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LeadKlozer review

If you are struggling with enhancing your social media marketing, you will find it extremely useful to utilize a tool like LeadKlozer. Being able to maximize social media presence at the lowest time is extra valuable than ever. 

Business holders are relatively busy and require to concentrate on business and not expending hours striving to keep up bound to their audience. 

LeadKlozer is the industry’s main social media CRM, engagement, and conversation tool. It has impressive features for live tracking, prioritizing, and reacting to leads in one spot. 

LeadKlozer is the best new tool for social media marketers. I have watched for a long time because they genuinely show useful and actionable data that other devices only don’t maintain.

Like how to answer back to valuable leads when they have responded to my Facebook posts and ads, put up with your Facebook marketing to the second level, and don’t miss significant leads and connections.

What is LeadKlozer?

leadklozer homepage

LeadKlozer is the social media engagement monitoring service for personal leads. It assists firms and marketers in automatically trace, organize, prioritize, and respond to directs all in one niche. LeadKlozer is the world’s primary Social Media CRM, created by and for Social Media Marketers.

Inviting people to like our Facebook page when they interact with posts is a waft now too. Leadklozer is a short tool and discussion bridge between industries and Facebook users.

The team behind Leadklozer is very much active with support and amass a tremendous perception for the business with what they will be bringing to the table in fate.

LeadKlozer Benefits

Trace the lead engagements on your Facebook pages and advertisements (likes, comments, replies, chatbot conversations, inbox information, lead advertisement forms, etc.) all in real-time.

Every guide obtains an auto-created profile exhibiting their engagements with you in a straightforward activity feed.

With Smart Score, our internal guide ranking system, communications are automatically prioritized for you based on real-time coalitions, follow-up actions, last stages achieved, and how earlier those arrangements occurred.

A Smart Search feature allows you to rapidly see customized lead records to meet your specific requirements for CRYSTAL CLEAR preferences during your follow up time. It is like utilizing a Google search engine for your whole contact database.

Why You Need LeadKlozer?

Social Media Automation

LeadKlozer auto-captures your FB page engagements (likes, remarks, replies, chatbots, messages) and Lead advertisement type entries you function so rough to build. You will never forfeit the detailed arrangement of the image for any individual lead again.

Lead Dashboard

LeadKlozer has a full range of live interaction, follow-up, and search dashboards that collect and govern particular lead activity regardless of where or when it’s occurring. Use our filterable search devices to detect REAL-TIME interactions, top-performing ads, or articles along with your extensive highly participated leads in a look.

Lead Communications

No extra clicking around and ahead from one post, advertising, or chatbot discussion into another. Answer back, comment, information, or like without ever leaving LeadKlozer. In the future, a steady guide follow-up method that autosaves organizes and marks the entire lead relations history.

LeadKlozer Features

Live Interaction Dashboards

Live Tracker

Live Tracker is an aggregated, real-time engagement error for reacting to your whole social relation across Facebook page articles, advertisings, chatbots, or messages.

Pop available on any Live Tracker engagement chain item to disclose the entire post or ad and respond without ever departing LeadKlozer. Understand more about Live Tracker Pop-Ups.

Click on an individual’s name to unlock an auto-created contact profile and answer back, add actions, update data, review the communication’s full engagement history, and furthermore.

Live Tracker Columns

You might wish to concentrate on the live attention for one specific ad if you’re in the norm of a particular campaign, or probably you organize many different Facebook pages, and you want to be prepared to detect the related engagements for each page individually.

Here is the total catalog of all the available column sorting selections;

  • Social Networks
  • Facebook Pages
  • Contact Types
  • Contact Status
  • Engagements

Post/Ad Tracker

The Post/Ad tracker deciphers the difficulty of not understanding which posts or ads have obtained the most engagement for your company. Your post from the previous week may yet be performing great, even though the posts from the last few days are not.

See the most significant Facebook posts and ads for your enterprise, no problem when they were built

Interact with your extensively Popular posts and ads rated in order of emphasis, based on the total number of attention over several periods

Scroll through the record and pop-open any access to begin interacting within moments.

Your remarks, answers, responses, etc. will be automatically augmented to the Facebook post or ad itself and traced within the LeadKlozer tool.

Click the green switch to type and shift the display selections.

Search & Follow-Up Dashboards

Smart Search

Smart Search is your own powerful, also easy to use search feature, allowing you to segment all your contact into prioritized records depends on the search standards that are most valuable to your business.

Smart Search puts compute custody in your hands by authorizing you to use several search choices at the exact time to find the same leads who need your awareness most urgently.

