LeadCart Review – Best Shopping Cart Tool [2021]

LeadCart review

Are you fighting to boost your income with high transforming cart pages such as one-click sales funnels, affiliate campaigns, monthly subscriptions, upsells, bump offer and trace your whole business? 

Well, as we know that Website traffic is probably the most essential and substantial factor of any online business. Regardless of the niche your work in, it has become a fiercely powerful area when it comes to publicising or selling your commodity or services online.

Hence, it is entirely crucial to make the most out of every visit your website or funnel brings and to maximise the lifetime value of your client. 

This where the utilisation of a right shopping cart solution can work out a lot of good when referred to a conventional website. With the proper practice of upsells, and cross-sells, you can effortlessly increase the overall sales from each consumer and thereby the income of your business. 

There are so multiple shopping cart solutions in the market. Thrivecart, Samcart, Paykickstart are some that are fully stabilised in the market.  

However, to make your customer overwhelmed by offering them a quality service, so today we have brought you one of the adequate Ecommerce tools to heighten up your business and surpass your customer’s requirement.

Leadcart is one of the unique performers in the markets that look completely promising with a good collection of features.

What Is LeadCart?


Leadcart is a shopping cart software that is modest yet powerful. It was built especially to assist you to transform more sales and maximise revenue as an online on business.

Leadcart can boost up your income with one-click sales funnels, high-converting cart pages, monthly subscriptions, affiliate drives, bump appeal, upsells, and control your whole business.

Let’s see how it would benefit you to increase your business and look You can customise your checkout page to obtain as much data from your clients as you would like (GDPR marketing consent checkbox substitute is available to access).

Whether you are utilising Podia, Teachable, Kajabi, Thinkific, or you possess a membership site, Leadcart integrates with hardly a few clicks, or you can automate this procedure with any email automation tool such as ActiveCampaign.

If you wish to begin your selling e-books, then Leadcart would compel it easy to automate your inclusive e-book selling sales funnel by integration with autoresponders like ActiveCampaign or Get riposte and with fee gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

However, if your business posses any recurring subscription model, though the Leadcart is promising and highly productive, let’s see how Leadcart helps you in your recurring business.

Do you possess a product or service that needs monthly rebilling?

Leadcart is undoubtedly capable of one-time handling payments, monthly recurring payments or subscription, and dividend payments.

With a recurring subscription payment occurrence, Leadcart will begin with an automated workflow with your email marketing autoresponder and trail them with a name you select.

If you possess one-time fee products and you similarly contains a monthly subscription, you will know your clients by segments in the customer management section of Leadcart.

Physical Products Sellers: Leadcart carries everything you require to start lifting checkout pages for your material products.

You can collect shipping data, names, and even phone numbers on the checkout page if you would like too. Although, if you use a Shopify, then you will be glad to know that Leadcart could completely integrate with your Shopify accounts.

This integration will boost all sales that appear from Leadcart to your Shopify store(s), so you can trace your sales. This integration is arriving very quickly in Leadcart.

Best of the best, even consultants use Leadcart.

Although I have barely worked with a few clients, something is dissatisfying about transmitting a PayPal invoice link. But Setting up your PayPal and Stripe with a Leadcart is relatively easy.

Once you have the arrangement, you will be apt to build products for each of your services and deliver them to your customer checkout pages; similarly, you can tag your invoices too.

Key Features Of LeadCart


UI & Dashboard

Once the introductory sign up is finished, the first thing to do is to put up your company details in the brand settings.

Here, you can alter kinds of stuff like your brand logo, time zone, primary currency, assistance email, email sticker, email footer settings, etc. 

You can furthermore turn on or off the email alarms to be given out on a new order or a declined charge. 

The additional vital setting here is the collaborators where you can add team members or customers to provide access or participate in your checkout pages.

The dashboard is divide into two fundamental elements on the left sidebar. The first is Sales, where you can find the facts of all the income produced, analytics, and the data of all your clients.

A handful of the data you bring under this section like,

  • Average day-to-day revenue
  • Entire transactions
  • Gross revenue
  • Net revenue
  • Conversion rate
  • Checkout page views
  • No. of refunds
  • Refund rate.

All these numbers are illustrated in an intuitive and only a sensible view. 

Under the client’s tab, you can get the details such as each of the client’s name, email, order record, client lifetime income, etc. 

The second one is the products, which includes all the checkout pages you have produced and features of the products and services you are offering. 

