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infinity Review

A project management tool is software formulated to encourage a person or committee to compose work and manage projects and assignments effectively.

One such software in the tech biz that we are moving to talk about today is Infinity. This a simple to execute project administration and tool cooperation platform that authorizes you to regulate your workflow effectively.

Work concurrently with your squad, stock everything in one spot, and establish projects the way you wish. Our Project Scheduling template will assist you to cease to function your projects into minor assignments, appoint them to the right people, put due dates, and keep track of everyone’s growth.

With this template, you will not just have all the crucial data at hand, but moreover, be able to work together on your upcoming projects with your crew with finished ease.

A robust and uncertain business roadmap will assist you and your team dream of the big picture when it appears to your industry. This will help everyone understands company objectives and how to accomplish them.

With this template, you’ll be eligible to maintain a trail of your company objectives and techniques, divided across firm divisions so that each division understands their part in the forthcoming projects.

What is Infinity?

🚀 Infinity | Customizable Work Management Platform


Infinity is an excellent and reasonable project management platform, detailed with essential features and an easy to navigate interface. 

Due to its flexible pricing, a vast range of enterprises and companies can make usage of this software solution. When you use Infinity, you can adequately regulate projects, effortlessly manage priorities, and effectively deputy tasks to the right people.

Infinity appears with optimized systems that assure the streamlining of tasks and workflows. You similarly can choose how you need to see the details behind every project.

This implies you can concentrate on the upcoming assignments, the people helping them, and the deadlines for each of their assignments. 

Enterprises, firms, and businesses can now formulate by practicing of this software solution to help within a standardized and centralized place. 

Working concurrently with team fellows, stocking important files, and organizing projects are currently more comfortable to do. Besides, what makes Infinity stand out from different outlets is its exclusive lifetime offer.

For a low, acceptable rate, you can already function with Infinity and encounter all the advantages it appears with. 

What Problems Will Infinity Solve?

1) Lack of flexibility

Infinity integrates a number of features which will entitle you to generate your own, customizable workflow inside the tool.

There’s no necessity to adapt to Infinity as the platform can alter to your needs with its over 4 data view choices involving Kanban, Sheets, List, and Calendar, over 15 custom associates who will assist you in forming your data and commodities according to your necessities, and multiple tabs or views which will enable you to recognize and oversee the existing or the similar data with a unique set of choices like filters, attributes, and view.

With this, Infinity could effortlessly rebuild your project management or team collusion tool, a CRM, database, or all of them at once.

2) Limited storing/structuring capabilities

With Infinity, you don’t have to bother about earning upside-down with your data ever again. With the ability of folders and subfolders, you could go as wide as you expect into conserving and loading the data that you hope to govern.

3) The lack of proper education and support inside the commonly-used tool

Infinity has created a personal onboarding, in-app activity, and educational substance for newcomers to obtain the most out of the tool from the particularly first pinch with it.

Alongside that, a Consumer Success manager, Boka is accessible during business hours via Intercom on-site or in-app.

On prime of that, Infinity pricing plans are beginning from $6/month, while all of them involving a devoted support manager which is vulnerable in most of the hours during the day. Infinity’s team is similarly effective on both social media channels and community panels, where they hear to their members, bring down the feedback and suggest the next features and updates, and modifications.

Today, Infinity’s beginning to take pictures of what we need it to become; one standardized place that will authorize people to develop numerous workflows, shelves, and procedures in their way.

Infinity’s biggest strength lies in its capability to store any kind of information, constructed into a significant structure, and vulnerable in only some clicks. Imagine it as a never-ending growing tree that keeps up all the stuff you need to schedule, oversee, and maintain track of.

What can you do with Infinity? 

  • Use custom associates to regulate projects, responsibilities, calendars, functions, checklists, events. 
  • communications, feasts, copies, and a lot more. 
  • View items in many ways; tables, schedules, sections, calendars, and Gantt charts. 
  • Committee, filter, sort, and customize your data.
  •  Invite and work together with your team members easily. 
  •  Generate and share custom shapes to obtain essential data. 
  • Share whole boards with people who are not on your squad. 
  •  Introduce data from Trello and CSV files. 
  •  Combine infinity with over 2,000 apps through Zapier. 
  •  Channel how ample time you spend on chores with Clockify. 
  •  Utilize the app on the web, as nicely as Android and iOS.