You will see how to rapidly find your highest priority list to ensure that you’re disbursing your valuable follow-up time as wisely as possible and never forget a lead chance furthermore

Today’s Recommended Customers

With just one click of a switch, you can view a chart of your top-rated clients showing their extensively valuable information at a glance.

It is suggested to be a region that you can as soon as you register into LeadKlozer, along with any plans that you’ve lately set for that day.

If you don’t contain a decent idea of who’s your most significant priority leads are off the lid of your head, click on the TRL (Today’s Recommended Leads) switch in the shortcuts link region of the primary dashboard in LeadKlozer.

This will put forward a Smart Search list of your most significant valued leads that we’ve automatically developed for you, rated in order of emphasis by Smart Score.

Planning Ahead

Contact Profiles

Think of Contact Profiles as the Control Center for particular leads including everything essential you might need to know about some of your chances, from social participation history to automatic lead stances, private contact info, and more 

New arrangements with people interacting with your social media automatically build a new Contact Profile inside LeadKlozer.

Tap on any blue-linked, private name throughout LeadKlozer to get on to that individual’s Contact Profile.

Utilize the list and picture below for a quick source to the top 20  abilities and data included in every Contact Profile within LeadKlozer

Smart Schedules

In LeadKlozer, we are familiar with the scheduling and procedure follow-up tasks should be easy, rapid, and fool-proof to make safe that no leads fall through the breaks. As we built a system that will assist you in fulfilling that with as small work as feasible 

Since you can communicate with your leads without ever possessing to flee LeadKlozer, we will automatically pop-up any schedule(s) associated with that lead straight after the exchange takes place, enabling you to update or finalize the task instantly. So to maintain your plans organized and up-to-date in one knock over swoop.

Daily Goals

LeadKlozer’s Daily Goals category is a computerized way for you to trace and evaluate your follow-up execution. It is segmented into customizable Contact Types, i.e. Chances versus buyers, or partners

This will assure you that you’re concentrating on and eventually thriving all factors of your company, through lead generation, buyer retention, and career growth techniques.

Every time you come out and interact with a new connection on an allotted day through your Facebook page’s posts, ads, information, and chatbots within LeadKlozer or on Facebook,  we will automatically put in another record towards fulfilling your Daily Goals.

We’ll moreover it improve your Daily Goal totals when you Add activity manually.

The top-left of the primary dashboard in your LeadKlozer account is where you will track and dedicate the success of your Daily Goals.

Lead Priorities & Messaging

Smart Facebook Inboxes

Facebook doesn’t combine what they give within their inboxes and everything else that they already possess and understand about the identical contacts from your page feed and vigilance information.

Our edition of the aggregated Facebook page inbox allows you to recognize;

  • Smart Score rankings
  • Lead or Contact Status (heated, warm, etc.)
  • Additional channels of explicit information that you maintain with that contact.
  • All your Facebook page inboxes exhibited in one spot so you don’t need to go behind and ahead in your browser tabs only to attend to distinguish inboxes from several pages.
  • Click on the drop-down from the blue bar to change between your Facebook Pages and view their complementary inboxes.

Smart Score

Smart Score is an automatic guide prioritization system for your contacts depend on LeadKlozer’s inner algorithm. It instantly exhibits who your fundamental leads are, and so who you should be paying your necessary time on, protecting you hours daily.

While using LeadKlozer, there is a mixture of means to search and type contacts into follow-up files.

All lists inside LeadKlozer indicate the highest-ranking leads at the prime, in order of their automatically developed Smart Score.

Other aspects will also influence their Smart Scores, such as how lately the engagement took place, whether you or the reference instigated the meeting, their Contact Status like heated, warm, fresh, impartial or cold, etc.


What if you brought into the world the best lead response you could readily access within moments? Wouldn’t that stimulate you’re follow up strategy and assist you in closing more leads with less exertion?

The Scripts process is designed to promote efficiency in the fast-paced atmosphere of following-up on significant amounts of leads; to assure the increased value of engagement in the minor amount of time functional

At LeadKlozer, we understand that your lead nurturing discussions and replies to frequently asked questions should be well thought through in growth and handily available so that they can be fetched and utilized within seconds.

Staying Organized


Tags enable you to only region and purpose contacts with extraordinary follow-up plans developed around their different interests and activities.

  • CREATE  lists recognizing segments of leads with a certain fundamental quality or characteristic. You can blend Tags with other search norms as well.
  • ASSESS the desires of a lead depends on their allocated Tags.
  • USE time impressions to recognize when a Tag was pertained to via Smart Search.
  • UPDATE your lead follow-up actions in realtime by appointing a Tag to any contact within moments (quicker than pen and paper).
  • COMBINE Tags with Smart Scores to notice which contacts should be your primary preference for follow up actions and recommendations.