Funnel Builder

The optic funnel builder is exceptionally intuitive to utilise as well with both straight and upright layouts available. 

You can then compare each step in the funnel to a particular product you have a pitch. It is similarly possible to put up rules for specific catalysts like order fulfilment, cart defection, etc. 

Product Pages

The checkout page builder is easy to utilise the drag & drop editor with a broad array of entities to select from. 

You obtain all the most widely utilised elements such as text, control, picture, video, countdown timer, growth bar, features list, FAQ’s, tributes, 1-click bump offers, etc. 

There is an adequate level of layout customisation that is possible. The pages are responsive across many tool types and can be previewed as they are developed. 

It is also useful to put up custom discount voucher codes with pre-set end dates. 

The discount can be fixed either as a percentage of the rate of the product or a certain amount of money and could be connected either to a sole product or across all the products. 

 All-around, the page builder is very decent. It is quick, responsive with all the vital building elements covered. 


The following native integrations are accessible in Leadcart. Let’s see what they are.

Payment Gateway

  • Stripe
  • PayPal

Email Autoresponders

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Aweber
  • Convertkit
  • Drip
  • Getresponse
  • HubSpot
  • MailChimp,
  • MailerLite,
  • Moosend.

Marketing Automation

  • InfusionSoft,
  • Ontraport.

Workflow Automation

  • Integrately,
  • Pabbly Connect,
  • Webhooks,
  • Zapier.

The preferences are quite generous, but hopefully, more native integrations are frequently developed and carried out. Additional payment gateway integrations separated from Stripe and PayPal be a genuinely pleasing addition. 

How To Use Leadcart?

Here is all this Step are essential for you to Know, how to utilise Leadcart.

1. When you will log into your Leadcart account, look to the left sidebar, there’s a section named “Products.”

Then you should get down to your account’s product page.

By tapping on the option “+New Product” at the top-right end, you will see four options (product types) to create a new commodity on your account.

  • One Page Funnel
  • One Step Checkout
  • Two-Step Checkout
  • Upsell/Downsell

When you move ahead with the product category “One Step Checkout” then you will notice six templates for one step checkout commodities. And you can utilise fourth increate template from the left side. However, you can simply customize it according to your colour theme, much easier even grandma can do.

In this first step exit page, you can notice that it already enclosed with everything which can assist you to boost up the conversions rapidly like product picture, product name, product features, billing data, shipping data, order bump, income summary.

So no more longer procedure for users to finalise the purchase. In this first section, I.e. initial option in the left sidebar you can effortlessly alter the colours and template

2. Coming up to the second item on the left sidebar that is called “conversion boosters.”

Here you could notice that we are obtaining choices to hide or how testimonials, shipping items, warranty message, terms & conditions, and characteristics.

3. Now let’s come to the third section, which is named “Pricing“.

In the pricing area, you can choose the currency of the product, fix the price and choose the payment class as one-time price, recurring rate or dividend payment.

In the product payment modes, we can choose up to two payment modes. First, they have cash on delivery as an accessible payment mode.

Although keep this in mind that Leadcart has straightforward integration with Stripe and PayPal. And Razorpay, Authorize.net, Checkout.com, Braintree, 2checkout are in the roadmap and arriving rapidly as immediate integration in Leadcart.

4. Now let’s check the fourth option named “fulfilment “.

In the fulfilment area, you can choose the built fulfilment for commodity fulfilment.

The fulfilment possibility is available into the left menu bar of the user dashboard of your Leadcart account. When you come after the choice fulfilment from the left menu bar, you will arrive on a similar page in that section.

To build a fresh fulfilment, obey the option “+New Fulfillment” usable on the top right corner of the screen. And then you will notice the same opportunities in the section.

However, now you can put the completion name, whatever you feel is appropriate according to your specific product. In the fulfilment category, you can choose the type manual fulfilment, success URLs fulfilment or Zapier integration fulfilment. 

Although, when you will spot the success URL or zapper integration fulfilment channel, then click the switch “+Create“. Well, now your fulfilment is available to utilise in the product fulfilment selection.

5. Now let’s get to know about the fifth section labelled as “Bump Offer“.

As per my knowledge, the bump offers the procedure is regularly assisting to boost the standard order value and create an adequate income with the primary product.

However, if you look into the left section, you can detect the options you will get inside the bump offer. If you wish to express or hide, then you can do it effortlessly. And you can appoint the rate of this offer. Customisation is adaptable and straightforward to do enormous customisations.