Infinity Features

Infinity - The Ultra Flexible Project Management Tool With The Eye-candy UX Launches The Early Beta This May

The Best features of Infinity involve the following

1. Dashboard views

When you view your dashboard, it can be tough to discern everything that’s restarting.

Regardless, in Infinity, you can view the data respecting your business through the several UI choices that are accessible to you. 

For instance, when analyzing through your contacts, then you should show them on a spreadsheet for more straightforward comprehension. 

Another instance is if you like to help organize or align your work in a timeline, then you should utilise the Gantt view. Other perspectives contain Tables, columns, lists, calendars, Gantt, and forms.



Show segments in a spreadsheet. Enormous for CRM and databases.


Kanban panel, purpose to visually trail your obligations and projects.


Facilitated list view, excellent for notes, to-do lists, and ideas.


View segments in a calendar. Excellent for event planning and scheduling.


Organize your projects over a timeline. Tremendous for project hunt.


Generate custom aspects for surveys and analysis collection.

2. Customization 

You possess the freedom to customize and agree on the overall look and realize of your dashboard as Infinity proposes a huge suite of customization features. 

This involves the power to expand any kind of data using aspects such as extensions, links, dates, and checkboxes, generate formulas for specific items, and utilize color-coding devices for proper labeling and customization. 

Other tools involve reordering, shifting views, outlining basic analyses, and sorting data into individual lists or columns. 

Custom Attributes

Add any kind of data utilizing characteristics, times, extensions, checkboxes, links.


Generate your formulas to filter and value only specific items.


Group your data into rows or ridge lists.

Show or Hide

Customize your impressions completely by protecting or exhibiting attributes.


Sort your data by any characteristic you include.


Alter the manifestation of your elements by reordering the evidence on them.


Utilize Summarize to perform essential calculations in your desks.


Utilize several colors to put forward customize your planks and labels.

Change View

Appoint to detect your items in Stand, Column, List, Calendar, or Gantt impression.

3. Infinite structure

Infinity appears with its fundamental components that you must understand to guide through the software solution entirely. Here, you’ll be helping nearly with what the outlets periods as workspaces, folders, committees, sub-folders, invoices, and items. 

Once you have obtained the sag of these elements, then you will be apt to help quickly within an endless structure.


The workspace is the beginning sense of your institution. It could be utilized for just one firm or brand.


Boards are the significant portions of your workspace. Operate them for offices, assignments, buyers, etc.


Folders can assist you to categorize your computer data within a motherboard. Utilize them to stock more data without generating a mess.


With Infinity’s nesting system, you can build endless subfolders to subdivide your folder data if you want to.


Tabs can assist you to discern your folder data in various ways. Use them to point out certain data or get some other reviews.


Item is the central device of Infinity, and it can prevail anything like an assignment, guide, idea, grab note of, communication, test, etc.

4. Collaboration

A project administration platform is not finished without collaboration tools. In Infinity, you can directly use a variation of functionalities to intensify talk and productivity within the workforce. 

This indicates you can now invite, comment, share your committees, set approvals, tribute people, assign duties to the right team members, and tail all changes.


Invite people to enroll in your team and coordinate along with you.


Use comments to convey with your team associates

Share Board

Make one of your planks social and exhibit it with people’s outside Infinity.


Generate your team’s authorizations on the part level also for particular users.


Talk about people in the comments, and they’ll instantly get a message.


Appoint tasks to one or many users to distinguish the team’s duties.

Activity Log

The activity log assists you maintain tabs on all alterations that occur on the plank and item level.


Email and in-app notifications will entice your crew when there’s a crucial update.

5. Integrations

It doesn’t only avoid there since Infinity also has instinctive relationships and integrations with other fora and tools incorporating Zapier, Clockify, Trello, and CSV.

Besides, you can work with all of your tools since it assures you to keep up in sync with a sole account. 


Engage Infinity with hundreds of different tools via Zapier.


Substance your computer data from Trello in a duo of seconds.


