook Group
  • Collect all Facebook group members opinions
  • Vast Autoresponder integration
  • Endless Phone assistance
  • Entry to a restricted community
  • Free Training
  • Lifetime updates
  • Send out emails for custom audience

They moreover possess 14 days refund policy. If you do not like Groupboss app within that duration, they will repay your full amount without asking any questions 


Seriously, being as a user of this app, I found out quite much useful to obtain emails from Facebook groups and download Facebook group leads for decent business reach.  Reports are continuously usable in Google spreadsheets as a back-up.

 As the Facebook application automatically withdraws the data once the consumer responds, Groupboss immediately stocks the data. Groupboss is the only remedy honestly now for the automation of lead generation from the Facebook group. 

GroupBoss is a truly tremendous tool. This tool passed out all of my quizzes. But, I have endured Convertkit integration troubles in this tool. Only different to that, one of my colleagues is also utilizing Convertkit. But he didn’t encounter any problems.  From my knowledge, I will not propose Convertkit audience to drive for it, but you can use at your own stake.

Don’t miss out on a lifetime deal chance to develop leads through Facebook groups

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