5 Best Alternative of Mailchimp 2021

Mailchimp alternative

Are you in search for the best alternative for Mailchimp?

Basically, the Mailchimp is the best and most reliable e-mail marketing tool out there that serves great and insane features that essentially provide you a great service. 

Its basically an all-rounder platform where you can perform various activities like designing, automation, sending and analyzing the email along with the ad campaigns and also the template and landing pages. One of the big advantages, why most of the people use Mailchimp is that it is available on both Android and IOS so you can handle all of your email and the kinds of stuff related to that just by using your phone itself.

One of the big advantages is Maichimp’s user-friendly interface which attracts most of the people out there and the marketers so that to perform various activities with minimal stuff. But despite that, not all of the features are up to the mark and hence it is essential for you to look upon the MailChimp alternative options are available out there.

There are a lot of contemporary out there that make you look upon the alternatives of the MailChimp. So if you are the one who is quite interested in the kinds of stuff, I will highly recommend you to stay connected with us.

Pricing is one of the most important aspects Behind every marketing tools out there with it is email marketing or social media marketing tool, MailChimp is quite expensive compared to the other alternatives which make you think of it a lot. 

But before I take you to the 5 best alternatives let me convey you a few more things that are essential for you to know about.

What makes you look for the MailChimp alternative? 

5 Best Mailchimp Alternatives 2020 (with Free Trial + Pricing ...

Just before a year, MailChimp was considered to be one of the most reliable and easy to use email marketing platform where you can perform various activities that makes the true sense of using it. Not only that it was well known for providing the free plan over there which was performing a damn good, but from the last couple of years MailChimp has failed to deliver quality services and features, especially in marketing automation.

They lack a few of the advanced features that make your task much easier in each aspect. In Most of the cases it happens that you need a certain feature to be added in your MailChimp account and in such case they charge you a certain amount of money so as to acquire that specific feature related to the email automation, this is one of the most vital drawbacks & so most of the people used to look upon the alternatives of MailChimp. 

I have short listed some of the factors which is essential for you to know about, those factors depend upon why you should Look upon the alternatives of MailChimp rather than getting subscribe to the MailChimp itself.

Expensive – the very beginning of the MailChimp usage you might think that it is pretty affordable but let me convey you that once you are done with the free plan they ask you to pay based upon the add-on shortlisted you are amongst those who just want to hands-on then I will highly recommend you to go with the MailChimp but if you want to continue with the services make sure to check out our list of the best alternative options of MailChimp.

Complex automation is needed- when it comes to the automation factor that we can be you that MailChimp offers you features regarding the automation but they have the limitations which might bother you a lot. All of your needs get full-field once you start using the alternatives.

Landing page is required-

Most of the market out there used to create the specific pages that will take the customers to that page. And hence here comes the landing page which serves the best values, it doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner, but make sure to add a certain page that will attract your consumers.

So with that being said let’s move onto the best alternatives of MailChimp that you can use in 2021.

Top 5 Best Alternatives Of Mailchimp 2021

After a lot of testing and researches, we have shortlisted the top 5 best alternatives of MailChimp that you can use in 2021 acquire their email marketing services that are essential for each business out there, so following are the options which you can use:-

1. ActiveCampaign

Activecampaign considered being one of the topmost email marketing tools out there that provides you the various features that are as simple that anyone can use it easily. They allow you to use various different tools along with a lot of integrations even with their entry-level plan which is available at just $9/ month. But one of the major drawbacks is that active campaign provides you a free service just for the 14 days whereas most of the similar email marketing the tool provides you 30 days of the free trial.

The active campaign provides you a large term service but it does not consist of phone handle so you might not be able to handle your term from your phone, which might not bother as much as you can easily access via the web. When you compare it with the MailChimp let me the way you that the user interface of the active campaign is pretty much similar to the MailChimp but has some of the minimal handles so that any one of the beginners out there can handle it in a proper manner without any further issue.

Key Features

Though the features are seamless I have shortlisted some of the main key features that are essential for you to know about, so here are they:-

  • Easiness is one of the most important factors which is provided by the active campaign and that’s what makes it unique in each term of email automation.
  • The deliverability factor is similar so that you will be able to deliver the email automation to your consumers so easily.
  • You get free migration support over here so that you can transfer your account details free.

Pricing details

Following are the details about the plans offered by active campaign:-

  • Lite plan is available at just $9/ month. 
  • Plus plan is available at $49/ month.
  • The professional plan is available at $129/ month.
  • An enterprise plan is available at $229/ month.

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2. Engagebay

Throughout the beginning, Engagebay is serving the best and most reliable features which means even if you’re just a beginner out there the user interface will help you to get to know about all of the form factors that make the true sense. Engagebay is basically an all in one tool that serves the various business supports along with the enterprise supports to the small businesses too.

The features are pretty simple impressive such as marketing automation, CRM, help section, etc. In all of the aspects, the  Engagebay does a great job at an affordable price range. Along with that Engagebay is considered to be the best and most affordable email automation and analytics platform for all of the emerging businesses out there. In case if you face any of the issues regarding the software or the automation services provided by the software then you can always avail to its online assistance so as to get sorted your issue.

It’s great software, to begin with the learning about email automation and the services that are essentially provides you a big movie to start with. So make sure to check it out once.

