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Inclick review

Nowadays, social media has become an essential part of the marketing bundle of any business considering category, size, or enterprise. 

One of the benefits of social media marketing over conventional channels you can target the advertisement and quality to the right client. 

When you drive a campaign for your brand or others across numerous social media channels or when you need to search your opponent’s brand or to obtain the data comes to be the second most crucial point.

Suppose two factors are essential in any social media marketing campaign, which is data and analysis. It is very crucial to obtain as much data facts as possible and grate the numbers to evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

Although, as a helpful social media marketing is, since there is a chance of getting risks to lose your marketing account if you do it incorrectly entirely.

However, to maintain a track on the campaign, this is where you will need the Inclick that would help you gather all the data insights and analytics for the campaign in one sole dashboard.

Inclick is an exact 360 Degree Social Media application which includes Analytics, Influencer & Discovery Analytics, and Social Media Monitoring. You will obtain extra confidence around your marketing technique with Inclick’s tools specially developed to address your ever-improving needs.

What is Inclick

Inclick is a 360 Social Media Intelligence Platform designed for the new marketing team. The idea beyond the Inclick is to obtain all your Social Media Data into one sole dashboard. 

With Inclick, you can detect how your brand is executing across several Social Media Channels and benchmark it against your opponents. You can also trace remarks about your campaigns & keywords. 

Inclick includes the most developed reporting detail that helps you to download readymade factual & customizable demonstrations.

There are many tools to obtain these essential data and utilise them in your marketing campaigns. Inclick is one of those tools that guarantee to provide you with all the statistics and data you require for prosperous campaigns.

How Inclick Works?

Analyze:- Understand how your brand is performing and benchmark it against your competitor.

Monitor:-Monitor audience relation and analyse particular ideas & trends

Influence:-Find suitable influencers and build immersing campaigns that make a buzz

Dashboard & features

InClick - Review & 93% Off Lifetime Access to Plan A + Plan B

Once the sign-up procedure is finished, the primary dashboard welcomes you with a neat interface with simply defining what Inclick does.

1. Social Media Analytics

Get analytics for the cooperative channels that matter for you in a downloadable format. Immediately create comprehensive social media statements for only about any brand. Get in-depth analytics for only about any brand across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

This allows you to track your own or your opponent’s social media analytics on how well they operate across different channels, how is their development over a duration of time, how their posts perform, etc. 

You can trace the brand you own or even opponent’s brands. The brands you occupy will provide you with a little extra in-depth data. Engaging a brand is as easy as just pasting the URL’s of several social media reports. Once bound, In click grabs all the data in a few hours. 

Depends upon the plan you are in, it is likely to engage with a particular number of brands. These brands can furthermore be grouped under several groups. This is truly beneficial for agencies to maintain all their customers’ data organised.

It is possible to obtain information on several data points like the rise in engagement, followers, etc. beyond a defined time period. My favourite feature in tracking is the potential to download all the data as a.PPT presentation file. 

The production is comprehensive with more than 20 slides and provides you with a lot of information. This is also a fabulous feature for social media management tools to obtain a presentation available for their buyers in minutes. 

However, It is moreover possible to correlate the data of all the brands to detect how well they execute in each social media channel in a set period.

  • 80+ Data Points
  • 4 SOCIAL WEBSITES Channels
  • A significant number of pre-added brands
  • Exportable Graphs
  • Competitive Research – Knowing what’s helping and what’s not and alter your combined-media strategy.
  • Grouping – Group other brands & leaders in your initiative to achieve a bird’s sights view of your computer data.
  • Automated Reporting – Download your computer data regardless you admire it, in PPT, XLS, or PNG Charts
  • Data Decisions – Make data-based conclusions and save up to  85% of that period that you may spend on performing repetitive things

2. Social Media Listening

Pay interest on all the publicity that’s going on social networking and prepare the promising of the root opportunities.

Monitor your growths, and the company leads the conversation. Disclose what people say and position your brand online. Appreciate consumer sentiments on your brands & adversaries

To notice how distinct keywords are functioning across many social channels. You can see observe the keywords obtain and the status of engagement it receives. 

You can prep to 5 hashtags to rectify comments for a specific keyword, brand, etc. Inclick reviews for comments across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and reports in an intuitive dashboard view. 

It also gives a view of sentiment analysis with the research of optimistic and unfavorable comments. 

  • Monitor keywords and hashtags
  • Functions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Build a plan – Add the keywords you like to trace and the references where you wish to assess.
  • Get Insights – Get hourly modifications on your plan for new comments
  • Filter Conversations – Access the full interactions feed and filtration system relevant discussions with opinions, areas, terms, etc.

3. PPT & XLS Reporting

Stay caught up with glad always. Download any summary within a minute. Inclick automates the document creating process using AI and saves up to 85% of your energy.

