InVideo Review 2021 Details, Pricing & Features 

InVideo review

Nowadays, the Video format is getting more popular than the Text written form. Agree! 

You might have noticed that video has never been this important as now when it’s all about marketing. No doubt creating a video can generate ten times more share online than standard text and pictures based on content according to Talkwalker. 

Although, I have found in some analysis that a single ( one minute video ) can be worth 1.8 million words. To sustain in a “ perfect competition “, supports essential that your video speaks about your business by itself. 

Well, the thought of preparing a video can be terrifying. However, the idea of creating videos can be daunting. From sourcing pictures and footage to editing and stage music, while making obvious, that they are friendly on all platforms. Also, creating video ads or any promotional video can evolve into a time-consuming and costly task.

That’s the reason why to make editing extra simple by using video creation tools like “InVideo” can be valuable. Until previously, video marketing was an extravagance for businesses, but now it has become an essential aspect of any marketing program. So without making any further delay, let’s get started With the InVideo Review.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is an online video editor software which allows everyone to create beautiful videos for their different social media platform in just a quick minute. Well, InVideo is not only a video editor tool, but it also offers you hundreds of thousands of beautiful video templates that can be utilized instantly for your videos. 

However, there is no technical experience needed to create videos using InVideo. Gratefulness to the outstanding design of those templates that will save tons of your minutes, if not hours were squeezing the footage to a satisfying level.

InVideo allows you to create videos that look incredible with ease. In limited, they’re excellent for presentations, marketing campaigns, and the same promotional objectives. This service makes it extremely simple to formulate instructive videos because they have a creative library of templates to build off. With more than a million videos, audio samples, and pictures, you can create some awesome videos.

To be realistic, this is not a video editor you can utilize to launch your YouTube vlogging career, or shoot marriages. Think of InVideo as “alive” infographics. It’s worth quoting that InVideo allows you to build videos 2-10 minutes lengthy, relying on the plan you choose. These videos can be utilized for YouTube, but the creation procedure is distinct.

What can you do with InVideo?

InVideo - Online Video Making Tool You Should Know About

The app is reflexive and yet very robust. It even for those who not come from a technical background, but it is helpful tool to build imaginative and prepare beautiful videos. These quick, but powerful videos can clarify your commodities and services.

InVideo has more than Hundreds of templates and still counting, which makes it extremely beginner-friendly. You can also begin by searching the areas, and you can get something that matches your necessities. 

Everything from there is customizable, and you can add or peel off elements to your preference. You can add text boxes, logos, images, videos, anything you like. This is an outstanding service, and I haven’t utilized anything relatively like it before. It is accurate when you want to develop something that looks great, but you don’t want to spend an entire day on it.

InVideo has just one flaw is that it can only be utilized in Google Chrome at this time. Assessing that it possesses a free plan, every individual who is building a marketing campaign should try InVideo. However, you can perform a few significant tasks which are given below.

1. Creating Storyteller videos

InVideo storyteller videos are excellent to go along with your blog posts, listicles, and additional longer-form subject. You can exploit them as a video overview of the post, or as a short presentation of the commodities mentioned. 

This can appear inconvenient when attempting to conserve people on your website, by performing this you getting on to see the growths in SEO due to improved dwell time.

The interface Leads the way through the operation, facilitating the filtering for you. You can select product videos and or pictures from the available library. After performing that you can write text into bulges and boxes, and edit the timing and images until you are satisfied. You can moreover upload your videos and pictures as well.

The interface and the procedure are so reflexive that it’s desirable. It may take you a short time to get used to it. For more deep info, you can go through the Youtube video to get a more in-depth idea of editing tools.

Once you get used to the format, you will be cranking fabulous videos. That’s one of the themes for the InVideo team, and I like it because of that only.

2. Setting up a Video

For setting up a video, I will help you explain below the best way to do it. Initial, choose a template from the library, and the layout must be  (16:9, 1:1, 9:16). After that, you reach the script page, where you will inoculate in the text, or duplicate the article link if you wish the video to get on with a blog post.

The software is innovative, and it will understand lines. It will offer you a video “skeleton,” which you can instantly alter. Here you will perhaps want to withdraw “scenes,” that they pre-populate, particularly if you have received a long article.

However, all this is because it requires to match within the time threshold of your package. Lengthier articles tend to need plenty of scenes as well.

The next portion is where you learn to edit the “scenes” depend on the rich script. This is the extensive leisure part, as you choose pictures, audio, and videos from the library. You then can play around with the subject, generating your excellent video.

After that, you can preview every “scene” individually, or as a full, which is relatively helpful. Of course, you can choose how long each scene will live on the screen. This is incredible for scenes that include extra words and need additional time to read.

Under “Advanced editing,” you possess various options. Here you can add bulges, logos, text, social elements, icons, characters, animations, and many more. All of these can be augmented with the built-in drag & drop technique.

Enlarging your voice is yet accessible with a click of a button. This extremely helpful for adding a touch of attitude to your videos. If you like to have a professional voice over you can upload one here as well.