Key Features

Though the features provided by the Engagebay are seamless but I’ve shortlisted some of the bets and most useful features that you need to know about, so make sure to check out the following features

  • Email automation seems to more interactive and well supportive feature out there that came be  used by any of the beginner marketers out there.
  • Engagebay also provides you a landing page so as to get your consumers involved in it more often.
  • Engagebay provides you two types of templates known as the email templates and the video templates, accordingly, you can select.
  • Email marketing campaigns are seamless which you can use to maximize the efforts that makes the true sense.

Pricing Details

Along with the free plan the Engagebay also provides few of the paid plans too, Following are the details of the plans offered by the Engagebay:-

  • The basic plan is available at just $8.99/ month. 
  • The growth plan is available at $29.99/ month. 
  • An unlimited plan is available at $47.99/ month.

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3. Aweber

Its been twice a decade since the email marketing tool i.e. Aweber is owning the Marketplace just by serving the great features like email automation which is one of the most have the feature of all the time for all of the business is out there which are running successful businesses. When it’s compared with the other competitors out there it’s been noticed that email automation is one of the key features why the Aweber has still known for it.

Along with the email automation services Aweber also serves the split testing and e-mail web analytics which is essential your big term that you need to know about. The smart designing analytics of email allows you to follow the several images and the infographics that are essentially a part of email marketing which is a great thing provided by the Aweber.

Since the last 20 years the platform is serving more than a million users globally which will give you an idea of how Trendy the platform is. Not only that the Aweber also provides regular updates with some of the core additional features which make the true sense of using it.

Key Features

Following are the features provided by Aweber:-

  • You get a free plan over here for the lifetime but it has certain limitations that might think you after you set up a good user base.
  • A wide variety of templates will give you choices depending upon one’s needs.
  • The support provided by the Aweber is insanely managed in case you follow them in a proper direction.
  • The prices are quite affordable so as to get yourself involved in the scenario, along with that the plans are way cheaper when you compare it with the other competitors out there.
  • You get a built-in landing page with software. 
  • It is integrated with decent tools and third-party applications out there.
  • All the email templates are much responsive.

Pricing Details

Along with the free plan, day offers you a paid plan which is available at $16.15/ month, so make sure to choose accordingly.

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4. Automizy

It’s 2021 and not many email marketing tools out there are converting themselves into the categories of the top and even platforms so that to serve the best possible services to the consumers out there. Along with that features like CRM and the automation are seamless that you cannot grow at any instant to make your business stands out of the marketplace. Here comes the most advanced and easy to handle Automizy that serves you a great feature along with the multipurpose services regarding the e-mail marketing.

There are tons of add-ons features out there according to consider that suits your choices and need. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a beginner and wanted to get started with the email marketing tools out there, Automizy has any user-friendly interface which makes your tasks even easier in each aspect.

What are the biggest advantage is that they won’t ask you to submit the whole info, as you can get started even with the basic information which makes your tasks much easier. The drag and drop automation feature out there.

Key features

Basically, Automizy provides you the following key features:-

  • The campaign is provided by the platforms that are seamless so that you can perform various activities just by drag and drop method.
  • An automation builder provided by the Automizy works super fine.
  • It is integrated with topmost service providers out there globally so you might get a good experience with it.
  • The support system is meant to be insane. 

Pricing Details

Following are the details of the plan provided by the Automizy:-

The plans specifically depend upon the contacts you won’t let say if you want contacts up to 200 it’ll cost you $9/ month. 

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5. Moosend

Moosend is basically an email marketing tool serving various different services depending upon your choices. Along with the easy-to-use interface and the automation services, moosend provides you a great feature along with the support system which is insanely managed. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business is out there and wanted to get started with an email marketing tool that this is the must used tool out there serving the best possible features.

The user interface of moosend is pretty impressive, and the minimal setup of the platform makes you feel insane while using it. Although the platform is pretty straightforward which is integrated with the topmost companies out there which provides you a huge amount of choices so as to use the services provided by the moosend. When it doesn’t matter whether you are starting from scratch but make sure to use their services subsequently to get the advantage of them.

Moosend provides you the email automation services along with the free plan too which is a deal-breaking feature that attracts as many users out there who are about to set up their online businesses from scratch.

Key features

  • As the support system of the platform is pretty impressive, even they allow you to get connected via call so that each issue will get sorted.
  • You will get access to their features along with the integration they used to provide you. 
  • The built-in templates provide you a the great workflow that serves great features.
  • You get the option of creating as many campaigns over there so that to stay connected.
  • The line management is seamless so that you’ll get used to it once started. 
  • As you will need to always be up there sign up forms so as to get access to all of their features which is pretty easy to do so.

Pricing Details

Along with the free plan the Moosend also serves some of the paid plans too, which begins from $8/ months, and then after depending upon the features you want the price gets increased accordingly.

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Final Verdict

Although MailChimp has ruined the marketplace, due to expensive pricing and the lack of some features it might make you think of the other alternative options available out there and hence we have listed out the top 5 best alternatives of MailChimp that you can use in 2021 customize your email marketing authorities depending upon your choices. So even if you are just big enough and wanted to get started with it you can always use their Services, so make sure to check them out subsequently.

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