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Intercom alternative

If you’re a digital marketer, influencer, blogger, etc. you might have been heard about Intercom which is a kind of leading live messaging platform of all time that allows you to collab with others that belong to the same industry.

It’s not just a communication platform as it also helps you to track all of the details about the customer connection and provides you the marketing tool as well that you can use for improvement in businesses.

But, let me convey that like most of the other platforms Intercom is not perfect in all stream and that’s what makes us look for the best in class alternatives which does the same job.

But before we just dive into the alternative let me convey you a few more things about the intercom in brief.

All You Need To Know About Intercom

No doubt intercom is one of the leading live messaging and marketing platforms that allows you to do various different tasks. Basically, they offer you three major packages from which you can select that suits your requirement.

  • Lead generation
  • Consumer/ customer engagement
  • Customer support

At certain instance it is hard to choose the plan as All Of The plans has its own useful entities, so we have just broken down into the fundamental features which will give you an idea about intercom and the service they offer you:-

  • Live chat is a natural entity that allows you to connect with your consumers and teammates.
  • Help desk
  • The knowledgebase is a help center.
  • Email marketing is essential in which business growth.
  • Automatic messages to the clients.

Pricing Of Intercom

Well, the pricing of intercom is the major aspect which might make you think of its alternatives just because it is too expensive, let me explain to you in detail.

Let’s see if you want to buy the cheapest feature named as essential customer support subscription which is available at $30/ month that only consists of live chat, that’s it. Even if you want to add some more features to the list you’ll have to pay at least $87/ month which is not fair enough at any instance.

The prices are too high compared to the alternative words which the major drawback of the intercom.

What Makes You Upon The Intercom Alternatives? 

 Here are the reasons why Intercom is not perfect

  • Prices are much higher compared to the other platforms.
  • The unscalable and unpredictable building is too comprehensive.
  • Customer service is not that helpful all the time you need.
  • The email automation tool is truly unsatisfying. 
  • At last, there are some missing features that you might get in the alternative options.

So these were some major drawbacks we have talked about. Now let’s head off to the intercom alternatives of which this complete post is all about.

Top 5 Best Alternatives Of Intercom In 2021

After intense researches and theories, we came across the top 5 best alternatives of intercom which provide you the true value for money that you pay. The alternatives which we’re gonna talk about furthermore is truly tested by ourselves for almost a couple of weeks which gives us an idea about their features and their liability as well.

So let’s hop into the alternatives.

1. Crisp Chat

Crisp chat is one of the leading online live chat platforms that allow you to perform various tasks related to the messaging which will eventually help you to grow your business. Crisp chat helps you to set up and website chat box so that you are consumers will directly Get Connected via live chat.

Apart from this, the customer can also Get Connected via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Slack, and other sources. Along with that they also offer you CRM and CRO solutions. All the messages are stored in one place so that your agents can catch it up easily and respond at their time.

Crip chat is an online resource that you can use that allows you to get connected with the consumers which are essential for business management.

Key Features Of Crisp Chat

Though the features are seamless, here I’ve shortlisted some of the major features offered by the crisp chat at a certain instance.

  • Unlimited chat box helps you to store unlimited messages received from customers.
  • There isn’t any limit for chat options so you can chat with unlimited visitors.
  • Crisp chat allows you to sync all of your data so that you can catch it up from any device you use.
  • Instant chat replies are available. 
  • If your customers have gone offline even though you can continue the chat via email.
  • You’ll be able to see what the visitors are typing before sending the message.
  • You can be connected to their plugins as well which can be used furthermore.

For setting up decreased chat, you can easily its extension so that it will automatically get installed on your website.


Crisp chat offers you paid as well as free plans according to your need. So here are the plans offered by the crisp chat:-

  • In a free plan, you get access to 2 agents along with live chat support.
  • Pro plan is available at $25/ month that consists of 5 agent support along with some basic features.
  • An unlimited plan is available at $95/ month that consists of unlimited agents along with advanced features.

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2.  Live Agent

A live agent is known for its inexpensive price range at which they provide the choose supports to their consumers. If you are in search of the best in class and most reliable platform which will get your job done for providing the live message setup then I should highly recommend you to go with this one. It allows you to engage, grab, acquire, convert, etc. Tasks.

At most, they provide you the tools which I have mentioned below through the platform:-

  • Ticketing
  • Live chat 
  • Call center
  • Knowledge base

One of the most useful features of a live agent is that you get a notification when someone clicks on the live chat option available on your website. It is essential for you just because you get connected to the specific visitor.

Features of live agent

  • A live agent is most useful when it comes to managing social media in terms of getting connected with the client or the consumers
  • As the live agent is integrated with most of the applications so that you can vary them also. 
  • Live chat Call Centre allows you to get access to their customer support.
  • The video calling tool allows you to get connected with the consumers via live chat and also you can integrate it with the social media accounts.