Receive and send out your computer data to a .csv document.


Maintain tabs on time on your duties with this Clockify integration.

6. Web & Mobile Apps


You should utilize Infinity on your desktop with our web app.


Or, practice Infinity on the run on your Android cell phone.


And on your iPhone

Infinity Benefits 

🚀 Infinity | Customizable Work Management Platform

The prime advantages of utilizing Infinity include

1. Effective communication and collaboration 

If you wish to fulfill your chores and complete programs effortlessly within the workforce, then you desire credible and beneficial collaboration and communication features. 

Infinity gives a spontaneous atmosphere, where you can all discuss and share improvement inside the forum.

Gratefulness of the numerous features, such as authorizations, proposals, and statements, you can directly work adequately with your teammates. 

This decreases the disturbances you may encounter using other outlets and improve the integrity of your programs since everybody can pursue the growth of your assignments. 

2. Multiple views for your dashboard

Grateful to the availability of multiple views for your dashboard, productivity is improved within the workforce. As you possess other people helping with you, it’s feasible they are more prosperous with several impressions each time they utilize the platform. 

Some of them might have complications in comprehending the quantity of work they require to finalize if it’s displayed as a Gantt chart. This is where numerous views appear in portable as they offer people the alternative to fix their preferences.

3. In-depth structuring 

Infinity allows you to structure your programs relying on the kind of function or the people encompassed. In each project, folders, sub-folders, and invoices are formulated for enhanced categorization and agreement.

You can similarly well organize goals, assignments, and data according to the programs you presently have.

How to Use Infinity

1. Project Planning

Our Job Planning template can encourage you to crack work into minor tasks, appoint them to the right people, niche expected dates, and keep track of everyone’s growth.

With this template, you won’t only amass all the important data accessible, but yet also be eligible to work together on your upcoming programs with your team with absolute comfort.

2. Marketing Agency Client

Infinity’s Marketing Company Client is the exact template to assist you in maintaining an eye on everything for your trade clients like assignments, reports, activities, techniques, sites, etc.

Use Infinity’s strong configuration to categorize your clients’ data using boards and folders, as adequately as many views to maintain track of your metrics, responsibilities, reports, manuscripts, links, and conferences.

3. Content Calendar

This template can encourage you to organize your statements from one point. Use it to breakdown your article’s innovation procedure into issues like, assign responsibilities to subordinates, and organized deadlines.

Whether you are governing a firm blog, writing content for several websites, or composing the detailed content strategy, you’ll acquire the proficiency to alter this template to your priorities.

4. Sales Pipeline

Our Sales Pipeline template was built to assist you as generously as your sales reps maintain all the aspects of the sales procedure together and flowing smoothly. Still, it’s easy enough so everyone can edit it.

With this template, you can put up into account all the customers and essential dates like you can calculate bond values, and create a note of all appropriate updates that occur along the route.

5. Agile Development

With this template, you will possess a great overview of everything that’s occurring in each chase like you will accomplish assign duties to your team, visually trace the competition’s growth, organize assignments in the backlog and archive conducted assignments.

The extremely best part is the validity that you may shortly build on this template to encompass any other elements you require to improve your agile procedure.

6. Personal Tasks

With Infinity’s easy Personal accountabilities template, you will possess the proficiency to maintain an eye on all of your daily and weekly to-dos so that nobody declines through the snaps.

Whether you’re occupying a home, preparing your kids’ plans, or trailing your artistic life, you can do everything inside that one template. Captions, times, and several views can assist you in gluing to the prime of your duties and make it easier than ever before to track your growth.

Infinity Pricing

Infinities are adaptable and inexpensive in which you just have to spend once and then you will be eligible to profit from all the features proposed in that plan.

Presently, it has five unique pricing packages, with unstable levels of functionalities and tools you can select from. 

They also possess a 30-day money-back guarantee for their customers. You don’t need to worry about any follow back queries. Only email the assistance team, and you will be paid back immediately. 

Nowadays, Infinity is requesting a limited lifetime offer, which encompasses a one-time fee for a lifetime’s price of essential features and easy to navigate interface.

