Top 5 Best LastPass Alternatives

LastPass alternative

The present scenario is all about the internet and digital stuff where one came across tons of tools and software which serves the best in class value. But the truth is that most of the software and tools of their allows you to manage their services only if you create an account. And for that, you surely will have to insert the password. 

But what if you’ve taken the subscription of multiple software, tools, and services? 

In such a case, the password management system works prominently. In the present situation, more than 80% of the users are affected by the issue of cyber attacks and crimes, so I must say it has become essential to acquire the password management tool for better commencement. 


Why Do You Need To Have A Password Management Tool?

The password management tool helps you save your password securely and helps you to regenerate secure passwords, whether it may be encrypted ones. The only password you’ll have to remember is the master password; that’s it. 

LastPass is considered the most genuine and legitimate password management tool that gets your job done in password management. But if you’re someone who’s searching for the best LastPass alternatives, this post might help you a lot as I’ll be concluding the best in class and relevant list of alternatives that serve you the better features. But before that, let me quickly introduce you to the LastPass. 

What is LastPass?

The LastPass is the genuine password management tool that you can manage, sync, generate and store the password as per the need. Apart from this, it also allows you to share the password with others (as per need), even you’ll be notified if the password is weak or duplicate. 

Well, there’s no requirement for technical knowledge as you can begin from scratch. 


The password recovery option is available in maximum amount compared to the other.

The LastPass usually uses the AES 256- bit encryption as it’s super convenient for your password management.

The user interface is quite minimal. 


One of the major con is that there’s no customer service support available, which holds you to use it. 

How much does LastPass cost? 

The free plan is available, but I’ll recommend it’s a premium subscription at $3/ month and $4/ month due to certain limitations. According to the need to can opt for any one of the packages. 

But if you’re searching for the last pass alternative, make sure to stick with the list till the end to get the most out of it. With that being said, let’s dive deep into the alternative of the LastPass. 

Best LastPass Alternatives

There are tons of different options available in the market when it comes to password management. Well, we’ve shortlisted the genuine options for you so that you can proceed with them without any issue. 

Here’s the list. 



The first on our list is definitely the PassCamp that offers you great value in password management. Though it’s a newcomer to the market has pretty dope features that’ll take your overall password management experience on high. 

Basically, it’s a cloud-based password management tool, so you’ll have to access it via the browser itself as there is no application or chrome extension available at the moment. It means all of the passwords that you own are being stored securely at a server. 

To take complete usage of the PassCamp, all you need to do is integrate it with the sources you need. While logging into the tools, software, and service, it’ll automatically enter the password ad you don’t have to enter manually, making it the perfect toolkit for you. The free plan is being served to you with certain limitations, but it could be the best option for beginners to start quickly. 

Through the PassCamp account, you can share the credentials with your teammates too, so I would say it’s the perfect source for the digital entrepreneur and marketers out there who usually suffer through ‘forget the password.’ 

Key features:

There are too many features that you’ll come across while acquiring the services of PassChamp, but we’ve shortlisted a few of the major ones that make sense for you to know about. So here are they:- 

It’s a cloud-based platform, so you don’t have to download the specific application on your device, keeping your data secure at a server.

You don’t have to remember all of the passwords; all you need to do is remember only the master password, which is important to you, and then PassCamp will remember all of the other passwords for you.

The PassChamp auto-fills the passcodes for the chrome extensions.

It showcases all of the historical details, too, which can only be accessed by the owner.

Quite affordable compared to the competition.

Get access to the free plan, which is quite efficient to get started later onwards you can acquire their premium subscriptions too for the better commencement. 

How much does PassCamp cost? 

The PassCamp services are free to acquire, but it has a certain limitation. So if you’re supposed to acquire their premium features, there are a couple of plans being served to you. 

The personal plan is available at just $2.95/ month.

The team plan is available at just $4.16/ month. 



After trying and testing so many password managing platforms and tools, I came to Dashlane, one of the most prominent Toolkit for managing all of your passwords and credentials prominently. It’s considered one of the safest and most legitimate tools that will efficiently save all of your passwords. I’ve personally been a great fan of Dashlane as they offer you kinds of effective features that will surely boost your overall user experience. 

Within a single click, you’ll get access to the Dashlane unless and until you’ve acquired their premium services. The overall user interface is quite decent, consisting of some major features like auto-filling and sharing data, which allows you to share the subsequent credentials with the team. It’s useful features in case if you’re running an organization. 

Get the support of an unlimited VPN, which can not be stolen at any instance, so all of the encrypted data will remain safe over there. One of the major USPs of the Dashlane is that their customer care service is pretty dope, so if you face any difficulty, you’re free to contact them as per the commencement. 

Just like the other password management tool, you’ll only need to remember a single master password; that’s it.

Key features:

Dashlane is a legitimate tool for managing passwords, so I’ve shortlisted a few of the crucial features that are being served to you by Dashlane. 

Dashlane is a 100% trusted and secure tool that one can acquire without worrying about the legalities.

Helpful customer support facilities are being served to you for the betterment.

Just wait in a single click event change the password.

It has the most secure 256 bit AES encryption, which is considered military-grade security that cannot be stolen.

