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Manychat alternative

You might be well familiar with the Facebook Messanger marketing tool that will help you to create the best possible traffic to acquire your services. Social media marketing is improving their entities day by day and hence here comes the best in class and most reliable platform that will help you to do the Facebook Messanger marketing using their services, ManyChat is one of the most reliable platforms out there that allows you to perform various activities related to marketing and analytics.

ManyChat helps you to grow your audience in terms of traffic so that to convert your audience into the subscribers. The platform consists of several tools that are essentially helpful to grow your business. The easy-to-use interface of the many chats is the key USP that helps you to use the minimal setup.

Using the many chats you will be able to create the chatbox just within a second, also there is no requirement of coding at all. Using the SMS marketing strategies are applied over here so that To gain more email out of that. Basically, manychat is an open source tool that offers various resources that are truly helpful to create a good audience.

Manychat is integrated with many other tools out there like Shopify, Google sheets, zapier, PayPal, ConvertKit, etc.

If you just want to get started with the manychat it allows you to Grab their offer just at $0 if you have a small business, later onwards the price rates increased to set up a good amount of audience base over there. The price goes up to $145/ month depending upon the services.

As we have seen many of the pros that truly make the manychat unique and true value for money but let me tell you that there are a few drawbacks of manychat that might make you think of.

Following are the major drawbacks of the manychat:-

  • You get access to the major templates only if you buy their paid template plan which is a major drawback in my point of you.
  • Most of the alternatives option are available on there that used to provide various features that might be more than the manychat, in many chats you get only Facebook messenger, SMS, and email support.
  • Manychat doesn’t allow you to integrate with third-party tools out there, this might mother for some techies out there.
  • There is no report available for users which might make you think of.
  • Though manychat offers for a free plan with no cost but there are so Limited features over there that is not sufficient for you to enhance your growth.
  • Due to built-in bot you can actually preview message and edit accordingly.

There are a lot more alternatives available out there and that’s what we’re going showcase in this post. Most of the people nowadays are looking for the easy to access chatbox for Facebook Messenger marketing.

I have shortlisted the top 5 best alternatives of manychat let you can use in 2021 without any issue. And moreover, they offer you a great deal which might make you blessed.

So let’s gets started. 

Top 5 Best Alternatives Of Manychat In 2021

There might be tons of options available out there, but here are the true value for money platforms comes with some of the insane features, the following is the list:-

1. MobileMonkey

If you are an eCommerce business owner then I will highly recommend you use MobileMonkey, it was you upgrade Facebook Messenger marketing entities that’ll help you to grow your business at any instance.

MobileMonkey offers there, users, great support of communication with the consumers support, chats with them, expanding the contact list, lead generation, and lot more that might help you to grow your business all way across.

Moreover, it is integrated with tons of platforms, and so it is expanding the integration services too. If you are bit interested in the analytics and its features then I will highly recommend you use their sub tool named Zapier and Webhook which are only available for the pro users. So make sure to check them out accordingly.

Key Features

The features are seamless, but I have listed out some of the major key features that you need to know about, so here’s the list of key features provides by the ManyChat

  • One of the major and highly used feature of MobileMonkey is its chatbox can be customized accordingly and also you can use themes over there to make it more impressive. Along with that it also allows you to click on several bots features. 
  • Chat blaster feature provided by the MobileMonkey is one of the insane thing that allows you to send the message via Facebook Messanger to your contacts or even you can merge it accordingly. And the great thing is you can send it to as many groups and contacts you want. One of the must-have features in all of the leading platforms out there.
  • You can set up drip campaigns so that your audience will remain engaged all the time you send the message to them.
  • The RSS features which is included in MobileMonkey enable you to share the RSS with your audience which is again a great thing provided by the platform.
  • Through the MobileMonkey you can create the Messanger ads directly and then after you can import the code into the Facebook Messenger itself.
  • You can also add the chat option right on the landing page so that to communicate easily with your audience.

Pricing Details

Along with the free plan MobileMonkey provides you the following paid plans accordingly, so here they’re

  • Pro plan is available at $6.75/ month th where you get access to 2 users.
  • Pro unicorn plan is available at $14.25/ month where you get access to 3 users. 
  • The team plan is available at $199/ month where you get access to 5 users. 

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2. Chatfuel

Chatfuel was specifically designed in 2015 and that’s the reason why it is one of the most trusted platforms that provide you when your resources related to Facebook Messenger marketing. At the very initial stage of launching Chatfuel used to serve the services just for the telegram itself but later onwards they started serving for the Facebook Messenger ads.

Chatfuel allows you to set up your own bot services so that it’ll be easier for you to sustain the features that are essentially a great deal out there. You can include various blocks that are there so that you can customize it accordingly and make sure to arrange it as you want in a group itself.

The user interface of chatfuel is way subjective and easy to use, it doesn’t matter whether you are just big enough for every marketer but you will always be blessed by the features they used to serve their clients. At the very initial stage of chatfuel use, you might not be able to get in-depth knowledge about the bots but later onwards once you get used to it, it’ll much easier for you to handle each task.