In line with this, below, there are different packages. The extra tools and functionalities you get to assist from, the further costly they become. Though, all characteristics entailed in Infinity are accessible in all plans.

1. Team 

Priced at $149.00, this package offers you a permit to a sole, centralised workspace with 10 colleagues and 50 GB worth of storage area. Due to its restricted working circumstances, this packet is adequate for small teams.


  • 1 Workspace 
  • 10 Colleagues
  • 50 GB File Storage
  • 250 Custom Attributes
  • 10,000 Items
  • Calendar View
  • Columns View
  • Table View
  • List View
  • All Attribute Types
  • Activity Log
  • Comments
  • Notifications
  • References
  • Self-Serve Knowledgebase
  • Email Support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

2. Startup 

This package is priced at $299.00. It has 3 workspaces for you to incorporate. And you can add 25 colleagues to function with.

You can also profit from a 150 GB price of storage area, which is where you will maintain your documents, files, and additional records. 

As asserted by its name, this package is excellent for startups. This is supposed the most prominent plan. 


  • 25 Colleagues
  • 3 Workspace 
  • 150 GB File Storage
  • 250 Custom Attributes
  • 10,000 Items
  • Calendar View
  • Columns View
  • Table View
  • List View
  • All Attribute Types
  • Activity Log
  • Comments
  • Notifications
  • References
  • Self-Serve Knowledgebase
  • Email Support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

3. Business

The business is priced at $499.00. It has 8 workspaces with 50 colleagues and 500 GB worth of storage area. This plan is right for a bigger plating like businesses. 


  • 8 Workspace 
  • 50 Colleagues
  • 500 GB File Storage
  • 250 Custom Attributes
  • 10,000 Items
  • Calendar View
  • Columns View
  • Table View
  • List View
  • All Attribute Types
  • Activity Log
  • Comments
  • Notifications
  • References
  • Self-Serve Knowledgebase
  • Email Support 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

4. Company

For users who are staring for a pricing package that suits the extent of a firm, then this package is their greatly achievable choice. It’s priced at $899.00, detailed with 15 workspaces, 100 colleagues, and 2000 GB storage. 


  • 15Workspace 
  • 100 Colleagues
  • 2000 GB File Storage
  • 250 Custom Attributes
  • 10,000 Items
  • Calendar View
  • Columns View
  • Table View
  • List View
  • All Attribute Types
  • Activity Log
  • Comments
  • Notifications
  • References
  • Self-Serve Knowledgebase
  • Email Support 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

5. Enterprise 

The final plan is the one that suits more prominent companies and businesses. For a price of $1499.00, you fetch an entry for up to 30 workspaces and add an unlimited number of colleagues.

It has 5,000 GB worth of storage area, which suits the essential site expected by teams of this size. 

Infinity boasts of its inexpensive pricing and states that you’ll be expending extra cash if you approve of other project administration platforms. 


  • 30Workspace 
  • Unlimited Colleagues
  • 5,000 GB File Storage
  • 250 Custom Attributes
  • 10,000 Items
  • Calendar View
  • Columns View
  • Table View
  • List View
  • All Attribute Types
  • Activity Log
  • Comments
  • Notifications
  • References
  • Self-Serve Knowledgebase
  • Email Support 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


So this was all about infinity software project management tool with this you can quickly complete your task and don’t need to take a lot of burden of such kinds of stuff. As an outstanding project management software solution, Infinity facilitates the everyday undertakings of all sorts of businesses. Gratefulness to its flexible pricing, people are provided with the privilege tools and details to optimize their workflows and processes. 

It doesn’t only avoid there since Infinity also has instinctive relationships and integrations with other fora and tools incorporating Zapier, Clockify, Trello, and CSV.

Besides, you can work with all of your tools since it assures you to keep up in sync with a sole account. 

At the end of the day, if you’re staring for a user-friendly outlet that enables you to organize everything in your industry, such as projects, assignments, and your database, then you should evaluate Infinity as one of your lid options. 

The fundamental factors of Infinity are workspaces, folders, commodities, and boards, which are all simple to comprehend.

If you’re yet having difficulty driving your way through the explanation, then you can dig into Infinity’s video tutorial or call their assistance team.

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