3. Creating Quick videos

Quick videos are shorter and are build to be posted on Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms. They are further a fantastic selection for developing ads, or similar videos that go directly to the sense.

There are also many types to select from when it comes to Quick Videos—promo Videos, Video Ads, Instagram Videos, Stock Videos, Security Ads, and many more. Being sure of on your choice, InVideo will provide you with a unique UI, lowering the process.

The method is relatively identical to Storyteller videos, at least in terms how reflexive it is. But of course, predict it to be even more straightforward, as you won’t have to load any blog content. The entire point of this is further modifications, keeping up short, sweet, and beneficial.

Most of the templates are prepared from a limited image, audio, and text. The entire point here is to be as robust in as short time as possible. The templates are decent, and you just require to personalize them a little for your needs in most cases. 

Assuming how tremendous Instagram stories are presently, and how short our vigilance duration is getting, it looks like Quick Videos are an excellent fit for it.

InVideo Support

InVideo is frequently broadening its feature set. I can willingly say that you feel appreciated as their consumer. They are not one of those firms that disappear once they take your cash.

The integrity of their support indicates that too. You can ask them to answer in the quickest time probable. They moreover have an amazing Facebook group and give attention to user feedback. They are thoughtful, polite, and look ahead to replying to any quires.

The service is yet entirely new, but it is getting on in the exact direction. You can tell this just by the number of features they repeatedly add. Also, you can see it by the excellence of their support.

What are the features of InVideo that makes it so unique?

Video Editing Tips for Beginners

  • Pre-made templates
  • Article to video
  • Audio tools
  • Media library
  • Speed adjustment
  • Speed merge
  • Text overlay
  • Fonts
  • Font quote templates
  • 1000+ stickers
  • Visual effects (theme-based)
  • Shapes (insertable)
  • Enhancements (collage, masks, Twitter/Instagram posts)
  • You can upload photos or videos here

Types of Videos you can make with InVideo?

An Intro to Continuity Editing

1. Short Video

Whatever kind of video you can imagine, like honestly. It’s relatively multifaceted. The template gallery on InVideo is a go-getter of all the valid formats or types of videos you may prefer to create. They have felt this through whilst building the tool.

By Utilizing InVideo, you can create videos modeled for platforms like 

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

In the InVideo you will get pre-made templates that provoke your job easier. Templates are through distinct categories like 

  • Brand
  • Products
  • Ads
  • Presentations
  • offers/ coupons
  • COVID-19
  • Invitations
  • Motivational quotes
  • Webinar promos
  • Bite-size ads
  • Video Testimonials
  • Greetings
  • Listicles

2. Snackable videos

You can develop videos across all these types and their numerous templates useful for each of these categories. This feature to utilize pre-made templates and themes is a fantastic time-saver. I mean just imagine acquiring to put together piece by piece for generating every video, every time. That looks like a piece of work.

As per my proficiency with this tool, with minimal tweaking, I have been apt to make the videos from these templates, awesome-looking videos.

It truly doesn’t make a difference in what type of business you are into, and this tool is not only for a particular industry. The sort of sectors that they have put concurrently to organizes the fact that you can build any kind of videos.

Once you get pro at developing videos by utilizing these templates, then you can moreover make the aim of the blank template to allow the creativity flow & build outstanding videos.

Who Need InVideo?

Videos are the essential need of the future. InVideo is especially helpful for Digital marketers, Media companies, and people who like to create their video stunning in quick few minutes. It’s all because of their incredible collection of Templates.

However, you can create entertaining videos with the help of royalty-free pictures, videos, songs, logos, Effects, Styles available on InVideo.

How Does It Work?

Invideo Review | Make Money Online

InVideo is an online tool, so you can run this tool on its official website and begin with building your videos there. Let’s dip in and watch how it functions for you. After creating your account, go to select the templates.

1. Video Templates

The template is one thing that encourages you to be “lazy” in your task. It doesn’t imply you don’t require to do anything, but it assists you to concentrate your valuable time and energy on some key works, such as selecting decent clips or writing great content. There are hundreds of video templates for you to utilize in the archive of InVideo.

With those well-designed templates, you don’t need to waste massive hours on graphic design, find exact fonts, find incredible effects. Once you select a template, your clips can be turned into elegant and professional videos for marketing, social, and publicity with just some clicks.

The templates are several in designs and are acquired for several uses in many social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat. Those social platforms expect distinct video ratios for unique goals like stories, posts, feeds.

In InVideo, you can select the video template in the right ratios for every use, which will generate the most agreeable pictorial effects for your audience.

2. Video Editor

InVideo is moreover a video editor for your videos. After you discover the right template, you will arrive at the editing interface.

Distinguishing to professional video editing software, InVideo is elegant and comfortable. On the left side, several elements can be utilized in your video, enlarging background song, text, logos, etc. Just select the features that you require here.

On the right side, it’s an editing region for significant elements. If you select the text, you can then alter the text size, color, mode in this area.

In the middle, it’s the video preview region and timeline. You can enlarge and modify clips and audios. Tap on the play button, and you can test how your video looks. After editing, you can send out your video and save it to your computer.

