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Hubspot alternative

Hubspot was established back in 2006 by two of the smartest people named Dharmesh Shah and  Brian Halligan who were the students of MIT. Unfortunately due to high demand, their sales have increased up to $15.6 million that year and by 2018 the revenue of HubSpot got up $144 billion which is not a small number.

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing resources, inbound marketing HubSpot does all well, from top to the bottom it works finely. Though there are a lot of competitors out there who use to compete with the HubSpot and provides a great value for money like the HubSpot provides but still HubSpot sales are increasing day by day due to providing some of the free services like CRM.

Hubspot free services are insanely varied over everything but still, it misses some of the things which essentially added in their alternative options so that would be the drawback of using the HubSpot.

Most of the people think that by getting the premium subscription of the specific service provider they will get the solution of all the problems but that’s not true always, obviously after all you have to manage all of your services and business administration, in fact, various tools including HubSpot provides the best services undoubtedly but they cost too much which makes you think of alternatives.

Those who use the HubSpot’s CRM services ate most likely small to medium-sized businesses. So there might be certain limitations applied to it.

Before getting hop into the HubSpot alternatives you need to know a few essential things about HubSpot that what makes it so special amongst all.

Hubspot Introduction



First, let me convey to you why most of the people still stick to the HubSpot, I’ve shortlisted some of the things which HubSpot provides you:-

Plan For Free

Hubspot provides a free CRM plan which is sustainable and reliable too. It has the ability to acquire users and 1million contacts. Also, HubSpot allows you to integrate with Google and Outlook in order to generate the emails which create the task according to your team.

Customer Support

Hubspot provides you great customer support along with 24/7 all facilities where you can interact with their support team. Apart from this if you face any of the difficulty what technical issues related to the platform you will get the problem sorted via phone call or email. The best thing is it supports 6 major regional languages.

Features Of Hubspot

You will be able to see all the activities like downloads, sources, landing pages, etc. You can also set up the sales management service according to the need and data.

Download Mobile Application

With the help of their mobile application, you can actually track and examine your business entities according to your requirement which is a good thing about it so there is no need to login in via Browser.

Integration Support

You Gate an integration service from HubSpot to all the third-party applications that are available out there so you can maximize your workflow accordingly.

Drawbacks Of HubSpot

Though is the major source of maximizing your business entities it has some of the drawbacks which might bother you, I’ve listed the category wise cons which will make you think of whether you should go with HubSpot on not:-

Following are the major drawbacks Of HubSpot which you need to know about:-


Dear free services don’t provide you the essential features that are why you need to look upon their pet plants which are pretty expensive and once you get started using that that things get even more costly. The startup plan of HubSpot is available at $50 per month or $113/ month for the sales, marketing, and other services which might make you Look upon their alternative options.

If you are the one who wants to get subscribe to their premium features like landing pages, creation of the blog, marketing analysis, etc for that you’ll have to subscribe to their $800/ month. And let me tell you their videos are available out there which provides more pictures in a very budget price range.

Missing Feature

The CRM doesn’t allow you to add multiple segment email addresses due to which the subdomain addition also misses.


HubSpot provides a pretty poor template, from landing pages to the other templates you’ll need to purchase them individually. This must be one of the biggest drawbacks of HubSpot which makes you think of other integrity options available out there in 2021.

Now let’s jump directly to the top 5 best alternatives of HubSpot which you need to know in 2021.

Top 5 Best Alternatives Of HubSpot In 2021

There is an excessive amount of Google available in the market place and selecting most of them becomes difficult sometimes so here we brought some of the best 5 marketing tools which are the best alternative of the top spot that you need to.

1. Pardot


Pardot was launched back in 2007, their aim was to focus on providing the best in class brand strategies and marketing strategies to enhance the growth of the brand. Pardot helps you to grow in every stage of the business, so if you’re an online creator or digital marketers then I would highly recommend you to go with Pardot which is one of the best alternative sources of HubSpot.

Through Pardot sales and the people can work together to enhance the business growth in terms of each aspect. Petrol is any business to business (B2B) which is the part of Software Solution to maximize the generation result and take your business on the top. Parrot is linked with CRM which helps you to make the sales according to your need. So if you’re the one who usually looks for the best CRM platform this is just for you.

Pardot is a centralized platform that offers you the following solutions:-

  • You get salesforce engagement.
  • Marketing automation services can be undertaken using Pardot. 
  • Account-based marketing.


Pardot provides the high-class marketing analysis and automation tools which helps you to grow your business and improve workflow accordingly. So here we came up with some of the essential features that you need to know about:-

  • Email marketing feature from Pardot comes with the hope of reaching the Maximum people. The automation features promote your message automatically to your contacts.
  • Lead management is the major aspect of Pardot, emails can be sent depends upon the time and custom Parameters. The outreach rose of the email list depends upon it.
  • Pardot allows you to use CRM in order to get connected with the other sources that help you to grow your business. Also, it is linked with Google AdWords which is essential to return on investment patterns.
  • Revised return features allow your business to Google and Eczema is the marketing strategy.


Pardot provides you 3 plans which provide you the contacts up to 10,000 which is a good thing.

  • The growth plan is available at just $1250/ month where you get access to some basic features.
  • Plus plan is available at $2500/ month. 
  • An advanced plan is available at $4000/ month. 

Accordingly, you can select as per your need.

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2. Marketo


The market is the leading platform and best HubSpot Alternatives which provides a solution for every business of any type. It helps you in various different aspects like marketing analysis, e-mail marketing, automation, and lead management. If you are looking for the high Technology marketing tool then I will highly recommend you go with Marketo which provides some of the insane features.