  • In-Depth PPT Reporting involving 30+ Slides
  • Quick XLS Reports for all those brands
  • One-Click PNG Chart Downloads for your demonstrations

4. Influencer Discovery

Find the most influential people on thoughtful media and create successful alliances using Influencer Discovery.

This feature is to browse for Influencers in numerous business categories and niches. Although just Instagram is nowadays supported, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok are on the roadmap to be published soon. 

Although you receive a lot of news and data from the specified influencer, the real number of influencers you receive for any search inquiry or topic is relatively low.

This is not one of the doozy features of Inclick, and if influencer inquiry is significant for your industry, you are better off utilizing a tool like BuzzSumo or Social Animal that provides a lot more data

  • A significant number of Influencers on Instagram
  • Twitter & TikTok JUST around the corner 
  • Four Filter systems to find appropriate influencers
  • In-Depth Analytics for only about any influencer

Social Media Intellect for modern marketing teams

Inclick brings you the info that you will recognize your competitive landscaping. Describe your brand’s execution concurrently with your opponents on over 80 data tips.

1. AI-Based Insights

Inclick’s AI allows you to detect trends prior and delivers your ideas that produce your brand jut out. It provides you insights by screening any brand’s organic and regular and paid content to recognize what’s reverberating with your audiences right now.

2. Pay-as-you-go

We know how marketing groups function. Inclick facilitates you to build your plan matching to your intention and gives you the ability to update or reduce each characteristic of your plan. 

Inclick Lifetime Deal Benefits

  • TRACK- 5 Brands (One Brand is equal to 4 Social Media Profiles, I.e. Owned or competitors).
  • 6 Months History record 
  • Vast PPT & XLS Reporting
  • Access to active analytics
  • One Brand Swap per Month (Deleting a brand and putting a new)
  • LISTEN- Social Media Monitoring
  • 2 Campaigns (One campaign is equal to a combination of 5 positive keywords and five negative keywords.
  • 30,000 Mentions per month
  • TREND- Influencer Discovery
  • Entire Searches from our pool of thousands of Influencers
  • 5 Influencer Report Unlocks per month
  • 60 Days Refund Policy


There is live chat support and the answer time was very quick whenever you inquired any question. 

There is a written information base encircling the features, but it would be delightful to keep some video tutorials as well to get started. 

Plan & Pricing

There are three different plans available in Inclick, I.e. Micro, Grow, Pro plans. Each plan is suited for a particular type of requirement. With this, they have offer a 60 Day refund policy for their client as if you didn’t feel their service reliable you can ask them for a refund.

There is moreover a pay as you go plan which lets you spend for the number of brands and comments you require. This provides you with more flexibility for a specific condition, significantly for agencies. 

1. Micro

Inclick offers you its Micro plan which is essential for the small startup industry at the rate of $59 per month.

  • Social Media Analytics & Competitive Analytics for 5 Brands
  • Social Media Listening for 10k Mentions
  • 2 Campaigns (16 Keywords)
  • 1 Dashboard
  • Unlimited Report Downloads & Email Support

2. Grow

Inclick offers you the Grow plan, which is adequate for Small businesses and large industry at the rate of $159 per month.

  • Social Media Analytics & Competitive Analytics for 15 Brands
  • Social Media Listening for 30K Mentions
  • 5 Campaigns (40 Keywords)
  • 1 Dashboard
  • Unlimited Downloads & Email Support

3. Pro

Inclick offers you the Pro plan, which is enough for big Businesses and large industries at the rate of $249 per month.

  • Social Media Analytics & Competitive Analytics for 40 Brands
  • Social Media Listening for 150k Mentions
  • 8 Campaigns (64 Keywords)
  • 3 Dashboard
  • Unlimited Report Downloads
  • Priority Email & Call Support

Pros & Cons


  • Very good analytics tool for agencies
  • Excellent reporting
  • Fantastic support
  • Dynamic and flexible pricing for your exact requirements


  • No built-in scheduler or planner to post directly to social media accounts
  • No data on social media ads
  • The influencer search data is very limited

Final Verdict

I can assure you that Inclick is going to be an excellent application for obtaining all the social media data in one place. However, by Inclick you can target proper client who has an individual interest towards your business.

Above you might have seen it giving a lot of importance for social media management agencies. The PPT report you get in particular is of great value, as you can obtain a bunch of data packed into a small presentation within a limited time period.

Perhaps that is of significant value for agency marketing with a bunch of customers. The influencer search was of much use provided the shortfall during data, but all-around Inclick is a pretty good social media analytics tool. 

I hope I have provided you with every tiny detail of Inclick,  if you have any doubts or query with this, though you can ask us in the comment section below we will be happy to help you out.

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