Utilize Stages to regulate every essential modification milestone your leads obtain. This will endorse to Smart Score point totals and, in recovery, automated lead prioritization.

Facilitating and closing leads is not an isolated event, but a strategy with many steps or stages.  This is why LeadKlozer has developed a unique group of tags called stages that can be allocated to any contact.

  • Stages are distinct for every industry and thus 100% customizable inside LeadKlozer 
  • Stages symbolize when progress within the lead nurturing and follow-up procedure is being formulated.
  • Stages classify contacts by significant revision milestones obtained
  • Stages impact Smart Scores when ordained to a contact
  • Stages can be utilized to build Smart Search lead lists

It’s essential to trace your actions so that you not only understand which leads are further along in the conclusion procedure but also what requires to be done to move them ahead based on the stages they’ve already accomplished.


When was the earlier time you followed-up with actual consumers, giving your extremely best up-sell and cross-sell chances? It is the extensively under-utilized advertisement chance.

Whereas Tags inside LeadKlozer are completely different identifiers for classifying your contacts, Product Tags are a personal class of Tags meant to organize contacts depends on who has obtained your particular set of commodities or services.

Although they could send them data about the features and advantages of upgrading their products and service to the next level.

  • Lead Dashboard
  • Smart Score Lead Rank Depend On Engagements
  • Connect Numerous Facebook Pages
  • Live Tracker For Your Facebook Leads
  • Works just with Facebook
  • Simply support for Facebook Pages

LeadKlozer Lifetime Deal 

  • (According to Stack) Facebook Pages
  • (According to Stack) admin account
  • Vast Access to All Features
  • Endless Contacts
  • Live Interaction Dashboards
  • Live Tracker
  • Search & Follow-Up Dashboards
  • Smart Search
  • Smart Schedules
  • Lead Priorities & Messaging
  • Smart Facebook Inboxes
  • Smart Score
  • Check more info on Sales Page
  • 60 Days Refund Period

Plan & Pricing


Standard Plan

The standard plan is perfect for startups and small business owners. However, the price of the standard plan is $29.99 / month. In this, they have included 14 days free trial period in which you can take all the benefits of every feature.

  • Facebook Page
  • 1 Admin / 1 User
  • 15,000 Contacts
  • Smart Search
  • Email Support
  • Live Tracker
  • Post/Ad Tracker
  • Smart Score (lead scoring)
  • Smart Scheduling
  • Auto Goal Tracking
  • Lead Analytics
  • Importing Contacts
  • Facebook Support Group
  • One-click cancel at any time.

Advanced Plan

An advanced plan is perfect for the small business & even for growing business. However, the price of the advanced plan is $59.99 / month. In this, they have included 14 days free trial period in which you can take all the benefits of every feature.

  • 5 Facebook Pages
  • Admin / 5 Users
  • 30,000 Contacts
  • Smart Search
  • Email + Messaging Support
  • Zapier (coming soon)
  • Live Tracker
  • Post/Ad Tracker
  • Smart Score (lead scoring)
  • Smart Scheduling
  • Auto Goal Tracking
  • Lead Analytics
  • Importing Contacts
  • Facebook Support Group
  • One-click cancel at any time.

Pro Plan

Pro plan is perfect for the Agencies and also for Experts. However, the price of the pro plan is $99.99 / month. In this, they have included 14 days free trial period in which you can take all the benefits of every feature.

  • 10 Facebook Pages per account
  • Admin / 10 Users per account
  • 60,000 Contacts per account
  • Smart Search
  • Email + Messaging Support
  • Zapier (coming soon)
  • + 3 Sub-Accounts (coming soon)
  • Live Tracker
  • Post/Ad Tracker
  • Smart Score (lead scoring)
  • Smart Scheduling
  • Auto Goal Tracking
  • Lead Analytics
  • Importing Contacts
  • Facebook Support Group
  • One-click cancel at any time.

Final Verdict 

LeadKlozer is one of the best new tools for social media marketers; I have watched in a long time because they genuinely show useful and actionable data that other tools don’t maintain.

Like how to answer back to valuable leads when they have responded to my Facebook posts and ads, put up with your Facebook marketing to the second level, and don’t miss significant leads and connections. 

However, if you wish to test this tool before adding it to your daily work, then they have a 14-day free trial. As interest, you get all the features that are included above plans. 

If you have any query or issue related to this post you can ask us in the comments section below we will be happy to help you out.

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