3. Video Converter

InVideo is more than a video editor, and it also a Youtube converter as well. You can utilize it to convert Youtube videos to MP3 or MP4 in the easiest way. Paste the link to the Youtube video, then InVideo can do the remaining work for you. 

This feature allows you to download the videos from Youtube or remake them into MP3 audio. It’s a little feature but makes immense comfort if you are a YouTuber.

Step by step tutorial for InVideo

Select the platform & it’s placement

In the first step, we will select the platform status, i.e. Facebook timeline, Facebook Story, YouTube Landscape and many more.

Select the theme for the video

There are pre-made templates organised according to the themes for which you might like to build the video to save your efforts and time.

A walkthrough to the top options in the tool to create the video

Media Library

There is a media library which you can allow to find pictures & videos from millions of images & videos available for the video that you wish to create.

Music library

Make things fascinating with some music!

Text/ Font library

There are several font styles available to us, and also they possess calligraphy templates there. 

Sticker library

There are 1000+ stickers available with animation influences that you can utilize in the video. 

Animated effect library

There is an animation effect library from where you can select an effect & expand that as an overlay over your video.

Export the video

There is a choice in the top right “Export” once you tap on that option it appears & asks you whether you wish to save the video in 720P or 1080P.

Price, Plan, and Platform Compatibility

InVideo: The Best Video Creator Software For Your Money - 3Bug Media

InVideo is an online video editor. However, there is no necessity to download the software. So it’s vulnerable for any computers and mobile devices.

You can obtain a free account in InVideo, but there are few restricted features like watermarking. The free plan of InVideo proposes you full editing features and allows up to 60 videos per month, but your videos will be watermarked.

If you are upset with the watermarking, then you can go for the paid package of InVideo, which offers you two plans, I.e. Business plan, and an Unlimited plan. 

The differences between the two plans are the quantities of premium images and videos you can immediately use from InVideo and the quantities of videos you can send out from it.

InVideo has three subscription levels and offers a 50% deal on their monthly payments for clients who spend for the full year upfront.

InVideo pricing and fees

Free plan

  • Free
  • Entry to all premade templates
  • Utilise up to 300 premium product pictures and videos per month
  • Utilise unlimited photos and videos from the standard library
  • Automated text-to-speech
  • Add unlimited number of crew members to each video project
  • Up to 10GB of storage
  • Up to 60 exported videos per month
  • 15-minute video length
  • Video is totally watermarked

Business plan

  • $20/month if spending monthly
  • $10/month if spending annually
  • Entry to all premade templates
  • Utilise up to 300 premium stock images and videos per month
  • Utilise unlimited photos and videos from the standard library
  • Automated text-to-speech
  • Add an unlimited number of crew members to each video project
  • Up to 10GB of storage
  • Up to 60 exported videos per month
  • 15-minute video length

Unlimited plan

  • $60/month if spending monthly
  • $30/month if spending annually
  • Entry to all premade templates
  • Utilise Unlimited premium stock images and videos per month
  • Utilize unlimited photos and videos from the standard library
  • Automated text-to-speech
  • Add an unlimited number of crew members to each video project
  • Up to 10GB of storage
  • Unlimited exported videos
  • 15-minute video length

Who Need InVideo?

Videos are the essential need of the future. InVideo especially helpful for Digital marketers, Media companies and for the people who like to create their video stunning in quick few minutes. It’s all because of their extraordinary collection of Templates.

However, you can create entertaining videos with the helps of royalty-free pictures, videos, songs, logos, Effect, Styles available on InVideo.

Pros and Cons

4 ways to differentiate a good source from a bad source


  • Quick. Customer report that developing a video can take less than 20 minutes, and it is much faster than another video tool.
  • Entry to product content. You can utilise your videos, song and pictures, but InVideo procures you to over a million product content choices without an additional fee.
  • No limitations on the videos you develop.
  • Unlike with some other video creation procedures, the content you develop using InVideo isn’t prohibited, meaning you can utilise them for whatever objective you require, or even sell them.
  • The free edition of the software does contain a watermark on your videos.


  • No template changes. Once you’ve appointed a template, you have to start over to choose a fresh one, which could infer missing a lot of work.
  • Sending outthe procedure is prolonged. Many users and analysts argued that exporting a video carries much lengthier than it should, despite having reported the difficulty of InVideo support.
  • Relies on a strong Internet connection. Because InVideo is a web-based app, the software is just as robust as your Internet connection


So this was all about InVideo review as I have tried to provide you with every tiny detail of it through my experience, it’s features, pricing, pros and cons, etc. In my opinion, InVideo is an outstanding video editing tool for everyone interested to make their video elegant and more eye-catchy.

For most people, you are maybe not a video editing specialist. With the video templates within InVideo, your clips can be veered around to incredible videos instantly. Thus, we think InVideo is an excellent and valuable tool for making lovely videos for various social platforms. I must say that you should start creating your videos from today itself.

If you have any queries related to InVideo’s software,  you can ask us in the comment section. We’ll be pleased to help you out with your every question.

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