Key Features

  • The free plan provided by the chatfuel is much supportive when you compare to the other platforms available out there which makes the true sense of using it initially. They also offer you support up to 5 thousand subscribers.
  • You can also create a dummy message over there so that you can copy the specific message from one bot to another bot so easily. This is one of the major aspects of Chatfuel.
  • Once you purchase their paid plans you will be able to grab the email list of the specific subscribers and make a spreadsheet just within a click, it’s one of the most helpful things provided by the platform.
  • You can also separate down the specific blocks so that you will be able to get more space over there.
  • Their customer service offers you 24/7 service which means a lot. 
  • Chatfuel is integrated which various platforms out there that include RSS too.

Pricing details

Along with the free plans the chatfuel provides you the plants that cost you in between $15 to $180 per month depending upon your requirements.

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3. Silferbots

Silferbots is specifically a chatbox software out there that usually focuses mainly upon the Facebook Messanger marketing so that to create a great user base all across. Silferbots is considered the fastest growing platform out there that comes with some of the great features that you can essentially use for the Facebook Messenger marketing. E-Commerce businesses can gain a lot out of this just because they’re have integrated the services with the WooCommerce and Shopify. Although there might be other integrations too these two are specifically worth per penny.

Though the user Interface of the Silferbots is not that good when you compare it with the ManyChat or Chatfuel just because a lot many things need to be updated at any instance. Also, let me tell you that lot more features are has hidden over there which does not make any sense. In the future, it might get sorted just to gain beginners’ attraction.

The elements included in the platform works seamlessly so that to gain more user attraction. Along with that there include various custom features too which makes the true sense of using it as a primary Facebook Messenger marketing tool out there.

Key Features

  • Though the user interface of the Silferbots is not that impressive the features offered by the platform is seamless so that you might not miss any of the necessary things.
  • You get the support of approximately all of the essential elements that helps you to grow your brand value.
  • Using the bots you can actually filter all of the necessary things. 
  • Integrated with tons of platforms out there that make it much impressive in each thing out there.
  • Marketing tools work essentially good. 

Pricing Details

Along with the free plan Silferbots also serves some of the paid plans too as mentioned below:-

  • Pro plan is available at just $9/ month where you get access to 500 users.
  • After that, if you want to upgrade the feature, you need to pay for the specific feature which gives you choices on that.

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4. ActiveChat

Activechat is specifically dependent upon the Artificial Intelligence that admires the more Beneficial services that are essential for you just to know more about the service they’re offering you. It comes with some of the great chatbox and marketing tool out there that serves more conceptual things that makes the true sense of using this platform to gain more traffic on your way.

The all-new Activechat helps you to work with the boys so that you’ll be able to fetch all of the details about the chats which plays an essential aspect out that. The helpdesk feature of Activechat works seamlessly well and helps you in various different ways to make your business even perfect in each term.

It is integrated with most of the platforms out there and allows you to use their chatbox to serve the messages to the users out there. It does not require any coding skills to use their official frameworks.

Key Features

  • Activechat provides you great customer support so that you’ll be able to build the audience out of that. Along with that, you can also form the repetitive conservation out of that which is essentially a good thing.
  • Though Activechat you’ll be able to manage all of your channels that consists of some of the major channels such as Facebook, telegram, WooCommerce, etc. So that to monitor all of the essential things accordingly.
  • The platform is totally dependent upon the AI so you can merge it accordingly. 
  • Activechat supports features like live chat which is pretty good to have a productive conversation with the customers out there. Along with that, you’ll also be able to pick the specific conversation whenever necessary

Pricing Details

Along with the free plan the Activechat provide you a couple of other plans too, the plans are as follows:-

  • The team plan is available at $49/ month where you get access to decent Required features. 
  • A company plan is available at $399/ month where you get access to all of the Activechat’s features.

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5. Botsify

Botsify provides you a great Facebook messenger marketing strategies that you can use to maximize your efforts in terms of businesses. Basically, it is a chat box tool that allows you to create the various messages that make the true sense to gain more traffic out of that. One of the biggest advantage of using botsify is that you can handle it just by your phone is cell and user interface of the platform is pretty amazing and minimal that makes it Accessable by any of the beginners out there who even don’t know a single thing about the coding. There’s no requirement of coding at any instance. 

Apart from this you also you to manage the required elements to access the file. Bug Here you cannot use the custom forums in that which mean you can access to their all of the essential features. Using botsify you can also set up the broadcast at certain instances so that to schedule the task.

The chatbox supports multi-language so as to write the messages over there.

Key features

  • Botsify chat widget allows you to chat with the consumers out there via live chat along with that you get various voice chat options over there.
  • The chatbox allows you to transfer the chats from human to the agent or bot so that to create a great user base over there.
  • Botsify works under AI support so you might not face any issue while using it, everything from forums to the chatbox works seamlessly. 
  • The user interface of the Botsify is quite supportive which means you will find the required features more often, you don’t have to wonder a lot about that.
  • You can capture the details of the customers which include name, the e-mail I’d,  address, etc. It’ll hell you to get connected with the audience alongside.

Pricing details

Along with the 14 days of the free trial, Botsify provides you a couple of paid plans too according to your requirements. Following are the details:-

  • A self-serviced plan is available at $50/ month where you get access to decent features. 
  • A fully managed plan is available at $300/ month where you get access to all of the unlimited features.

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Final Verdict

Depending upon your requirements you can choose the platform from the above top 5 that serves you great features alongside. While selecting them make sure to check your requirements so that you won’t be regret later onwards. Manychat is essentially a good platform out there that you can use in 2021 but due to some major factor most of the people search for the best alternatives and that’s what we’ve conveyed through this post.

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