Top 5 Best Live Streaming Software 2021


Live streaming software relates to the streaming media, which record and broadcast the video simultaneously. Live stream services generally offer a wide range of options to their customers ranging from social media to video games to professional sports. An encoder is an essential part of the live streaming process as it converts input video to a digital format for playback on different devices. Various software encoders are not called live streaming software because they provide multiple functions, but they do not convert a video and send a live stream to a platform.

There are two types of software encoders – hardware encoders and software encoders. Software encoders range from simple or free ones that stream your video signal to more different encoders, which help it for the production. Some of them are Wirecast, vMix, OBS. This software is more complicated. They send the stream to a platform and customize our broadcast by using more cameras and interchange between them.

They can help us to add graphics on the fly. It helps to tie more number of audio sources. Live streaming hardware generally refers to either hardware encoders or production equipment. Hardware encoders function the same as software encoders. But they are separate and are dedicated devices. It used its internal processor to stream its video. Computer, cameras, cables production equipment that works together to serve the purpose of the live-streaming broadcast.

Why Should One Use Live Streaming Software In 2021?

There are various benefits of using live stream software. Requires a lot of knowledge and technical expertise with a regular business or a process server does not have until and unless they have learned it. If you are not familiar with this streaming technology, this software is the easiest and affordable to use as it provides you with professional service.   Live streaming software services serve various purposes:

Provides high-quality streams

When we stream using our resources or free applications, our video does not produce high-quality content. One needs to have live streaming software with robust infrastructure and a good delivery network to create a high-quality video.

Provides greater audience potential

Physical events are tended by a specific or a particular group of people. Still, live streaming videos can be attended by many people by just inviting them to participate in the video. Situations may arise, like when a person wants to attend a particular video with you; they can’t attend just because of their work issues or personal expenses. When you live to stream your event or video, you can reach these people who are seriously interested but cannot attend due to some other issue.

Wide variety of content use

Live streaming provides a wide variety of content use. It is not only restricted to a particular live video or only audio streaming. But it provides another option like adding clipart, graphics pictures, or texts.

Ease and convenient

Live streaming is effortless and convenient to use. For this, you need to have a relevant video, internet connection, encoder, audio equipment, and a trustworthy Streaming platform.

Customer support

Live streaming software helps you to guide when any trouble or a problem arises. They provide knowledge whenever you are facing any issue.

Top 5 Best Live Streaming Software 2021


XSplit is a live streaming and recording software that helps the organization produce and showcasing video content in an interactive way for webinars, quizzes, live events, presentations, etc. This software enables the professionals to use various tools to modify a transition and affect text, font, styles and built action tools. This software has video production tools to upload, edit, merge, upload the video, and even edit the background features. It also provides a wide range of features from social media, whiteboards, multi-screen streaming, and various alerts. It offers various chat widgets for various platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Mixer Etc. to increase engagement.


  • Unlimited Scenes: You can add additional scenes to your project for better customization.
  • Projector Mode: You can make your stream visible on additional screens when connected to your desktop.
  • Skype Video Camera: You can add Skype Video Calls to your video as a source for your broadcast presentation.
  • Audio Source: You can easily bring more audio devices to your video into the mix with different audio sources.
  • Preview Editor: You can easily edit the next scene of your video ahead of pushing it live.
  • Local Streaming: You can stream across a local network for internal viewing of your video or event.
  • Multistreaming: You can even broadcast your video to multiple services simultaneously.
  • Stream Delay: You can add a delay to your outgoing broadcast video.
  • Source Transitions: You can add unique keyframes in your video transitions to image and video sources.
  • Audio Mix Preview: You can preview the final audio mix and hear your video as exactly what your audience does.


It is deployed on-premises. It has a monthly and yearly payment system useful in API, provides customization, supports mobile apps, and provides mobile support.

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Restream provides in businesses, content creators, influencers, bloggers stream live videos and recorded videos. It provides various content to its audiences across various social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer, Periscope, and others. Users can monitor bitrate, frames per second (FPS), and frame drops across their videos to improve video streaming quality.

Restream provides its users to personalize and develop the chat feature by using different templates or themes. You can add a chatbox to your video streams and even manage multiple interactions from a single portal, helping you facilitate engagement with several audiences. It even offers numerous features to you, ranging from metadata updating, automated alerts, live voiceovers and translations, bots, text-to-speech alerts, customizable branding, and more. Restream also provides us with a scheduling functionality that helps its users upload recorded videos and plan broadcasts by day, date, time, and platform. It supports integration with other applications, including OBS Studio, SLOBS, Elgato, XSplit, and more.


  • You can multistream to 30+ streaming services, like YouTube, Facebook personal page, Twitter, etc.
  • It provides live streaming directly from your browser window with Restream Studio.
  • It provides invites to your guests to your live streams without any third-party engagement.
  • There are no time limits prescribed for your live sessions.
  • They provide insightful data from the Restream Analytics.
  • It provides access to Restream Chat.
  • Streams are there to monitor to detect any possible issues and ensure the best experience for the viewer.


According to your streaming needs, there are various plans available.

The free plan is available, which is free of charge. But the restroom features are not included in the free plan. You need to subscribe to it. One can enjoy both monthly or yearly subscriptions depending upon their use, trust and work. If you need more than ten custom destinations, you should choose the Business plan. And, If you need more than twenty custom destinations, you should choose for Enterprise plan.