The live agent allows you to try out their 14 days of free trial with any of the services or plans according to your need, through this you will get an idea and letter on you can continue with it by paying a certain amount.

Here we have discovered 4 plans provided by the live agent:-

  • Ticket plan is available at $9 per month where you get access to one agent.
  • Ticket + chat plan is available at $29/ month where you get access to 1 agent along with some of the basic features too.
  • All-inclusive plan is available at $39.00 formal where you get access to 3 agents.
  • Last but not least the downloadable option allows you to download all of your services and the prices are concerned depends upon which service is you get to subscribe to.

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3. Help Crunch

You are the one who has recently used with intercom and get used to it then I must say that help crunch is just made for you just because the features are almost saying along with some of the advanced creativities that might make you look upon it. Let’s say if you are a SaaS user then you can easily diversify the email list accordingly.

Not only that helped crunch also allows you to send the follow-up messages, in case your visitors ignore the messages sent by you or it remains unseen. Another big thing about the help crunch is that its customization feature allows you to customize the fonts and colors according to the need.

Features of help crunch

  • Helpcrunch progressive live chat 2.0 support which is essentially a good thing.
  • Email marketing automation feature is also available in help crunch.
  • It allows you to do real-time email delivery and tracking.
  • Seamless customer support help to switch from the Channels.
  • Proactive engagement is what help crunch provides you.
  • Live helps improve conversion by 20% and that’s what help crunch provides you.


As the price bracket is concerned they provide you 14 days of free trial so that you will get an idea about the feature the offers you and later on you can continue with the subsequent plan by paying a certain amount.

Here are the top 4 plans provided by the help crunch:-

  • The standard live chat plan is available at $15 per month.
  • Premium live chat plan is available at $29 per month.
  • Standard live chat + email is available at $29/ month.
  • Premium live chat + email is available at $49/ month.

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4. Olark

Another live chat solution for your website named as Olark, the only thing I have listed it into the top five list is that its features are insane and much better compared to the intercom. Despite all the price of Olark is quite inexpensive compared to the intercom which makes it stand on this list

Though you might get Limited features they work seamlessly, so if you are planning to get subscribe to their plans then it could be a great choice as the offer you minimal features which are great for the beginners out there. The live chat feature of Olark is insanely managed so if you are in search of such a platform provides you the great support to the live chat this platform is kind of best in class.

Well, let me tell you that there is no bunch of customization feature which my hold you but the live chat is truly admirable.

Features of Olark

  • You can easily Fetch the data right from the live chat itself which saves much of your efforts. 
  • The automation feature of Olark saves much of your time.
  • Live chat analytics helps you to learn more things about it.
  • Custom chatbox forums help you to maximize your efforts while being on the chat with customers.
  • Through some of their automation features, you can keep all of your teammates on the track. 
  • Integration with the software you need.


As the prices are concerned unlike most of the intercom alternatives Olark provides you 14 days of free trial where you can use all of their features that you need. What’s the get involved into it letter onwards you can subscribe to their paid versions as well.

Following are the details about plan Olark offers you:-

Olark has only 1 plan which you can purchase available at $19/ month which can be purchased on an annual basis also depending upon your choice. If you want some of the add ons then you have to pay more amount depending upon your choice.

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5. Froged

Last but not least Froged is one of the most advanced featured platforms that lets you communicate with your audiences and customers so that you don’t have to miss your consistency and the efforts that you apply on your business to make it more profitable. The interface of Froged is quite impressive and easy to use even any of the beginners out there can use it well.

Get connected with your customers via live chat in real-time so that you can get there from sorted out instantly, it will help you to build a healthy relationship. Froged allows you to engage with the consumers so that they will stay connected with you for a longer time and eventually it will help you to grow your business. Consumer segmentation and email campaign help you to maximize your effort and to grow your community as well.

Features Of Froged

  • The live chat support helps you to switch between the agent which is essential in this era, it’ll save much of your efforts.
  • In the editor section of Froged you’ll be able to create the document which can be shared with the customers.
  • Figure out automatic messages which will help you to so much of your time and gives overall a good experience with the consumer.
  • The email campaign is an essential feature that you cannot miss out on.


As the prices are concerned they offer you a free pack where you get access to some of the basic needs, for the dignity of their decrease plan is sufficient to get started with. But if you are the one who is looking for some of the advanced features to be included the following are the plans provided by Froged

  • The basic plan is available at $29 per month where you get access to 3 agents and some of the basic features with it.
  • The growth plan is available at $69 for a month where you get access to 6 agents.
  • A custom plan is available at $139/ month where you get access to 10 agents or more depending upon your features for which you get to subscribe.

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Final Verdict

The intercom is a legit and most trusted live chat platform that helps you to perform where are different activities that will help you to grow your business and to communicate with your consumers. But it misses some of the features that might affect your growth rate, and so there is need of the best alternatives and that’s what I have mentioned in this complete post.

The above top 5 best alternative of intercom performs way better and provides you true value for money you pay to acquire their services. So do check them out.

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