But here comes the twist that Marketo is not the cheapest option available to you need to look upon their price range according to you can select which plan of Marketo suits you. One of the biggest differences between Marketo and HubSpot is that of CRM which is essential for each business to grow according to the email list and Service management. Hubspot provides entry-level CRM service whereas Marketo provides you advanced facilities that help you in business growth.


Marketo allows you to perform various activities that are necessary for your business growth also you can hand on to the various essential services that your business needs. Following are the basic features which you need to know about Marketo:

  • Marketing automation is an essential feature of which is used to create automation and services.
  • Email marketing allows you to connect with your consumers by messaging them.
  • Account-based marketing allows you to use its Artificial Intelligence Service. 
  • The mobile marketing feature of Marketo allows you to connect with consumers even though they are too far from you.
  • Social media feature allows you to get connected across the globe. 
  • Web personalization allows you to create the best possible presentations according to your consumers.
  • Content artificial intelligence gives consumers the content accordingly.


You will not found the pricing on the Marketo’s official website, if you want so then you will need to get a quote for getting subscribe to any of the paid plans/ services.

They have divided the plans into three categories basic, pro, and elite. By getting the quote plans to begin from $1195/ month and goes up to $5595/ month so grab it according to your need.

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3. Wishpond


Wishpond is a marketing platform that nurtures and generates the sales of your business. Is marketing platform help you to create the landing pages, online forms, etc. If you are the one who is not having detailed technical knowledge about marketing and sales and managing your own website then this tool might help you a lot. It is managed by several technicians who are having the perfect knowledge about managing the business and brand.

If you are in a digital marketer then its Endeavour will help you a lot according to your choice and need. I have chosen Wishpond to be the topmost alternative of HubSpot just because it’s easiness and user support you get is insanely managed, while managing the marketing values you’ll be blessed by the services offered by Wishpond. The platform helps you to create your own identity in the crowd.


Following are some of the essential features provided by Wishpond which you need to know about:-

  • Landing page builder will help you a lot to be the best quality landing page accordingly.
  • The contest and promotion feature will help you a lot to maximize your business growth and brand value.
  • A referral suit helps you to create the best possible things you need. 
  • You can create online forms for your consumers.


Before getting deeper into the pricing list let me tell you that Wishpond provides 14 days of free trial where you can examine their free services and letter on you can subscribe to the paid plans which are as follows:-

  • The starter plan is available at just $49/ month. 
  • The most popular plan is medium one which is available at just $99/ month.
  • The last but not the lest i.e. rapid growth plan is available at $199/ month.

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4. EngageBay


EngageBay is the all in one easy to use marketing tool that helps you to create the best possible features like CRM, marketing automation, EngageBay, etc. Which are essential for your business growth. EngageBay is a very helpful platform which provides the small business and medium business the right strategy to improve in terms of sustainability and revenue system.

It is an automation platform that provides a great source to increase your business growth apart from this, apart from this Analytics tool is another feature which is provided by the company that works seamlessly. It provides the best tool to learn about online marketing and the sales also it’s been used by the top companies that perform well in the market. EngageBay comes with the advanced features and dashboards to make your business grow.


If you are quite involved in digital marketing then you will be placed by the following features provided by EngageBay:

  • Marketing Solution is an essential tool that helps to grow your business throughout the Marketplace and stands out of the crowd.
  • According to your need, you can fetch the contacts on the consumers so that you will get in touch with them and maximize your business growth.
  • You can also create the online forms and popup forms which I will help you to get in touch with the consumers.
  • When you click on the landing page options you will get many templates available out there accordingly you can select any of them.
  • You can select the templates from the video templates and the email templates according to your choice.
  • One of the essential features in the campaign. 
  • The CRM and sales are available in the EngageBay.


EngageBay provides the four different plans which include the free one also.

  • The most basic plan is available at $8.99/month which includes 15000 contacts.
  • The next plan is the growth plan available at $29.99/ month which includes 50,000 contacts.
  • Last but not the least through the plan is available at $47.99/ month that includes unlimited contacts.

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5. ConvergeHub


Convergehub is the cloud-based platform that helps you to grow your business in terms of marketing and Analytics. It is loaded with most advanced technology and CRM factors that offer a solution for business of any size. It is a risk-free automation tool that includes CRM, SMS Integration, social media management, and Data Analytics.

Salesforce automation the software helps you to empower your sales and management accordingly. If you are the owner of a small business then I might say this is a perfect tool for you as it includes the basic features that help the small business to grow and to reach out as many contacts.


Following are some of the features provided by ConvergeHub:-

  • The coverage dashboard provides a real-time dashboard according to the time format. 
  • Account management is an essential task that is performed well by ConvergeHub to avoid any cyber attacks.
  • Maximize your business growth by saving the data of your company and contacts in the cloud storage which can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Email marketing templates will help you a lot to grow your business.


ConvergeHub provides the three paid plans according to your need. Also, you are allowed to take a quote according to your choice:-

  • The starter plan is available at $9/ month. 
  • Pro plan is available at $29/ month.
  • The premium plan is available at $59/ month.

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So these were the top 5 best in class alternatives of HubSpot 2021.

Final Verdict

So we’ve discussed the top 5 alternatives of HubSpot which performs better than it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro-business owner or just beginner you’ll always need a marketing tool that will maximize your brand value, so make sure to check them out.

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