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Wirecast is one of the reputed and well-designed live streaming software at the office level for streaming live webinars, video, webcast, and many more. This software easily streams with multiple servers and platforms simultaneously, and it supports both Mac and window.

Wirecast is available in two versions, Pro and studio. In the pro version, you get excited to integrate features like NDI output, 3D virtual set, live scoreboard, seven remote guest on your stream, Pro audio FX, 1 to 7 slots, high-resolution pixel, instant replays, multi-track audio recording, and ISO record, and many more.

Telestream continues to update and improve the features of the Wirecastand always tries to add some new features in Wirecastwith the help of technical support. It also makes available to use your pre-recorded videos in your live streaming webinars and broadcast. It allows the user easy drag and drops features for file uploading in live broadcasting.


Wirecast live streaming software offers you enormous advanced features. They are as follows-

  • It offers you a variety of advanced features that ensure quality live streaming.
  • It engages the audience with live streaming broadcasts by offering them engagement features like chat, emojis, etc.
  • It allows users to change the color scheme of live streaming video.
  • It enables you to text annotation features for extra text and analysis. It also allows you to save and edit the record.
  • It is compatible with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, social media, and many more platforms at one time. It allows you directly connect with multiple streams at once.
  • It offers you features like 1080 pixel resolution, 3D graphics,  image composition, scene transitions, and life switching.
  • It enables you to analyze and check all Wirecast live streaming software’s pros and cons by offering a free trial plan.


Both free and paid plans of Wirecast live streaming software is available with exciting features.

Free Trials-It offers you a 30 day free trial with limited features.

Wirecast Studio-Wirecast Studio is available at $599 with features such as unlimited input, 2 remote guests, 1 to 4 slots.

Wirecast Pro -Wirecast pro is available at $799.00 with great features like 7 remote guests, Pro audio Fx, 1- 17slot multi-viewer.

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vMix is a powerful software that allows schools, businesses, gamers, and churches to produce good quality video, PowerPoint, audio, images, stream on window pc, and allow you to broadcast them to multiple streams at the same time. It only supports Windows PC, and it does not support mac. It is suitable for a big concert and a large-scale event and functions. Additionally, it offers you a 60 day free trial for testing each feature of the software, while the producer of other live streaming software only offers you a 30-day free trial.


VMix offers you a variety of amazing features. Here is the list of features offered by vMix.

  • It comes with multiple views that help you to combine a lot of input from different sources together.
  • It supports cube, zoom, cut, fade, Google, Hangout, fly rotate, VLC, wipe cube, Skype, slide, and many more.
  • It enables you to live-stream your production on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and upstream.
  • It enables you to build animated graphics.
  • It comes with a built-in audio maker that helps you to track all the audio sources and also allows you to mute the audio.
  • Vmix offers you full NDI capabilities through which you can send your video, audio to another device.
  • It enables you to stream live broadcast in HD, capture cards, 4K, and Pro edition.


vMix plan is available at different versions with different rates and different inputs.

Basic– It is available free of cost with vMix pro features, and it supports 2 inputs.

Basic HD– This plan is available at $50, and it supports 4 input with full HD 1920×1080 resolution.

HD is available at 350 dollars, and it supports 1000 input, 4 overlay channels, and video with 1920×1080 resolution.

4K– It is available at $700; it supports 1000 input, PTZcontrol, 2 recorders and 4K resolution video, and many more.

Pro– Pro is available at $1,200; it supports 1000 input, 4K features, 2 recorders, 4 cameras, and many more.

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CONTUS is one of the best hosting platforms that help people broadcast their digital video on multiples mediums and earn revenue through it. With the help of confused production houses, TV channel, educational institution, and private coaching centers, build their platform and distribute their digital video content, image, video, audio on mobile, web, and several devices. It is built using a robust encoder that helps you run your video effectively on all screens.

It enables you to stream your live event on HD quality with perfect pixel resolution. It comes with advanced features like a monetization model, flexible hosting model, multiple streaming, etc.


CONTUS offer you amazing features, and they are as follows

  • It enables you to broadcast your output video to smartphones, PCs, laptops, hybrid devices, and tablets without any restrictions.
  • It allows you to construct a sound streaming app for yourself that easily connect with Blackberry, Android, and Windows.
  • It allows you multiple payment integration.
  • It enables you to earn revenue by broadcasting your content and live video into monetizes one. It offers AVOD, SVOD video monetization.
  • It offers features like privacy options, closed caption, bulk uploading, support mobile screen, and many more.


CONTUS does not offer a free trial for testing the features. The paid plan of counts is not available publicly. You can obtain customize quotations according to your requirements by contacting the company.

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Final Word

As we discuss the best 5 live streaming software and we find due to the modernization and development of new technologies, a wide range of live streaming software is available in the market. Each of them is the best in itself. All this software offers a multi-stream of your video at one time. Many businesses, schools, colleges, churches, event company institutions use this software for videos, lecture contents, images, and audio in HD quality with high pixel resolution. This software is suitable for large organizational events, filmmakers’ fitness industries, and concerts. It is essential for buyers before buying any live streaming software they should consider the software’s features. Each of them is unique, and you can choose any of them according to your requirements.


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