You don’t have to remember so many passwords; all you need to remember is the single master password.

Its user-friendly UI will help you maximize the over experience.

Its application is available for all major OS like Android, Windows, iOS, Chrome OS, Mac, and Linux.

It has built-in VPN services. 

How much does Dashlane cost?

Although the Dashlane offers you free services at a certain instance in a vase, if you’re supposed to grab more features, it’ll be way essential for you to get their premium subscription. They offer you a couple of plan mentioned below:

The premium plan is available at $3.33/ month that can also be paid annually.

The family plan is available at $4.99/ month, which can also be acquired annually. 



Roboform is considered the most trusted and legitimate password management tool, and the only reasons behind its success are its 20 years of market name. The engineers of RoboForm are consistently inputting their efforts for providing it a good amount of space for the users. But throughout the years, they’ve raised their subscription costs might make you think twice before you acquire their services. 

Way back, it did not have a user-friendly interface, but due to improvements in algorithm and the stiff, they’ve also diversified their UI, which makes true sense for the beginners to acquire their features from scratch. It helps you to store the data of your password/passcode way efficiently without getting it leaks. 

Apart from this, they also have a tremendous 24/7 customer support service, so you don’t have to face an issue if you go through technical errors as you’re free to get in touch with one of their executives. They’ve 2F authentication being served to you. 

The Roboform also serves you some space where one can store the subsequent private data for better commencement. It’s android/ iOS applications are also available that one can avail to manage the stuff. Like other competitors, they serve you AES 256 encryption for the secure data source, which means your data will remain safe. 

Key features:

Though the feature served by the RoboForm is seamless, I’ve shortlisted a few of the key features that one needs to know, so here are they:

The security you get is top-notch, i.e., AES 256 encryption, so there is no room for the spammers and hackers to identify the password.

The 24/7 customer care service helps you sort out any of the technical issues just within a while.

The android/ iOS applications are available that one can avail of for the stable usage ks the RoboForm.

The UI of the tool is quite impressive.

The password can be synced through several devices you use.

You get cloud storage to save personal passcode info. 

How much does RoboForm cost?

Along with the free plan, the RoboForm also used to serve the premium plans, which are mentioned below:

Their personal plan begins at just $1.99/ month.

The facility plan is available at just $3.98/ month.

The business plan is available at just $3.35/ month. 

Well, each one of them can be purchased annually. 



The 1Password is a Joyoshare’s product that serves you better features that will take your password management journey to the password management as it manages all of the passcodes more efficiently, so you don’t have to remember them all. The only thing you need to remember is the one master password that will Link your account with all of the Other passwords.

Apart from this, if you forget any of your iPhone or Android device passwords, it still helps you in that situation by rebooting your device, and the password will get detached from it. It is possible only works if the device’s owner is a good thing and keeps all of the other spammers and hackers away from your data.

It was based on 4 digits or 6 digit pin, which gets your shop to turn within a while if you sign in for info software and services integrated with the 1 Password. When it comes to the user interface, it has a pretty dip UI that doesn’t get you confused. 

Key features:

The all-new 1Password serves you some of the awesome features that we’ve shortlisted for the better commencement, so here are they: 

You don’t have to remember all of the passwords as 1Password does it for you.

It manages your password by entering 4 digits or 6 digits.

The user interface of the tool is pretty cool so that anyone can handle it.

For unlocking your doctor device, it is considered to be a very efficient and legitimate tool.

It has some of the additional features that will automatically detect in terms of new vulnerabilities occur. 

How much does 1Password cost? 

There’s no free version available, so you’ll have to pay some penny to acquire their features. Following are the plan details:- 

The family plan is available at just $2.99/ month.

The business and team plan begin at just $3.99/ month.

Each one of the plans can be paid annually. 

Sticky Password


And here comes the last in our list, i.e., sticky password. The only reason you should opt for their services is just that they serve you 256 bit AES encryption that will surely keep your data more secure, and there is no room required for the hacker and spammer to attack your profile. Also, it has 2 pretty good factor authentication.

If you are someone like me who struggle a lot to Remember tons of password then take a password is wait for you as it has a pretty good user interface that won’t let you down even if you are beginning from described in terms of the password management system. You can manage the password in the form of biometric and the pin format, making it the most convenient for smartphone users. 

The good thing is the sticky password has the application available for Android and iOS 12. Can I delete it right there from your phone itself, as you don’t have to always head off to the website? It’ll also sync all of the data from multiple devices you use for better user ability. 

Key features:

I have shortlisted some of the key features of sticky password:- 

They serve you 256 bit AES encryption services.

The sticky password application is available for both Android and IOS devices.

You can access the application in offline mode as well.

It has an option of biometric as well as a pin.

How much does Sticky password costs?

Along with the free plan, the sticky password used for paid plans will cost you around $29.99/ month that can also be paid annually to save a few bucks. 

Final Verdict

In the current scenario, a password management tool plays a crucial role just because most of the time, you don’t remember the password. It usually happens as we subscribe to most of the services and use out there required for business growth and personal growth. 

If you are bored by the LastPass services, you are free to acquire the service of tools I’ve shared through this post. There might be tons of other password management tools available in the market, but I found them the best. So definitely check them out.

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