So if any guest will inspect the box of the bump offer, the price will be put in into the product price, and it’s as simple as a snap.

If you intend to provide or offer an exclusive deal to your customers, then this feature of Leadcart is for you.

6. Let’s look into the sixth section called “Coupons” in the left sidebar.

With coupon feature, you can boost the holiday coupons, festivity coupons, black Friday or cyber Monday coupons and you don’t have to change anything inside the commodity. You only build the coupon, assign the commodity and see, and you are ready good to go.

If you like to develop the coupons, then you must obey the “Coupons” selection in the left the menu bar in your login dashboard. When you will heed the selection of the voucher, you will be directed to the same page in the section.

As, in the top right corner, you will get a switch of “New Coupon” which will build a new coupon code. On the exact page, you can furthermore notice the insights of the coupons ( if any ).

Conversion Boosters in Leadcart

  • 1-Click Upsells
  • Coupon Codes
  • Subscription Saver
  • Cart Recovery
  • Pre-Filled Checkout Pages
  • Address Auto-Complete
  • Retargeting & Tracking Pixels
  • Funnel Builder (Upsells & Downsells)
  • Custom Domain (CName)
  • Removal of Branding
  • Addition of Leadcart affiliate link


Leadcart have three plans in total, Basic, Pro, and Premium selling for $49, $99, and $199 per month respectively.

The checkout templates are usable across all the plans. Though,  1-click upsells, vast funnels, Zapier integration are accessible nearly in the Pro and Premium plans. Let’s see all its features and Pricing below.



In this basic plan, you will be going to get all the essential feature which are capable of fulfilling the requirement of a small store owner. Howe the Basic Plan pricing is $49/ month also you get the two months free annual.

Basic Plan Features

  • Product page builder with +10 proven templates
  • Unlimited Products.
  • It was built In Credit Card & PayPal processors.
  • One-Time Payments, Subscriptions & Payment Plans.
  • 5 Funnels.
  • Email Support

Pro Plan

In this Pro plan, you will be going to get all the essential feature which are capable of fulfilling the requirement for an intermediate store owner and also for an Agency. Howe the Pro Plan pricing is $99/ month also you get the two months free annual.

Pro Plan Features

  • Product page builder with +10 proven templates
  • Unlimited Products & Funnels.
  • Use Checkout Pages Everywhere.
  • It was built In Credit Card & PayPal processors.
  • One-Time Payments, Subscriptions & Payment Plans.
  • Webhooks & Zapier.
  • 1-Click Upsells.
  • Priority Support.

Premium Plan

In this Premium plan, you will be going to get all the essential feature which are capable of fulfilling the requirement for a Big store owner and also for an Agency. Howe the Premium Plan pricing is $199/ month also you get the two months free annual.

Premium Plan Feature

  • The Subscription Saver (Dunning).
  • Cart Abandonment Recovery.
  • The Affiliate Center.
  • Product page builder with +10 proven templates
  • Unlimited Products & Funnels.
  • Use Checkout Pages Everywhere.
  • It was built In Credit Card & PayPal processors.
  • One-Time Payments, Subscriptions & Payment Plans.
  • Webhooks & Zapier.
  • 1-Click Upsells.
  • Priority Support.
  • Email Builder & Customizations.
  • Assign Roles & Permissions To Team Members.
  • Custom Domains (CNAME).
  • Leadcart Branding Removal.
  • Automatic Tax Calculations.
  • Dedicated Training & Support


Live chat assistance is accessible both in the website and within the app dashboard and the answer times is pretty fast. 

Help & support documentation is relatively decent as well as enclosing all the features. Yet, it would be delightful to watch a few how-to video tutorials on each feature and how to execute it. 

Final Verdict 

Indeed, occurring a modern tool in the market, it is not entirely feature-rich or smoothed as the like of Thrivecart, Samcart, Paykickstart, etc. Still, the fundamentals are there to be increased upon and obtain as good as if not better than the other related tools. 

All-around, it is an outstanding tool for an online business to create monthly subscriptions, upsells, and bump offers effectively without comprehending to code.

You cannot disappoint with the Leadcart solution, whether you exist an e-book dealer, freelancer, drop shipper, course dealer, or a company owner. It’s among the most truthful and efficient smart cart solutions in the marketplace.

I hope, I have covered up all the detail about Leadcart, if you still have any query or doubt related to this post it in the comments section below we will be happy to help you out.

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